VACANCY: Legislative Aide to State Rep.

Joe Sosnowski
State Representative Joe Sosnowski is now accepting applications for a Legislative Aide position. This position is based in Belvidere, th Illinois, as the 69 district includes parts of Boone, Winnebago and DeKalb Counties. Salary for this position ranges from $24,000th 32,000 and is negotiable based on experience. The 69 District Legislative Aide is responsible for office management, administrative functions, event coordination, data management, and other district office functions.

Primary Responsibilities
1. Constituent service which includes (but is not limited to) answering phone calls, addressing casework and walk-in issues and carrying out correspondence. 2. Coordination of research, public relations, events, and other occasions with Springfield Administrative Assistant, House Republican research staff and House Republican communication staff. 3. Manage constituent records by tracking inquiries, scrubbing data, updating records and creating lists for calls or mailings. 4. Manage special recognitions for individual, groups, businesses, etc. with House Republican Clerk’s office. 5. Manage general databases of contacts, interest groups, business organizations, etc. 6. Manage documenting of district office allotment fund, State Representative reimbursements and other vouchers. 7. Oversee use of and order office supplies. 8. Maintain guest lists and prepare registration materials and other duties needed for special events. 9. Coordinate intern recruitment and activities, including oversight of projects. 10. Create monthly reports in conjunction with State Representative in regards to constituent volume, outreach initiatives, and other necessary reports. 11. Coordinate scheduling and execute public relations in the form of newsletters, special reports, blog posts, etc. 12. Other duties assigned as by the State Representative.

Necessary Skills
• • • • • • • A minimum of three years' experience in an administrative position, preferably in a dynamic customer-orientated office environment. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, database management experience and knowledge of website design and management. Excellent verbal and written communications skills. Ability to present information concisely and effectively, both verbally and in writing. Ability to organize and prioritize work. Self-starting ability to work independently with little to no supervision. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with diverse personalities.

Please complete the following application (plus any additional pages), and submit alongside a resume which details your work experience, educational achievements/academic history, and extracurricular/community activities. You may submit this paperwork in one of the following ways: 1. Mail to: Representative Joe Sosnowski Attn: Legislative Aide Vacancy 998 Belvidere Rd. Suite 3 Belvidere IL 61008 Scan and e-mail to: Fax to: 815-516-8434

2. 3.

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS MONDAY, APRIL 9th. Please submit/postmark your paperwork on or by this date.




Street Address




E-mail Address

Date of Birth

• Are you able to work for a member of the General Assembly who does not share your political philosophy? YES NO If you answered “no”, please explain why on the lines provided below.

• Would you have a problem defending a view opposite of your own? YES NO If you answered “yes”, please explain why on the lines provided below.

Please list the names and phone numbers of at least two (2) non-relatives (past employer or supervisor, etc.) that we may contact for a character reference.

1. Name and their relationship to you Phone

2. Name and their relationship to you Phone


Write – or type and attach – a statement that responds to the following:

Please summarize your personal political philosophy and mention a few key issues that are important to you; additionally, please explain why would you like to be a Legislative Aide for State Representative Sosnowski.


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