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jQuery FlexSlider v1.8 Copyright (c) 2012 WooThemes --Changelog: v1.

8 (2011-10-22) - CSS3 translate3d support for webkit browsers coupled with 1-to-1 swiping has been introduced. The entire touch swipe experience has been vastly improved bey ond comparison to previous versions. - New resize event handling to nix the old behavior. Slides not stay in place, rather than moving around and then sliding back. - Added "slideDirection" property to support "vertical" or "horizontal" slidin g directions - Added "mousewheel" property to support mousewheel scrolling of slide element s. - Added "slider.manualPause" that is set by the pausePlay element and can be s et via the callback API. This will prevent pauseOnHover from resuming on hover e xit. - Removed "touchswipe" property as a customizable options. - Fixed behavior in slides with only two slides. Scrolling should happen as in tended. - Fixed pausePlay element bind to trigger both touchstart and click. - Note: A destroy function has been added to the main plugin file, but is comm ented out and omitted from the minified version. Those interested can find the f unction and documentation to implement a custom destroy function based on their own needs/event triggers. v1.7 (2011-09-10) - Callback API features with start(), before(), after(), and end() options. Al l functions should include one parameter for the slider element. (ex. start: fun ction(slider) {}) - Crossfade has been introduced through new CSS techniques - pausePlay property added to support a dynamic pause/play element - animationLoop property added to support non-looping sliders - FlexSlider CSS further improved, including IE hacks to improve cross-browser design integrity -v1.6 (2011-08-30) - Vast improvements to the plugin architecture - Multiple instances of FlexSlider are now possible. (Please, consider your au dience before going crazy with this) - Removed the "show" animation option in interest of other things. Use animati onDuration: 0, if needed. - FlexSlider CSS has been updated. Use the v1.6 stylesheet! -v1.5 (2011-08-27) - Improved mobile support by adding "touchstart" to bound events - Implemented solution for no javascript fallback (relies on user, and p repares for html5 boilerplate/modernizr classes) -v1.4 (2011-08-23) - Added "manualControls" property to allow for custom, non-dynamic control nav igation - Added "show" animation to allow for instant transitions between slides

-v1.3 (2011-08-18) - Made slide animation a continuous scroll effect, rather than jumping back to start/end - Cleaned up code and created better test cases for different slider scenarios . The slider is a lot more bulletproof as of this update. -v1.2 (2011-08-16) - Fixed some code redundancies - Added "randomize" property to randomize slide oder on pageLoad - Added "touchSwipe" property for swipe gestures on iOS and Android devices (n o Android device to test this, but it should work) - Fixed minor bugs in jQuery 1.3.2 where navigation was not appending correctl y -v1.0 2011-08-14 (Release) - Free to use under the MIT license