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CONTENTS • • INTRODUCTION CLASSICAL GREEK Classical Greek Allies EARLY ACHAEMENID THRACIAN Thracian Allies LYDIAN LATE DYNASTIC EGYPTIAN KYRENEAN GREEK Kyrenean Greek Allies Lat • Libyan Allies PERSIAN 4 4 • • LATE ACHAEMENID SYRACUSAN Syracusan Allies ALEXANDRIAN PERSIAN 36 38 • • 11 16 • • • MACEDONIAN 41 47 EARLY SUCCESSOR EARLY SARMATIAN Early Sarrnatian Allies GALATIAN Galatian Allies HELLENISTIC GREEK Hellenistic Greek Allies GRAECO-BACTRIAN INDO-GREEK APPENDIX 1 .USING THE LISTS APPENDIX 2 .THEMED TOURNAMENTS INDEX 49 • • • 19 21 • 51 22 • 53 EARLY CARTHAGINIAN Early Carthaginian Allies SKYTHIAN OR SAKA Early Skythian or Saka Allies CLASSICAL INDIAN Classical Indian Allies Mountain Indian Allies 24 • • 57 58 61 63 63 • 28 • 32 • • • .

for building ing our points system. making this one of the most fascinating periods of military history for the wargamer to xplore. spear and large shield. and the wars of to these conflicts.just put it a customised and together and playa balanced small ganl. the majority hoplites wore metal thorakes. colourful troop types vying for tactical dominance. Hoplites equipment. the Greek counteroffensive against Persia under the Macedonian King Alexander armies peripheral the Great. In the early Sth century. As you look at each army. In addition to the shield. · Miniarures photographs. This companion be used alongsid Hellenistic and covers the armies the Field of Glory rulebook of the Classical and of the that the eras from the development succe. bronze helmet and greaves (shin armour).1 from the break-up of Alexander its famous generals. a type of heavy infantryman phalanx formation. defensive equipment included body armour (thorakes). Each army had its own special character. • A table with the fullli t of compulsory optional • Supporting illustrations to give you a flavour of the period. and until the suppression of the minor Italiot or S:iciliot states in the later 3rd century Be. Alexander's successors. sor kingdoms hoplite system in Greece in the 7th century BC unul the Hellenistic derived • Briefhistorical types. Syracuse has its own list from 410. weapons and/or starter Great's empire came into conflict with Rome from the 3rd century BC onwards.e. The 4 . because of hoplites Greek Hoplite the with such protection average metres in length and mostly used overarm. troop rules system for anyone interested of the ancient is designed medieval eras. proportion dropped wealth decreased. HOPLITES The armies of Classical Greece were based on the hoplite. CLASSICAL GREEK This list cover Greek armies from the early shield (aspis) was about 1 metre in diameter. century armed with were a citizen Until the late 6th of the militia and supplied their own 7th ceneury BC until the hoplite system was replaced in Greece circa 279 BC. with many different. It also details many other army . The spear (doru) was approximately BC.IMMORTAL FIRE INTRODUCTION Field of Glory is a historical wargaming in recreating the battles miniature tabletop and [0 This is a period of great variety. you will find the following ections: notes on the army.7 deep. A ready-to-play Instructions army 1. its wars. who fought in a solid usually around eight ranks 2. It includes all the armies of the wars between the Greek city states and against the might of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. troops.

particularly in the Italian and Sicilian colonies. the Persians themselves began to replace their line infantry with mercenary Greek hoplites. Later in the Macedon (father century.CLASSICAL GREEK Hoplites were more than a match for the developed rendered although the pike phalanx the hoplite it took obsolete. a small shield (pelta) and a longer spear than the usual hoplite spear. Iphikrates type of equipment with a new .linen armour. This Persian infantry. Following the defeat of Xerxes's invasion of Greece. It has also been experimented said they developed native Persian hoplites. In the early 4th century. King Philip the II of Great) Greek Cavalry of Alexander Athenian infantryman and cavalryman fighting an Euboeanhoplite at the battle ofTamynae. Taken from Elite 7: Ancient Greeks. 5 . by Angus McBride. some (see pA3). 349 BC. a new style time for the hoplite fighting style to die out. of boots .

Armoured. Unprotected. Drilled. Spearmen 6 bases of peltasts: Spear Undrilled Average.Offensive javelins. Swordsmen Each comprising Each comprising FOQ[ - Drilled Cavalry -light Protected. BGs I BG I 2 BGs I BG 1 10 BGs 6 bases of hoplites: Average. . Spearmen Undriiled Undrilled Heavy Foot . Armoured. Unprotected. Drilled Heavy Foot- hoplites hoplites 6 bases of hop lites: Superior. Protected.Offensive Offensive 8 bases of hop lites: Average. Armoured. Minima marked is of that origin. troops only permitted to a certain origin can only be fielded under the command of an allied general of that origin . Camp. Unprotected. Spear. 8 bases of hop lites: Superior. Unprotected. 2. 3 commanders Light Foot .Javelins. Heavy Drilled Heavy Foot . light Average. * apply only if the C-in-C Unless the C-in-C is of the same ongm. Spearmen Undrilled Undrilled Heavy Foot . Light Foot .Bow PELOPONNESIAN Sub-commanders Cavalry Spartan citizens Spartan perroikoi 2 I BG 2 BGs 3 BGs 2 BGs 1 BG 9 BGs WARS SPARTAN STARTER ARMY Field Commander 2 x Troop Commander 4 bases of cavalry: Average. 68 foot bases.hoplites javeiinrnen allied commander hoplites archers 8 bases of javelinmen: Poor. Unprotected. Spearmen Drilled. Troop Commander Each comprising Corinthian Cortnthian Corinthian Athenian Athenian Athenian Camp Total. +mounted bases.Sling Camp. BGs I BG 1 Troop Commander Offensive Spearmen 6 bases of hop lites: Average. Light Foot- 8 bases of hop lites: Average. Light Spear javelinmen allied commander . Each comprising Heavy Foot . Armoured. Light Spear Troop Commander Each comprising 8 bases of javelin men: Poor. An allied general's contingent must this army: Commanders should be depicted as cavalry or hoplites. conform to the Classical Greek allies list 6 . Spearmen Undrilled Light Foot Drilled (King Pausanias) Armoured.Offensive Unfortified camp 6 bases of archers: Average. Pelrasts Slingers Camp Total Each comprising 6 bases of slingers: Urfortified camp Light Foot . 3 commanders BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OURAR1vfY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima and minima in the list below. 58 foot bases.Offensive Javelins. The following special instructions apply (0 .IMMORTAL FIRE PERSIAN WARS GREEK STARTER ARMY Spartan Commander-in Spartan citizen Spartan perioikoi Spartan -Chie f 1 I BG 2.

by Richard Hook. Akarnanian or Phokian. 7 . but the troops contingent from the are minima in the and The minimum number of hoplite bases is reduced [Q deducted 12 if the C-in~C is Aitolian. maxima in the main list. Greek Iuvelinmen Spartans at the battle ofThermopylae. 16 if Thessalian. 480 Be.CLASSICAL GREEK below. Taken from Elite 66: The Spartan Army.

2 4 6-8 *2-1-180 iglll foot Unprcrecrec Lighl Foot Unprotected Poor Undrilled Drilled Javelins lavelins Light Light Spear Spear 6-8 6-8 0-18 Pe1LJSIS Average 8 . Phckians or Tbessaltans Others Any stare.) Only Aitolians. Developed. Mountains Commander C-in-C Sub-commanders Greek allied commanders Inspired Commander/field 80/50/35 50135 40125 I Field Commander/Troop Field Commander/Troop Troop Type Armour Type Quality Training Commander Commander 0-2 0-3 Bases PCf Troop name Capaurllties Shaming Close Combat Points per base Total bases BG Core Troops Tbcssahans before Lighl Horse Cavalry Light Horse Thessal lans From 450 Unprotected Protected Armoured Unprotected Average Undrilled Javelins - Light Sp at 7 7 10 7 16 ·1-6 +-6 4-6 4-12 0-6 0-12 8-18 Non. Iavellnrnen Akarnauians.ans Armoured Drillccl Uudrtlled Dr illcd UndrilJcd Average Average Or Light Spear Ughl Spear.Thessal taus bef rc 450 Average Undrilled Undrilled Drilled Undrilled Drilled Undrilled Of light Spear Ltgln Spear Average Supe.'Y FOOl Armoured Drilled perioikoi to: Downgrade Asiatic Greek.Thessal. only from 450 Liglu POOl Unprotected Average Undrilled Javelins Light Spear '. Commander/Troop Hilly..rior javelins Cavalry 450 Cavalry Armoured Superior Average - Lighl Spear. 17 12 13 10 II Swordsmen +-6 0-8 Average Cavalry Non.IMMORTAL FIRE CLASSICAL GREEK Territory Type" Agricultural.". Only from 490 Heavy foot Protected Average Drilled - Offensive Spearmen Oill)' before 460 Heavy Poet Armoured Poor Undrilled - Offensive Spearmen Offensive 7 6-8 /\ny ltalioi or Slciliot citizen hoplnes to: Only Only from Iroru 490 450 Heavy FOOl Protected Poor Unci ri Hed Spearmen 5 6-8 Upgrade (mercenaries) to: Heavy 370 FOOl hopl ires Only from Protected Aver-age Drilled - Offensive Spearmen 8 6-8 0-48 (cilizc. 4-6 4-6 +-6 6-8 0-12 0-12 4-12 0-6 from 450 Cavalry Ugh Horse I "Armoured 11 13 7 9 7 13 10 13 10 10 8 Dr llled Undrillcd Swordsmen Ught Spear Unprotected Average Average Drilled Undrrllcd Undnlled Drilled Javelins Only Hopliics Only before 460 490 Heavy Foot Heavy Foot Heavy FOOL Heavy Foot Heavy FOOl Armoured - Offensive Spearmen Offensive Spearmen 14-160 from Protected Average 6-8 6-8 0-8 6-8 6-8 *6-36 6-8 6-8 *12-60 6-8 Upgrade nonSpartan elite hoplitcs to: Only be fore 460 490 -f60 +90 460 Armoured Superior Offensive Spearmen Oflensrve Spearmen Offensive Spearmen Only from Protected Armoured Superior Drilled - Upgrades Spartan citizens to: Only before Superior Drilled Only from Heavy FOOl Protected Superior Average Drilled - Offensive Spearmen Offensive Spearmen Upgrade Spartan Only before 1-1 a.

9 .ec Drilled Bow Light Poor Undrtlled Unmilled Undrilled Undnlled Unmilled Undrlllcd Drilled Drilled Sling 6-8 8-12 Helots Only Spartans before 450 Mob Medium Foot Poor Thracians (OT Agesilaus's Paphlagonian foot) An)' date Protected Average Ugh! Spear Oflellslve Spearmen 6-8 6-8 0-8 6-8 Medium Foot Protected Average Thraclans Only before 300 Only from 350 Medium foot Medium FOOL Protected Average light Spear.CLASSICAL GREEK Optional Troops Cretan archers Other archers Slingers Only from 450 Liglu FOOl Unprotected Unprotected Unprotected Unprotected Superior Drilled BoV'. 4-8 +-8 +-8 +-8 Syracusan-supplied Gallic foot He. 394 Be. Swordsmen Heavy weapon Offensive Protected Average Average 6-B 6-8 20 0-8 0-6 Iplukratcan hoplites Only from 380 Only Phokians from 330 Mediutll FOOi Heavy Protected spearmen Heavy Artillery Stonethrowers Artillery Average Special Campaigns Only Spartans from 36~ to 368 Syracusan-supphec Spanish foot MedilU11 FOOl Protected Average. Taken from Warrior 27: Greek Hoplite 480-32.vy Foor Protected Swordsmen Spartan hoplites fight the Thebuns at the battle of Koroneia. by Adam Hook.' Or 6-3 6-8 4 0-8 0-11 0-18 0-12 0-24 Light FOOl Average Average Undril. AYerage Undrtlled Undr illed Impact Foot.3 Be. Swordsmen Impact Foot.

eu ~"j"V".dr il'ed Points per base Bases per BG Total bases 4 4 4-6 0-4 0--4 Average Undrllled or Drilled Un Superior Armoured drilled Light Spear.Thessalians before 450 Light Horse Cavalry Light Horse Thessattans 450 from Cavalry Q\lalilY Average Training Undr illed Ur. to: Armoured Superior Offensive Spearmen Offensive Spearmen 13 6-8 Only from 490 Only before 460 Only from 490 Only before 460 Heavy FOOL *612 1*1218 Protected Superior Average Average Drilled Drilled Drilled Undrilled 10 6-8 6-8 6-8 Upgrade Spartan Heavy Poor Heavy Foot Armoured Offensive Spearmen Offensive Spearmen 10 8 *612 perlotkol to: Dowugrecle Aslaric Siciliot Greek... Swordsmen Light Spear Offensive Spearmen Offensive Spearmen 10 II 12 13 4 4 'Ie Armoured Average 0--4 Average Armoured Protected Average A\'erag~ 9 6-8 6-l4 6-8 Heavy Foot Heavy Foot Upgrades Spartan citizens. .igh t Spear.IMMORTAL FIRE ~et ""~""'"1 . Troop Type Armour unprorectea Protected Armoured unprolee<ea A\!crage «1 ~41:41:4 lTroop (" e. C Field r. . citize n Prcrecred Heavy FOOl Armoured Poor ltahct or hoplites ro: Upgrade boplttes to: Only from 490 Only from 450 (mercenaries) Only from 370 (cmzens) O_nly Aitolians.drilled Drilled Undril.ed Drilled Ul1drilled Drilled Undrflled or Drilled Undr illec Undrilled Drilled Iavehns 17 12 13 0-6 4 Cavalry Non.~ 11111 ~". only from 450 Light FOOL 10 ."" Average Ulldrilled Javelins light. Spear 4 6-8 '6-24 llight '-001 Poor Unproiccrcd Average Undrillcd Drilled Javelins Javelins Light Spoor Light Spear 2 4 6-8 6-8 06 state. Swordsmen Cavalry Superior Average Average Drilled Ur. Akaruaruans. Phokians or Thessahans Others Peltasts Any Offensive Spearmen Offensive Spearmen 6-8 Any Heavy FOOl Protected Poor Undrilled 6-8 Heavy FOOl Protected Average Drilled Offensive Spearmen 8 6-8 0-18 Ught Foot javelinrr."hessaltans rrom 450 Cavalry Light Horse Only be fore 460 Hcphrcs Only from 490 Only before 460 Heavy FOOl Armoured Average Light Spear I..". Capabilities Shooting Javelins [Close Combat light Spear Light Spear Javelins light Spear 16 7 10 Troop uame Type Thessalians before 450 Non.

achieved control over the whole of Greece. In response to the mainland Greeks sending aid to rebellious Greek cities in Asia. and prevent achieving dominance. until 420 Be.an SO" Thebes I. under the rule of Philip II.EARLY ACHAEMENID PERSIAN EARLY ACHAEMENID The Achaernenid Empire (known in Old Persian as Hakhamanishiyan] was founded by the Persian King Cyrus II the Great.when Cyrus the Great defeated the Medes. This policy was successful until the second half of the 4th century BC. and hence encourage the Greeks (if any encouragement themselves was needed) to fight amongst anyone state from. expedition King Darius I sent a punitive that was defeated at the battle of Marathon. sent a full scale invasion of Greece that was also defeated . MARGUSH (Ma'1!larw) ARABAYA (Ambia) Arab. from India to Egypt and the borders of Greece. Minor. This list covers Achaemenid Persian armies from 550 BC. 11 . Philip's son Alexander the Great invaded the Persian Empire in 334 BC and rapidly conquered it (see pAl) .gs TheAchaemenid Empire © Osprey Publishing Ltd. Thereafter the Persian kin. Lydian (546 BC) and Babylonian (539 BC) empires. His son. Empire. and turned its eyes eastwards. the Desert: Ancient Persia at War. Taken from Shadows in. who conquered the Median (550 BC). the largest yet known in the world. His son Cambyses II conquered then stretched Egypt. when the previously backward kingdom of Macedon. Xerxes I.. Tl1e Persian contented PERSIAN themselves with using their vast wealth to subsidise various Greek city stales in turn.the decisive battles being at Salamis by sea and Plataea by land.

by Simon Chew. Median. We therefore classify them as There is also evidence for the mustering chariotry with of 3 or 4 crew during Darius I's reign. so we classify their dose combat weaponry as Light Spear. 333 Be. but only the first few ranks of the others had spears. None were capable of matching a Greek hoplite spear phalanx. It appears that the Immortals with short spear as well as bow. Kissian and Persian Gulf Exile foot axes) and none carry spears. Hyrkanian. All are armed with sagaris (long-handled Bow. Swordsmen. c. 12 . This has previously been taken as meaning that they were armed with bow and spear. The Immortals and the Persian. illustrations Recently show Wielding discovered formed equipped up behind a barrier of large wicker were all shields. Immortal Persian Immortals. Taken from Elite 42: The Persian Army 550-330 Be. the majority them of contemporary bows. However. Achaemenid tomb paintings showing scenes of Darius 1'5 campaign against th Skythians depict mounted Achaemenid and Skythian archers charging into each other while shooting.IMMORTAL FIRE TROOP NOTES Persian and Median cavalry are described by Herodotus as armed the same as their foot. The later archers and shields pearmen equipped with crescent-shaped can be deployed separately or in mixed battle groups.

Offensive Spearmen Unfortified camp Camp. Swordsmen 4 bases of Saka cavalry: Average..EARLY ACHAEMENID PERSIAN J . Protected. Undrilled Heavy Foot .Route of Xerxes' army in 480 ac ~ Route ~c or Persian fleet in 480 He X Bartle The Greek and Persian Wars 492 .half Bow. Undrilled Light Horse Bow.half Bow. Undrilled Medium Foot . Swordsmen 8 bases of Immortals: Superior... Unprotected.. Light Spear Each comprising 6 bases of Persian and Median foot: Awrage...480 Be © Osprey Publishing Ltd. Desert: Ancient Persia at War. 38 foot bases._Route of Persian fleet under Datis in 490 .. Armoured. Undrilled Medium Foot ..-r 'S / // Aegean S II a ) . Drilled Medium Foot Bow..... Undrilled Cavalry . EARLY ACHAEMENID Commander-in-Chief Sub-commanders Persian and Median cavalry Saka cavalry Immortals Persian and Median foot Bactrian and Saka foot Boiotian 1 PERSIAN STARTER ARMY 2 2 BGs 1 BG 1 BG 2EGs 1 BG 2 BGs 1 9 EGs hoplires Camp Total Field Commander (Mardonius) 2 x Troop Commander Each comprising 4 bases of Persian and Median cavalry: Superior. 3 commanders 13 ..Bow... . Armoured. Unprotected. Light Spear. Armoured. 12 mounted bases.. Light Spear.half'Bow 6 bases of Bactrian and Saka foot: Poor../ / . Taken from Shadows in the. half Bow Each eomprising €> bases cf hoplites: Average..

Persian Cavalry Persian cavalry. by]ack Cossin-Scott. The following special instructions • Other commanders The marked minimum hould be depicted as guard cavalry. * applies if any Medizing Greek lTOOpS used. are The C-in-C should be depicted cavalry or a light chariot. Taken from Men-at-Arms The Greek and Persian Wars 500-323 Be. 69: 14 .IMMORTAL FIRE BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OURARMY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima apply to this army: as guard and minima in the list below.

_r+ Bow Undr llled Uudr illed Undrilled Javelins Bow l-I_I_2-J 6-8 112 Kaspian or stmtlar archers Armenlan. Hyrkanian. Median.------~L~j-g~h-tF~.ed Undr il. r-------r-------.der 80/50/35 50 3S Capabilities Agricnltunu. similar Liglll Foot Lyman or Asiatic Gree.:-----I I9 18 2-4 4--6 6-8 0-4 6-12 0-16 Superior Undrllled Superior Drilled Bow Bow light Spear IZ 9 Orher Medium Prorecied Persian. Guard cavalry Cavalry Cavalry Immortals Medium Foot Armoured Armoured Armoured Prorecrer._------r------+------r--------+-------+--_.root Foot Heavy Foot Swordsmen Average Poor Poor Bow Protected Protected Drilled Drilled Bow Light Spear.:rmc.led -+ + LightSpear -+ 6 6 112 +-_--l 6-8 0-48 112 Bow ~------. t-_Fo_o_t_+ Klsslan. Elite Superior Drilled Bow Swordsmen Swordsmen t--c. horse archers LightHOrSe Unprotected Medium Poor Average Average Poor Average Poor Undril.ed f-_B_O_"_' --+_L_i_:g_h_'_Sp:_e_.Developed. Libyan.o-o-t~Uc-n-p-r-o-le-C-le~d~~A-ve-ra-g-e~~u~n-d7r~il~le-d~~~B-O-w-4-----~--~--~-6~-~8---+--~ Crescent shield archers Only from 465 Medium Foot Protected Average Undrtlled Bow 1/2 6-8 0-24 1<48 ~C~r-e-sc-e-Il-'-'l~. Hilly Commander/Troop Inspired Comrnander/Flald Field Commander Troop Commander 0-2 0-3 Bases Troop name Type Troop Type Armour Quahry Training Points Combat per base Sbcoung Close per BG Total bases Core Troop.ed Bow Unprotected Bow LightSpear Undrilledf-c:B-o"-'-~--=--'-----I---::--+-:I"""'/c:2-i 6-8 0-8 Bactrian. Heavy Foot Armoured UndrilJed to 461 spearmen Poor ~------1----4-----+-Ac-v-e-r-ag-e4---~~---+-0-ffi-e-n-s-lv-e~~-C::--~------1 Only from 490 Heavy FOOL Protected Undr illed Poor spearmen 0-6 4--6 1/2 1/2 0-6 He-avy FOOL Protected Protected Average Drilled Drilled Light Spear.4-6 Medium Assyrian and Chaldaeai.4-6 Medium Foot Swordsmen 112 5 1/2 4 Arab camelrv Camelrv Unprotected Poor Undnlled Bow 0-4 15 .i-e~ld~------------~-M-c-ru~.1l Optional Troops Achaemenid [harlots Only before 484 Heavy Chariots Superior Undrilled Bow 20 Swordsmen Ligbr Spear 0-4 4--6 4--6 4--6 112 Saka cavalry BKlIjaJ] cavalry Only from 545 Only from 545 ught HOrSe or Cavalry Ligh' Horse unpro.EARLY ACHAEMENID PERSIAN EARLY ACHAEMENID 'Ierritcry'I'ypes: C-in-C Sub-commanders PERSIAN Corrunar.ecied Unprotected Average Avenge Undrtl. Saka or similar foot Medium Foot Unprmened Unprotected Undr il.ed Bow 10 0-6 0-6 0-6 r-:--~--~-+~~~~~~~~--~----~+_~---+~~~+-~--~~~--_+--~--~--~--~~0-12 Bow Orner Iiglr.-u-m~~-------1------~~------~-----1----------~------~71~/~2~ ~ 6-8 Only Cram 450 FOOl Protected Average Undrilled LightSpear ~----:6:-'--:8---10~12 spca. or similar Llgln foot Thracian Medium Foot Or 6-8 Light Spear light Spear 4 0-8 0-8 0-8 Paphlagonlan. javehnmen Plsldian Protected Unprotected Avorage Poor Average Poor 6-8 6-8 4--6 Mysian._------r------+------r--------+-------+--_. javcllnmer. or Persian Gul(ExHe Ioo: Medium Foot Protected + Average + Average Undrilled Undril.k hoplites Average Only from HS Offensive. r-------r-------.

(ng Greek cavalry Cavalry Average Average POOf Spear 10 4 4-6 0-4 Light Hom Unprotected Modi ring Greek javeliruuen light [.JlneS Only from 545 Medium root Medium Foot Average Prorecred Poor Undrilled Average Poor Light Spear. were armed with long spears. prior to the mid-3rd with a forward curving blade on a long handle. Swordsmen Defensive 4 4 0-4 Egyptia 1l rnanncs Only from 5IS Protected Unprotected Drilled Undrilled Undrilled Undniled Spearmen Bow Swordsmen 4 0-4 Q-4 indian foot Indian chariots Libyan chariots Fortified [an. Thrace was a Roman client kingdom from 25 Be.led Undrilled Bow Swordsmen II '1-6 2-4 1 ·1-6 0-4 0-4 15 17 Wagons Average Bow Only in 479 Mcdizing Greek hoplites Heav'f Foot Armoured Average Prate-ned Protected Armoured Unprotected Undnlled Undnlled Undnlled Undrilled Javelins Javelins Offensive spearmen Light 6-8 *8-J6 Mcd(. A few highly regarded Be or perhaps somewhat later. This may have come into use in the later 4th century Be at the latest. Some.IMMORTAL FIRE Lykian Or Phoenician D13. No-one is entirely sure. armed with a type of forward curving one edged sword (perhaps similar to the Lykian drepanon) as well as javelins.ght Chariots Sm·\. Only from 525 Only from 525 Only from 525 Medium Foot Average Poor Average 4 4 Heavy Chariots Li. 16 . Camelry Scythed Cha.T~()[5 Battle Protected Poor Average Undrilled Undn. The most famous Thracian weapon was the rhomphaia. a vicious weapon TROOP NOTES Most Thracians were armed century thrusting primarily with javelins. 16 Light Spear 2 0-2 Average II p Allies 24 0-1 Mede rebel allies (Only in 550) Saka allies (Only in 530) = Sce "Empire. however.001 Light Spear Ught Spear 0-6 T HRAC IAN This list covers Thracian armies from the 7th century mercenary units prior to the 3rd century Be Be until 46 AD when Thrace was were termed "swordsmen" and were probably incorporated as a Roman province. of Ancienr Mesopotamia Special Campaigns Only in Cyrus in lydia in 546 Improvised camelry Scythed chariots Moveable towers.

Unprotected. Armoured. Undrilled Light Foot . Protected. BGs ---- STARTER AR1v1Y - Field Commander '2. Undrilled Medium. 17 . EGs Each €omprising 4 bases of light cavalry: Average. Unprotected. by Angus McBride. Unprotected. Light $pear Each comprising 8 bases of foot with rhomphaia: Average. Swordsmen 2 BGs 4BGs '2. Light Spear 6 bases of slingers: Average.THRACIAN THRACIAN Commander -in -Chief Sub-commanders Armoured cavalry Light cavalry Foot with riiompliaia Skirmishers with javelins Skirmishers with slings Camp Total 1 '2.Sling Unfortified camp Camp. 50 foot bases.Javelins.Javelins. 17 I Be. '2. 3 commanders 1 BG 1 11 BGs Thracian slinger and infantry after the battle of Kallinikos. x Troop Commander Each comprising 4 bases of armoured cavalry: Superior.Light Spear. Taken from Men-at-Arms 360: The Thracians 700 Be-AD 46. Foot . Undrilled Light Horse . 16 mounted bases. Undrilled Cavalry . Urrdrilled Light Poor=.Heavy Weapon Each comprising 6 bases of javelinmen: Average.

Swordsmen 17 7 4-6 4-8 0-8 0-24 to A\'erage light Spear. Swordsmen 9 Roman allies . Swordsmen - Ib 4-6 +-6 4-6 4-6 6-8 6--8 0-8 10-32 8-32 0-12 0 160 0-48 14160 8-32 8 7 Averag Avera. C-itl-C Sub-commanders Inspired Commander/Field Hilly. Swordsmen 6-8 O-H FOOL with rbomphaia Medium Foot Protected Average Undrillcd Heavy weapon 7 6-8 0=116 6-24 0-12 0-12 6-18 Skirmish rs whh javelins Skirmishers with Ught Foot Light FOOl Ltghl Foot Unprotected Unprote ted Unprotected Average Avtrage Average Undrilled Undrillcd Undrilled Javelins Bow light Spear 4 5 4 6-8 6-8 bow - Ski rrmshers wtth sling Sling 6-8 6-8 Optional Troop' Pamilles and slaves Forttfied camp Allies Greek (mercenary) allies (Only from 400 BC 10 Mob Unprotected Poor Undrtllcd - - Z 24 0-8 0--1 357 Be) = Classical Greek Special Campaigns Only "Roman client kingdom from 25 BC lo 46 BC Upgrade armoured cavalry to Upgrade rom with javelins Cavalr-y Medium or Heavy FOOL Armoured Protected Armoured Superior Drilled Drilled - Ught Spear.nds Commander 80/50/35 50 35 Capabill!ies Tralnlng Shooling Close C0111b. Woodla.u Points per base Bases per BG I Commander/Troop Field Com mandcr Troop Commander Troop Type Type Armour Qualiry 0-2 0-3 Total bases troop name Core Troops Armoured cavalry Geiae light horse Others Cavalry Ligh! Horse Light H rsc light Horse Medium FOOl F()m Armoured Unpror cted unprotected Unprotected Protected Protected Superior Average Undrilled Undnlled Undrillcd Undrilled Undrilled Uudrtllcd Undrilled 80\. Imp!:rr([1 Horne cr Will 1& . The following special instructions • Commanders should be depicted cavalry. as armoured Thracian juveiinmnn THRACIAN Territory Types: Agricultural.AR1vlY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima apply to this army: and minima in the list below.\' Ligh! Spear.ge Javelins Bow Light Spear light Spear Offensive Spearmen 8 5 7 6 FOOl wtth javelins before 150 Be Only Average Average - Foot wah lhrusling spear " Swordsmen" Medium Only before 300 Be Fronl350 to 25 I BC From 250 Be Medium Foot Protected Average Light Spear. • The Getae cannot have allies or drilled troops.IMMORTAL FIRE BUII~DING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR.Prtnc.See Field 01' Glory Companion 5: Legions Triurnphnnt.pa:e Roman .

invention and has been credited with the of coinage. Papblagonian or Phrygian light horse Hoplites Lydian. Undrilled Light Horse[avelins. Phrygian or Mysian [avelinrnen Thracian "swordsmen" Camp Total 11 BGs Medium Foot . Armoured. Light Spear Each comprising 6 bases of hoplites:Average.Javelins. Croesus" refers to the last King of Lydia. Undrilled Heavy Foot . Undrilled Cavalry . Unprotected. Undrilled Light Foot . 1L mounted bases. :2 BGs 1 BG 4 BGs 3 BGs 1 BG Field Commander 2 x T:roop Commander Each comprising 4 bases of heavy cavalry: Superior. The phrase "as rich as disrupt them. Light Spear 6 bases of Thracian "swordsmen": Average. 3 commanders 19 . resorted to using camels (0 546 BC when it was conquered by the Persians. Undrilled Lydian. Armoured. whose own cavalry were renowned for their quality and numbers. LYDIAN STARTER ARMY Commander-in Sub-commanders Lydian heavy cavalry -Chief 2. 48 foot bases.Light Spear.LYDIAN Ligbt horse Average Undnllcd Average Undr illed LYDIAN This list covers the armies of the Lydian empire in western Asia Minor from the early 7th century BC until TROOP NOTES Lydian heavy cavalry were armed with thrusting spears and had a sufficiently high reputation that the Persians.Light Spear. Unprotected. Swordsmen Unfortified camp Camp.Offensive Spearmen Each comprising 6 bases 0 javelinmen: Average. Lydia was wealthy due to extensive gold deposits. Swordsmen 4 bases 0 light horse: Average. Protected.

Swordsmen 6-8 4-6 . 0 Supcnor Unprotected Unprotected Unprotected Protected Average Ave.led Superior 16 Ugh l Spear.IMMORTAL FIRE BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OURAR..V1YPOINTS Choose an army based on the maxima instructions apply to this army: and minima in the list below.iI. The following special Commanders should be depicted as heavy cavalry or chariots. C-in-C Hilly Commander 80/50/35 Inspired Commander/Field Pield Troop Commander/Troop COnl. Thracian OT similar fOOl with short spears or javelins HoplilCS: Ionian or Kanan mercenaries or Lydians Ugh..cd Undr il.l.rage Undnl.swordsmen Cavalry Llgln F()ol Lighl FOOl 6-8 4 0-8 0-8 0-6 Avenge Average Sling Ligh t Spear. LYDIAN Territory Types: Agricultural.. Ph. Medium FOOL Special Campaigns Ol11y in 546 BC Lydian foot recently upgraded to boplues Heavy Foot Protected Poor Undrilled Offensive Spearmen 6-8 0-24 20 .ed Undr llled Undrillcd Undrrlled Bow Bow Light Spear Swordsmen 15 10 +-6 4 0-8 0-4 Skythian mercenaries Archers Slinge" Thracian . Paphlagoman or Pilrygian lIght horse lydiall. Swordsmen Lydian heavy cavalry Cavalry Armoured Protected Protected Drllled Undrilled Drilled 17 12 13 4-6 6-24 Lydian. Horse Medium FOOl Unprotected Protected Unprotected Average Average Average Undrilled Undr illed Undr+l. Myslan.g Close Combat Core Troops Armoured Undr.1Tl Sub-commanders ander SO 35 Capabilities Points peT base Bases 0-2 0-3 per BG Total bases Commander Troop name Troop Type Type Armour Quality Training ShOOlLIl.rygian.ed Undrilled Drilled ravelil1S Light Spear Light Spear 4-6 6-8 4-12 16-64 Light Fool Heavy fOD< javehns Light Spear Offensive Spearmen 4 9 10 6-8 6-8 0-32 Armoured Average Optional Troops Chariots Light chariots ight HOT:. Lydian heavy cavalry can always dismount if the enemy has camelry.t:.

forming the 31 st dynasty: TROOP NOTES Large numbers of Greek mercenaries were used.Defensive Spearmen 6 bases of Egyptian archers: Average. Unprotected. Drilled Heavy FOOL . Undrilled Light Foot -Bow Unfortified camp Camp. 12 moun ted bases. Mercenary Greek Hoplite Commander-in -Chief Sub-commanders Chariots Cavalry 26TH DYNASTY 1 EGYPTIAN STARTER AR. Psamtik I seceded from the Assyrian Empire c. Spearmen Each comprising 6 bases of Egyptian spearmen: Ave. Unprotected. Egypt was conquered by Cambyses II of Persia in 525 BC .LATE DYNASTIC EGYPTIAN LATE DYNASTIC EGYPTIAN This list covers Egyptian armies of the 26th dynasty from 664 BC to 525 BC.forming the 27th dynasty . Armoured. 650 Be. Drilled Heavy Chariots -Bow 4 bases of cavalry: Average. 21 . Unprotected.M:Y 2 '2 BGs 1 BG 2 BGs 2 BGs 1 BG 1 BG 1 9 BGs Mercenary Greek hoplites Egyptian spearmen Egyptian archers Nubian archers Camp Total Field Commander 2 x Troop Commander Each comprising 4 bases of chariots: Superior. then was reconquered by Artaxerxes III in 343 BC . 3 6 foot bases.successfully revolted in 405 Be. should can be only as cavalry (but armoured) allied -commanders allied-commanders depicted as hoplites.Offensive. Undrilled Light HorseJavelins. Drilled Heavy Foot . The following special instructions Egyptian commanders Greek Greek should be depicted or chariots. Light Spear Each comprising 6 bases of Greek hoplites: Average. 29th and 30th dynasties from 405 BC to 343 Be.rage. and the 28th.Protected. command hoplites. 3 commanders - BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima apply to this army: and minima in the list below. Drilled Medium Foot-Bow 6 bases of Nubian archers: Superior.

. 26ul dynasty Protecred Drilled Drilled DriUed Drilled Unprotected Armoured Protected Average Poor Average 4 Offensive Speam-en Oflensive Spearmen 10 6-32 Mercenary Greek hoplires Heavy FOOl Heavy Foot zsu. until incorporation as a Roman province in 74 Be After 322 Be.Nco-Assyr ian Empire Kyrcneau Greek all les (Only from 570) libyan allies (Only 30th dynasty from 360) . TROOP NOTES Kyrenean chariots had 4 horses and probably 3 22 .IMMORTAL FIRE LATE DYNASTIC EGYPTIAN Terdrory Typ. several Greek colonies on the coast of Libya This list covers Kyrenean armies from the supposed date of foundation of the city as a colony ofThera circa 630 Be. C-In-C Sub-cornmanders Greek allied commanders Troop name lnspued Cornrnandervfoeld Developed Commander 80/50/35 50 35 +0/15 Capabi.Late Libyan KYRENEAN GREEK Kyrene was the oldest and most important of to the Ptolemaic kingdom.. it was annexed crewmen. n Light Spear Light Spear 6 +-6 +-11 Average Average Average Iavelms +-6 4-6 6-8 +-12 Protected Poor Average POOT Light Spear Defensive Spearmen Bow 4 12-66 6-8 6-8 6-8 0-32 Egyptian spearmen Egyptian archer. although intermittently independent or semi-independent." Agricultural. dynasty 30Lil Average 6-8 Optional Troops Skyrluan mercenaries Guard spearmen Guard archers Libyan Only 26th dynasty from 650 Light Horse or Cavalry Heavy FOOl Un protected Average Undr+lled Bow Swordsmen Defensive Spearmen 10 9 4- 0--4 Protected Unprotected Super-ior Drilled Drilled Undnllcd Undrilled Undulled Sow Iavebns 80w +-6 0-6 4-6 Medium Foot Ughl Foot Light Peer Superior Average javelinmen Unprorecrec Unprotectec Unprcrectec Light Spear + 6-8 0-8 Superior Average Superior ()-s 0-12 6-8 Nu bran archers Medium Foot Average Sow Allies Assyrian allies (Only 26th dynasty before 650) .i ties Training Shooting Close Combat Points Commander/Troop Field Cornrnander Troop Commander Field Commander/Troop Troop Type Type Armour Quality Commander 0-1 0-3 0-1 Bases per BG Total bases per base Core-Troops Charters Cavalry egyptian [aveuunen Only 26th dynasty before 570 Only 26th dynasty He>vy Chariots ught Horse Cavalry Medium or Heavy FOOl Heavy FOot Medium FOOl Superior Unprotected Unprotecred Drilled Undrllled Undnllcd Drilled Gov .

. The following special instructions .. below. Desert 80/50/35 Inspired Commander /Pietd Commender/Trocp Commander Field Commander 50 3S Troop Commander Troop Type Capabilities Points Type Armour Quality I Train) ng I Shooting Close Com bat per base Core. Greek Hoplite [t) r .Early Ca.. Heavy Foot Medium Foor or Heavy Foor Only From 32] from 313 10308 Only Offensive Spearmen Offensive Spearmen 6-8 4-6 Only from 279 Carthaginian allies (Only in 322) Libyan' allies Late Libyan .ed Average or Drilled Average Average Superior Average Ave-rage Bow Sling Pikernen 80\'1' 6-8 4 0-8 08 0-12 0-8 8-24 0-6 Sluigers Phalangites Cretans Upgrade hoplites io mercenaries: Thureophoroi Undrtlled Drilled Drilled Drilled Drilled Allies 6g 8-12 6-8 Heavy Fuot Light Foo.ge Scpceior Average Average Average Average Poor 0-6 4-6 6-8 24-100 6-S Dr-Iied Undrilled Ur. Armoured. Undrilled Light Foot .rtllilgil1ian 23 . Troops Total bases per BG Chariors Cavalry Xystophoroi Only be lote 215 Heavy Chariots Superior Ur drilled Uno nlled Ligh' Spear Liglu Spear Lancers. Undrilled Cavalry .Bow Unfortified camp Camp. Armoured.Light Spear Each comprising 6 bases of Greek hoplires: Average. Undrilled Heavy Foot .Offensive Spearmen Each comprising 6 bases of [avelinmen: Average. 12 mounted bases. Unprotected.ed Javelins S. Lighl Spear 6 bases of archers: Average.KYRENEAN GREEK KYRENEAN Commander-in-Chief 1 GREEK STARTER ARl\. 3 commanders Iavehnmen Archers Camp Total I BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima apply to this army: and minima in the list. 18 10 7 17 13 4-6 4-6 0-1 Z Cavalry Only Ii-om 321 Before 460 Cavalry Heavy Foot Heavy Foot Armoured Protected Armoured Armoured Protected Avera.1Y Field Commander 2 x Troop Commander --- Sub-ccmraaodecs Chariots Cavalry Hoplites 2 2 J3Gs 1 BG 48Gs 2 BGs 1 BG 1 10 BGs Each comprising 4 bases of chariots: Superior. Undrilled Heavy Chariots . Commanders should be ~ I ~fil I ~ depicted as chariots or cavalry.dnlled Undril. q~~ KYRENEAN C-in-C Sub-commanders Troop name GREEK 0-2 0-3 Bases Territory Types: Agricultural. 42 foot bases.Javelins. Undnlled Light Foot .Light Spear 4 bases of cavalry: Average. Unprotected. vordsmen Offensive Spearmen 9 Hophtes From 490 Offensive Spearmen Light Spear 4 2 [avelinmen L.ight Foot Unprotected 6-8 6-32 Archers Light Foot Light Only from 321 FOOl Unprotected Unprotected Protected Unprotected Protected Protected Oprional Troops Undrtl.

circa 550 BC. During this period Carthage gained a maritime empire in the western Mediterranean.000 chariots. 18 10 17 13 4 0-4 Cavalry Xystophoroi Only 32. The traditional date of its foundation is 814 BC. until 27 5 Be.IMMORTAL FIRE KYRENEAN Allied cornn-ander Troop name Type CREEK ALLIES Commander Capabihttes Training Field Commander/Troop 'rroop rype Armour 40ILS Close Combat Paints per base Bases Quality Shooting per BG Total bases Core Troops Chariots Only before 275 Heavy Chariots Cavalry Armoured Superior Undrilled Undrilled Drilled Undrillcd Unclrilled Undrilled Drilled Ught Spear Light Spear Lancers.000 infantry and 6. • The commander chariots.he was joined by a Libyan allied contingent of 10. and fought many wars against the Greek cities of Sicily. 24 .but not much is known about its army in the earliest period. was a colony of the Phoenician ciry ofTyre.1 from Protected Armoured Average 4 Cavalrv Supertor Average Average Average Average POOT 0-4 Swordsmen Offensive Spearmen + 6-8 8-32 6-8 Before 460 Hoplites From 490 Heavy Foot l-lcavv root Armoured Protected 9 Oflensive Spearmen javellns ught Spear Offensive 4- javelmmeu Upgrade hoplnes to mercenaries: Only from 3. on the North African coast near modern Tunis. campaigning in Africa with 13.500 men in 307 BC. This list covers Carthaginian armies from the start of the Magonid dynasty.13l0308 Light FOOl Unprotected Protected 1 g 6-8 6-8 0-12 8-14- Heavy Foot Ave-rage Spearmen LATE LIBYAN ALLIES This lise covers Libyan allied contingents from 550 Be. When Agathokles of Syracuse was EARLY CARTHAGINIAN Carthage. should be depicted as TROOP NOTES Libyan chariots had 4 horses and 1 or 2 crewmen with spears.

EARLY CARTHAGINIAN TROOP NOTES From the limited evidence available. Unprotected. Armoured. in view of the apparent we also allow alternative for the that they were spear or javelin-armed. Undrilled Medium Foo. Drilled Heavy Foot . The folJowing special instructions apply to this army: Commanders depicted Poeni cavalry. Undrrlled Light Foot- 2 2 BGs 1 BG 1 BG 2 BGs· 1 BG 1 BG I BG 1 Javelins. 12 mounted bases. Light Sp ear Camp Total Unfortified camp Camp. However. Uudrilled Light Horse . Poeni Cavalryman I EARLY CARTHAGINIAN Commander. Light Spear 6 bases of Sacred Band: Superior. Swordsmen 6 bases of Ligurian foot: Average.Offensive Spearmen 6 bases of Spanish scurarii: Average. Balearic Slinger 25 . . 3 commanders 9 BGs BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OURAR1v1Y POINTS Choose an army based on the. lack of any archery four-horse tradition chariots were in Carthage. Protected. Drilled Heavy Foot Offensive Spearmen Each comprising 6 bases of African spearmen: Average. Protected. maxima and minima in the list below. Drilled Heavy Chariots -Bow 4 bases of Numidianhght cavalry: Average.Javelins. it is possible that the Carthaginian bow-armed. Protected. Unprotected. Undrilled Medium Foot Light Spear 6 bases of javelinmen: Average. 36 foot bases. should be or as chariots • All Poeni chariots must have the same combat capabilities.Impact Foot.in -Cbief Sub-cornmanders Chariots Numidian light cavalry Sacred Band African spearmen Spanish scuraru ligurian foot Numidian [avelinmen I -- STARTER ARMY Field Commander 2 x Troop Commander Each comprising 4 bases of chariots: Superior.

26 . Taken from Men-at-Arms 121: Armies of the Carthaginian Wars 265-146 Be. hy Richard Hook.IMMORTAL FIRE Carthaginian Standard-hearer. Sacred Band.

ge Undrilled Lighl Spear 5 Optional Troops Greek mercenary boplnes Only from 410 Heavy Poet Protected Average Drilled Offensive Spearmen Offensive Spearmen Ligbr Spear.rage Drilled Swordsmen Light Spear. ·orRome: R. Protected Protected Poor Drilled Swordsmen Impact foot.4 Spanish scutarit Average Undrilled Undrilled 0-8 0-8 Ga.p"'''''" Rome aJ War 27 .Iic foot Only from 41 0 Heavy Foot Protected Averagl~ Heavy Foot Protected Average Drilled Campanian mercenaries Medium Fool Protected Unprorecred Unprotected Average Superior Average Aver-age Allies Drilled Swordsmen Sling' Bow Heavy Artillery Balearic Sardinian sltngers archers Only from 390 Light. COI1'l at b Points per base Total bases r= BG Core Troops- Heavy Peen i Chili leu Chariots Heavy Chariots Super lor Drilled Bow 22 +-6 Superior Armoured Drilled 0-12 Ughl Spear 20 II Poenl cavalry Campanian.See Field of Nurnldian allies (Only from 340) Glory Companion I: R". javelinmen Corsican. Medium Foot.can Or Only From 4 I 0 Cavalry Protected Average Drilled Ugl1t Spear SpO".EARLY CARTHAGINIAN EARLY CARTHAGINIAN Terr-itor-y Typ es : Ag-ricultuTa\. Ligurian or Sardinian Light . 0-2. Moorish Or Spanlsl.Late UbY<Ul . 8 13 10 +-6 0-6 4-6 0-12 Armoured Cavalry Protected Ol1ly From Average Drilled Light Creek cavalry Numidian cavalry Swordsmen Javelins Ugll' Spear Offensive Spearmen Offensive light 340 Lrglu Horsc Unprotected Average Superior AveragE' Undrf lled 4-6 13 g 0-0 Sacred Band Heavy Foot Armoured Drilled 6-8 0-8 Afrtcan spearmen Heavy FOOl Protected Drilled Poor Spearmen Iavellns Light Spear 4 6-3 12-24 Numidian. ElrUs.ncy levies Medium Foot. FOOl Light FOOl Undrilled Undrilled Drilled 0-6 0-4 Bolt-shooters Heavy Artillery 20 2 O-Z Ljbyan allies (Only before 500) .. Libyan. C-in-C treveloped Commander Inspired Cornmandez z'Fie'd Commander/Troop Field Commander Troop Commander 80/50135 50 35 Sub-comrnauders 0-2 0-3 Bases Troop name Troop Type Type Armour Quality Training Capabilities Shooung Close. Swordsmen Offensive Spearmen Light Spear. Peen! Or other emerge. 6-8 6-8 0-16 Heavy Other Poeni root FOOL Protected Average Drilled Medium f-oot 0-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 0-8 6-8 '1-6 4 Protected Ave.FOOl Unprotected Average Undr illed 6-8 6-8 6-12 6-24 Medium Foot looi Protected Avera. Swordsmen Impact Foot.

Undrilled Medium Foot Light Spear Unfortified camp Camp. Unprotected. Undrilled Light Horse . Swordsmen Each comprising 4 bases of un armoured cavalry: Average. Undrilled Cataphracts ~ Lancers. Unprotected. and the Yueh -chi prior to [heir conquest of the Graeco- TROOP NOTES The sagaris. Swordsmen Each comprising 6 bases of foot archers: Poor. we treat as equivalent to sword when used on horseback. Swordsmen Iavelms Heavy Foot or 0--4 20 4 Po ni cavalry Dr dled Etruscan or Only rrol11 41 0 Drilled 4 0--4 Greek cavalry Numidian light cavalry African spearmen Numldlan.Bow. 32 mounted bases. 3 commanders 28 . Uudrill d Light Foot .rni who became the Parthians) Bactrian kingdom c. Ligurtan or Sardinian foot Protected Average SKYTHIAN OR SAKA This list covers Skythian and Saka armies from 55 0 Be until SOAD. 20 foot bases. a horseman's axe with compact but heavy head. Only from 340 Ught Spear Offensive Spearmen 4 6-8 4 4-6 4-8 6-8 Libyan.r Light Spear. and a shaft up to 3 foot long. Commander -in -Chief Sub-commanders Armoured cavalry Unarmoured cavalry Unarmoured cavalry Foot archers Foot spearmen Camp Total SAKA STARTER ARMY I 2 3 BGs 2 BGs 3 BGs 2 BGs 1 BG I 11 BGs Field Commander 2 x Troop Commander Each comprising 4 bases of armoured cavalry: Superior. 13 0 Be. Saka were the eastern tribes.. Unprotected.IMMORTAL FIRE bases 22 Poeni chariots 4 Drilled Light Spear Light Sp ea.Bow 8 bases of foot spearmen: Poor. including the Massagetae. the Dahae (including the Pa. Protected. Undrilled Cavalry . Heavily Armoured.Bow. Swordsmen Each comprising 4 bases of unarrnoured cavalry: Average. The Seleucid pikernen in 129 Be represent the army of Antigonos VII which was captured by the Parthians then changed sides when [he Parthians attempted to use them against the Saka. Moorish Spanish javelinmcn Light Poor Un prorecrec Medium Fool Average Undrillcd Undrtlled Javelins Light Spear Light Spear 4-6 4-8 Cors'car.

Commanders • Minima marked foot are used.SKYTHIAN OR SAKA BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima instructions apply to . should be depicted as and armoured cavalry. minima in the list below. 13 7: 29 . 5th Century BC. Taken from Men-at-Arms The Scythians 700-300 Be. by Angus McBride. The following special this army: * apply if any non-allied Armoured Skythian warrior.

ny Medium Foot MedJum Un protected Undrilled Bow llow Bow 5 3 Fool arch FOOL Unprotected Undrilled ugh..lining Core. Troops Shooting Close Combat bases Only 300 Armoured cavalry Only 300 Only from Unarrnoured before BC from BC Saka 250 BC Cavalry Armoured Superior Superior Superior Undrillcd Bow Swordsmen 18 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 6-8 6-8 1/2 Cavalry Armoured Heavily Undrilled - Lancers. Swordsmen Lancers. Spear 5 5 3 3 5 3 rs Only 300 before BC Medium Foot Medium 100m Medium Foot 6-8 Unprotected Unprcrecred Average "12-24 Undrillcd Undulled Undrilled Light Spear 1/2 Poor Poor Average Poor Bow 1/2 6-8 112 6-8 *8-24 Unprotected Bow Light Spear Fool spearmen Medium FOOL Protected Undril.led Bow cavalry or Cavalry Llghl Foot Avcrag.Classical Greek Only Saka Black Sea Greek in I 29 BC - Seleucid pikcmcr.ed - Optional Troops Slingers I Indian allies (Only Ughl FOOl Unprotected Average Poor Undr illed Allies Sling - + 2 +-6 0-6 Mountain Sakal Special Only Campaigns ill 3 13 BC Skytluans Thractan all ics allies .: Undrilled 20-72.IMMORTAL FIRE SKYTHIAN OR SAKA Territory C~in~C Types: Steppes lnsptrcd Commander/Field Commander/Troop COJ11111ander 80/50/35 I Field Commander Sub-commanders TrODp' C0111 mol 5U 35 Capabilities Points pe. Swordsmen Swordsmen 16 18 10 5 3 0-12 Cataphracts Liglll Horse Armoured U 11 protected Undrt. Unprotected AI.r base Bases per BG 0-2 0-3 Total nder Troop name Type Troop Armour Type Quality Tr.rerage Poor Average Poor Average lJndrillecl Bow - A. Heavy FOOL Protected Average Poor Drilled Plkernen 6 4 8-J 2 0-1 Z 30 .

SKYTHIAN OR SAKA Skytbian king and armoured nobleman. by Angus McBride.raken from Men-at-Arms 137: The Scythians 700-300 Be. 31 .

only one of which seems likely to have been two-handed.tity Superior Avenge Average Poor Average Training Undrilled Undrilled Undriilcd Undrilled Undrilled Undnlled Undrillcd Undrilled Undrilled Shooting Bow Bow Close Combat Swordsmen Swordsmen per base.ntry carried sword. Nearchos. EARLY SKYTHIAN Allied commander Troop OR SAKA ALLIES Commander Capabiltttes 40115 Points. We assume that a variety of swords were in use. Indian art shows many infantry with smaller swords and the Arthasastra describes 3 types of swords . Bases Field Cornmander/Trocp Troop Type Type Cavalry light Horse or Cavalry Light Foot Medium Foot name Armour Armoured Unprotected Unprotected Qua. states that all Indian infa. However. as Indian Archer 32 . Commanders should be depicted as armoured cavalry. although Nearchos does note that Indian infantry were not eager to advance to close combat. 18 10 per BG 4 TOlal bases 0--4 6-18 Armoured cavalry Unarrnoured cavalry 4-6 6-8 6-8 Bow Unprotected Poor Average Average Bow Foot archers Medium Foot Medium Foot Unprorecred Unprotected U nprcrectcc Bow Light Spear liZ 6-8 0-8 1/2 Bow Medium Foot Poor Poor Avenge Poor Bow Uglu Spear 1/2 Medium FOOl 6-8 Unprotected Protected Bow light Spear 1/2 6-8 Foot spearrne 11 Medium Foot o-s CLASSICAL INDIAN This list covers the armies of northern Guptas in the mid-5th century AD. but evidence of determined swordsmanship lacking. Armour for infantry became more common in the 1st century AD. However. and swordsmen. used for powerful a large two-handed downward cutting blows. and classify the mixture for close combat capability purposes as sometimes have formed archers. Indian shielded may of the javelinnmen up in front is then central India from 500 BC until the fall of the TROOP NOTES Alexander's admiral.IMMORTAL FIRE EARLY SKYTHIAN OR SAKAALLIES This covers Skythian or Saka allied contingents prior to 3 a a Be.

Other states in this period can have one Mauryan allied contingent. to Most states Gupta empires) war elephants. but the u'oops in the contingent the main list. and as both javelinmen and archers were largely unarmoured. 3 commanders I BG 3 BGs 2 BGs I 10 BGs BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OURARl\. o An Indian allied general's contingent conform to the Classical Indian allies list below.Light Spear Each comprising 8 bases of archers: Average. 14 mounted bases. Undrilled Medium Foot . which can be drilled.CLASSICAL INDIAN they are unlikely to have been more than a rank or rwo.1Y POINTS Choose minima an army based on the maxima apply to this army: should be depicted as must are and in the list below. 33 .Bow 4 bases of cavalry: Average. Unprotected. archers and javelinmen.Bow. 36 foot bases. qualify the combined this is not enough formation as Protected. but some were republics and lacked the resources to field CLASSICAL INDIAN STARTER ARMY Commander-in-Chief Sub-commanders Elephants Heavy chariots Cavalry Archers [avelinmen Camp Total I 2 3 BGs J BG Field Commander 2 x Troop Commander Each comprising 2 bases of elephants: Average. cavalry. o deducted from the minima and maxima in The Mauryas from 32 1 to 180 BC can have drilled chariots. chariots or cavalry. Undrilled Elephants 4 bases of heavy chariots: Superior. If any non-allied troops of any of these types are drilled. Protected. Indian allied conting nts in a Mauryan army must be undrilled.Light Spear. Undrilled Heavy Chariots . Undrilled Cavalry . Swordsmen Unfortified camp Camp. The following special Indian Elephant instructions Commanders elephants. Swordsmen Each comprising 6 bases of javelinmen: Average. Undrilled Medium Foot . Unprotected. all must be. (including the Mauryan and were ruled by kings.

Swordsmen Swordsmen Horse Undr illed Undr illed 179 BC 10 Light Hom Unprotected Armoured 4 cavalry lancers Replace chariots camel Arrillery Fortified Only Guptas armoured from 320 AD elephant' and or Cavalry Superior Undril. Wagons Lighl Artillery Heavy Artillery Poor Average Average Undnlled by cans bu. Unprotected Drilled Poor Average Poor Average Poor Average Undr ilied Undrilled Bow Swordsmen 180 Be An}1 from 1 AD Medium Foot Unprotected Protected Protected Bow 6 4 Ught Spear.p 34 .lock Bow Llghr Anillery II IS 2-4 0-6 Uudrillcd Undrilled Heavy Antllery 20 24 2 0-2 0-. FOOL Unprctected Average Poor Average undrtued Undr illed Bow Heavy 4-6 6 10 4 0-6 0-4 0-4 Clubmen Horse archers Upgrade Only from Medium Light Foot Unprotected Unprotected Protected Average Avcragc weapon Bow Bow Lancers.1 cam.IMMORTAL FIRE CLASSICAL INDIAN Territory Types: AgricuJtur. Tropical 80/50135 50/35 40/25 Capabilities Points per base Bases Commander/Troop Commander Commander Commander Field Commander/Troop Field Troop Type Armour 0-2 0-3 TmaJ bases Commander/Troop Type Quality Training Shooting Close Combat per BG Core Troops Only Elephants states nonElephants republican Any Average Superior Superior Super tor Undrllled Undrilled Drilled Undrilled Drilled Bow Bow Bow Bow 25 20 1: 4-6 +-6 4-6 +-6 2-12 Heavy chariots Maurvax Heavy chariots Light chariots Heavy Only chariots from 321 to 180 BC Any n 17 IS 0-8 Ugh' char-iots Only Mauryas from 321 ro 180 BC Light charters Unprotected Supenor Average Poor Any Cavalry Unprorectcd Protected Protected Unprorecred Average Poor Average Poor Average Poor Undrilled Ligbt Spear 4 +-6 4-18 Cavalry Only MaUTY'" to Cavalry from 321 180 BC Unprotected Protected Protected Drilled Ligbt Spear +-6 Any before I AD Only from Archer s Maurvas 321 to Medium Poet Unprotected Average Poor Average Undrilled Bow Swordsmen 6 4 6-8 6-8 2+-112 Medium Foot Uuprotectec.led 16 +-6 +-6 lor Battle. 6-8 6 4· Any Iavellnmen On I)' Mauryas Medium FON Protected Poor AveragE: Swordsmen Light Spear. C-in-C Sub-commanders Indian Troop allied commanders name Inspired Comrnar-der z'Pteld Woodlands. 6-8 6-24 6-8 from 321 to I BOBC Medium Foot Protected Poor Optional Drilled Swordsmen Troops Forest ulbcsrnen Light.J.

Swordsmen 6-8 <I- .. [_...J . '~I. Elephants stares Any Heavy nOJ1- republican Elephants - Ave..~.rage Undrilled - 25 2 2--4 I Heavy 321 to Heavy chariots Superior Uudrilled Drilled 20 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 0--4 chariots ?nly Maurvas from charters - Superior Bow - 22 17 180 BC Any Light Liglu chariots Superior Undrilled Bow Bow chariots ?nly Maurvas from 321 to Light chariots - Superior Drilled - 18 180 BC Average Unprotected Ally Cavalry Protected Average Poor Average Poor Drilled Protected Protected Any before I AD Only from Archers Mau ryas 321 10 6 UndrJled 4 Light Spear Poor 4-6 Cavalry Only from Mauryas 321 to Cavalry Protected 5 0-6 7 Unprotected Unprotected - 5 Light Spear 180 BC "":"'ge Poor Average 8 6 4-6 Medium Foot Unprotected Undrillcd Bow Swordsmen 6-8 Average Medium Foot Unprotected Average Drilled Bow Swordsmen 6-8 6-24 4 6 5 180 BC Any from I AD Medium FOOl Protected Protected Average Poor Average Undrilled Bow - 6-8 Any Medium FOOl Mauryas 321 to Medium Fam Protected Vndrilled Poor - Light Spear.clinmer Only from Average Protected 0-8 Drilled 6-8 180 BC Archers 6-8 35 ..~....~.. . Swordsmen Light Spear.CLASSICAL INDIAN l . Field I 1 mander.n~...nII II. ~ Capabllitics Shooting Bow Close Combat Troop name Type Troop Armour lype Quality Training Points per base Bases per BG Total bases Only.... HOOp .

Swordsmen 6 bases of light horse: Average. Undrilled Cavalry . Armoured. Lykian allies cannot or elephants .Offensive Spearmen 6 bases of crescent shield spearmen: Average. Although most of the heavy cavalry seem to have switched from bow to javelins around the start of this period. 22 mounted bases. Armoured. Unprotected.Bow. Protected. TROOP NOTES One interpretation of the enigmatic" Kardakes" is that they were Persians equipped and trained as hoplites.Sling 10 EGs BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OURARMY . Commanders should be be depicted as guard cavalry. BGs Each comprising 4 bases of heavy cavalry: Superior. have been LATE ACHAEMENID Commander ~in -Ch.Light Spear 6 bases of archers: Average. used with guard infantry Persian Archer 36 . Undrilled Light Unfortified camp Camp. I x Troop Commander (Darius ill) 2 x Troop Commander 2 BGs 2 BGs 1 BG 2.rmen Archers S1ingers Camp Total 1 2 PERSIAN STARTER ARMY --. Unprotected. Drilled Heavy Foot . Undrilled Cavalry . Undrilled Medium Foot . 3 commanders FOOl - I BG 1 BG Bow I BG 1 6 bases of slIDgers: Average. They may. Swordsmen Each comprising 4 bases of heavy cavalry: Average. The following special instructions apply to this army: • The Cvin-C should be depicted as guard cavalry or a light chariot. Unprotected.IMMORTAL FIRE LATE ACHAEMENID This list covers Achaemenid Persian armies from 420 BC until the completion PERSIAN the lighter peltast-style spearmen with crescent shields. 34 foot bases. Light Spear Each comprising 8 bases of hoplites: Average. some may have retained bows right up to the end of the empire.POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima and minima.ef Sub-commanders Bactrian and Saka heavy cavalry Persian and Median heavy cavalry Arachosian and Paphlagonian light horse Greek or Persian hoplites Persi an cresce nt shield spea. Undrilled Cavalry . alternatively.Light Spear. Protected. of Alexander the Great's conquest of the empire in 329 Be.Javelins. The most likely to have done so would be the Bactrians and Saka. in the list below. Undrilled Light Foot .

Developed.ec.1ge Average Drilled Undnl. Undril. Armenian. Bactrian. Svvordsmen 9 12 9 7 18 I'f 4-6 8-42 Persian.eo Undrilled Drilled Drilled Drilled Drilled UndriUcd Bow Bow 20 9 8 10 12 II 2-4 4-6 4-6 4-6 112 112 1/2 0-4 0-6 Unprotected Unprotected Protected 0-6 0-6 Saka horse archer Bow Bow 4 Guard infantr)' ("Apple bearers") Medium FOOl Heavy FOOl Medi Protected Protected Protected Offensive spearmen 0-4 4 Bow 10 9 5 6 8 6 8 4 5 5 urn Fout Lighr Spear Offensive 112 6-8 0-2+ Persian crescent shield spearmen Asiatic Medi urn Foot Protected - Drilled Drilled DrWed Drilled Drilled Undrilled Undrilled Greek or Persian hoplites Mercenary or allied Heavy FOOl Protected Protected Unprotected Protected Poor Average A\'crag Poor Average Average - Spearmen Offensive.1 Undnlled Optional Troops Iavelins Arachcstau.rricoryTypes: C-in-C Sub-commanders Inspired PERSIAN Commander Agrtcultural. Swordsmen ughl Spear Swordsmen Oflcnstvc spearmen I Unprotected Average Sling + 0-12 0-18 Guard cavalry Barrr ian lighl horse Parthyaian or similar horse archers Cavalry Light Horse jjgbt Horse Light Horse Or Cavalry Heavy Foot Armoured Unprotected Elite Average A\rerage Average EUte Elile Superior Superior Aver. Kappadoklan Protected Protected Armoured Armoured Average Poor or other heavy Superior Average Poor Superior Avei.LATE ACHAEMENID PERSIAN LATE ACHAEMENID Te. Medinu . Light Foor 4 0-8 37 . Papblagoruan or similar Iighl horse Ligbt Horse Light FOOl Light Foot Unprotected Average Light Spear 7 5 4-6 6-8 6-8 6-11 0-12 Archers Sbngcrs Unprotected Average Bow ughl Spear. Hilly 80/50/35 I Commander/Held Commander/Troop Field Commander Troop Commander 50 35 Capabilities Shooting Close Combat Points per base Bases 0-2 0-3 Total bases Troop name Troop Type Type Armour Quality Training Core Troops Armoured Armoured Cavalry Armoured Protected Superior Average Poor Superior per BG 16 12 Undrllled - Light Spear. 6-8 6-8 4 0-24 0-32 0-32 0-1 0-6 Greek hoplncs Mercenary Greek Heavy FOOl Ligln Javelins - Spearmen Light Spear Defensive Spearmen Light Spear Light Spear peliasts Egyptian spearmen Hillmen FOOl Heavy Foot Medium Foor 4-6 6-8 6-8 Protected Unprotected Javelin. Saka.led Bow Swordsmen II 1'1 II +-6 0-8 9 Undrilled Undrilier.lge Poor 1242 cavalrv Cavalry Armoured Protected Protected Protected Undril.

- Tbracians or Lykian allies. but sensibly sued for peace early on. and have pronounced Recent modern to duplicate these them feasible. 7 33 BC by Greek settlers from Corinth and Tenea. experiments have attempted weapons. nor more than 8 bases of hoplnes. she allied with Carthage. scythed chariots. devised various "secret weapons" that were used in the defence of the city. Swordsman Defensive spearmen 4 Chalybes Massed levies Medium FOOl Mob Scythed Chariots - 4 O~I 0-24 0-4 - 2. Egyptians. the city was captured and sacked by the Romans. the great Syracusan mathematician and engineer. 15 8-12 2-4- Scythed chariots Foni fied camp - Average - 24 Allies 0-1 Lyktan allies Special Campaigns Only Darius ill at Gaugamela in 331 Upgrade guard cavalry [Q Elephants CaJ1I101 use Egyptians. on the south east coast of Sicily.ans Medium Medium FOOl FOOl Foot Prot cied Protected Protected Unprotected Unprotected Average Undrilled Un drilled Undrtlrcd Undrilled Undril. SYRACUSAN Syracuse. For early Syracusan armies. Swordsmen 20 25 2-+ 2 AU 2. Thractans or Lykran allies. Only Bessos in 329 Saka allies pehasts.IMMORTAL FIRE Medium Thrac. This list covers Syracuse's armies from 412 Be. siege. and the "ship shaker" which used a claw on a crane to capsize them. Cavalry Elephants Armoured - Elite Average.ed UndtWed - Light Spear Offensive spearmen 5 7 6 5 4 4 Average Average Average: Poor 0-4 Light Spear. used to set fire to Roman ships by focusing the rays of the sun with Citizen mirror . thus sealing her own fate. During the siege. until the city fell to the Romans in 211 Be. Through most of the power period Syracuse was the dominant while Carthage in eastern Sicily. controlled the west. During the First Punic War. she came into conflict with Rome. The two states were in frequent conflict. following the defeat of the Athenian Sicilian Expedition. In the early 4th century BC. use the Classical Greek list. These included his famous" death ray". Syracuse briefly also controlled the southern coast of the Italian mainland. After a three-year Archimedes. In the Second Punic War. Guard cavalry and Infantry are compulsory. Hoplite Archimedes was killed during the sack of the city 38 . was founded c. Cannot use: hoplnes. Drilled Undrillcd - Lancers.

their true nature need not be disclosed until they are shot at or engaged in close combat. Protected. Light Spear Light Foot BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima apply to this army: should be depicted as cavalry to depict and minima in the list below. Mercenary Hoplite. Undrilled Medium Undrilled Foot. Unprotected.Light Spear. If this is done. Armoured. Undrilled hoplites hoplites 2 BGs 1 BG I BG "2 BGs I BG thurophoroi scutarii 6 bases of thureophoroi: Average. The following special instructions Commanders or hoplites . Protected.Offensive Offensive Spearmen Average. Drilled Unmilled Drilled Foot - Cavalry . 39 . Protected. by Adam Hook.Javelins.Offensive Heavy Foot . Drilled Spearmen Medium 6 bases of boplites: Heavy Foot .Sling Spanish mercenary Slingers [avelinmeu 6 bases of [avellnmen: . Spearmen Average. Unprotected. Protected.Impact Each comprising light Foot .SYRACUSAN SYRACUSAN Commanderin -Chief STARTER ARM:Y Field Commander Greek or Campanian Syracusan citizen Greek mercenary Mercenary cavalry "2 BGs "2 BGs Each comprising Each comprising Each comprising 4 bases of cavalry: Superior. Average. Taken from Warrior 27: Greek Roplite 480-323 Be. 6 bases of Spanish scutarii: Foot . Swordsmen 6 bases of slingers: Average. • It is permissable the disguised rowers by using hoplites. Swordsmen 6 bases of hop lites: Average.

Spearmen Offensrve 0-6 0-12 0-12 0-12 men::e.See Field of Glory Compantcn permitted.. No Campantans. Swordsmen 17 13 j 4-6 +-11 'I-Il Campanian cavalry C • valr y Armoured Superior Average Drilled Undrilled Drilled 7 4-6 0-6 Citizen bopbrcs Heavy Foot Protecred Average Offensive Poor Poor Undnlled Dr-illed Drilled Undrilled Drilled Undrilled Drilled Troops DriUed Drilled or or Spearmen 6 Offensive Spearmen Bow 6-8 12-24 Greek lTler~enary hophrcs Heavy FOOL Pro-cered Avcn_ge Average 6-8 12-24 0-12 6-18 0-12 Archers Light foot foot Unprotected 6-8 6-8 Sl. 801S0/3S c. thureophorot Only from 275 Ugh' FOOL Unprotected Undrtlled Javelins Light Spear Offensive 2 Medium Foot or Heavy Foot Protected Average Drilled Spearmen Irn pact Foot. Developed Commander .red Commander/Field Commander/Troop Field Commander Troop Commander Troop Type Qualil)' so 35 Capabilities Points per base Bases 0-2 0-3 Total bases Troop name Type Armour Training Shooting Close Combat per BG Core Troops Greek cavalry' Cavalry Armoured Superior Drilled Average Ughl Spear. Sikels.IMMORTAL FIRE SYRACUSAN rerritoryTypes: Agricultural. foot Average Average Average Poor Drilled Light Spear.oorers 40 .u.ry. I: Riseof Rome: HcpubJicun Rome (I( War allies +Numfdiar. Spanish or bolt-sl. Swordsmen Light Spear Heavy Artillery 4-6 6-8 5 6-8 Spanish mercenaries Ligurian or Sikel mercenaries Bolt-shooters Medium Foot Medium Foot Heavy Artillery Protected Protected Average UndriUed Undrilled 0-8 0-8 0-4 Aven_ge Average I Only from 399 Drilled 20 Special Campalgns Only Agathokles Rowe rs etc.c Sub-commanders Insp. disgutsed as hoplires Kvrcucan allies -c in Africa from 3 10 to 207 Undril.nary l-oplues Gallic mercenaries Samu ire OJ srm llar Italian merccnancs Mercenary Heavy Foot Protected Average Drilled Spearmen Impact Foor Swordsrue n Heavy Foot Protected Protected Unprotected Average Undrrlled Medium Light. Swordsmen javelins pehasts I I Only before 275 FOOl Drilled Light Spear 4 4 6-8 6-8 0-6 0-16 0-16 0-6 Orner javelin men Mercena. Llgurtans.led I Heavy FOOL Unprotected Poor 6-8 0-12 Libyan allies Nurrudlan Late Liby-an or Early Moorish .ngers Light Unprotected Average Optional Sling Tarenunes Tyrant's. Swordsmen Lighl Spear. mercenary bodyguard hopiires Campanian or Etruscan Light Horse Heavy Foot Unprotected Protected Average Superior Javelins Light Spear Offensive 4-6 10 8 4-6 6-8 6-12 6-8 O-{.

ed Citizen hoplile~ Heavy Toot Protected Average Poor Poor Offensive Spearmen 8 6-8 0-8 Dr-illed Drilled Undrilled or 6 Offensive: Spearmen Bow Mercenary hoplues Arche-s Heavy FOOl Light foo: Protected Average 6-8 +-6 4 6-12 0-6 0-6 O-JZ 0-6 Unprotectec Unprotected Average Drilled Undrilled or Drilled Slingers javeh-uncn Lighl foot Average Slillg 4-6 4-6 4-6 Light Foot Un protected Average: Poor Undrtlled Undrillcd Drilled Javelins Ught Spear 'ropact Foot. conquering the Persian Empire. Alexander was the son of King Philip II of Macedon.OOO cavalry. Macedonian a decisive cavalry charge into (he flank of the elite Theban control over Greece could goal of was thus assured and the Macedonians turn their eyes towards their long-term Persian Great King. Swordsmen Liglu Spear. Alexander an army of 43. leading Sacred Band. where assisted his father at the battle of Chaironeia in 338 Be. at Issos. to Syria.000 that He met and defeated advanced as regent in invaded Asia Minor with foot and 5~6. Philip By 326 Be he had reached 41 . Swordsmen 4 0-4 4 Campanian cavalry Armoured Dnlled Undrilled Drilled Undrll. the local Persian he defeated forces the By 333 . In 334 Be. Alexander at the battle of Granikos. In 336 Be.ALEXANDRIAN MACEDONIAN SYRACUSAN ALLIES Allied commander Troop name Type Greek cavalry Field Troop Armour Armoured Ccmmanderv'Iroop Type Quality Superior Commander Capahil. coast and Egypt. Darius III. After an education included the tutelage of Aristotle. After securing the Mediterranean advanced into Mesopotamia. from 355 Be until the death of Alexander in 323 Be. so it was left to Alexander.Be he had ALEXANDER THE GREAT Born in 356 Be. Alexander continued by one of his his eastwards India. he where he once again defeated Darius at Gaugamela in 33 I Be. Swordsmen Impact Foot. 4 2 Gallic mercenaries Samnlte Or similar [tal ian mercenaries Heavy FOOl Medium FoO[ Protected Average 0-6 0-6 0-12 0-6 Protected Protected Averilge +-6 +-6 Spanish mercenaries Medium Fooe Average Undrillcd Swordsmen ALEXANDRIAN MACEDONIAN This list covers the armies of Alexander the Great and his father Philip. was assassinated. Swordsmen Light Spear.. against an alliance of Greek city states led by Athens and Thebes. advance. to carry forward the great project.ities 40125 Points Combat per base 17 13 17 Bases pef BG Total Training Drtlled ShoOling Close bases Cavalry Cavalry Average Superior Average Light Spear. leaving Antipater Macedon. Darius fled and was murdered satraps. aged 2 a and now King Alexander III of Macedon.

IMMORTAL FIRE Alexander's Foot Companions. Taken from Men-at-Arms 148: The Army of Alexander the Great. 42 .

he might well have gone on to conquer Carthage and Italy.1. refused to go further._ RRHff'tl8.:MJ1Ctll merceneres Hlujj!Ui~ FRONT If ~ -- I 5[lscythlffidIElJjClt~ _15"'P""~ 1'~''''''«l'~'MO~ 1.ALEXANDRIAN MACEDONIAN I .mtl]') SU-Slil!1$ Persians. continuous by tales In 323 BC. Had he survived. THE MACEDONIAN PHALANX The Macedonian Philip Alexander until phalanx was developed by II of Macedon to conquer and used by his son the Persian Empire. (lil~:la cavalry • MENICJ\S ScWtlilflC3l'alrv IlAASAEtlTES Ar.c:hers GreeJ(mereenar1es Call'uSia!'l5 (miXlldCill'ahl' andfnr. Indians (ca~ilJryl.~a~ Clll'alcy SAnElAAZANES Imli2l'lhlllmel'lwtlhAliar.RN£S ~~~~Wilnd moonledarchers) Tope:!rillJ1ilndl1)'1'Ciillian cava~ry Albanians SitiaoCE'nlansImlxedcall'a!ry . and warfare. Man:llaniil.!rIia~r:Ill'3lry ARIACES . It in Hellenistic warfare kingdoms were continued to be dominant the various conquered Rome utWor. years of His army.how. Thus began the Wars of the Successors and the break up of Alexander's mighty empire. Alexander was forced to turn back.J[lscythENlf. Taken from Campaign 7: Alexander the Great.s lEfT WING Mer-c:cn.m~ Moms MrttiMllSTfS Arm!. successor by [he Romans and Parthians . Iml~eclCilll<lll'}'ilm!ln!lintJ')lt BESSUS BacIri!lJl. C3ppadociiln C3l'alry '. and frightened of the huge numbers of elephants in the armies of the interior of India.r. at the age of 33.ar::hilJ.\ry I • • • I • • • • I RIGHT WING Mi'LI\EUS . He had already conquered the eastern half of the "known world"."~lfy Saca& PHMTAPHE. rio-one is certain. where he defeated Porus at the battle by eight exhausted marching the army of the local king of Hydaspes.C&iil:ill3.)fycil'I'all)' The battle of Gaugamela: Alexander's (red) and Darius' (blue) Order of Battle and Battle Stations © Osprey Publishing Ltd. he died . His corpse was hardly cold before his generals starred to fight over his empire.see I: Rise of Rome: Republican Field of Glory Companion 43 . in Babylon.!ROPATES r~~~gl~~!at1 ~al~ Mlldj8nca.J. It was probably of illness but poisoning is a possibility.ans.000 Badrian cav.lI'IcllnrMtr)I) Grwk mercsnares DARIUS Persl.

impenetrable projected an forming decision. Drilled Cavalry . Unprotected. Drilled Heavy FOOL Pike. Protected. it became apparent that flexibility of the Roman legions. Armoured. The Macedonian improvement on rendered it obsol teo The Mace. charge armed with the xyston. Drilled Light Foot .1 b-comrnanders Agema Thessalian heavy cavalry Thracian ligh t horse Hypaspists FOOL Companions Greek mercenary Iphikrarean hoplite Agrianian [avelinmen Rhodian slingers Camp Total -- ALEXANDRIAN MACEDONIAN 1 STARTER ARMY . Drilled Cavalry . They were used against deliver a in the a weak point strapped to the left ann.- Inspired Commander (Alexander) 2 x Troop Commander 4 bases of Agema: Elite. Drilled Heavy Foot Offensive Spearmen Each comprising 8 bases of Foot Companions: Average.Lancers.Sling Unfortified camp Camp. j 2 J BG 1 BG 1 BG J BG 2 BGs J BG I BG I BG j 9 BGs 2 mounted bases. 3 commanders 44 . A shield hoplite asp is was a helmet. arm of came the mostly against other Macedonian the phalanx was used (thorax) sword carried the pike phalanx deep. a to lance. Unprotected.6m (12ft) decisive enemy line.don. Armoured.r than the traditional were shock troops.5 metres (18 feet) in length.Light Spear. Swordsmen 4 bases of light horse: Average. Swordsmen 4 bases of'Thessalian heavy cavalry: Superior.men 8 bases ofIp. the hoplite phalanx Commander-in-Chief S1. which were style armies. 42 foot bases. We also allow for used by the theory that most Greek mercenaries Alexander were lphikratean hoplires. Light Spear 6 bases of Hypaspisrs: Superior. as long as the phalanx phalanx was a marked and remained in formation.Offensive Spearmen 6 bases of javelinmen: Superior. Unlike earlier Greek cavalry these TROOP NOTES We allow for the various theories regarding the equipment of the Hypaspists. After Philip's usually deployed and a short reign. were as was on smalle. though I 6 ranks as the main occasion this was halved to 8 ranks or doubled to 32. When the Hellenistic kingdoms the rigid phalanx could not cope with into conflict with Rome. Protected. In addition. Five ranks of sarissa points beyond the front barrier rank man.. a pike approximately 5.ian Companion cavalry were also innovative. Under Philip and Alexander the phalanx was mainly used to pin the enemy. greaves and linen body armour usually worn.bikratean hoplites: Average. light Spear 6 bases of slingers: Average. 3. secondary weaponl"y. Unprotected. Undrilled Light Horse Javelins. while the Companion cavalry dealt the decisive blow. wielded with two hands. In the battles of Alexander's successors. Undrilled Liglu FOOlJavelins. Drilled Medium Foot .Protected.IMMORTAL FIRE The primary weapon of the phalanx was the sarissa.

• Foot companions and hypaspists listed in a player's army list as heavy foot pikemen can instead be deployed at the start of the battle as medium foot with javelin ~ as in the army list below. 45 . Macedonian Pezhetuiroi in training. by Christa Hook. • Options only permitted from 328 BC or later cannot be used with more than 6 bases of Greek mercenary or allied traditional hoplites. A battle group of 1 2 heavy foot bases becomes two battle groups of 9. This option can only be used if they have been paid for at the points cost of the medium foot. a battle group of 8 heavy foot bases becomes a battle group of 8 medium foot bases. • Hypaspists must all be classified the sam. If the C-i. The minimum marked * applies if Philip or Alexander is present.e.ALEXANDRIAN MACEDONIAN BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima apply to this army: should be depicted as Agema and minima in the list below. The following special instructions 6 medium foot base .n-C is Alexander he must be an Inspired Commander. Taken from Warrior 103: Macedonian Warrior. Thessclicn Cavalry Commanders or Companions.

C-lll-C Sub-commanders Inspired Commander/Field Developed.mp Only ill Iudia from 326 to Medium foot 325 or stoneIeavv anillerj 4 - Average Heavy Anillery - 20 24- 46 . - Hypaspisrs FOOl FOOl 10 8 6 5 4 *6-12 Pikemen Pikemen Light Spear light Spear Heavy Foot Light Foot Light Foot llghl Foot Light Foot Light Foot iglll Horse Cavalry Light Horse Light Horse Medium Foot Medium Foot 12-36 6-8 0-6 0-6 0-6 0-8 Agria. 20 17 17 13 8 7 10 4 0-4 4-6 4-1 Z 0-8 0--4 4-6 Other Companion Armoured Armoured Unprotecred Unprotected Protected Prorected Protected Protected Unprotected - 4-6 4-6 4- Thessahan or Greek heavy cavalry Prodrome! Thracian. Swordsmen Offensive Spearmen 10 8 9 9 7 8 7 5 8 5 7 6 7 25 6 4-6 4-6 '1-6 6-8 6-8 0-12 0-16 0-6 Protected Protected - Average Heavy foot Protected Average Poor Medium Medium Medium FOOl - 6-8 0-36 mercenary Iphjkratean hoplues Protected Protected Protected Protected Protected Average Average Odenslve Spearmen Light.y from archers 328 SogdLm horse Only from archers 328 Bactrtan horse Only trom archers 328 Regrade hypaspisis hghling 'with javelins instead of pike to: Regrade loot companions fightlng with javelins instead of pike to: Greek mercenary Or allied traditional hoplites Greek Bow Sling Average Optional Troops Skytluan horse 0' Unprotected Unprotected Unprotected Average Average Average Superior Average Undrflled Undrilled Undrilled Drilled DriUcd Drilled Undrilled Undrillcd Drilled Undrllled UndrUled Undrilled undnlled Undrilled Undrilled Drilled Bow Bow Bow Swordsmen Light Spear Light Spear. Swordsmen Light Spear. Swordsmen Lancers.n Orlensive speanne. Hilly Commander Commander/Troop 80/50/35 50 35 I Field Commander Troop Commander 0-1 0-3 Bases per BG Total bases Troop name Troop Type Type Armour Qualiry Training Capabilities Shooting Close Combat Points per base Core Troops Agema Cavalry cavalry Cavalry Cavalry Light Horse Light Horse Heavy Foot Medium HCJ\Fy Armoured Ehle Superior Superior Average Drilled Drilled Drilled Drilled Undrilled DI'Uled Drilled Drilled Drilled Uttdrilled Undrilled Drilled Drilled Drilled - Lancers. Onl. Swordsmen Light spc a. Spear Offensive spearmen 6-8 6-8 6-8 0-18 6-8 6-8 2 6-8 2 0--4 0-12 0-2 0-1 Foot Poet Foot Foot Average Average Average Thracian pehasrs Medium Medium - Ligbt Spear.tght horse Only before 328 Any date Foot companions Average Average Javelins Swordsmen Light Spea r Offensive spearme.IMMORTAL FIRE ALEXANDRIAN MACEDONIAN Territory Types: Agricultural. r. Swordsmen Lancers. Paiorrian or eastern l.ll 4-6 6-8 6-8 8-12 8-12 6-8 6-8 4-6 4-6 4-6 Superior Superior Superior Average Superior Average Superior Average.nian [avelinrnen Ulyrian or Javelins Javelins Bow Thracian javelinmen Unprotected Unprotected Unprotected Unprotected Cretan arcbe rs - 6 5 4 Macedon-an archers Rhodian slinger. Swordsmen Heavy weapon Elephants Only from 326 Elephant> Unprotected Average Average Poor Bow Swordsmen Indian foot Bolr-shcorers throwers Fortified ca.

He was defeated and killed of Macedon from c. and the later more stable phase when the bulk of Alexander's empire was divided into rhe three kingdoms of Macedon. Undrilled Heavy Foot . Protected. but his grandson.Offensive Spearmen Each comprising 6 bases of'Thracian foot: Average. 12 mounted bases. Protected. Antigonos Gonatas ("Knock-Knees"). Undrilled Light Foot . Unprotected. Protected. The armies of Pyrrhos of Epeiros from 280 Be. Swordsmen 4 bases of light horse: Average. Drilled Cavalry Lancers. He was defeated killed in 28 1 Be. [he Antigonid kingdom Glory Companion atWor. Egypt and the Seleucid kingdom in the East. Drilled Heavy F00r . The following special xystophoroi or phalangites. Undrilled Medium Foot . Light Spear Each comprising 8 bases of phalangires: Average. Armoured. Swordsmen 4 bases of'Thracian heavy cavalry: Superior.260 Be. Thureophoroi and thorakitai can be graded as Medium Foot or Heavy Foot. Commander -In-Chlef Sub-commanders Xystophoroi EARLY SUCCESSOR 2 I BG 1 BG J (LYSlMACHID) STARTER AR. Unprotected.Heavy Weapon 6 bases of archers: Average. Light HorseJavelins. It covers both the early wars for supremacy amongst [he Successors. and the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt from 166 BC.Bow 6 bases of slingers: Average. the Seleucid kingdom from 205 BC. but all of both types must be gTaded the same. Undrilled Light FOD[.light Spear. 3 commanders BUIJ~DING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima instructions apply to this army: • Commanders should be depicted as and minima in the list below.EARLY SUCCESSOR EARLY SUCCESSOR This list covers the armies of the Successors of Alexander from his death in 323 Be until the advent of Rome. based in Asia Minor. made Macedon Lysimachos himself in was King 277 based of Be.Pfkemen Each comprising 6 bases of hoplites: Average.M:Y Thracian heavy cavalry Thracian light horse Phala:ngites Greek hoplites Thracian foot Archers Slingers Camp Total BG 2 BGs 2 BGs 2 BGs 1 BG 1 BG 11 BGs Field Commander (Lysimachos) 2 x Troop Commander 4 bases of xystcphcroi: Superior. 52 foot bases. Undrilled. Undrilled Cavalry . 1: Rise of Rome: Republican Rome ("One-Eye") was Antigonos Monophrhalmos in 301 Be. are covered by separate lists in Field of Thrace.Sling Unfortified camp Camp. The minima marked Galatian allies. Unprotected. Armoured. * do not apply if the C-in-C is Antigonos Gonatas and he has 47 .

Hilly Commander 80150/35 50 35 Capabilities Points per base Bases pcr llG I Commander/Troop Cornrnander 0-2 0-3 TotaL bases Troop Commander Troop Type Type Armour Troop name Qualuy Core Troops Training Shooting Close Com bat Xystophoroi Thracian.hers 6-24 0-12 0-12 6-24 0-12 Unprotected Unprotected Unprotected Average Average Javelins Bow 4 6-8 6-8 6-8 Light FOOl Light Foot 5 Average Sling - + Optional Troops Li[ht cavalry Skvrhlan horse archers Light Horse Ouly Seleucids Ouly Amigonos One-Bye o-r Seleuctds Only Lysimachos Macedon or Unprotected Unprotected Average Average Undrilled or Drilled UndriUed Javelins Bow Lighl Spear Swordsmen 7 10 4-6 'f 0-8 Light Horse Cavalry 0 Mede. Undrilled Undrilled Drilled Drtllcd Undrilled Undrilled Undrilled Undrilled Undrilled Drilled Drilled - Bow Offensive Spearmen 8 7 8 4 + 6-8 0-16 Greek boplites Egyptian phalangircs Heavy Foot Protected Average - Only Ptolcrnies fr0111217 Heavy Foot Medium Foot Medium Foot MedhU11 FOOl Medium Medium Foot Fool Protected Protected Protect: .O.J. Parnphylians or similar Ouly before 250 Thracians OnJ)' before 300 Any dale Average Average - 5 7 6 7 7 Lysimachos 12-2'1. Average Average Average Superior 0-8 lllyrians Cretans Upgrade thurcophoror thorakna. Swordsmen 4-6 *4-12 4-L2 0-6 Armoured Armoured Protected - 4-6 or Thessaliau heavy cavalry - Ligh' 'pear. Lykians: Mysians.erage Drilled Undrilled Drilled Drilled Drilled Drilled - Lancers. Galatians [0 Only Lysimacbo Bow 0-8 0-8 0-8 light FOOl Only Seleucids or Macedon from 279 001)' Medium Foot Offensive Spearmen Impact FOOL. Parthian or similar archers horse. Prolernies or l. C-in-C Sub-cornmanders lnsplred Commander/Field Field Developed. Persian or other irregular heavy Greek cavalry Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry Heavy Foot He. Swordsmen Pikemen Pikemen 4-6 8-12 8-12 0-12 '12-48 Seleucids. Kappadokians. 6 10 9 7 or Heavy Foot Heavy FOOl Armoured Average - from 279 Protected Superior Avenge UndriUed - Swordsmen 6-8 0-8 48 . Swordsmen ~ea_vy weapon Offensive Spearmen 8-12 6-8 6-8 66-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 0-24 Thracians.ysirnachos Elite phalangttes Other pbelangires Greek mercenary Iphisratcan hoplues Greek mercenary Protected Protected - Offensive Spearmen Offensive 6-8 thureophoroi javclinmen Archers Slingers Protected Average Drilled Drifled or Undrilled Drilled Or Undrilled Drilled or Undrflled - Spearmen LIght Spear - 8 6-8 0-8.."}' Fool Only before 279 Only from 279 Medium Foot i\ll Medium Foot Or all Heavy Fool Light FOOl Armoured Superior Average Superior Average Super-or Average Superior Average A\.IMMORTAL FIRE EARLY SUCCESSOR Territory Types: AgricultUI. Others. 17 13 16 12 17 13 8 6 8 Swordsmen Light spear. 0-4 Ligbt Horse Unprotected Average.:d Protected Protected Protected Unprotected Poor Plkcn-en Lighl Spear Offensive Spearmen Light Spear.

ost of their cavalry retaining an older style of equipment comprising bow. Some Sarmatian women fought as warriors.y Macedon from ? 7 7 . wearing the same costume as the men. The Siracae early on gave up the nomadic life. sometimes metal. Many Siracae long braided hair. settling in hill forts from which they ruled a subject population of agricultural peasants. in gO1 EARLY SARMATIAN This list covers the armies of the Sarrnarian tribes from the mid-4th century lancers were unarmoured.Andgonos Gcnatas) Special Campaigns Only Iystmachos Use the higber of the two leaders' rninirna and rnaxirna. The Rhoxolani were Be until the l st slow to adopt the lance. Scale armour for man and horse was popular.000 foot in 310 Be. but with century AD. light spear. Sarmatian armies could also include a fair number of subject foot. carrying but not making much military use of bows.000 horse and 22. TROOP NOTES The main strength of Sarmatian armies was their horsemen.ecied Poor Poor /\verage " 20 24 Only Seleucids 6-8 Boh-shooters or stcne-thrcwers Ioru tied camp Allies Galarian ruercenarv allies (On. fielding 20. and Seleukos at Ipso. 49 .led Heavy Artillery Swordsmen light Spear 15 10 2~f 4 6-8 0-4 0-4 0-8 0-8 0-2 0-1 Poor Bow Ptolernies Medium FOOL Protected Mob Heavy art: lIery unpro. Iazygian and Siracae cavalry were mostly lancers by this period. At the greatest extent of their territory they ruled from the Volga to the Danube.EARLY SARMATIAN Lvslmachns or Prolemies before 279 Elephants Seleucids before 279 Seleucids Or Ptolemics From 279 or others at any dare Scythed chartors Arab camel ry Low quality gar rtson troops Massed levies Only Seleucids Only Seleucids or Ptolermes Only 0-1 Elephants Average Undrtlled 25 0-6 0--4 Scythed Chariots Camelry Unprotected Average Undrillcd Undrilled Drilled Undrllled Dril. m. mainly of horn or lacquered leather. wicker shield and leather armour.

Light Spear Unfortified camp Camp. 50 . Light Spear. allies . Unprotected.See Field of Glory Camp. Swordsmen Swordsmen Other cavalry SCOutS Cavalry Ligln Horse Light Foot Prctecred Unprotected Unprotected Unp rotecied Protected Superior Average 16-40 0-8 10 5 Average Poor Avera. Un drilled Cavalry . Only options belonging to one tribe can be used.Jed Undrilled Allies Sling 4-6 8-12 0-6 0-12 Skythiar. Swordsmen Lancers. The following special. • An army must either be of the Siracae. Agricultural C-il1-C Inspired Commander/Field Field Comrnar. 28 mounred bases." ion 1 R1St of R()mc: Rcpobhcen Rome rn War.IMMORTAL FIRE - Commander -in-Ch.M:Y 2 "2. Armoured. Swordsmen 4 bases of scours: Average.Lancers. Unprotected.Bow*. Swordsmen Each comprising 4 bases of other cavalry: Superior. Unprotected. Undrilled Light Foot .ief Sub-commanders Lancers Other cavalry Scouts Foot archers Fool [avelinmen Camp Total EARLY RHOXOLANI I STARTERAR. • Minima marked foot are used. Undrilled Light HorseBow. 18 foot bases. BGs 4BGs I BG 2 BGs 1 BG I J 0 BGs Field Commander 1 x Troop Commander Each comprising 4 bases of lancers: Superior. Undrilled Cavalry . Undrilled Light Foot -'Bow 6 bases of foot javelinrnen: Average. Swordsmen Each comprising 6 bases of foot archers: Average. * apply if any non-allied EARLY SARMATIAN Territory Types: Steppes. the Iazyges or the Rhoxolani.Later Skytluan or Saka . instructions apply to this army: Commanders should be depicted as lancers.Javelins.ge POOT Foot archers Medium '12-24 3 Light Spear 6-8 6-8 4 2 4 2 *6-24 6-8 Foot Medium Foot light Foot Average Foot javelinmen Unprotected Poor Average Poor AYc:rage: Poor Poor Iave.derv'Iroop Commander Commander 80/50/35 50 3S Sub-cornrnanders Troop name- O-I 0-3 Bases Troop Commander Troop Type Type Only Stracac or !azygos Only Rhoxclaut Only Rhoxciani Armour Capabilities Trail'ling Core Troops Shooting Close Combat Lancers. Quality Points per base !6 !2 !6 14 per BG Total bases C avalry Cavalry Lancers Armoured Protected Armoured Superior Super-ior Undrilled Undrilled Undrtlled Undrilled Un drilled Undrilled Undrilled Undrtlled Optional Troops Bow" Bow Bow Bm¥ 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 6-8 !6-54 0-15 Swordsmen Ugh t Spear. Protected. 3 commanders ~-- - BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OURARl\1Y POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima and minima in the list below.ms Light Spear Slingers Poor quality foot Light Foot Mob Unprotected Unprotcctec Undr i.

Swordsmen 4-16 0-4 4-12 Only Rhoxolanl Only Rhoxclani Cavalry Cavalry Armoured Protected Unprorecred Super-ior Other cavalry Superior Average Ugll t Spear.ii and Tectosages crossed over to Asia Minor at the invitation of Nicomedes I of Bithynia. Swordsmen Lancers. The legion was probably destroyed by the Jews during the revolt of Simon Bar Kokhba (132~135 BC).GALATIAN EARLY SARMATIAN ALLIES Allred commander Troop name Field Commander ITroop Commander Troop Type Type Armour Armoured Prorected 40/25 Capabihues Training Undrillcd Un drilled Undrilled Undrilled Undrtllcd Undnllcd Undrilled [avelin» Bow'" Pomes Combat per base 16 12 16 Quality Superior Shooung Close Bases per BG 4-6 4-6 Total bases Lancers Slracac or Iazyges Only Cavalry Lancers. into one legion. Greece and Thrace in 280 Be They were eventually ousted by Antigonos Gonatas. was soon 51 . they carne under Pontic hegemony In 64 Be. Three tribes. these troops became the Legio XXII Deiotariana. Galatian Chariot under Gnaeus Manlius Vulso. They supported themselves by raiding and by hiring themselves out as mercenaries. Tolistobog. Swordsmen 14 4-6 6-8 Light Foot Foot archers Medium Foot Poor Average Poor Average Poor Average Bow S 3 S 0-8 6-8 Unprotected Protected Sow Light Spear Light Spear Medium Foot [avelinmcn Foot 6-8 4 0-8 6-8 Lighl FOOL Unprcrecred Poor GALATIAN The Galatians were a group of Celtic tribes who invaded Macedonia. During the reign of Mithridares VI of'Pontus. They were posted to Egypt where they were stationed at Alexandria. The tetrarch of the Tolistobogii. chariots and scythed chariots were panicked by the Seleucid elephants. In 189 BC they were defeated by the Romans after raised by the Romans to the status of king. Following this they settled in central Anarolia. the Trocmi. This list covers Galatian armies from their invasion of Greece until Galatia was incorporated as a a. Deiotarus.Roman province. Galatia became a Roman client state under the chieftains (tetrarchs) of the three tribes. He re-organised legionaries his army as Roman style After were ~ raising two full legions. They proceeded to devastate Asia Minor. who wanted their help against his brother. Thereafter their power declined. following the defeat of Mithridates. tbis region subsequently being known as Galatia. and took part in Caesar's victory over Pharnaces at Zela in 47 Be. the survivors suffering heavy losses in the defeat of Domitius by Pharnaces regrouped of Pontus. When Galatia was annexed as a Roman province in 25 BC. They were eventually defeated by the Seleucid king Antiochos I at the "Elephant Victory" in 273 Be in which their cavalry.


Commander-in -Chief Sub-commanders Chariots Cavalry Warriors
[avelinmen 1


2 1 BG 2 BGs
4 BGs


Camp Total

8 BGs

Field Commander 2 xTroop Commander 4 bases of chariots: Superior, Undrilled Li.glll Chariots - Light Spear Each comprising 4 bases of cavalry: Superior, Protected, Undrilled Cavalry - Light Spear, Swordsmen Each comprising 8 bases of warriors: Superior, Protected, Undrilled Heavy Foot - Impact Foot, Swordsmen 8 bases of javelinmen: Average, Unprotected, Undrilled light Foot Javelins, Light Spear Unfortified camp Camp, 12 mounted bases, 40 foot bases, 3 commanders

Choose an army based on the maxima instructions apply to this army: and minima in the list below. The following special

• Commanders or chariots. All warriors grade.

should be depicted as cavalry must be of the same quality

Ternitcr-y Types: Agricultural, Hilly, Mountains Commander 80/50/35 50 35 Capabilities Quality
Training I

Sub-commanders Troop name

Inspired Commander/Field


field Commander Troop Commander Troop Type Type

0-2 03



Corn bat

Points per base

per BG

Total bases

Core Troops Chanots Only before 62 Light Chariots

Armoured Protected Protected Protected Protected

Superior Superior Superior Superior Average Average

Undrilled Undrtlled Undrtlled Undrtllcd Undrilled Drilled


Light Spear Liglll Spear. Swordsmen Light Spear. Swordsmen

15 16 12

4-6 4-6 4-6 8-1)_

0-6 0-6 4-24 4-24

Cavalry Cavalry Only before 62 Only from 227 Only from 61 Heavy Fuul Heavy Foot Heavy Foot


r rnpaci Foot.
Swordsmen Impact Foot. Swordsmen Impact foot. Swordsmen light Spear


18-120 7 8 8-12 4-8 0-+8


leg ionaries

Op tional Troop' Light Foot Unprotected Average UndriLied Javelin,



Fortified camp Special Campaigns


Only from 280 to 279
Creek (oo: Palcruans Medium FOOt or Heavy Foot Light

PrOlecled Unprotected Protected


Drilled Undrilled Uudrilled Undrillcd


Offensive Spearmen Liglu Spear light Spear -

8 4



Average Average Average


Medium FOOl Scythed Chariots


5 15

6-8 2-4

Ouly in 273 Scythed chariots l'apbhgonian, Xappadoktans



Only in 189
Medium FOOl




Light Spear







Allied commander
Troop name

Field Commander/Troop Troop Type Type Cavalry

Commander Capab.Iities

40125 Points base
16 Bases


Tra_in~ng Undr il'ed Undril.ed Undrtlled Undrtl.ec Drilled





per BG

Total bases 0-40-8


Cavalry Protected

Light Spear, Swordsmen Light Spear,

Superior Supertor

12 9

4-6 8-12


Only before 62

Heavy Foot Heavy FOOl Heavy Toot


Impact fOOL, Swordsmen Impact Foot. Swordsmen hn pact Foot.

0-32 8-12 0-18

Only lrorn 227 lmitaiion legionaries Only From 62







This list covers mainland Greek armies from 279 development thrusting substituting deploying as skirmishers. Some thureophoroi wore chain mail body armour were called thorakitai. Thureophoroi of the Iphikratean hoplite. When as secondary as euzonoi, Javelins and

Be until Greece was incorporated
province in 146 BC

as a Roman

fighting in the main battle line, they used a long spear, with a sword they operated spears for their weapon. Sometimes

During this period, some hoplites were replaced by thureophoroi Thureophoroi and some by pikemen. carried a large oval shield

(thureos), probably copied from the Galatians,
and usually wore a helmet but no body armour or greaves. They thus appear to have been a

Commander -ill-Chief Sub-commanders Arm cured cavalry Light cavalry Pikernen Thorakitai Thureophoroi Slingers Camp Total

I 2



1 BG 1 BG 3 BGs 2 BGs 2 BGs 1 BG

10 BGs

Field Commander 2 x Troop Commander 4 bases of armoured cavalry: Superior, Armoured, Drilled CavalryLancers, Swordsmen 4 bases of light cavalry: Average, Unprotected, Unmilled Light Horse javelins, Light Spear Each comprising 8 bases of pikemen: Average, Protected, Drilled Heavy FOOl - Pikemen Each comprising 6 bases of thorakitai: Average, Armoured, Drilled Medium Foot - Offensive Spearmen Each comprising 6 bases of rhureophoroi: Average, Protected, Drilled Medium Foot - Offensive Spearmen 6 bases of slingers: Average, Unprotected, Undrilled Light Foot - Sling Unfortified camp Camp, 8 mounted bases, 54 foot bases, 3 commanders







Choose an army based on the maxima apply to this army: should be depicted as light is of and minima in the list below. The following special instructions

can only be fielded under the command general's contingent Hellenistic must conform


an allied general of that origin. An allied to the Greek allies list below, but the are deducted from
to 222 Be

troops in the contingent Spartans from 227 BC

the minima and maxima in the main list. Commanders


horse if Aitolian , otherwise as cavalry • Minima marked that origin. • Whether Athens or Elis continued to field hoplites is uncertain. The minimum marked

have more than 24 pikemen. Thureophoroi and rhorakitai can be graded as Medium Foot or Heavy Foot, but all of both same. types must be graded the

* apply

only ifC-in-C



only applies if the C-in-C is

Boiotian. • Unless the C-in-C is of the same origin, troops only permitted to a certain origin

Aitolian Javelinrnan

Commander Amompharetos and his men at the battle of Plataea, 479 BC, by Richard Hook. Taken from Elite 66: The Spartan Army.


.1").1y Achalans All Medium Foot or all Heavy FOOl Medium Heavy Foot Armoured Average Drilled Heavy 10 6-8 0-12 Illyrians Only Acliaians Protected Average Undrtlled 7 4-6 0-12 Bolt-shooters Anillery - Average Drilled Artillery - 20 2 0-2 Special Campaigns Only Eleians in 207 Roman allies . Companion Only I: Rise of Rome: Republican Rome (I( Wor. Swordsmen Lancers. Mountains Commander/Troop /Troop Commander Commander Commander Inspired Commanderr'Eield Fiuld 80/50/35 50/3S 40/25 I COll1ll13 .* 16--48 *6-16 *8-32 Heavy FOOl Protected Superior Offensive Spearmen 6-8 Heavy Foot Protected Average Drilled - Oflcnsiv Spearmen Pikemen 8 6-8 Only Boiouans from H5.. 13 12 17 13 7 +-6 4-6 4-6 0-6 Only Acharans Front 208 or Athenians Cavalry Armoured Iavelms Swordsmen Light Spear Offensive Light 0". Achaians in 146 Poor Drilled - Freed slaves Heavy Poor Protected Pikcmcn 4 8-12 0-24 55 . Athenians or Eleians Hoplitcs Only Spartans before 227 Only Spartan 221 Ptkemcn before Foot or all Heavy Fool Heavy Foal Protected Average - spearmen Offensive Spearmen 8 7 8 10 6-8 8-108 Protected Averagt: - 6-8 .lling Capabilnies Shooting Armour Close Combat Points per base per BG Total bases Any Armoured cavalry Cavalry Armoured Average Superior /we_ragc /\\ll!rage Drilled Undrilled Drilled Undrilled or Drilled Drilled Undnllcd Drilled Drilled - Liglll Spear.' Lighr Spear Light Spear 4 5 5 6-8 Lighl Foot Ughl Foot Ughl Foot Average Average 6-8 6-8 6-8 Offensive spearm n Offensive Spearmen 0-8 0-8 6-12 Avera. C-iJ1-C Sub-commanders Greek GREEK - Developed.i.See Field or Glor). Only Bniorians before 270. Achaiens from 208 or Spartans from 7 n Heavy Foot P roiecied Average Drilled - 6 8-12 *16--48 *24-120 0-12 0-12 [avcllnrnen Euzonoi Archers SHngers Only Aitclians Others Lighl FOOl Unprotected Protected Unprotcct Unprotecled d Average Undrilled Drilled Undnllcd Or Drilled Undrilled Javelins Javelins 80v. Light Horse All Medium Unprotected 4-6 Thureophorc. Hilly.HELLENISTIC GREEK HELLENISTIC Terr irory Types: Agricultural..ge Sling 4 Optional Troops Thcrakhai On.nder 0-2 0-3 Bases allied commanders Field Commander/Troop Troop Troop name Type Type Quality Core Troops Tra.MJd Republican Roman .

Taken from Campaign 188: Thermopylae 480 Be.08 or Atheuians Light cavalry light Sp"U Offensive spearmEn ~ 6-8 0-4 Thureophoroi 6-24 Protected Eleians Only Spartans befo re Offensive 6-B 6-B **6-16 Hcplitcs 227 Only Spartans before Heavy Foot Protected 0-6 221 Pikernen Heavy FOOl Protected Average Drilled 6-8 '6-12 Heavy Foot Protected Average Drilled 8-1l '8-16 Iavellnmen Archers Hoplites in battle.IMMORTAL FIRE per BG Ally Only Achaians (IOm 4 base. by Steve Noon. 56 . Armoured cavalry Swordsmen Lancers Swordsmen 0-4 4 2.

The Parthian conquest of the eastern provinces of the Seleucid kingdom. By 175 until the fall of the kingdom to the Yue-chi. declared his territory independent. Bactria was invaded by the Seleucid King Antiochos III. Heavy Foot . the Seleucid governor of Bactria. Unprotected. Swordsmen 4 bases of Bactrian light cavalry: Average. ended in a negotiated peace. 3 commanders Average. Undrilled Light Horse Drilled Foot- Field Commander 2 x Troop Commander Each comprising Undrilled Undrilled Each comprising Cataphracts 2 BGs Light Horse .Bow. Tajikistan. Sogdiana and Margiana. At its greatest extent. to his Indian kingdom were eroded by the nomadic Yue-chi Bactria and retreated following the fall of the Mauryan Empire. Following this. Heavily Armoured. I 30 Be. disarray was in some kingdoms off from direct contact with dle west. GRAECO-BACTRIAN Commander-in-Chief Sub-commanders Iranian lancers Bactrian light cavalry Saka cavalry Phalanx Thureophoroi Mountain Elephants Camp Total 10 EGs lndi an archers 2 2 BGs STARTER ARMY 4 bases of Iranian 1 ancers: Superior. Light Spear . should be depicted as Greek marked and * only applies if any minima in the list below. Protected. India. Swordsmen Each comprising 8 bases of pike men: Average.GRAECO-BACTRIAN GRAECO-BACTRIAN The Graeco-Bactrian Kingdom was founded circa 250 BC when Diodotos. . the kingdom covered modern Uzbekistan. seizing his opportunity while King Antiochos II was otherwise occupied with a war BC the Indo-Greek kingdom had been established. under Mithridates I (J 7 OJ 38 BC) cut the Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek against Ptolemaic Egypt. This list covers the armies Bactrian kingdom of the Graecofrom the revolt of Diodotos of the Bactrian king. Unprotected. the territories and the last Graeco-Bactrian abandoned holdings c. Turkmenistan. Und. Bow. Unprotected. 21 0 BC. 28 foot bases. Afghanistan and parts of Iran and Pakistan.Bow 2 bases of elephants: Unfortified. This war. Protected. Dernetrios.Pikemen 6 bases of rhureophorot: Offensive Spearmen 6 bases of Mountain Light FOOL .DING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima apply [0 Commanders lancers. Heliokles. e. e.rilled.I BG 4 bases of Saka cavalry: Average. however. which son of Euthydemos. Soon after this.Lancers. Undrilled Drilled Medium 2 BGs J BG I BG I BG BUU. The minimum foot are used.180 invaded BC. Average. 22 mounted bases. The following special instructions this army: 57 . camp Camp. in which Antiochos recognised King Euthydemos. the overthrow of the Eythydernid dynasty in Bactria led to the Bactrian and Indian sections of the kingdom splitting apart. Elephants Indian archers: Average.

Swordsmen 17 12 13 4-6 Average Superior Only from 210 18 6-18 Cainph tacts Heavrly Armoured Super-ior Average Ave.See Field of Glory Companion I: Rise of Rome: Republican Rom. The Graeco. C-.Bactrian Kirlg Demetrios invaded India.id dynasty in Bactria was overthrown. which led to the Bactrian and Indian sections of the kingdom splitting apart. the Indo-Greek kingdom had been established. Indian Archer 58 . the Eythydem.ragt::: 'Bow Lancers. covering much of north-west and northern India. Soon after this.at War.ge Bow 5 5 S 6 14 6-8 6-8 4-6 Moumam Indian archers Cretans Average Superior Bow Bow - - 0-6 0-] Fortified camp Allies Salta allies .n-C Sub-commanders Inspired Commander/Field Steppe Commander 80/50/35 50 35 Capabilities Training Points Cornmander/Troop 1 0-2 0-3 Bases per BG Total bases Field Commander Troop Commander Troop Type Type Armour Troop name Quality Shooting Close Combat per base Core Troops Greek lancers Cavalry Armoured Superior Average: Superior Drilled Undrtllcd Drilled Undrilled Drilled Undrilled Drilled Undrillcd Drilled Undrilled Drilled Drilled Drilled Undrllled - Lancers. to Under who ruled King Menander from circa I. 20 1+ 16 Swordsmen 4-6 Bactrian light cavalry Phalanx Thurcophorot Euzonoi Liglit Horse Heavy foot Mod turn Foot or Heavy FOOl Lighl Foot Elephant' Unprotected Protected Average Average Average Light Spear Pikemen Offensive spearmen Light Spear - 9 6 8 5 25 4-6 8-12 6-18 *8-24 Javelins - Protected Protected 6-8 6-8 2 0-8 Average Average Elephants Unprotected 0--4 Optional Troops Saka cavalry Moumatn Indian cavalry Mountain indian spearmen LighlHorse or Cavalry Light Horse Medium Foot Lighl 1'00t Medium Foot Lighl fa t Average Uudrllled UndriUed UndriUcd Undrilled Undrrllcd Drilled Bov v Iavcllns Swordsmen Light Spear Light Spear - 10 7 '1-6 <1-6 0-6 0-6 0-16 0-16 Unprotected Protected Unprotected Unprotected Unprotected Average Average AVITJ. INDO-GREEK Circa 180 Be.IMMORTAL FIRE GRAECO-BACTRIAN Territory Types: Agricultural. the Indo-Greek kingdom was greatly expanded. By 17S BC. 1SS 130 BC.Later Skythian or Saka . which was in some disarray follovving the fall of the Mauryan Empire. Swordsmen 17 13 16 4-6 0-6 I Any dare Iranian lancers Cavalry Armoured Superior Average - Lancers.

Unprotected. in the east and west of the most of the western kingdom c. Drilled Drilled FootHeavy Foot . Swordsmen Each comprising 8 bases of pikemen: Average. 38 foot bases. Drilled Cavalry Un drilled Undrilled Cavalry - Field Commander 2 1 BG Sub-commanders Greek cavalry Indian cavalry 2 x Troop Commander 4 bases of Greek. Protected.ARM:Y Armoured. The last Indo-Greek TROOP NOTES Classification of the Greek cavalry is based on showing Greek cavalrymen coins of Hermaios the eastern Punjab until he was overthrown the Indo-Skythians c. Strata II.INDO-GREEK Thereafter. We assume that they of the Greek were not specialist horse archers. Swordsmen Average. and apply to this army: minima in the list below The following special instructions Commanders cavalry: should be depicted as Greek 59 . Unprotected. Bow*. cavalry: Superior. Medium camp bases. Medium Light Horsecavalry: Average. Bow.l 0 AD. INDO-GREEK Commander-in-Chief STARTER. This list covers the armies armed with bow and sp ar.Bow. until the fall of the last kingdom. Protected. Light Spear. ruled in by kingdoms in India from the invasion of India by Demetrios. Indo-Greek kingdoms. The Yue-chi took.Pikemen 6 bases of ihureophoroi: Offensive Undrilled Unfortified Camp. Greek-ruled there were at least two separate territories. Unprotected. Un drilled Elephants BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS Choose an army based on the maxima. 70 BC. over king. Swordsmen 4 bases of lndian Light Spear 4 bases of Saka cavalry: Average. Spearmen 8 bases of Indian archers: Foot . 1 BG ] BG 2 BGs I BG 2 BGs 2 BGs 1 ]0 BGs Saka cavalry Phalanx Tbureophoroi Indian archers Elephants Camp Total 2 bases of elephants Average. 3 commanders Each comprising Each comprising 16 mounted Average.

C-in-C Stl b-commanders Hilly. Tropical Commander 80/50135 50 3S Capab'Iiries Points per base Bases Inspired Commander/Field Field Troop Commander/Troop Commander Commander 0-2 0-3 Total bases Truop Typc Troop name Type Armour Quality Training Core Troops Shooting Close Combat per BG Greek cJvalry Superior Cavalry Armoured Average Average Poor Drilled Bow" Ltghr Spear. Woodlands.drilled Javelins Ligh\ Spear light Spear 0-6 0-16 Indian FOG[ Average Average UndriUed Undr il.IMMORTAL FIRE INDO-GREEK Territory Types: Agricultw:al. Swordsmen 19 15 6 4-6 0-6 Uuprctecred Indian cavalry Cavalry Unprotected Protected Protected Average: POOr Undrilled Light Spear 4 4-6 4-6 Phalanx Thurcophoroi Euzonoi Heavy Foo-t Medi urn or Heavy FOOL Protected Average Average A\'erage Average Poor Drilled Drilled Drilled UndrHed [avehus Bow Pikemen 6 8 8-12 6-8 6-3 8-16 0-8 Foot Prorectcd Protected Offensive spcllmen 1 i.Classical Indian Saka allies .rm!:!n Mountain Inman archers Indian Light Horse or Cavalry Ligh\ Horse Medium Unprotected Unprotected Protected Unprotected Unprotected Ave_rage Undnl'ec Swordsmen 10 4-6 4-6 6-8 0-6 Average Ur.See Field of Glorv Companion I : Rise 01 Rome: Repeblom Rome nt \o/tlr.ec Undrilled Dr-illed sow Bow Bow Light Foot Medium Foot 6-3 6 24 4-6 0-16 Ave-rage Superior Cretans Fortified camp Light IOOl Unprotected 0-6 0-1 Allies Iridian allies .Later Skythian or Saka . Swordsmen 6 4 6-8 0-16 0-4 Eleplranrs Average 25 Saka cava Iry Mountain cavalry Mountain spL:a. 60 .ght Spear Ught Poor Medium Foot Indian archers Unprotected 6 Swordsmen 4 6-8 8-60 lndian javelurmen Medium Elephants Foot Protected Average Poor Undrtlled Undr llled Optional T:tOQPs Bow Light Spear.

the more each base costs in points. When a choice of quality or training allows battle groups battle group.g. The more effective All troops Commanders. can comprise 9 bases if this is within the battle group size range specified by the list. They also apply to allied • The number of bases in a battle group must correspond army list. The only exception to this rule is that battle groups whose army BATTLE GROUPS are organized supply into battle camps and groups. Battle restrictions: groups must obey the following games and 1000 points for to the range specified in the list specifies them as 2/3 of one type and 1/3 of another. A fortified camp can only in the army list. Field All armies must have a supply camp. to which they must conform unless the main army's list other. We recommend 800 points for 15mm singles tournament (650 points for 25mm) 15mm doubles games. 61 . 1/3 archers. Troops that have restrictions they can be used cannot be used with troops with a. A battle group can only include troops from one line in a list. This is free unless fortified.APPENDIX 1 APPENDIX 1 . this allows battle groups to differ from each other. unless the list specifies a mixed formation by specifying fractions of the battle group to be of types from two lines. all troops in a battle group must be of the same armour class. • Each battle group must initially comprise an even number of bases. troops that can only be used "before 450 BC" cannot be used with troops that can only be used "from 450 BC". The maximum points for an army will usually be set at between 600 and 800 points for a singles game for 2 to 4 hours play. the troops. For example. be used if specified fortifications and portable defences can only be used if specified in the army list. No other troops can be used. All tTOOpSin a battle group must. 4 commanders commanders in total. is given in a list. It does not permit variety within Unless specifically stated otherwise in an army list. field fortifications are not troops and are not assigned to battle groups. be of the same quality and training. this to differ from each a supplied by the army. Portable defences are nor troops. 2/3 spearmen. The army lists specify which troops can be used in a particular army.USING THE LISTS To give balanced games. The number of bases of each type in the on when army must conform to the specified minima and maxima. It does not permit variety within a battle group. All special instructions must be adhered contingents applying co an army list to. armies can be selected using the points system. e. No army can have more than C-in-C.corrfucting restriction. but are assigned to specific battle groups. Most allied contingents have their own allied contingent specifies otherwise. list. Allied contingents can only be used if specified in the army list. When a choice of armour class is given in a list. including and allied commanders. sub- AUarmies must have a C-in-C and at least one other commander.

The list specifies the following items for each historical type Included in the army: • Troop Type . Swordsmen Oflenstve Spearmen Offensive 4-6 6-12 Heavy Ioor Hopliies Heavy 1:001 Archers Slingers javellnrnen Light Foot Light Foot Light Poor Protected Drilled - Protected Poor Undrillcd Drilled Drilled UlldriUcd - Spearmen - 7 5 5 'I 6-8 0-18 Unprotected Unprotected Average Average Average Bow Sling javelins Light Spear 6-8 6-8 6-8 0-12 0-12 6-18 0-12 Unprorectec 4 SPECIAL FEATURES: Xysrophoroi can only be used before 274 Be. slingers and javelinmen. and heavy Thus before 274 BC. • Points cost per base. Javelin-armed and maximum include from 4 heavy cavalry can be used numbers permitted to group must be of the same quality. The list specifies the different points costs. Type. • Hoplites can be Average Drilled. Swordsmen light Spear. All the bases in a battle slingers and javelinmen group must have from of archers least 6 and cannot exceed 18. The total number of hoplite bases in the army cannot exceed 18. bases must be at 6 to 8 bases of and slingers or the total number before or after 274 BC but the minimum change.From 274 BC the army cannot include any bases of xystophoroi but can and must include from 6 to 12 bases of javelin-armed heavy cavalry • Javelin-armed heavy cavalry can either be Superior or Average. Average Undrilled or Poor Undrilled. the army can and must 6 bases ofxystophoroi from 4 to 6 bases of javelin-armed cavalry. Troop name Type Xystcpboro.a battle group cannot include a mixture javelinmen. Armour. However. Capabilities . 62 . Each battle one type . Minimum • Minimum in the army and maximum and maximum number of bases number of bases in each battle group.IMMORTAL FIRE EXAMPLE LIST Here is a section of an actual army list. of archers. Swordsmen Points per base 18 17 1+ 17 14 Bases per BG 4-6 Total bases 4-6 Cavalry Armoured Javelin-armed heavy cavalry 274 BC From Cavalry Armoured Drilled - 4-6 4-6 274 BC Cavalry Armoured Superior Average Average Average Drilled - Light Spear.comprising Shooting and Close Combat capabilities. which will help us to explain the basics and some speciaJ features. Only before 274BC Before Troop Type Armour Capabilities Training Drilled Shooting - Quality Superior Superior Average Close Combat Lancers. All the bases in a battle group must be of the same quality and training. The army is allowed from 0 to 12 bases each of archers.comprising Quality and Training.

36. 53. King of Persia 11 Darius 1. 58 Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212BC) 38 armour 44 hoplltes 4.39.39. 36. 53-56 starter army and points list 53-56 allies 56 helmets 44 of hoplites 4 hoplites and hoplite system 4. Iulius (1 02-44BC) 5J Cambyses II.THEMED TOURNAMENTS A tournament this book. battle of (331BC) 41. 9 starter army 6 starter armies and points lists 6-10 Thebans 9 war with Persia (492--480BC) 13 Classical Indian armies (500BCmid-5th cent. Kings of Seleucidia 57 Aruipater 41 archers 12. King of Galatia 51 Demetrios.9.BCc279BC) 4-10 allies of points lis liD Arheruan [TOOPS 5 cavalry 5 [avelinman 7 Spartans 7. 32. King of Seleucidia 5 I Annochos Il and Anuochos III.61-63 Galatia (280-25BC) 5 I-53 starter army and points list 52-53 allies 53 Gaugamela. These can only use based on the "Immortal Fire" options permitted between S5 0 Be and 146 BC: 1: Rise of Rome: theme can include any of the armies listed in Field of Glory Companion Republican Rome at War.38 standard bearer 26 tournaments 63 .APPENDIX 2 APPENDIX 2 . King Persia 21 Arrhasastra 3 2 Assyrian Empi re 2 1 Athens 41 starter army and points list 25.AD) 32-35 allies of points list 35 archer 32 elephants 33 starter army and points list 33 coinage 19 Cyrus II. the Great. King of Macedon 47. 21 Carthaginian Empire (550-27 5BC) 24-28.57 Egyptian 26th Dynasty (664-525BC and 405-343BC) 21-22 starter army and points list 2)-22 elephants 33.4.43 Graeco-Bactrian Kingdom (2S0-13 aBC) 57-58 starter anny and points list 57-58 Granikos. King of Bactria 57. 23. King of Macedon (356-323BC) 4. 11. King 57 Field of Glory "vargamlng rules system 4. battle of 41 Greek sec Classical Greek: Graeco-Bactrran: Hellenistic Greek: Indo-Greek Gupta Empire 33 Heliokles.43.51 Euthydernos. 4-5. Pyrrhic Illyrian INDEX Achaemenid Persian lee under Persian Empire Agathok1es of Syracuse 24 Aiiolian 7 Akarnanian 7 Alexander ill.53 Artaxerxes III.58 Dicdotos 57 Domitius 51 Egypt 11.[46BC) 44. battle of (326BC) 43 lazygia 49 Immortal Fire therned 63 or Babylonian Empire I I Bactriaus 36 Balearic slinger 25 Bar Kokhba . 36. Simon 51 Caesar.38.41 Successors of see under Macedon Alexandrian Macedonian see under Macedon Amornphareto 54 Antigonas Gouatas. King of Greek-Bacrria 57 Hellenistic Greek (27 9. battle of (338BC) 41 chariots 12 Carthaginian 25 Galaiian 51 Kyrenean Greek 22 Libyan 24 Classical Greek (early 7th cent.27-28 Chaironeia. King of Pe rsia (549-485BC) 1I Darius III. King of Persia 11. It can also include the following armies from our other army list books. the Great. King of Persia (380-330BC) 41 Deiotarus.51 Alltigonas Monophthalmos 47 Antiochos I.56 mercenar ies 21 Iphikrarean 44 Hydaspes.

KJng of Macedon S. Field of Glory 4.11.51 Saka armies see Skythian and Saka armies (S50-S0AD) Salamis. 53 Thracian forces (7th cent.AD) 49-5 I armour 49 cavalry 49 starter army and points list 50-5 I shields 12. 2 Porus. S Lydian 19 Persian 12. King of Indo-Gree e 59 Successors of Alexander the Grear see under Macedon swords and swordsmen Indian 32 Macedonian 44 Thureophoroi starter army and points list 13-16 wars with Classical Greece (492-480BC) 13 Immortals 12 late Acbaemenid (420-329BC) 36-38 archer 36 starter army and points list 36-38 Persian Wars Greek starter army 6 Pharnaces 5 I Philip H. King of Biihynia 51 Kallinikos.44.57.BC-46AD) j 6-19 [avelinman 18 starter army and points list 17-19 Vulso. 58 sec Classical Indian: Indo-Greek Indo-Greek (180-IOAD) 58-60 cavalry 59 starter army and points Jist 58-60 Iphikrates 5 javelins and Airolian Classical Classical euzonoi Persian Tracian [avelinrnen 54 Greece 7 Indian 32 S3 36 16.53 'Iracian 16 Syracuse armies (41 2-21!BC) 3841 allies of 41 starter army and points list 39-4 I Thebes 41 therned tournaments 63 Therrnopylae.43.28-32 archers 36 armoured nobleman 3I armoured warrior 29 King 31 points lists 30.57 Parthians 43. banle of (I 7 I. King of Pers ia 5.61-63 Wars of the Successors 43 Xerxes I. S3 'Iracian 16 Strato II.44 Phokian 7 pike phalanxes 5.BC) J 7 Kardakes 36 Koroneia.IMMORTAL FIRE India 57. battle of (479BC) 11. battle of (480BC) 7. 41.57 Peloponnesian War Spartan starter army 6 Persian Empire cavalry 1 2. bank of (394BC) 9 Kyrenean Greek (c630-74BC) 22-24 starter army and points list 23-24 Libyans 22. 44 Plataea.58 Median Empire I 1 cavalry 17.32 Saka starter army 28 spears and spearmen hoplire doru 4.56 Thessalia 7 cavalry 4-5 Thureophoroi 53.59 51 Zela. Menander I. King of Pont us 51. battle of (490BC) Il Mauryan Empire 33.44. Gnaeus Manlius 51 war-gaming rules system.41-46 Companion cavalry 44 fOOL companions 42 Hypaspisrs 43. 23 Lydian Empire (early 7th cent. 50 Skythian and Saka arm ies (5S0-50AD) 12. battle of (47BC) 64 .54 Poem cavalryman 25 points lists. King of Paurava 43 Psamtik I 2.BC546BC) 11. 18 Nearchos 32 Nicomedes I.1 Ptolemaic Kingdom 22 Punic Wars 38 Rhoxolania 49. 19-20 starter army and point list 19-20 Macedon Alexandrian (355-32 3 BC) 11. 11.44 hoplite aspi 4 Sicily 38 Siraca 49. battle of 1 I sarissa (pike) 44 Sarmatia (mid 4th ceJ1lBC-l st cene. I 1 xyston (lance) 44 Yuechi nomad 57.45 Macedonian phalanx 43-44 Pezhetairoi 45 starter army and points list 44-46 Successors or Alexander (from 323BC) 47-49 phalangires 47 starter aTmy and points list 47-49 rhorakitai 47 thureophoroi 47 xysrophoroi 47 Marathon. King of Indo-Greece 58 Mithridates I.1-{. 36 Thureophoroi 53. use of 6.50 Rome 38. 14 early Achaemenid (550-4 20BC) 4.

ospreypublishing. uniforms and equipment of military units and larger forces.slitherine. For more information on these and other Osprey books visit www.com. console and the table rep. training. Over 1. tactics and combat resources of the opposing forces. development. OTHER FIELD OF GLORY TITLES Field of Glory Rulebook: Wargaming Rules for Ancient and Medieval Tabletop Gaming Field of Glory Companion 1: Rise of Rome: Republican Rome At War Field of Glory Companion 2: Storm of Arrows: Late Medieval Europe At War Field of Glory Companion Scimitars: The Crusades 4: Swords and Field of Glory Companion 5: Legions Triumphant: Imperial Rome At War Field of Glory Companion The Ottomans At War Field of Glory Companion Byzantium At War 6: Eternal Empire: 7: Decline and Fall: ABOUT SLITHERINE PUBLISHING Slitherine Software UK Ltd is the leading developer and publisher of historical strategy games on PC. equipment and experiences in and out of combat. covering recruitment. Campaign (CAM): Great battles of history. construction and operational history of the machinery of war. Warrior (WAR): Daily lives of fighting men through their own eyes. RELATED OSPREY TITLES ON GREECE CAM 007: CAM 108: CAM 188: ELI 007: ELI 042: ELI 066: MAA 148: MAA 360: WAR 027: WAR 103: Alexander 33 +-323 BC Marathon 490 BC Thermopylae 480 BC BC The Ancient Greeks The Persian Army 560-330 The Spartan Army The Army of Alexander the Great The Thracians 700 BC-AD 46 Greek Hoplite 480-323 Macedonian Warrior: elite infantryman BC Alexander's RELATED SLITHERINE TITLES Chariots of War Spartan Gates of Troy THE HISTORY CHANNEL® Pocket History: Pharaohs THE HISTORY CHANNEL® Pocket History: Sparta THE HISTORY CHANNEL® Pocket History: Troy .com. 'with analysis of the command.300 tides in print provide the definitive resource for the military history enthusiast. strategies. Visit www.FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT OSPREY PUBLISHING OSPREY SERIES KEY Battle Orders (BTO): Command and organizational structures of major forces on campaign. For more information on Slitherine games visit www. Men-at-Arms (MAA): Uniforms and equipment of the world throughout history.fieldofglory. Elite (ELI): Combat history.com for release dates and other Fieldof Glory information. Osprey is a leading publisher of illustrated military history. New Vanguard (NVG): Design. weaponry.

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