Campus Climate Committee… What’s that?

Every day students sign up for a club and not knowing the meaning or the purpose of what that club is, they just join. Campus Climate Committee is a club with many different aspects and goals. Each club evokes a different purpose and CCC depicts the significance of equality and uniting the Dominican community. Students come together as whole, from different cultures and mixed backgrounds. International Week came to Dominican University from Feb. 20 to Feb. 24 it was held at the Social Hall from 11a.m. to 7p.m. CCC is coordinating this event to bring unity and peace amongst students. CCC engaged with different organizations and clubs to participate International Week. “[The significance of International Week] To enable international students as well as all ethnic groups and to show the richness of their vast culture to the Dominican community,” Nkuzi Nnam said, advisor of CCC. In the past, 20 years ago, Nnam, philosophy director of African studies, saw the racial discrimination that went on throughout the university. He along with students initiated CCC to try to stop problems of conflict and inequality. He said he also wanted to discuss these issues amongst the students and try to resolve the issues, “the purpose of Campus Climate is service to Dominican and that‟s exactly what we do in International Week,” Nnam said. CCC has been here for more than 20 years and not many students know of it. “When I first came here, I didn‟t even know what CCC was,” an anonymous student said. Even some students here think that it had to do with “Climate” on “Campus” or the climate change in general, environmental issues at campus. “Every time individuals hear our name „Campus Climate Committee‟ they immediately think that it has to do with the weather. When in reality the word climate is supposed to emphasize or represent the meaning of the purpose of the club which is to keep the climate, environment of the school, calm.” Coral Trujillo, CCC co-president said. CCC at that time of its creation wasn‟t a huge hit but it was created for a purpose and it never once failed to bring equality in our school. Due to time the sole purpose of CCC has changed and they are going through a phase where they want to be well known as any other club would. “Right now our main priority is trying to be known by the school and that‟s our main purpose,” Michelle Capote, co-predisdent of CCC, said.

kept busy and had great energy. different organizations such as CAB. Each committee helped to create a spectacular week in which diversity was celebrated and where the Dominican community came together to refelct on „Caritas and Veritas. Decorations and Publicity. They each put their all into this event. SGA.‟ . Each officer has worked hard to keep everything organized. all helped out to bring to represent a variety of cultures to the Dominican students.When the week came along. The officers created three different committees which are the Logistics. International week was one of the main events for CCC each year and it took a lot of people to organize this. Four of the officers were freshman and each took the positiuon of a leader to lead such events.