CONTACT: Leisha Tringali, Telephone: (603) 893-9333 e-mail: loop_hole_justice@yahoo.


“State being sued for six million dollars for identity theft”
On Thursday, March 27,Leisha Tringali, a pro se litigant filed a federal complaint against state agencies within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Ms. Tringali has brought action against multiple state agencies by claim of identity theft in the sum of six million dollars. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the State of New Hampshire where Ms. Tringali resides. The lawsuit alleges that the Department of Revenue – Child Enforcement Agency without the express authorization of Ms. Tringali transferred her personal identifying information to obtain child support payments under a synthetic identity created by the Department of Transitional Assistance. Ms. Tringali explains that she was never notified by the Department of Revenue – Child Enforcement Agency of any court hearings. Ms. Tringali states that “General Laws that empower any state agency to deny the exercise of a fundamental civil right such as due process can’t possibly stand up under constitutional scrutiny” and is why she has decided to file suit. Ms. Tringali states “In cases where judges could legitimately claim judicial immunity, other players who willingly align themselves with the state actors and reach a “meeting of the minds” with them in order to accomplish some ulterior purpose, can be held liable while having no right to claim any kind of immunity whatsoever”.


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