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EXERCISE - COMMON NOUNS Identify the Common Nouns in the following sentences. 1. We arrived early at the station. 2.

There are different species of fish. 3. The man was trying to steal his car. 4. They have gone to the zoo. 5. The baby is crying. 6. My mother is in the kitchen. 7. He threw some nuts to the monkeys. 8. The children are playing in the field. 9. That temple was built before I was born. 10. He has bought a new car. 11. My father likes to swim. 12. She won a trophy in a competition. 13. I like to ride on a camel. 14. Do birds eat meat? 15. He went to visit his uncle. 16. My brother wants to play with us. 17. Let me have a look at your puppy. 18. The taxi broke down. 19. The boys are playing noisily. 20. She is hanging out the clothes to dry.

( 1.2) EXERCISE - PROPER NOUNS Use capital letters for Proper Nouns in the following sentences. 1. paris is the capital of france. 2. william shakespeare is a famous english author. 3. war and peace' was written by leo tolstoy. 4. The universities of oxford and cambridge offer degree courses at the highest level. 5. john's two dogs are named rover and boxer. 6. david will travel to france to do a degree course on the french revolution. 7. suez canal joins the red sea and the mediterranean sea. 8. republic of liberia is on the west coast of africa. 9. mick jagger is the lead singer of rolling stones 10. mount kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in africa.

( 1.3) EXERCISE - ABSTRACT NOUNS Form Abstract Nouns from the following. man know long brother scholar sell strong lose king think wise great

( 1.4) EXERCISE - COLLECTIVE NOUNS Fill in the blank s with suitable collective nouns. 1. A _____ of birds flew high in the sky.

2. They saw a _____ of lions at the zoo. 3. The farmer has a _____ of cattle on his farm. 4. He ate a _____ of grapes today. 5. Our friend shows us a _____ of stamps. 6. We saw a _____ of sheep on our way home. 7. Police have arrested a _____ of thieves. 8. She bought a _____ of bananas from the market. 9. The _____ of pupils are listening attentively to their teacher. 10. You can put the _____ of tools in that box.

( 1.5) EXERCISE - COUNTABLE & UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS Complete each sentence by choosing the correct word. 1. There is so (many, much) smoke coming out of the chimney. 2. There are (plenty of, a large amount of) fish in the pond. 3. (A little, A few) minutes is all it takes for him to shave. 4. The postman put (a great deal of, a lot of) letters into the bag. 5. He threw (a little, some) nuts to the monkeys. 6. She uses only (a few, a little) cooking oil in her cooking. 7. My hens lay (a large amount of, several) eggs very day. 8. (A great deal of, A large number of) dust has collected on the desk. 9. We saw (a large amount of, many) cows grazing in the field. 10. The butcher sells (a large amount of, a large number of) meat.

( 1.6) EXERCISE - GENDER Change the nouns in bold from the feminine to the masculine. 1. My aunt visits her niece every week-end. 2. The lady has several mares on her farm. 3. The daughter is more talkative than her mother. 4. Does any actress like to play the role of the princess? 5. Their queen is a widow. 6. The manageress is still a spinster. 7. In the movie, the tigress was killed by the heroine. 8. His daughter-in-law is a postmistress. 9. The countess has one sister. 10. The authoress is writing a book about the empress.

Change the nouns in bold from the masculine to the feminine. 11. The bridegroom thanked the priest. 12. His brother works as a waiter. 13. The dog barked at the milkman. 14. A cock was killed by a fox. 15. The manservant has worked many years for the duke. 16. Her husband is a conductor. 17. He was a postman before he became a postmaster. 18. The lad wants to be a monk.

19. The sultan owns a stallion. 20. Her father-in-law is a landlord.

( 1.7) EXERCISE - FORMING NOUNS FROM NOUNS Fill in the blanks with abstract nouns from the nouns in brackets. 1. I had a very happy ______ (child). 2. I forgot to renew my _____ (member) in the sailing club. 3. We formed a deep and lasting _____ (friend). 4. He hopes to take over the _____ (leader) of the party. 5. There are lots of nice people in the _____ (neighbour). 6. In the _____ (king) of Thailand, the king commands the respect of every citizen. 7. She seems to be enjoying _____ (mother). 8. He had barely reached _____ (man) when he married.