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29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

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Volume 6, Issue 278
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29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)


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When Bali Powers Down

gasoline and 700 kiloliters of Nyepi Bali's Day of Silence diesel fuel sold on an average day. Dramatically Reduces Fuel The closure of Bali's airport a n d E l e c t r i c a l for Nyepi also curbed the Consumption consumption of aviation fuel by 80

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Its All About Bali 31 Horoscopes 32

The 24-hour closure of Bali for Nyepi that included the cessation of all motor v e h i c l e traffic and air traffic, was a l i t e r a l breath of fresh air for the island and a genuine carbon-saving step in terms of fuel consumption. reports that 3,000 kiloliters of subsidized fuel was conserved during the Nyepi period, comprised of the average 2,300 kiloliters of premium

kiloliters. Estimates from the State Power Board (PLN) state that power consumption in Bali declined by as much as 50% during Bali's day of absolute silence.

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Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner
coming 24-hour period of absolute quite. According to the State News Agency Antara, as midnight approached, entertainment spots surrounding the Ground Zero monument on Jalan Legian and the rest of Kuta fell empty; absent of the holiday revelry that is their wont. Antara also reports that some tourists who arrived on Thursday evening flights at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport were compelled to heave their luggage down streets, closed to vehicular traffic for ogoh-ogoh parades, in order to arrive at their hotels. A guard at the Grand Istana Rama Kuta Hotel on the popular Kuta beachside boulevard said that starting from 10:00 pm on Thursday evening many of the hotel guests had already retreated to their rooms, much unlike a typical night when guests stay out until the early morning hours.
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Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Nyepi Lives Up to it Name

The Start To The BaliHindu New Year Caka 1934 Passes Without Major Incident Under Intense Security Umbrella
B a l i ' s celebration of New Ye a r a n d N y e p i passed without major incident, despite fear of terrorist reprisals following the shooting of five-suspected terrorist on Sunday, March 18, 2012. Across the island, traditional ogoh-ogoh parades were conducted by young Balinese men in traditional dress parading large floats, made from styrofoam and papier-mch, through the island's streets. Frenzied in its pacing, these arakfueled displays end as the mammoth statues are abandoned and set afire on the road sides as dizzied participants retire to their homes to start the day of absolute silence. One of the largest displays of ogoh-ogoh was centered around the Catur Murka Monument in central Denpasar. Some 20 youth groups (sekka teruna) from four separate districts were invited to haul their ogoh-ogoh to the citycenter to join in a massive parade that commenced at 4:00 p.m.

Drinking shock tactics

A new television campaign will warn drinkers that alcohol is in the same cancercausing league as asbestos and smoking.
WA experts are targeting young and middle-aged drinkers with the message that having more than two standard drinks at a time increases their risk of cancer. Advertisements featuring Cancer Council Australia chief executive Ian Olver will warn that alcohol is a grade-one carcinogen. Latest estimates link alcohol consumption to more than 5000 new cases of cancer a year in Australia, including breast, liver, bowel and throat cancers. Cancer Council WA hopes the State Government campaign, run in conjunction with the Drug and Alcohol Office and the Injury Control Council of WA, will make people reassess their drinking. Professor Olver said the aim was not to alarm people but tell them the risks so they could make their own choice. He said the link between alcohol and cancer had been known in medical circles for many years but that message circumstances and how was still relatively new to the much they enjoyed drinking. "The public. message to take from this "We are compelled to tell campaign is to limit drinking to two standard drinks on any day," he said. Mental Health Minister Helen Morton said alcohol needed to be treated with as much caution as any other drug. About 125 West Australians died each year from cancer directly caused by alcohol. "We know the devastating effects of tobacco and asbestos exposure and it's time to start thinking about alcohol in the same way," she people what the evidence says, said. that risks from alcohol start from Katie Stringer, a 28-yearzero consumption upwards, no old wellness co-ordinator from matter what you drink and how East Fremantle, said she didn't much," he said. know if these types of warnings "This is not just about liver, oesophageal and head and neck would change people's behaviour. "Because there are so cancers which are important but many links to cancer it starts to not relatively common. "It's also about more lose its impact . . . but at the end of common ones like breast and the day it's also your genetics that will predispose you to cancer so of bowel cancer." course we can do lots of things to Professor Olver said the advice was particularly important try to prevent it but we also need to for people who had other risk live some sort of a life at the same factors for cancer, such as a time," she said. Her partner, Matt Thorp, a family history. 27-year-old carpenter, said he Other people would weigh "didn't believe" a few drinks could

Traffic leading into the areas surrounding the Denpasar Museum and Governor's official residence was diverted to make way for the ogoh-ogoh parade. Kuta Falls Quiet Meanwhile, in nearby Kuta renowned for its lively nightlife and entertainment outlets, streets fell strangely silent shortly after midnight as nightspots closed to allow staff time to return to their homes before the dawn curfew and the

Borat anthem played by mistake at medals ceremony

internet by mistake and praises Kazakhstan for its had also got the Serbian national superior potassium exports and anthem wrong. for having the cleanest prostitutes Footage of Thursday's in the region. original ceremony shows gold medalist Maria Dmitrienko listening solemnly to the anthem before smiling. The ceremony was later rerun. The spoof anthem, from The team's coach told the movie featuring British Kazakh media the organizers of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen the Kuwait tournament had "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit downloaded the parody from the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan",


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Kazakhstan's shooting team demanded an apology after a spoof national anthem from the comedy film Borat was played instead of the real one at a medal ceremony in Kuwait.

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Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

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Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner
from four years old to Senzaburo Kunimatsu, 83, who said he took part mainly for fun. "I'm just doing it to help prevent getting old, I don't really worry about setting a record," he said. The winner, for the fourth year running, was teenager Sota Takamori, who came in at 1.93 seconds for the simplest version of the pyramid. He qualified to take part in the World Stacking Championships to be held in Germany in April.


day again fans and welcome to the weekly for another run. It seemed we all got through the day of silence completely un scathed and intact, and it was evident that the federal government of Australia posted a travellers warning for the Nyepi eve to ensure we all stayed safe and enjoyed our time here locked away in our hotels. A few hotels put on huge spread for the day of silence and kept their guests well entertained and fed. With regards to the don't touch the channel on the indo vision receiver and you'll get to watch the channel over the entire day without it stopping, sorry folks the powers that be must have worked it out and completely stopped the transmissions into Bali in respect for the Hindu religion. Happy new year to all my Balinese friends. I did hear a rumour this week that a new radio station was starting on the island which is great for the place as we are really only stuck with a few. I'm not sure where they are sending the signal from but I am led to believe that we will all be keenly listening to it. They plan on playing a few of the old favourites like brown girl in the ring by Boney M and am making the stations mascot song an old classic from Van Morrison called Brown Eyed Girl. The station is called L.B.F.M and is apparently going to be really expensive to listen to as well. So folks the word on the street is that L.B.F.M is expensive, but so desirable that we will all be into it. I think I'll stick with my IPod and CDs for a bit longer yet. I can't even start to image the advertising logo that the new station will do. I will say this week that G.W.S did really well last weekend and it was a credit to Sheedy for getting the lads ready for that level so quickly. I'm so glad that FINALLY this weekend is a full weekend of footy. The beers seem to go down well with a good game and the atmosphere seems to change for an almost excited one. The rest of the year is a little boring without it. Most travellers that come here are always keen to watch a game while enjoying their holidays and that also helps to make the game that little bit more interesting. Let's see how the Pies go this year. Ok folks that's my lot for the week, I hope the most of you stay safe, happy, healthy and always remember, since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until you hear them speak. Enjoy your week, ALIASJ.

Ready, steady...stack at Japan competition

More than 100 people gathered to vie for the title of Japan's fastest hands, competing to stack a set of plastic cups into a pyramid in the shortest time possible.
The 2012 Sport Stacking competition allowed competitors to show off their skills in a "sport" that organizers say teaches eye-hand coordination, improves reaction time and uses as much energy as archery, bowling or volleyball. Using the 12 specially designed plastic cups, contestants took part in either individual, team relays or with a partner, with each person allowed to use only one hand. The room filled with clattering as hands moved so rapidly to stack the cups that most almost seemed like film run at fastforward speed. Participants struggled to explain the allure. "Once I actually tried it, it's really quite interesting and now I'm kind of hooked," said Shuuji Hirasaki, 53, who took part in a parent-child team with son Ryouya, 10. The contestants ranged

170,000 bra chain a world record for NZ

project was part of Girl Guides New Zealand and the Breast Cancer Foundation's efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer. It took two years to collect the bras, which were donated from across the country, Australia, Britain and the US. About 100 Girl Guides took two days to connect the bras The last brassiere was hooked to its neighbour to create the chain of 169,324 supporting undergarments. T h e chain, laid out in a zig-zag pattern at the t o w n ' s Memorial Park, was about 135 kilometres long and breaks the previous world record of 166,625 bras set in Australia three years ago. The

Girl Guides in the New Zealand town of Dargaville have put "Bra-gaville" on the map with an uplifting, record-breaking effort, stringing nearly 170,000 bras together.

Happy Birthday 69 Th
From: Management & Staff at Kuta Town House Management & Staff of Kuta Weekly

Daddy Kenneth

Wishing You All The Best


by their hooks and eyes. Chain instigator Robyn Martinovich said she was happy but relieved the project was over. She had seen enough bras to last her a lifetime, and so had her husband, She had no idea where the suggestion of calling Dargaville "Bra-gaville" came from, but thought it was hilarious. t h e y have already s t a r t e d dismantling the chain. The best bras will be donated to women in the Pacific Islands and Africa. L o c a l politicians will verify the record, the details of which will be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records.


Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

China bans "sex" and "God" claims by health

"vulgar or linked with superstition, such as: sex, God, immortal," from the names of health products, according to the report. The report did not say when the ban will take effect. The terms "powerful", "magical results", "miraculous" and "extraordinary" will also be proscribed, it said. For years, China has been plagued by a series of China's State Food cases involving quality concerns and Drug Administration will over food and drugs that have alarmed many of its citizens. outlaw words it classed as

China will ban health supplement makers from naming their products after sex, God or eternal life, state media said, in an attempt to stop an unregulated industry from using vulgarity and superstition to sell pills.

The government has tried to restore confidence in the country's goods by pledging repeated crackdowns on the loosely regulated food and drug industry, in response to rising consumer complaints about bogus medical guarantees and inadequate drug supervision. Zheng Xiaoyu, former head of the State Food and Drug Administration, was executed in July 2007 for taking bribes and dereliction of duty after a series of drug safety scandals on his watch.


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29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

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Pink-haired student invited back to school

A U.S. school that barred a sixth grader after she dyed her hair pink with her parents' blessing to celebrate her good grades lifted its ban following an outcry from civil rights advocates.
A f t e r missing three days of classes, pink-haired Brianna Moore headed back to Shue-Medill Middle School in N e w a r k , Delaware, after administrators reversed their decision after a call from the Delaware branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). "We're on our way right now," said Kevin Moore as he drove his 12-year-old daughter to school. At his daughter's request last week, he helped dye her hair a shade called crimson storm, which has a pink hue, as a reward for improving her grades. But when she showed up for school the next day, she was sent home and told not to return until her hair met school policy mandating a "natural color, brown, blond, black, natural red/auburn." The ACLU soon got in touch with attorneys for the school district and asked, "Don't you think this is unconstitutional?" said Kathleen MacRae, ACLU executive director in Delaware. Moore was invited back to school with assurances she would not be punished, said Wendy Lapham, school district spokeswoman. "The hair is not



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Broncos V Dragons Storm V Knights

Titans V Bulldogs W. Tigers V Rabbitohs

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Panthers V Sharks P. Eels V Sea Eagles

2.30 PM 4.30 PM

Monday, 2 April 2012

Raiders V Cowboys

4.30 PM

Saturday & Sunday, 31 March & 1 April 2012


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Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

President Obama Slept Here!

U.S. President's Extended Visit to Ubud, Bali Commemorated with a Plaque
"Dreams from My Father" the autobiographical memoir of U.S. President Barack Obama was published in 1995, but written by Obama during an extended Bali holiday in 1993 spent in Ubud. With many citing the books as providing the catalyst for the meteoritic political career that saw Obama rise from community organizer to U.S. Senator to his eventual election to the Whitehouse in 2008. To commemorate both the author and the book he wrote, a plaque was dedicated during the 2011 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival at a simple cere m o n y attended by th e ( th e n ) Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik, the governor of Bali Made M a n g k u Pastika and the raja of Ubud Gde Tjokra Putra Sukawati . Jakarta businessman Ron Mullers and Metro TV broadcaster Dalton Tanonaka helped finance the plaque. The plaque has recently found a permanent place of pride at the entrance to the Kopi Bali Restaurant where many tourists are stopping to pose for a photo, y.

recording a proud past moment in Ubud's history.


Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner
man from the province of Styria then threw the foot into an oven, hobbled to his garage and called an ambulance. An emergency operation was unable to reattach the foot.

Kuta Weekly
Continued from page 2 Entertainment venues on Jalan Legian and on roads leading to Kuta beach saw the sound of loud music emanating replaced with the crash of breaking waves. The profound silence only punctuated by the intermittent landing and taking off of aircraft from Bali's airport that continued until 4:00 am. The silence on what are often the busiest and noisiest part of Bali, became even more eerily pronounced as street lights, commercial signs and stoplights were turned off one-by-one, remaining without illumination until dawn on Saturday. The silence on what are often the busiest and noisiest part of Bali, became even more eerily pronounced as street lights, commercial signs and stoplights were turned off one-by-one, remaining without illumination until dawn on Saturday. A Bomb Hoax A separate report from Antara reports rumors of a bomb causing the dispersion of an ogoh-ogoh parade in Kedonganan, Jimbaran just south of Bali's airport. The bomb threat, eventually branded a hoax, was sourced to a 45-year-old man, I Wayan Suarda,also known as "Pak Polar," who lives in Banjar Menega, Jimbaran. Suarda was reportedly intoxicated when he created the mischievous rumor of a bomb to be targeted against his neighbors. Police have taken Polar into custody for further questioning and to face the possible legal consequences of his fraudulent report. The District Chief (Camat) of South Kuta, Made Puja, confirmed the news of a bomb was a hoax, saying: There is no bomb in this area, only the rumor of one. We regret how easy it has

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner
leave their home to walk to Friday prayers. Reflecting the lingering tension following the police shooting of the five men, an Ogoh-Ogoh Festival set to be held in Sanur's Banjar Semawang on Nyepi Eve was cancelled. Gusti Gede Suparta, the chairman of the organizing committee for the Ogoh-Ogoh Festival told Antara It should have taken place tonight (Thursday). But because there was no guarantee of security from the police, the Festival OgohOgoh was canceled. Substantial funds had already been expended in preparation for the canceled festival, including the printing of one thousand tickets. Hundred of foreign tourists staying at starred hotels in Sanur had already purchased tickets costing between Rp. 90,000 Rp. 125,000 (US$10 US$14). Suparta, who is also the head of the Semawang Banjar in the traditional village of Intaran, continued, The Hotel Sanur Bali Beach and the Hyatt, had each ordered 200 tickets. But, because the event was canceled, the purchase price of the tickets will be returned to the guests via their hotels. The festival was originally scheduled to take place in front of the Semawang Banjar Hall, at an intersection only 800 from Bungalow 88, the location where police shot three men four nights before. Despite the festival's cancellation, hotel guests in Sanur were still able to enjoy the pre-Nyepi merrymaking, with no less than 33 ogoh-ogoh paraded through the streets of Sanur and, in some cases, the parking lots of area hotels.

Austrian saws off own foot to avoid work - report

labour office to check on his health, the 56-year-old man held his left leg against an electric saw in his home workshop and severed his foot just above the ankle. Hours before an Bleeding profusely, the appointment on Monday for the

An unemployed Austrian man sawed his foot off, apparently to avoid being found fit to go back to work.

Great Great grandmother breaks paragliding record

A g r e a t - g r e a t grandmother in America was declared the oldest woman to paraglide tandem after taking to the air to celebrate her 101st birthday.
In confirming the feat, Guinness World Records said Mary Allen Hardison's historic flight near Salt Lake City was "pushing record breaking to new heights." Hardison, of Ogden, Utah, said she decided to go paragliding after her 75year-old son Allen took up the sport. "Just because you are old doesn't mean you have to sit on your duff all day," Hardison said. Hardison's flight was cheered on by her greatgrandchildren, who have witnessed other such birthday adventures: On her 90th birthday, Hardison rode all the adult rides at Disneyland, and for her next she plans test out a She invited other centenarians to break her new record. "I heard of one fellow that hadn't walked for quite a while and he decided when he heard about me he would walk again. So he got up and started walking again," she said. "He said if she can do that, I can do this. If I can inspire some of the older people to get up and do something it's well worth it."

Melbourne man breaks pancake stack world record

did pretty well. Mr Wrobel says this A Melbourne pancake "We thought we'd give it maker has broken the was his second world record another go and this year we attempt. world record for the actually did it. highest " W e stack of had a lot of practices, pancakes. Andy W r o b e l assembled an unsupported stack of 60 pancakes at Melbourne C e n t r a l , standing 76 centimetres high. H e "We tried last year and defeated the previous record of we got to 61 centimetres and 74 centimetres. 34 spent about 50 h o u r s , probably used a n o t h e r quarter of a t o n n e o f buckwheat mix, and we finally got to the point where we needed to go." he said.

become for someone to create gossip. Fireworks and Firecracker Antara also reports, that despite a police order outlawing the use of fireworks and firecrackers the sound of fireworks were heard over wide areas on the eve before Nyepi. As public lighting was extinguished at midnight, many neighborhood groups ignored police rules and exploded firecrackers. Impact of Terror Raid on Nyepi Antara also reports that Nyepi celebrations in the Sanur section of Bali were partially curtailed as a result of the raids four days earlier that left five suspected terrorists dead. The Densus 88 elitepolice raid on a brothel in Sanur occurred in area bordering Banjang Blanjon and Banjang Semawang. While Bali police officials are trying to now depict the men killed in the raids as common criminals rather than terrorists, the involvement of the national anti-terror squad and numerous press reports listing Bali businesses as the terrorists' targets has created an impression that Bali has just narrowly escaped another terror attack. Clearly, security forces were on a state of high alert during Nyepi celebrations that fell this year on a Friday, the day on which Bali's Moslems attend a mosque to pray. Traditional neighbourhood security forces (Pacalang) were especially vigilant in strictly maintaining public order and enforcing the rules of absolute silence came into effect for 24-hours at dawn on March 23, 2012. Moslem members of the community, however, were allowed to briefly

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner


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'Rapunzel' locks sold for hair extensions

A Brazilian girl who once promised never to cut her hair has changed her mind and will cut it all off and offer it as extensions in the hope of making about $5000.
Natasha Moraes de Andrade, 12, lives in a poor shanty town in Rio De Janeiro and has hair that is 157cm long, nearly as long as she is tall. She spends four hours a week cleaning it and has to hold it up when she walks. Her hair has become so famous locals refer to her as Rapunzel. But the work and cost to keep Natasha's hair has become too much for the family. "I love my long hair and I'll be sad when it's gone," "But it's a pain looking after it. I can't do a lot of things, like P.E. lessons at school." S h e hopes to sell her hair for around $5000 and use the money to refurbish her bedroom.

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Kuta Weekly
Aries Mar 21 to April 20

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner
.Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23
With Uranus in your relationship zone, take a chance on love. As birthday great Erica Jong wrote Love really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. Attached Librans it's the perfect time to pamper your partner with lashings of love. Singles with Jupiter and Venus visiting your intimacy zone, lust and travel are lusciously linked!

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner
seen by the villagers as an insult to the entire village. The irate villagers then decided to close the villa's entrance. Village leaders demanded that Claude follow the tradition of the village that stipulates anyone breaking the silence of Nyepi must pay the cost of a pacaruan c e r e m o n y. P a c a r u a n ceremonies are held in Bali to pay homage to Tri Hita Karana a central theme of Bali-Hinduism that maintains balance between God, man and nature. The manager of the villa eventually came to the local community center (banjar) where he pledged local customs would be honored and the Rp. 5 million (US$555) cost of the pacaruan c e r e m o n y p a i d . Vi l l a g e r s , however, refused to open the barricades blocking access to the house before the cost of the ceremony was actually paid in advance and a formal statement of apology issued.

HOROSCOPE PREDICTION 29 Mar - 4 April 2012

Rushing Rams you're keen to move ahead in leaps and bounds but is something [or someone] holding you back? With Mars in retrograde motion [until April 14] slow your motor, cool your heels and practice plenty of patience. Home sweet home is the place to be on the weekend, as you leave work problems outside the door and enjoy some well-earned rest.

Silence is Golden
Expatriate American in North Bali Pays the Price of Violating Nyepi the Day of Silence
A report in The Bali Post outlines the risks foreign residents in Bali run when they choose to ignore local customs and traditions. A villa in the village of Kaliaget, Seririt in Buleleng regency has been sealed and blockaded by angry villagers after its 62-year-old American owner chose to ignore the rules of absolute silence and leave the confines of his property of Nyepi, March 23, 2012. Members of Banjar Alas Arum blockaded the man's villa at 10:00 am on Saturday, March 24 the day after Nyepi, using wood and bamboo to bar access road to the property. The villagers closed the road when the villa's owner and the villa manager where inside the property, effectively blocking their ability to leave the property. The

Taurus April 21 to May 21 With Jupiter jumping through your sign, an adventurous approach will transform your world and bring more purpose and passion into your life. And with Venus visiting Taurus [until April 4] your appreciation of the arts is intensified. So it's a fabulous time to soak up some culture and creativity at a movie, concert, play, book reading, art exhibition or music festival. Gemini May 22 to Jun 21 Gemini gadflies love to multitask at great speed, but retrograde Mercury is asking you to put on the brakes. The main quality you need to cultivate this week is patience. You're keen to escape from present difficulties but the motto for the moment is Good things come to those who wait especially involving professional projects and workplace relations. Cancer Jun 22 to Jul 23 If you say what's on your mind you could end up offending others [especially work colleagues or loved ones]. Be a careful Crab sometimes honesty is definitely not the best policy! The Moon's in your sign on the weekend, which heightens your sensitivity and moods. If you make mountains out of molehills, then it's going to be an emotionally exhausting two days. Leo Jul 24 toAug 23 I've got two words to describe this week Lions it's complicated! Jupiter encourages you to lead others in a confident and inspiring way. But Friday's Sun/Pluto square boosts your bossy side, as you switch from determined and dynamic to dogmatic and domineering. If you want to avoid dramas, stop trying to control others. Cool compromise is the key. Virgo Aug 24 to Sept 23 Have you lost your Virgo vim and vigor? Do you feel hamstrung? Keen to move ahead but obstacles appear at every turn? With Mercury [your ruling planet] retro plus Mars reversing through your sign, it's time to be patient as you tie up loose ends and complete unfinished business. Place new projects on the backburner, plus listen closely to what loved ones have to say.

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22 Avoid using guilt or manipulation to get what you want especially on Friday. Gentle persuasion is the preferred way to go. Attached Scorps it's time to get talking [really talking] with your spouse. Singles look beyond the exterior package that a potential partner presents. If you can't communicate with them [openly and honestly] then it's not going to last. Sagittarius Nov 23 toDec 21 Speedy Sagittarians are raring to go but you need to balance energetic enthusiasm with plenty of patience. When it comes to professional relationships, concise communication and calm cooperation will get you a lot further than hot-headed hubris. With the Sun and Uranus in your sport/hobby zone pull on your running shoes, hit the gym, or turn up the music and start dancing. Capricorn Dec 22 toJan 20 With the Moon, Venus and Jupiter moving through your romance zone, it's all about love this week how to find it and how to nurture it. You won't hold onto your partner by being a bossy-boots though! So slip out of control-freak mode and keep a cool head on your sensible shoulders. The weekend is wonderful for releasing the creative Capricorn within. Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19 Watch your urge to splurge doesn't get out of control, as retro Mars, retro Mercury and Neptune all move through your money zones. And avoid making dodgy business decisions that get you deeper into debt. What looks like a divine deal now could end up being a financial fiasco further down the track! If you must be a rebel on Friday, be one with a worthy cause. Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20 With Mercury reversing through your sign, choose your words wisely otherwise there'll be mix-ups and mayhem. Nurture your overtaxed nerves with supportive friends and a peaceful environment [preferably somewhere near water]. The Cancerian Moon heightens your intuitive side this weekend so activities like meditation, writing, art and music are favored.

irate villagers were demanding an apology and a sizeable compensation be paid by the villa owner who violated the peace of Nyepi by leaving the villa to purchase milk. At 2:30 pm on Nyepi day the villa owner, identified only as Claude, drove his car onto the empty street of the village in a direction towards Lovina. Members of the banjar and the local neighborhood watch (pacalang) came to the American's house on Friday afternoon where, according to the village chief, Claude refused to politely receive them. This was .

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13th, 14th, and 15th April 2012


Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner
they manage waste properly? Wijaya, who is also a hotel owner in Bali, claims many of his colleagues in the hotel industry have no concept of waste management. He cited how many build hotels, maximizing the use of their land without any land set aside for the handling and management of waste. He said the fact that landowners make no allowance on their land for the final disposal of waste underlines the need for more waste management planning and recycling.

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Waste Not, Want Not

Bali Hotels and Restaurants Called Upon to Do a Better Job i n W a s t e Management
The Bali C h a p t e r o f Association of Indonesian Tourism ( G I P I ) t h e organization of tourism stakeholder f o r m a l l y acknowledged to represent the island's tourism, is urging hotels and restaurants in Bali to adopt a thorough and efficient standard for waste management. The chairman of GIPI-Bali, Ngurah Wijaya, told that hotels and restaurants produce large quantities of waste.


Clash of realities. In Ubud, the old Balinese traditions are woven and grow in parallel to modern touristic developments. Here you can stay in luxurious hotels, pamper yourself in spas, dine in comfortable restaurants and still get a taste of a vibrant, colorful culture with rituals that haven't changed for hundreds of years.
In the center of Bali, away from the busy tourist cities of the south is Ubud. The area attracts tourists for whom Bali evokes arts and ceremonies rather than sunbathing and surfing, those who want to discover an "Authentically Balinese" village still preserved from the "tourist invasion" and which, according to the guidebooks, has kept its charm of the old Bali days. Situated 25 kilometers northeast of Denpasar, Ubud is nestled in the green folds of countryside carpeted with terraced rice fields and carved by deep river gorges. Despite the increase in tourism Ubud conforms the image of being an example of the place where tourism development is harmoniously integrated into the village life. and market of this tiny city. To add to this vigor there are sounds of music coming from temples and ceremonies happening daily on different occasions, the resonance of traffic, drivers calling for transport and vendors wanting a sale.

Cure for soul

Old Balinese say that there is magic here, and spirits guide, as Ubud means "Medicine" and is ought to be a cure for the soul, a cure for the mind and a cure for the heart.

People come here to gain inspiration, do yoga, meditate, walk, learn about jewelry making, Balinese culture, dance, painting, music, languages, permaculture, some are travelers that came for a week, but somehow lose track of time and never leave.

At the same time, however, he claims these same industries fail to handle the waste they produce in accordance with the law. Proof of this fact, he claims, is reflected in the low rates charged by hotels and restaurants. Wijaya asked, With rates as low as Rp.

Bullish on Garuda
Garuda Indonesia CEO Optimistic Airline Will Continue to Grow Even in Difficult Times for Global Aviation
G a r u d a Indonesia is targeting a 20% increase in income in 2012 over 2011, hoping to achieve sales of Rp. 32.6 trillion (US$3.55 billion). The increase in income will be bolstered by an expanded fleet of aircraft despite projections from the I n t e r n a t i o n a l A i r Tr a n s p o r t Association (IATA) predicting a decline in worldwide income for airlines due to the ongoing economic crisis in Europe. Garuda's CEO, Emirsyah Satar, told, I am economy and the tendency for airline growth to outpace by a factor of 1.5 to 2 the growth rate of the host n a t i o n s l e c o n o m y. Emirsyah also points to the global economic crisis of 2008, when domestic and i n t e r n a t i o n a l passengers for Indonesia continued to expand. Emirsyah is bullish on Garuda's competitive edge over its foreign competitors. Garuda's income grew 39% in 2011 and profits by 60%. Meanwhile, during the same period foreign airlines only managed to increase their incomes by 2% while profits declined 59%.

Artistic heritage
There are very few cities in the world that can be as proud of their artistic heritage as Ubud. There is not a street without an art studio, not a village without a painter, not a family that doesn't work in handicraft or jewelry business producing worldrenown pieces. There are handicraft makers, furniture sellers and fabricants with the most colorful intricate designs of fabrics that hang from every stand, encompassing and decorating every shop

optimistic that income will still grow above 20% when compared to last year which totaled Rp. 27.16 trillion, even though IATA is reducing growth in passenger income due to the crisis in Europe. The Garuda boss defended his airline's ambitious growth targets by pointing to the high growth rate of the Indonesian


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29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner

JOKE CORNERby Proudly Sponsored

Western Trained 20 Years+ Experience
Joke of the year.
A man in Scotland calls his son in London the day before Christmas Eve and says, I hate to ruin your day but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing; forty-five years of misery is enough. 'Dad, what are you talking about?' the son screams. We can't stand the sight of each other any longer the father says. We're sick of each other and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Leeds and tell her. Franticly, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone. Like hell they're getting divorced! She shouts, I'll take care of this! She calls Scotland immediately, and screams at her father You are NOT getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then, don't do a thing, DO YOU HEAR ME? and hangs up. The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. 'Sorted! They're coming for Christmas - and they're paying their own way. A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K. After being married for thirty years, a wife asked her husband to describe her. He looked at her for a while ... then said, "You're A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K." She asks ... "What does that mean?" He said, "Adorable, Beautiful, Cute, Delightful, Elegant, Foxy, Gorgeous, Hot. She smiled happily and said ... "Oh, that's so lovely ... What about I, J, K?" He said, "I'm Just Kidding!" The swelling in his eye is going down and the doctor is fairly optimistic about saving his testicles.


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Alonso wins Malaysian GP nail-biter

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso claimed his first victory in eight months in thrilling style at the rain-interrupted Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday.
Alonso survived a lengthy rain suspension, a rash of spins and mishaps and a strong challenge from Sauber's Sergio Perez to finish ahead of the M e x i c a n d r i v e r, w i t h McLaren's Lewis Hamilton third. Red Bull's Australian driver Mark Webber finished in fourth position, while countryman Daniel Ricciardo finished in 12th. Spain's Alonso, a two-time world champion, was no one's pre-race favourite in the clunky F2012, but he emerged from the chaos caused by torrential rains at the head of the pack and doggedly clung on for victory. Perez pushed hard for his first win and looked set to steal victory from Alonso until he overshot a turn on lap 50. However, he still managed his maiden trip to the podium. Former world champion Kimi Raikkonen fifth for Lotus. German great Michael Schumacher, who started third on the grid, span early in the race but finished 10th. But there were no points for McLaren's Jenson Button, who won last week's season-opener, after he collided with India's Narain Karthikeyan and dropped to the back of the pack, finally coming in 14th. Red Bull's reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel also endured a torrid day, including a spectacular rear tyre blow-out, as he finished 11th. "A big surprise today the win," Alonso said. "Our goal was to score as many points as possible. An unbelievable result, a great job from the team." After days of mostly dry weather, black clouds rolled over Sepang and the rain fell, right on cue, as the Malaysian anthem was played. Pole-sitter Hamilton, who was passed by Button at the front of the safety car came out on lap seven. And as the rain came down in buckets, the race was suspended shortly afterwards, evoking memories of Button's storm-shortened victory in 2009. But less than an hour later they were back out and once the safety car withdrew for lap 14, it was the signal for some frenzied action as drivers dived into the pits for intermediate tyres on the drying track. Button smashed up his front wing in the collision with HRT's Karthikeyan and needed his third pit stop, pushing him way down to 21st. On lap 18 Alonso led followed by Perez, Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel and Raikkonen. Ve t t e l a n d Raikkonen both nipped past Rosberg on laps 23 and 24 to leave the German world champion behind Hamilton in third spot. Alonso was driving his unloved Ferrari to the limit, but his big lead was whittled down to just a couple of seconds by Perez before both joined the rush to pit for slick tyres around lap 40. When they resumed Alonso was seven seconds in front but Perez was soon back on the Spaniard's tail, setting up a gripping dogfight in the closing laps - distracted only by a nasty puncture for Vettel, who slipped back. But when Perez went off-course with six laps to go, Alonso was able to claim his first win since the British Grand Prix last July - and conclude a remarkable weekend for the Ferrari camp.

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Same Sex marriage
Michael and Gary got married in California . They couldn't afford a honeymoon so they go back to Michael's Mom and Dad's house in Corner Brook for their first married night together. In the morning, Johnny, Michael's little brother, gets up and has his breakfast. As he is going out of the door to go to school, he asks his mom if Michael and Gary are up yet. She replies, 'No'. Johnny asks, 'Do you know what I think?' His mom replies, 'I don't want to hear what you think! Just go to school.' Johnny comes home for lunch and asks his mom, 'Are Michael and Gary up yet?' She replies, 'No.' Johnny says, 'Do you know what I think?' His mom replies, 'Never mind what you think! Eat your lunch and go back to school ' After school, Johnny comes home and asks again, 'Are Michael and Gary up yet?' His mom says, 'No.' He asks, 'Do you know what I think?' His mom replies, 'OK, now tell me what you think.' He says: 'Last night Michael came to my room for the Vaseline and I think....I gave him my airplane glue.'

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the grid in Australia last week, survived a furious challenge from his team-mate at the start and he emerged from the first corner with his lead intact. But as the cars kicked up plumes of spray, it was only a matter of time before they started spinning and the first casualty was wet-weather maestro Schumacher, who dropped down the field. The rain immediately turned torrential and Ferrari's Felipe Massa was the first in for wet-weather tyres, followed immediately by the other drivers in a chaotic few minutes in the pit lane. Lotus's young Frenchman Romain Grosjean span into the gravel and out of the race, Mercedes' Nico Rosberg went offcourse and Button radioed that the last sector was "like a lake" before r



Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Game Corner

Tomic to lead Davis Cup team

B e r n a r d To m i c w i l l spearhead Australia's Davis Cup team next week in Lleyton Hewitt's absence, with Matt Ebden likely to edge out Marinko Matosevic for the second singles berth.
Tomic has been in patchy form since his great Australian Open run in January when he reached the round of 16 before losing to Roger Federer. But the 19year-old world number 37 will carry big responsibility in the zonal secondround tie against South Korea in Brisbane from April 6-8 as Australia bids for a play-off tie which could return it to the elite World Group in 2013. Hewitt, the hero of so many Cup ties, is out of action until the Queens tournament in June, in the lead up to Wimbledon, after recent surgery to fix the painful problem enjoyed some success, is with his left big toe. That means either world his chance to really step up and number 78 Ebden or number 122 take responsibility as a key Matosevic must step up as the member of the team," Rafter said. But Matosevic's practise second singles player after being form may have some say in that as he has also enjoyed some career-best form recently to reach his current best ranking. Ebden d o w n e d accomplished players in Julien Benneteau and eighth seed Mardy Fish in reaching the Indian Wells Masters quarterfinals this month. B u t named in coach Pat Rafter's five- Matosevic won seven straight man squad on Tuesday, along matches from qualifying to reach with likely doubles player Chris the Delray Beach final and he also Guccione and 19-year-old got through qualifying at both the Queensland rookie Ben Mitchell. Indian Wells Masters and Miami Rafter strongly hinted 24- Masters. year-old Ebden would get the "It was great to see Marinko singles job. go all the way through to the final in "Matt's achieved some of Delray Beach a couple of weeks the best wins of his career in the ago," Rafter said. past couple of weeks and this tie "He's continuing to improve in Brisbane, where he's already and has great potential."



1 Female singing voice (7) 5 Embellish (5) 8 Requirements (5) 9 Seemliness (7) 10 Aerial (7) 11 Faint-hearted (5) 12 Figure of speech (6) 14 Health centre (6) 18 Toy bear (5) 20 Eastern (anag) (7) 22 Make bigger (7) 23 Hospital worker (5) 24 Mountain lakes (5) 25 Rather old (7)

1 Open-toed shoes (7) 2 Fold in fabric (5) 3 Armoury (7) 4 Severe trial (6) 5 Racecourse near Windsor (5) 6 Rower (7) 7 Wanderer (5) 13 Interfering person (7) 15 Erudite (7) 16 Implements for eating (7) 17 Cold symptom (6) 18 Larceny (5) 19 Tales (5) 21 Mistake (5)

The answer will be published in the next Edition

12 29

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29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner

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29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner
in the middle now which I'm really looking forward to," Deledio told the Richmond website after agreeing to a five-year contract extension understood to be worth $3 million. "Jack (Riewoldt) has been a star now for two or three years in a row so he's flying. "And Ty Vickery, who has re-signed as well, I think he's going to be something special. "We're starting to build a good little group there and hopefully we can get a few more along and also build up some young boys and help them help us." Deledio was pleased to get the new deal, which will keep him at Punt Road until at least the end of the 2017 season, sorted out before the 2012 campaign began. It comes hot on the heels of the Tigers recontracting Hardwick for a further two seasons. "Dimma (Hardwick) is a fantastic coach," said the 24year-old Deledio. "I've got a strong respect for him. "I know what's expected from me week in and week out. "I'm rapt to be playing under him for another couple of years." Deledio has played 150 matches for Richmond since being taken by the club with the number one draft pick in 2004. The ultra-consistent utility won the Tigers' best-andfairest award in 2008 and 2009 and also finished in the top three in each of the last two seasons.

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Deledio signs five-year deal with Tigers

Brett Deledio will celebrate his newfive contract extension with a long-awaited return to the Richmond m i d f i e l d i n T h u r s d a y ' s blockbuster against Carlton.
Coach Damien Hardwick has needed the silkyskilled Deledio to mostly play off half-back in the last couple of years. But the recruitment before the 2011 season of Bachar Houli and the recent drafting of Steven Morris and Brandon Ellis have freed up Deledio to move back into the engine-room alongside fellow young guns Trent Cotchin and Dustin Martin. They will square off against Blues' prime movers Chris Judd, Marc Murphy and Bryce Gibbs in what shapes as a mouth-watering clash at the MCG on Thursday night. "I'm getting a chance to

Wedding postponed to save bearded dragon

through whatever they Lizzie says she loves Chris, need, and Chris knows how but she loves George more and that is why a wedding is much I love George," Ms Griffiths said. not on the cards. It may sound like the premise for a romantic comedy, but it's actually reality. Lizzie Griffiths said she could not afford to marry her fiance Chris Fisher because she had spent thousands of dollars on veterinary care for her pet bearded dragon, George. Ms Griffiths, a primary school teacher in London, adopted the reptile from a rescue centre last year. George needed to undergo chemotherapy sessions to treat a tumour on his face and his 25-year-old owner decided to use her savings to fund the lifesaving cancer treatment. "If you love someone enough you support them "The wedding is the last of our thoughts at the moment, we can't possibly afford it." She said George would "always come first". "Chris and I share a passion for dinosaurs - we're both obsessed and it's like having one in your front room," she said. "When I first saw George at the rescue centre I just fell in love with him. I knew I would give him everything I could." Mr Fisher said his fiancee and her pet shared a "special bond". "If he sits on me, he will just wriggle about. When he's with Lizzie, he's so calm - it's like he knows she saved him,"


tha Mar

Longest bridal train hits the sky

beating a previous A hot air balloon has flown over downtown Bucharest record held by a Dutch carrying a model wearing designer. But pedestrians didn't what is now regarded as the seem to make much of the world's longest bridal train. The nearly 3km ivory train on the model's wedding gown billowed out over a main boulevard in Romania's capital. T h e Guinness Book o f W o r l d R e c o r d s r e c e n t l y recognised the item on the silk a n d l a c e wedding gown as the longest bridal train, media event, which was organised by the artefact's creators: the Andree Salon fashion house a n d t h e organisers of this year's biannual Wedding Fair in Bucharest. A few bystanders looked up at the balloon, but many o t h e r s ignored it.

Dear Martha, My Boyfriend has very bad personal hygiene. He wears the same socks and underwear for a week at a time. He only washes when I refuse to share a bed with him and deodorant isn't in his vocabulary. Is he a lost cause? Suzy Dear Suzy Urgh! That's lazy & disgusting. There is no excuse for bad hygiene dear. I would hate to think how bad his breath is. He must stink. I would wear surgical mask and gloves whenever I am near him. Personal hygiene is important and only takes a few minutes to keep clean. Give him the ultimatum wash regularly or clear off!

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29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner



Kuta Weekly
Wests Tigers' early season woes continued on Monday night when Canberra inflicted a third loss in four games upon the preseason NRL premiership favourites at Campbelltown Stadium.
The Raiders chalked up a comfortable 30-16 victory, their first win in eight against the joint venture, thanks to two tries from Jarrod Croker and four-pointers from Josh McCrone, Jarrod Croker, Sam Mataora and skipper Terry Campese. Campese was impressive throughout his 100th NRL game for his side, which was missing full-back Josh Dugan and influential backrower Shaun Fensom, and easily won the battle of the five-eighths with Benji Marshall. "It's unbelievable, it's pretty much a dream come true," Campese told Grandstand. "We worked hard we'd have been pretty disappointed with two [consecutive] losses and we've been the better team on both of them efforts. "The boys really dug in tonight with Shaun Fensom missing he really makes a hundred tackles a game - and the boys had to dig deep and everyone did "We played as a group of 17 tonight." Marshall was unable to assert any significant influence over the game as the Tigers desperately missed the presence of skipper Robbie Farah around the ruck. "It's disappointing, but in saying that it's not panic stations yet," Marshall said. "There's still a few rounds to go yet and we still haven't hit the form anywhere near the form we want to hit and we've got to start getting it going soon. "Our fans have been great turning out for us and we fell a bit short tonight." He said the Tigers were playing well in patches but had not

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner
minutes from full-time and Croker added his second shortly after to add some gloss to the scoreline before Moltzen added a late consolation for the hosts. Croker kicked five goals for the Raiders, with Marshall kicking two for Tigers. Captain's knock Raiders coach David Furner hailed the performance of Campese, who spent most of last season on the sidelines with knee, groin and pectoral injuries. "He's a player who you need to be touching the ball as much as possible and I thought his control and leadership was very good," Furner said. "It was a good knock by the skipper." Australia and Queensland forward David Shillington was forced out of the game early in the second half after tearing an oblique muscle, and is expected to be on the sidelines for at least two weeks. Josh Papalii also limped out with a thigh injury and Furner said his side learned lessons from last week's loss to Sydney Roosters where they lost three players before half-time. "We lost Shillo and Josh Papalii and we talked about handling that type of adversity after last week and we did," he said. "It's a good win, and the players deserved it." Wests Tigers coach Sheens lamented his side's indiscipline as they went down 8-3 in the penalty count in addition to missing 40 tackles compared to just nine by the Raiders. "You've got to be able to defend and tonight we didn't," Sheens said. "But you've got to keep working at it. "It's (a tough start) but we've been in these positions before and

Kuta Weekly
Flash mobs have been blamed as a factor in looting during urban riots. But now a group of online activists is harnessing social media like Twitter and Facebook to get consumers to spend at locally owned stores in cities around the world in so-called Cash Mobs.
At the first International Cash Mob day on Saturday, wallet- toting activists gathered in as many as 200 mobs in the United States and Europe, with the aim of spending at least $20 (12.60 pounds) a piece in locally owned businesses, according to the concept's founder, Cleveland lawyer Andrew Samtoy. "It's my baby but I'm not a helicopter parent," Samtoy told a crowd of more than 100 people gathered Saturday at Nature's Bin, a grocery store that specializes in local and organic food, in Lakewood, an inner ring suburb of Cleveland. The 32-year-old dreamed up the Cash Mob idea last year after spending time in Britain during summer riots that unleashed looting in cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham. His first Cash Mob, in Cleveland last November, brought around 40 shoppers packing in to the Visible Voice book shop, on a welcome spree in which each of them spent on average $40 within an hour-and-a-half. "We are kind of slow in November so I wasn't going to turn it down," said the independent book store's owner, Dave Ferrante, who estimated he made about eight times his normal take on that day. "We have a very limited marketing budget and it brought

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

News Corner
Cash Mob participant Amy Marke, from Independence, Ohio, came with her cousin because she wanted to support local businesses and was drawn to this event because the store does vocational training for disabled adults. "I never do anything spur of the moment or crazy like this but I heard about it and had to come," she said. Kelly Ziegler, cofounder of the Cash Mob movement in Kansas City, Missouri, told Reuters activists planned flash spending sprees in nine different locations around the metro area on Saturday. "Kansas City is really spread out. We have a really strong following on Facebook and there were calls for cash mobs at all of these areas. There are so many shops to hit we thought 'why not hit a lot all at once?'" "I grew up in a family with a small business. I know these small businesses can't afford a million dollar ad campaign. When you spend $1 at these local stores that stays in the community," she added. And in Brooklyn, New York, activists noted how easy they are to organize. "It really doesn't take a lot of effort," said Park Slope Cash Mob organizer, Amy Cortese, author of Locavesting: The Revolution in Local Investing and How to Profit From it.' With the large amount of locally-owned business and culture of entrepreneurship in Brooklyn she says it only made sense to get behind the Cash Mob movement. "It is surprising that no one had thought to do this before," she added.

Impressive Raiders tame Tigers

yet strung together an 80minute performance. "Inconsistency is a problem at the moment and something we need to work on ... [there's always] next week. "That's been a problem for us too, incompletions and losing the field position battle. "They were just big and strong tonight and just rolled down the field and we couldn't get our hands on the footy."

"Cash Mobs" gather to splurge in locally owned

in people who wouldn't have been here. It sounds corny but we really build a base one customer at a time," he added. After the original Cash Mob in Cleveland, Samtoy's Facebook friends in other cities picked up on the idea and

Tigers coach Tim Sheens shifted Tim Moltzen to full-back and drafted young Jacob Miller into halfback in an attempt to kickstart his misfiring attack. However, it was the visitors who started the brighter with McCrone latching onto a sweet pass from Campese with just five minutes on the clock. The Tigers hit back when Gareth Ellis charged over from close range six minutes later, and Miller gave the hosts the lead when he latched onto a loose ball, which he appeared to have knocked forward. Croker hit back for the visitors when he raced 75 metres just before half-time after Campese hauled in a Benji Marshall grubberkick just in front of his own line and offloaded to the centre, who outpaced Moltzen to touch down. The Raiders came racing out of the traps after the interval and their dominance was rewarded when Mataora brushed aside three players to score six minutes after the restart. Campese sealed the win with a fourth try for the visitors 13

we've been criticised by everybody and sundry and we've fought our way out of it."

organized their own gatherings. Samtoy can rattle off a list of friends from Los Angeles to Boston, from church camp to law school, who were the early adapters' of the Cash Mob phenomenon. MEET PEOPLE, SPEND AND HAVE FUN As well as the spree in C l e v e l a n d o n S a t u r d a y, gatherings also took place in Kansas City and New York. Reuters was unable to verify independently if community shoppers splurged in other U.S. cities and worldwide. Samtoy's approach is to target one location bringing as many people to one site as possible but other cities have taken a different approach. "There is no science to it and there are also no hard and fast rules," he explains. He told the group gathered in Cleveland that he only has three rules or goals as he explains them: "You have to spend at least $20, meet three people you never met before and have fun."



Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner
able to play. "On weekends when Brisbane are playing and when Origin comes around he'll feel left out. It can get the better of you at times," he said. "If I could give Jharal a piece of advice it would to be very patient and to keep off the leg, not force his comeback which was the mistake I made." Laza rus came back from his injury to w i n a premiership w i t h Melbourne in 1999, claiming a u n i q u e place in NRL history as the only player to win titles with three different clubs: Canberra (1989-91), Brisbane (1992-93) and Melbourne (1999). Gee said all Yow Yeh had to do was think about getting his leg right. "The best thing he can do is immerse himself in his rehab," he said. "If he does that, he'll get back to the level he was at before the injury." Dale Copley is expected to be named on the left wing with Gerard Beale, who scored two tries after Yow Yeh was stretchered from the field, taking his right wing spot against St George Illawarra at Lang Park on Friday night.

Kuta Weekly
Daly Cherry-Evans says he never wanted out of Manly despite his manager requesting the star playmaker be released from the final year of his contract with the NRL premiers.
Contract negotiations between the reigning rookie of the year and the Sea Eagles reached a crescendo earlier this month when manager Gavin Orr asked the club to free his client from the final year of his deal in 2013. Cherry-Evans described the move as a negotiating tactic rather than desire to leave the club - the two parties eventually last week agreeing to a contract extension through to 2015 which included an upgrade on his current deal. "At the end of the day I was always under contract till the end of next year," Cherry-Evans said of talk he was unhappy at the club. "It was more part of the negotiation than me being unhappy at the club. "I always wanted to stay at Manly. "I don't think anyone on the outside will understand the process we have to take unless

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner
priority list to stay," Cherry-Evans said. Asked whether the pair had discussed their situations, he said: "Most people are pretty closed in regards to what they want to express to their teammates ... about where they are going to be. "There's never any pressure on any player to voice their opinions on what they want to do - it's going to be great to hopefully keep Kieran." With his future resolved, Cherry-Evans is now focussed on righting Manly's premiership campaign following back-to-back losses to Cronulla and St George Illawarra. But the 23-year-old dismissed suggestions the contract drama had affected his performances. "The last thing you're thinking about out there when you're running the ball is contract negotiations," he said. "I guess I'm just happy to see it all done. "I don't really let that stuff get to me too much - when you cross the white line it's all business, it doesn't really play a part.

Injured Yow Yeh returns to Brisbane

Keep your head up Gee, who played 355 games for Brisbane, sustained a serious foot injury touring Papua New Guinea with the Kangaroos in the early 1990s. He was told he may not The 22-year-old, who be able to play rugby league suffered a compound fracture again. a n d dislocation in the Broncos' comeback win over South Sydney in Perth on Friday night, arrived home on Sunday a n d w a s immediately admitted to Brisbane P r i v a t e hospital where his mother a n d grandmother were waiting. "The first time the doctor It is expected to take a week for the swelling to subside in Australia looked at it (foot) he and to make sure there is no said I'd be very lucky to play i n f e c t i o n b e f o r e l e a d i n g again," he said. "They're not good words orthopaedic specialist Dr Peter Meyers operates to insert pins to hear. "Certainly the doctors and a plate in his lower leg. haven't said anything like that to There is a possibility he Jharal." could require two operations. Gee, who had not seen a Broncos football operations manager Andrew worse injury, was playing the day Gee, who along with the club's fellow club great Glenn Lazarus doctor accompanied Yow Yeh suffered a similar leg injury in the on the flight back from Perth, World Club Challenge final in said on Monday the outlook for England in 1997. "The difference is Jharal the Origin and Test winger was is very young and you heal better positive. He said it was not when you're younger," he said. Lazarus, who struggles possible to predict how long Yow Yeh would be on the to walk as a consequence of the sidelines until after he had the injury, says Yow Yeh will find it mentally tough at times not to be surgery.

Cherry-Evans denies wanting to leave Brookvale

you've been through it yourself. "It's a long negotiation obviously the club wants stuff from me and I was looking for a few things from them - it's a slow process." Cherry-Evans, who

Yo u n g B r i s b a n e Broncos winger Jharal Yow Yeh may have to wait up to a week before surgeons can operate on his badly broken leg.

already has a premiership and Test jumper to his name, is hoping halves partner Kieran Foran follows his lead in committing his future to the club. The pair are seen as the rock upon which the Sea Eagles can head into the future, but Cheery-Evans said he would not be putting the hard word on his team-mate, who is rumoured to be in the sights of Canterbury and former coach Des Hasler. "The salary cap's going to possibly squeeze out one or two players, but I'd like to think that

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29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

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Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

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WEDNESDAY AFL Footy Show @ 7.30pm THURSDAY Richmond v Carlton @ 4.30pm FRIDAY Hawthom v Collingwood @ 4.30pm SATURDAY Melbourne v Lions @ 10.30am Gold Coast v Adelaide @ 1.30pm Fremantle v Geelong @ 3.30pm North Melbourne v Essendon @ 4.30pm SUNDAY Bulldogs v West Coast @ 11.00am Port Adelaide V St Kilda @ 1.30pm

WEDNESDAY THURSDAY AFL Footy Show @ 7.30pm NRL Footy Show @ 7.30pm THURSDAY FRIDAY Richmond v Carlton @ 4.30pm Broncos v Dragons @ 5.30pm FRIDAY Storm v Knights @ 7.30pm Hawthom v Collingwood @ 4.30pm SATURDAY SATURDAY Panthers v Sharks @ 2.30pm Melbourne v Lions @ 10.30am Eels v Sea Eagles @ 4.30pm Gold Coast v Adelaide @ 1.30pm SUNDAY Fremantle v Geelong @ 3.30pm Titan v Bulldogs @ 12.00noon North Melbourne v Essendon @ 4.30pm West Tiger v Rabbitohs @ 2.00pm SUNDAY MONDAY Bulldogs v West Coast @ 11.00am Raiders v Cowboys @ 4.30pm Port Adelaide V St Kilda @ 1.30pm

FRIDAY Wellington v Sydney @ 3.00pm SATURDAY Brisbane v Central Coast @ 2.30pm SUNDAY Perth v Melb Heart @ 5.00pm
THURSDAY NRL Footy Show @ 7.30pm FRIDAY Broncos v Dragons @ 5.30pm Storm v Knights @ 7.30pm SATURDAY Panthers v Sharks @ 2.30pm Eels v Sea Eagles @ 4.30pm SUNDAY Titan v Bulldogs @ 12.00noon West Tiger v Rabbitohs @ 2.00pm MONDAY Raiders v Cowboys @ 4.30pm


SATURDAY Man City v Sunderland @ 9.55pm Aston Villa v Chelsea @ 9.55pm SUNDAY Newcastle v Liverpool @ 8.30pm Live EPL TBA V TBA @ 10.55pm

FRIDAY Highlanders v Rebels @ 2.30pm SATURDAY Chiefs v Waratah @ 2.30pm Brumbies v Sharks @ 4.30pm Forces v Reds @ 6.30pm SUNDAY Stomers v Bulls @ 1.00pm


SATURDAY Man City v Sunderland @ 9.55pm Aston Villa v Chelsea @ 9.55pm SUNDAY Newcastle v Liverpool @ 8.30pm


TUESDAY Central Coast v Seongnam @ 5.00pm Pohang v Adelaide @ 7.00pm WEDNESDAY Ulsan v Brisbane @ 6.30pm

Champions League

V8 Supercars
Saturday @ 8.00pm Sunday @ 12.30pm


V8 Supercars
Saturday @ 8.00pm Sunday @ 12.30pm

AFC Champions League

TUESDAY Central Coast v Seongnam @ 5.00pm Pohang v Adelaide @ 7.00pm WEDNESDAY Ulsan v Brisbane @ 6.30pm

FRIDAY Highlanders v Rebels @ 2.30pm SATURDAY FRIDAY Hurricanes v Cheetahs @ 12.30pm Wellington v Sydney @ 3.00pm Chiefs v Waratah @ 2.30pm SATURDAY Brumbies v Sharks @ 4.30pm Brisbane v Central Coast @ 2.30pm Forces v Reds @ 6.30pm SUNDAY Perth v Melb Heart @ 5.00pm Lions v Crusaders @ 11.00pm SUNDAY SKY RACING 1 & 2 Stomers v Bulls @ 1.00pm Live Everyday

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29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner
number one allrounder position to Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan, who starred for the Tigers in the Asia Cup tournament. Watson had only just regained the top spot from Al Hasan after the completion of the triseries in Australia earlier this month. The news was more positive for West Indies after its strong display in the series, gaining seven ranking points to join New Zealand on 86 points. West Indies remains below the Black Caps in eighth place, however, when ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point.

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner

Windies series proves costly for Aussies

Australia's hold on the one-day international world number one ranking has been loosened after the disappointing drawn series against West Indies.
While Australia's victory in the opening match of the series ensured it retains top spot, the 2-2 series result has cost four ranking points to bring South Africa just five points behind in second place. The series also proved costly for standin captain Shane

Knights dish up Dogs' first defeat

Newcastle inflicted the first defeat of Des Hasler's reign at Canterbury with a grinding 20-6 NRL win at the Olympic stadium on Sunday.
The Knights, under Wayne Bennett, have endured a sluggish start to the season, losing two of three games, but they produced their most convincing performance this year running in three tries and holding the Bulldogs scoreless until the 79th minute. The Bulldogs were also hit by the loss of half-back Trent Hodkinson early in the first half, with the former Manly star limping off with a medial ligament injury to his left knee that will sideline him for up to six weeks. The Knights displayed all the hallmarks of a Bennett side, playing efficient and risk-free football, and it paid dividends as the Bulldogs' attack failed to fire in the face of some excellent defence from the visitors. "[Defence] can't just be the one part of your game, we have to score points as well and we did both things pretty well," Bennett told Grandstand. "We had good ball control and held a bit of field position, defended well and got away with it." Knights skipper Kurt Gidley made a surprise return to the side just two weeks after dislocating his shoulder, and the New South Wales utility was involved in the build-up to his side's first try scored by Richie Fa'aoso after seven minutes. The Knights constantly tested Bulldogs dangerman Ben Barba with the high ball and although the young full-back coped well with the barrage, he was unable to have any influence going forward as the Knights smothered any of his attacking forays. Jarrod Mullen extended his side's lead midway through the opening half, spotting a gap in the Bulldogs' defence before lunging underneath a Barba tackle to score, with Gidley adding the second of his four goals. Gidley stretched the advantage early in the second period with a penalty and the Knights controlled the pace of the game, with veteran hooker Danny Buderus showing all his experience with a man-of-the-match performance. Bennett had big wraps on Buderus and said the inclusion of Gidley made a huge difference for the Knights after his decision to switch him to half-back and Mullen to five-eighth. "I'm still trying to get my head around these players at the moment, it's still a work in progress," Bennett said. "I thought Jarrad would be more effective for us a little bit wider, and I think that proved to be the case today. "He set up one try and scored one himself and did a lot of good stuff out there. "Kurt was really good at half-back so maybe we'll make it permanent." An error count of 15 and a completion rate of 62 per cent was the story of the day for the Bulldogs, who simply ran out of ideas in the second half. In contrast, Newcastle finished the 80 minutes with an exemplary 81 per cent completion rate. "Our attitude towards ball control was not adequate enough, it was far from adequate," Hasler said. "They started well and that, probably coupled up with our turnover in possession, put some more pressure on us and we couldn't get that continuity. "The 10 times we were in field position we dropped the ball eight times, which is not acceptable." It was no surprise when the Knights went over for a third try, with Alex McKinnon scoring his first for the club eight minutes from time. Joel Romelo gave the home crowd of 20,701 something to cheer about with the last play of the game, with Steve Turner kicking the conversion.


Watson, who has lost

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A Pts
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Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner

Kuta Weekly

29 Mar - 4 April 2012 (278)

Sports Corner

Giants must maintain the belief: Sheedy

Greater Western Sydney coach Kevin Sheedy suggests confidence will be crucial as his side looks to keep the momentum going after a hard-nosed start to their maiden AFL season.
GWS was trounced by 63 points in its debut match, but won plenty of plaudits for the manner in which it attacked the contest. The Giants are likely to face a testing year of similarly one-sided results, and Sheedy knows the importance of self-belief in a season where his young charges will be perennial underdogs. "You've got to get to a situation where you can actually add value to a group of young people that need belief and confidence in themselves," he said. "(They know) full well that they're most likely going to, every match this year, play on someone better than themselves. J o s h K e n n e d y, "As the head coach you've awarded the Brett Kirk medal got to be able to handle that and make sure those young players for being best on ground, could don't feel any lesser, even though not disagree. "They came out hard they may be playing on people who and we knew they would," Kennedy said. "Although it was a 10-goal win in the end, it didn't really feel like that. It was certainly game-on at halftime, we knew we had to turn it up a notch if we were going to come away with a win." Sheedy was mostly content with the Giants' display, but noted the have played for longer. inside-50 count (71-28 in "Our players are important, Sydney's favour) as the most and they're not to be trod on. And alarming aspect of the loss. we've got to make sure that when "We'll end up a better they go out there they believe in side, but we'd want to be," he themselves. said. "It's one of the most "We've got the important skills to have as a young Kangaroos coming up (in person in what is a pretty tough Hobart) and we've got West environment." Coast up at Blacktown. And we Sheedy believed his side, don't want to be heading into which featured 17 debutants, Blacktown and letting our played with determination for most supporters there down." of the game. And Sydney midfielder

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