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March 13, 2012.

ZONG MANAGEMNET Dear Sir: PAF Karachi Institute of Economic & Technology is one of the leading degree awarding institutions in private sector and is chartered by Government of Sindh. At present, it offers Bachelors and Masters program in Computer Sciences, Business Administration and Engineering. The Institute is among the few educational institutions in the private sector that focuses on high standard of education and is also growing at a phenomenal pace. We are writing to see if ZONG would be interested in sponsoring PAF-KIET students trip to Northern areas of Pakistan. This is a great opportunity for any organization to get promoted from this trip. The estimated participants are 72 and the overall cost of the trip is 2.2 Million, out of which we are looking to get 35% from the sponsor.

The sponsorship amount can be delivered in the following ways: We are looking for sponsors in Cash, and In Shape of Fuel, Train Tickets (3500 each 1 side), Food (Dry Food n Drinks). Cash. [Pay-order in favor of PAF-KIET] Branded Transport with fuel. [Three coasters with the sponsors branding]

Our expected expenses: approx Tickets of train Both sides 0.5 million Fuel 0.4 million Food 0.5 million Hotels and residence 0.3 million Transportation cost 0.4 million Other expenses: 0.1 million

Tour Schedule is: 16 May Departure From Karachi To Islamabad 17 May Islamabad arrival (Night Stay) Arrangement of Hotel & Food 18 May Early In the Morning Islamabad to Chillas (Night Stay) Arrangement of Hotel & Food

19 May Early in the Morning Chillas to Fairy Meadows (Night-1) 20 May Fairy Meadows (Night-2) 21 May Fairy Meadows (Night-3) 22 May Fairy Meadows to Gilgit or Hunza (Night Stay-1) Arrangement of Hotel & Food 23 May Visit places of Hunza (Night Stay-2) Arrangement of Hotel & Food 24 May Visit places of Hunza (Night Stay-3) Arrangement of Hotel & Food 25 May Gilgit n Hunza to Naaran (Night Stay-1) 26 May Naaran Visit to Saif ul Malook. (Night Stay-2) Arrangement of Hotel & Food 27 May Narran to Muree or Islamabad (Night Stay) Arrangement of Hotel & Food 28 May Islamabad to Karachi 29 May Karachi Arrival

There could only be ONE sponsor of the event. I would be most appreciative of a telephone call to let me know of your interest. My telephone number is 0300-2671792.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for considering this request. Sincerely yours,

Salman Khan Trip Coordinator PAF-KIET