2011/12 Indicative Term-1 Reading List for MASTERS students (excluding MBA

Please note: Recommended text books may change prior to the commencement of courses if, for example, a new edition is published. You are advised to be cautious in purchasing any textbooks prior to enrolment. Where there is more than one text and for Term-2 modules we would advise you to check with the lecturer at the start of teaching. BEAM024 Advanced Financial Accounting (Term 1) – Prof Jo Horton

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International GAAP (2005) Riahi-Belkaoui, A. (2000) Accounting Theory, Butterworths Thomson Learning Scott, W.R. (2003), Financial Accounting Theory, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall Sunder, S. (1997), Theory of Accounting and Control, SouthWestern College Publishing Watts, R.L. and Zimmerman, J.L. (1986) Positive Accounting Theory, New York: Prentice Hall A selection of academic journal articles, including: 1. Beaver, W. and Demski, J.S. (1979), ‘Nature of Income Measurement’, Accounting Review, Vol. LIV, No.1, January, pp.38-45 2. Holland, K. and Jackson, R.H.G. (2004), ‘Earnings Management and Deferred Tax’, Accounting and Business Research, Vol 34 No 2, pp.101-123 3. Ohlson, J. (1995), ‘Earnings, Book Values, and Dividends in Equity Valuation’, Contemporary Accounting Research, 11(2), pp. 661-687 Please be advised that no purchase of textbooks is necessary; readings are provided throughout the lectures and generally consist of journal articles. BEAM031 Financial Instruments (Term 1) – Rajesh Tharyn Main Text: Frank K. Reilly and Keith C. Brown, 2008. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, 9th edition. South-Western. Supplementary reading: Assigned research papers and Articles (these will be made available though the ELE) BEAM032 Investment Analysis 1 (Term 1) – Dr Christina Dargenidou K. Palepu, P. Healy, V. Bernard, and E. Peek (2007), Business Analysis and Valuation, IFRS edition (2nd edition), text only; Cengage Learning Business Press. Supplementary reading: Penman S.(2006): Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation, McGraw-Hill, 3rd edition. Lundholm R. and R.Sloan, 2007, Equity Valuation and Analysis, 2nd ed, McGraw-Hill IrwinR.H.Parker (2007), Understanding Company Financial Statements, Penguin Books Ltd; 6th Revised edition. Assigned research papers to be distributed during the class BEAM045 Accounting for International Managers (Term-1) – Dr Chen Lim Atrill, P. and McLaney, E. (2011), Accounting and Finance for Non-specialists [with MyAccountingLab student access pack], 7th ed., Pearson Education Limited, Harlow. [Note: this version, which comes with MyAccountingLab online learning resource access code, is different from the normal AtrillMcLaney text.] BEAM046 Financial Modelling (Term 1) – Dr Jane Shen Simon Benninga, Financial Modeling (third edition), MIT Press, 2008

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Elsevier Science. Norton 1994.. Dowling. Johnston. Hammond. Students will also find the material in Blanchard O and Fischer S (1989) Lectures on Macroeconomics. Harvester Wheatsheaf. McGraw-Hill. Variations and Optimal Control in Economics and Management. Arrow and Alain Endhoven: Quasi-concave Programming. 1990 For preparation: 6.BEAM047 Fundamentals of Financial Management (Term-1) – Prof Richard Harris Brigham. (1997). W. Oxford University Press. 1980. Hammond. 7. Knut Sydsaeter. J. Dixit. 4. M. Rees (2004). Kenneth J. pp 779 – 800. MIT Press very useful. Rangarajan K. Schaum’s ouTlines: Introduction to Mathematical Economics. Atle Seierstad and Arne Strøm: Further Mathematics for Economic Analysis. and students will be expected to read extensively from the reading list on particular topics. and MacKinnon. Morton I. Peter J. BEEM100 Macroeconomics (Term-1) – Prof Quong Le Van TO BE CONFIRMED The main text is Romer. edition (October 25. Verbeek. Avinash K. Microeconomics. Davidson. Chiang: Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics. Houston. United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons BEEM103 Optimisation Techniques for Economists (Term-1) – Prof Dieter Balkenborg 1. 3rd edition. 2nd edition. 2nd edition. Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis. No 4. US: McGraw-Hill. 1991). Dixit: Optimization in Economic Theory. 3. 9. Econometric Methods. Knut Sydsæter and Peter J. neither text covers all topics. 3rd Edition. 1961. Sundaram: A First Course in Optimization Theory. Greene.W. H. Alpha C. 2nd edition. A course in Microeconomic Theory. 3. D (2006) Advanced Macroeconomics.(1975) Optimization in economic theory. A. Vol 29. J. 2006. Oxford University Press: New York. Oxford. Kreps. 4. (2008) A Guide to Modern Econometrics. 8. 2010. Gravelle and R. ISBN 9781408039137. 11. BEEM101 Microeconomics (Term-1) –Professor Zvi Safra The main source for this course is New textbook 1. Schwartz: Dynamic Optimization: The Calculus of 12. Simon and Lawrence Blume: Mathematics for Economists. Prentice Hall. Kamien and Nancy L. Edward T. and J. McGraw Hill. BEEM102 Quantitative and Research Techniques 1 (Term-1) – Dr Andreea Halunga 1. Prentice Hall. 2. AND 5. and DiNardo. 2 . D (1990). 3rd Edition. Econometrica. 4th Edition. R. W. Cambridge University Press. E. The following books are recommended as a supplementary reading: 2. 2. McGraw-Hill 2005. J. Carl P. 14. However. New Jersey: Prentice Hall (main textbook). Prentice Hall. 2006. 2nd 13. 1996 10. South Western Cengage Learning. Please note that this book is only available in the University bookshop. (2008) Econometric Analysis 6th Edition. 3. (2004) Econometric Theory and Methods. Fundamentals of Financial Management (Custom Edition).

(1993) Game Theory for Economists. US: Princeton University Press. MA. (2001).. Rubinfeld. Good analysis of contemporary events affecting international business can be found in The Economist (available online) and other quality financial newspapers. 2.Prof James Davidson 1. and Runcle. Maddala. McLeavey. Gary Koop. 2002.• • • Teresa Bradley and Paul Patton. Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business. R.Y.W. Jacques Ian. Quantitative Investment Analysis. San Diego. Mathematics for Economics and Business.E. 2005. and MacKinlay. J. M. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. papers on the international dimension of business can be found in many business and management journals. D. 2001). 3. Wiley. Reilly and Keith C. Cambridge. Brown. BEMM103 Advanced Marketing Seminars (Terms 1&2) – Lindsay Stringfellow Research papers provided by speakers BEMM110 Consumption. (1997). BEEM121 Game Theory and Industrial Organisation – Prof Dieter Balkenborg TO BE CONFIRMED Tirole.(1988) The Theory of Industrial Organisation. Maths for Economics. The Econometrics of Financial Markets.E. 2008. Supplementary reading: Assigned research papers and Articles (these will be made available though the ELE) BEMM102 International Business (Term-1) – Julie Whittaker Peng. Pindyck and Daniel L. 2. BEFM013 Investment Instruments (Term-1) – Rajesh Tharyn Main Text: Frank K. Addison-Wesley 2002 BEEM104 Quantitative Methods for Finance (Term-1) . J. Introduction to Econometrics (3rd Edition) (Macmillan. 9th edition.W.A. Markets & Culture (Terms 1&2) – Dr Alex Thompson May 2011 3 . (2011) International Business London:Cengage Learning EMEA (28 Mar 2011) There are many text books on international business in the University Library which can provide additional insights and examples of international business operations. Oxford. C. Campbell. US: Association for Investment and Management Research. D. Lo. Pinto. The Analysis of Financial Data. CFA PROGRAM CURRICULUM (2011). DeFusco. A. S. MIT Press Eichberger J. South-Western. Academic Press BEFM010 Investment Research Methods 1 (Term 1) – Eirini Konstantinidi TO BE CONFIRMED 1. Relevant journals include: International Business Review Journal of World Business Strategic Management Journal However. Geoff Renshaw. Econometric Models and Economic Forecasts (4th Edition) (Irwin McGraw-Hill.. Boston 1997). C.. & Meyer. (Wiley 2005) Robert S. J.A. G. New York. BEFM011 Financial Statement Analysis (Term-1) – Dr Christina Dargenidou/ Jamie Stevenson Financial Reporting & Analysis.

E. (2007). L. 11(4): 287." Consumption. (2006). Peñaloza. J. "Colonial images in Global Times: Consumer Interpretations of Africa and Africans in Advertising. Consumption Markets and Culture. (2001). E. B. Markets and Culture. (2008). Borgerson. (2006). J.). Aesthetics Awry: The Painter of LightTM and the Commodification of Artistic Values. Journal of Marketing. 82-109. and Schroeder. Consumption Markets and Culture. Drewett. (1986). McCracken. & Price. Consumption. Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing.. Dandaneau. J.. Patricia. H. ISBN: 1412954304 Samuel. E. 11(3): 191-201. (2009). F. (1995)."Market-Oriented Ethnography: Interpretation Building and Marketing Strategy Formulation. R. 20(1): 24-46. Berger. Sharpe.). 10(4): 401-424. Space and Place: the Rise of Retroscapes. Consuming the American West: Animating Cultural Meaning and Memory at a Stock Show and Rodeo. Culture and Consumption: A Theoretical Account of the Structure: A Theoretical Account of the Structure and Movement of the Cultural Meaning of Consumer Goods. Schroder. Fast Food Nation: What the All-American Meal Is Doing to the World. Anders.• • • Arnould. E. Eric (2002). ISBN: 1847209580 Bengtsson. Belk. 12(1): 1-25. S. Prisoners in Paradise: Subcultural Resistance to the Marketization of Tattooing. Subcultures of Consumption: An Ethnography of the New Bikers.305. Sherry (eds. (2006). Schroeder.). Lisa (2000). The Role of Commodified Celebrities in Children’s Moral Development: The Case of David Beckham. and Melanie Wallendorf (1994). Brown. Arnould. J. Journal of Marketing Research. Journal of Consumer Research. 13(1): 71-84. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • BEMM112 Macroeconomics for International Business( Term-1) . in Time. 484-504. W. S. New York: M. Cheltenham. E. The Commodification of the American West: Marketers' Production of Cultural Meanings at the Trade Show. ISBN: 0141006870 Schouten. Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing. London: Penguin Books. Eric J. UK: Edward Elgar. London: Penguin. Kozinets. W. Consumer Culture Theory (CCT): Twenty Years of Research. A Consuming Passion: An Interview with George Ritzer. Visual Consumption. Consumption Markets and Culture. Journal of Consumer Research. In R. Eric J.. Brown and J. Consumption Markets and Culture. Steven. J. (2003) The Lure of Paradise: Marketing the Ultimate Consumer Experience. Developing a Retro Brand Community: Re-releasing and marketing antiapartheid protest music in post-apartheid South Africa. Schroeder. (1993). G. Arnould. Journal of Consumer Research. Russel (ed. ISBN: 0140135154. Critical Visual Analysis. 219-237.Jack Rogers 4 . J. Journal of Consumer Research. L. 31. Sherry. Journal of Consumer Research. 8(3): 261-274. Ways of Seeing. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. Michael (2008). J. Jacob Ostberg. Gayá-Wicks. 31 (4). (2003). Thompson (2005). 868-882. J.F. Schlosser. Robin Dodsworth. Dannie Kjeldgaard (2005). Journal of Marketing. Markets and Culture. & McAlexander. E. 67(3): 19-33. George (2008). Peñaloza. The McDonaldization of Society (5). Thousand Oaks: Pine Forge Press. River Magic: Extraordinary Experience and the Extended Service Encounter. Ltd. (2002). J. 22(1): 43-62. Anges Nairn. 28(3): 82-109 Ritzer. L. Teaching old brands new tricks: retro branding and the revival of brand meaning. 9(2): 87-99.V. John (1990). 64 (4). Christine Griffin. Belk (Ed. L. London Routledge. Craig J.

There are also copies in the Main University Library. Blackwell (2nd ed) G. P. London May 2011 5 . T. ISBN: 9780136027041 A reading pack will be available through ELE BEMM116 Principles of International Business (Term-1) – Julie Whittaker Peng. C. London: Prentice Hall BEMM114 Managing Operations (Term-1) – Prof Roger Maull Slack. Ryan (ed. Further books that you may find helpful are: Edgell D. Brady. and Debbage.. Urry (2001). 4th edition. London.. Honolulu : University of Hawai'i Press Tribe. M. 1st European Edition.. Williams (2004) Tourism and Tourism Spaces London. Kotler. Keller. C. Sage J. L. K. Oxford. A. and Brennan. (2000) Tourism Development Handbook. G. Essex UK: Pearson Education Ltd. (2010) Marketing Research. P. (2008) (eds. Global 6th edition. Leisure and Travel.L. (2009) Marketing Management.) (2002 ) The Tourist Experience. and Hall. (2004) Tourism and the Economy : Understanding the Economics of Tourism. (2005) The Economics of Recreation. Williams (2002) Critical Issues in Tourism. Essex UK: Pearson Education Ltd. (2011) International Business London:Cengage Learning EMEA (28 Mar 2011) BEMM148 Marketing Strategy (Term-1) – Lindsay Stringfellow Kotler. J. A European Perspective. Essex: FT Prentice Hall BEMM115 Marketing Analysis and Research (Term-1) – Dr Alex Thompson Required Text: • • Burns. Mansell. London: Routledge. and Clarke J. & Meyer. Oxford. (ed. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Goodman. Earthscan This can be purchased at the University Bookshop. (2007) Operations Management. London: Routledge. R. R. Shaw and A. Harker. Chambers. Thomson Learning. London (2nd ed) G. K. Ioannides. and Bush.) (1997) The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Tourism. Shaw & A.. Routledge. Amsterdam: Elsevier. London: Prentice Hall. Vanhove. BEMM371 Tourist Behaviour: Theory and Practice (Term-1) – Prof Gareth Shaw J. (2009) Marketing: An Introduction. S. The Economic Geography of the Tourist Industry: a Supply Side Analysis. Consuming Places. New York Godfrey K. BEMM370 Tourism Sector Dynamics (Term-1) – Dr Adrian Bailey Coles.. D. N.M. (2005) The Economics of Tourism Destinations. M. N. Mak. T.) International Business and Tourism. Dann (1996) The Language of Tourism. and Johnston. CAB International C. J. Armstrong.E. and Hansen.Blanchard. Crompton (1993) 'Choice set propositions in destination decisions' Annals of Tourism Research 8(2): 461-477 G. London (2nd ed) BEMM375 Sustainable Tourism Management (Term-1) – Dr Claire Dinan Indicative reading: France L. (2010) Macroeconomics.. O. M. (1998). Haworth Hospitality Print. (international edition) 6th edition. (2006) Managing Sustainable Tourism: a legacy for the future. R. M.

(1997) Social Science Research: issues and methods.H.M (2002) Critical Issues in Tourism: A Geographical Perspective BEMM 379 Quantitative Methods in Research (Term-1) – Dr Adrian Bailey Indicative reading: Bryman. Finn. London. T. (1994) Statistical Techniques in Geographical Analysis. Buckingham. C.0. M. Walle. OU Press. Routledge. Ryan. (1997) 'Quantitative versus qualitative tourism research.Shaw G. and Williams A. Longman. (1995) Researching Tourist Satisfaction. G. Analysis and Interpretation. Routledge. And Cramer. A. May. Data Collection. Fulton. M. D. (2001) Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS 11.. Elliott-White. A. 6 . D. Shaw. M. Harlow. & Wheeler. London. London. & Walton.' Annals of Tourism Research 21(3): 524-536. (2000) Tourism & Leisure.

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