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Your company’s profitability hinges on the ability to act swiftly, based on a complete, accurate knowledge of the business. Unfortunately, the critical information required to make these decisions is scattered throughout the enterprise, across multiple applications, departments and divisions. And while each source system contains pieces to the overall puzzle of enterprise profitability, each is a distinct silo with a gulf of incompatibility separating them. You understand the value of leveraging all your corporate information; you recognize the promise of reconciling all your data into a single consolidated view. But the path to getting there is harder to see. That’s why so many organizations like yours are still struggling to get the desired ROI from their CRM, ERP, data warehousing, BI/analytics and other strategic business applications. Each system calls for data in different formats… each system defines its data differently… no means are available to assess the ripple affect of changes to data at the source… no way to communicate changes to downstream information users. It’s confusion on a mammoth scale—and it’s preventing your company from getting what it needs to gain a competitive advantage. Until now.

enterprise applications like CRM, SCM, and ERP, DataStage XE helps ensure the success of your enterprise data integration initiatives. The DataStage XE solution delivers three core capabilities necessary for success in enterprise data integration: Advanced maintenance and development, which simplifies administration and speeds implementation; end-to-end meta data management, which provides the backbone for the way data is managed and communicated throughout the company; and data quality assurance, to manage data consistency and integrity through the integration process and beyond.

The Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite transforms your corporate data into “Intelligent Information”— information that is reliable, relevant, and complete—so you can make the best business decisions possible to drive success. That’s because it’s the only integrated solution that addresses the full life cycle of data integration, with products that provide automated data profiling, data quality and cleansing, and data transformation. And it’s built on a core platform of services that offers unlimited scalability, end-to-end meta data management, and complete connectivity between any data source and application.

Introducing DataStage® XE
DataStage XE is part of Ascential’s Enterprise Integration Suite, the industry's only scalable solution that spans the entire integration life cycle. DataStage XE delivers the capability to tightly integrate enterprise information, regardless of the sources, targets and time frames. Whether you’re building an enterprise data warehouse to support the information needs of the entire company, or integrating dozens of source systems to support

Complete Development Environment The DataStage XE design metaphor is characterized best by the phrase "work as you think. enables companies to solve large-scale business problems through high-performance processing of massive data volumes. DataStage XE can scale to satisfy the demands of ever growing data volumes and ever shrinking batch windows." A robust graphical palette helps developers diagram the flow of data through their environment via GUIdriven drag-and-drop design. Multiple Source and Target Support DataStage XE supports a virtually unlimited number of heterogeneous data sources and targets in a single job. in daily. unambiguous picture of your business. further enhancing support for a single enterprise solution. DataStage XE manages data arriving within seconds of being acquired. that make up the data integration Extensibility For Highly Scalable Parallel Processing DataStage XE. By leveraging the parallel processing capabilities of multiprocessor hardware platforms. flexibility and effectiveness in building.Figure 1: DataStage XE is the solution of choice for complex data integration challenges. in conjunction with the optional Parallel Extender package. Real Time Data Integration Support DataStage XE can operate in real-time. The productivity-enhancing features in DataStage XE reduce the learning curve. simplify administration. DataStage XE cuts the time processing requirements and linearly increases speed of throughput for integrating massive amounts of data. Development is done using sequential logic and the deployment configuration automatically adds the desired degree of parallelism. like any other enterprise data source. powerful DataStage XE's end-to-end meta debugging capabilities. and optimize the use of development resources resulting in a decreased development and maintenance cycle for data integration applications. The Industry’s Most Powerful Solution DataStage XE supports the collection. and an open data sharing among all the tools application programming interface (API) for leveraging external code. integration and transformation of high volumes of data. Advanced Data Type Management The DataStage XE architecture treats complex data structures. . weekly or monthly processing intervals. DataStage XE enables companies to spend less time developing their integration and more time reaping the benefits of it. as well as massive quantities of data that flood the system. If it’s in your enterprise. As a result. with data structures ranging from simple to highly complex. Developers also benefit from a versatile scripting language. This provides a key advantage over competing offerings that require the use of two separate tools to achieve the same functionality. it’s supported. deploying. Advanced Maintenance and Development DataStage XE features a powerful architecture that gives developers maximum speed. life cycle ensures that all relevant meta data is connected for a clear. such as click stream data or XML. capturing messages or extracting data at a moment’s notice on the same platform that also integrates bulk data. It also boosts developer productivity by eliminating the need to code new applications to run in parallel—a costly process that often requires the expertise of specialists. updating and managing their data integration infrastructure.

putting critical information at risk. DataStage XE can be managed directly using any enterprise-class scheduling tool. This capability—across the entire integration lifecycle process—is unique to Ascential. It reduces the overhead of storing and updating meta data in many separate catalogs by permitting the meta data to be shared across tools. Structures change. to present these in various formats and mediums. ETL tools. Powerful Pre-built Functions DataStage XE features the industry’s most extensive data integration development environment. Rule Conformance DataStage XE enables the testing of the data within and across data environments for the adherence to enterprise business rules and standards. Reuse. It looks at the interrelationships of data elements to determine if they satisfy the data relationships that the business requires. the quality of data can erode. Unlike competitive integration tools. And over time. to highlight and track data quality issues that materially affect the success of the integration Automated Data Quality Evaluation DataStage XE performs automated domain analysis to determine exactly what is present in the actual data values within a data environment. The meta data analysis and management capabilities of DataStage XE ensure integration and reuse of business rules across the entire business intelligence infrastructure for a seamless solution without requiring custom code. DataStage XE’s meta data management features help you manage your data assets by providing consistent and accurate meta data. DataStage XE tests the data—and relationships between data—within and across environments to ensure complete compliance with business rules and standards Measurement and Presentation of Data Quality Impacts Evaluation is the cornerstone of data quality. Event-based Scheduling Administrators can schedule any DataStage XE job using its built-in calendar-based. Reporting and graphical capabilities provide display features . graphical or command-line scheduling capability. with a library of more than 300 pre-built functions and routines that allows developers to simply pick and choose. test and deployment of jobs among multiple developers or DataStage XE servers. This means users gain the fullest semantic integration possible among modeling tools. rich meta data is lost and that business managers make critical decisions based on the best common understanding of their data. DataStage XE avoids the confusion and conflicting definitions of these other approaches by providing users with unique meta data sharing capabilities which are not constrained by just an ETL tool perspective. ensuring that no valuable. As a result. which cannot capture the complete meta data picture across an entire integration process due to their ETL-only bias. crucial for maintaining consistent. DataStage XE’s end-to-end meta data sharing among all tools within the data integration lifecycle ensures that all relevant meta data is connected for a clear. Enterprise End-To-End Meta Data Meta data integration is the glue of the data integration infrastructure. and end-user reporting tools.DataStage® XE Figure 2: This Impact Analysis diagram traces the usages of the Table Definition "Customer Detail" from the perspective of various tools— ERwin and DataStage. Versioning extends the development. and significantly enhances the productivity of developers and business analysts in managing the inevitable changes that occur on a regular basis. you have the means to prioritize and gauge the most effective methods for improvement. Versioning and Sharing DataStage XE shortens the development cycle by promoting reuse of existing data integration business logic. including web publishing. This works through the concept of containers. unambiguous picture of your business. it enables you to assess the relative impact and cost of data quality in a quantifiable way. Integrated Data Quality Assurance Data changes. which allow jobs and meta data created in one container to be shared and reused by other jobs. What is the condition of the data? How did it get corrupted? DataStage XE enables you to answer just these questions. Alternatively. DataStage XE’s quality assurance capabilities monitor the quality of data through the integration and beyond. clear and accurate analytic interpretations. And thanks to a robust metric facility. Cross tool impact analysis and data lineage reporting accrue as a natural by-product of this unique approach to meta data integration.

Users can subscribe to meta data publications on a one-time or recurring basis. to have the highest confidence in the data they use to drive revenues and DS-200229-0902 © 2002 Ascential Software Corporation. Ascential’s Enterprise Integration Suite enables businesses to achieve the fastest time-to-value for their strategic enterprise applications. Meta Data Delivery DataStage XE allows dynamic. Under direct Administrative control. Printed in USA 09/02. Headquartered in Westboro. names.100 customers in such industries as telecommunications. and to continuously realize more value and ROI from their data assets and IT systems. MA 01581 Toll Free: 800. the Administrator is able to instantiate the newly available Common Data Subject Area view model as a set of normalized relational tables within the same database schema as the MetaStage directory. All rights reserved. "Where did this data come from?" Query Builder This interface facilitates the simple navigation and filtering that enables queries to be provided in the form of online documentation or embedded in impact analysis templates. subscribers are automatically notified. Source System Tables.366.0 > Windows 2000 > Windows XP > Windows NT Version 4. 508. Meta Data Sharing and Reuse DataStage XE uses a "publish and subscribe" mechanism to distribute standard meta data from a variety of sources. Mass.ascentialsoftware. Data Lineage Using a meta data management graphical display. complete with hyperlinks for easy end-user access and navigation. This detailed level of sharing enables users to take advantage of true "end-to-end" meta data integration across the enterprise.ascentialsoftware. media/entertainment. The DataStage XE meta data management component works to efficiently collect events that occur in the data integration environment while remote servers transparently report their operational results back to DataStage XE. Tool Integrations > Business Objects > DataStage > Embarcadero ER/Studio > CA AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler > Cognos Impromptu > ODBC > Oracle Designer > Sybase PowerDesigner > MicroStrategy > Hyperion Essbase Integration Server > Informatica > Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) Operating Systems CLIENT > Windows NT Version 4. The trademarks and service marks shown are trademarks of Ascential Software Corporation or its affiliates and may be pending or registered in the United States and other jurisdictions. Business Intelligence tools. back to the staging database. These are also automatically propagated to any Web Site or Portal. end-to-end meta data management and data extraction. managers can review jobs and proactively identify bottlenecks and errors in processing. The query interface eliminates the need to write SQL to produce results. From a single vantage point. back to the operational data store. Ascential has offices worldwide and supports more than 2. All information is as of September 2002 and is subject to change. For example. insurance. data lineage answers the question. financial services. This will enable business users to construct cross impact tool analysis and discover business definitions.) This delivers the functionality necessary to ensure that changes to data structures do not corrupt critical downstream reports. When meta data changes.0 > Windows 2000 > SUN Solaris > IBM AIX > Compaq Tru64 > HP-UX Technical Specifications SERVER About Ascential Ascential Software Corporation offers the industry’s only scalable enterprise integration solution that spans the entire data life cycle: data profiling. manufacturing and retail. Other marks are the property of the owners of those marks. data quality management and cleansing. Cross-tool Impact Analysis Within DataStage XE. (See Figure 2. descriptions. transformation and loading. DataStage XE developers can use Publish and Subscribe to share and re-use DataStage XE components across multiple projects.. DataStage XE gives end users a full view of the data’s history so they can judge how it affects business analysis. OLAP Cubes and Entity/OO Modeling tools. visit our website at: www. . developers can perform in-depth dependency analysis to rapidly assess the impact of a change from a data warehouse. For more information on Ascential Software or a list of our international offices. Option 2 Tel. In healthcare/life sciences. 50 Washington Street Westboro. thereby shortening the integration development cycle. The result: fewer resource conflicts and fewer hours wasted attempting to contact field personnel to research problems or perform status reporting. table definitions and cube measures directly from their target Data Warehouse.3888 www. all the way to the original data sources and the data-modeling tool (such as AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler) that might have been used to specify them. data integration and business intelligence tools and standards.DataStage® XE Meta Data Integration DataStage XE provides maximum meta data integration and sharing among the industry’s most popular data modeling. Business Users are now able to use familiar tools to query their business and technical meta data directly.9875.966. batch-oriented and XSL-T customizable meta data delivery via reports and query results in XML or HTML format.

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