(company registration number: XXXXXX-Y)


Dear Esteemed Applicants Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry thank you for your interest to participate in this Agriculture NKEA Herbs Sub-sector initiative.

Kindly fill in the following information for your company within this Financial Projection Template: a. Financial Summary b. Profit & Loss Account c. Cash Flow Statement d. Balance Sheet Thank you for your support once again. Herbal Development Office Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry

R&D Activities 0 0 0 0 SUB-TOTAL Outsourcing of R&D Activities 0 SUB-TOTAL Prototyping 0 0 0 SUB-TOTAL Intellectual Property (please specify) SUB-TOTAL Others:-(please specify) SUB-TOTAL GRAND TOTAL NOTE: Kindly adjust the items above according to the nature of your company's business For salaries of your company's R&D staff. kindly indicate whether the staff hired are on a part-time (PT) or full-time (FT) basis SECTION 4 : PAST FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF COMPANY (RM) PAST PERFORMANCE Sales Profit/Loss before tax NOTE: Kindly complete the above with the past years' AUDITED FINANCIAL FIGURES for your company wherever relevant 2007 2008 2009 .FINANCIAL SUMMARY SECTION 1 : FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS (RM) YEAR Sales (Local) Sales (Exports) TOTAL SALES Net profit (loss) before tax Net operating cash flow Liquid Assets Stocks ( Inventory) Trade Debtors Current Assets Fixed Assets (net) Current Liablities Long-Term Liabilities Paid-up-Capital R&D Investment ( at cost) Networth ( cumulative ) 2010 2011 2012 2013 SECTION 2 : BREAKDOWN OF REVENUES (RM) DESCRIPTION 2011 2012 2013 TOTAL SECTION 3 : BREAKDOWN OF RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT COSTS (RM) DESCRIPTION R&D Staff Payroll 2010 2011 2012 2013 SUB-TOTAL Technology Acquisitions .

allowances & bonus Utilities Upkeep of office R & D expenses Others:Others:Others:Total G&A Sales & Marketing Expenses Advertisement Entertainment Printing and stationery Salaries and commissions Tender fee Travelling expenses Upkeep of motor vehicle Others:Others:Others:Total S&M Other Income PBDIT less: Amortisation of R&D Depreciation PBIT less: Financial Charges PROFIT / (LOSS) BEFORE TAXATION LESS : TAXATION PROFIT / (LOSS) AFTER TAXATION Minority Interest Distributable Profit less: Dividend Retained Profit / (Loss) For The Year Retained Profit / (Loss) B/fwd Retained Profit / (Loss) C/fwd 2011 RM 2012 RM 2013 RM .PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT PROJECTIONS 2010 RM SALES less: COST OF SALES GROSS PROFIT less: General & Administrative Expenses Professional fees Directors' remuneration Insurance Medical fee Rental of premises Salaries.

CASH FLOW STATEMENT 2010 RM Cash flows from operating activities Cash receipts from customers Cash paid to suppliers Cash paid to operating expenses & employees Net cash from/(used in) operating activities Cash flows from investing activities Investment Purchase of fixed assets Research & development Net cash from/( used in) investing activities Cash flows from financing activities Issuance of share capital Share Premium Dividend Paid (-) Long term loan/borrowings (+) Repayment of loan (-) Grant Interest income/(expense) Net cash from/( used in) financing activities Net increase( decrease) in cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents brought forward Cash and cash equivalents carried forward PROJECTIONS 2011 2012 RM RM 2013 RM .

BALANCE SHEET 2010 RM RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (net) INVESTMENT FIXED ASSETS (net) Land & Buildings Fixture & Fittings Office Equipment Vehicles .Motor Others PROJECTIONS 2011 2012 RM RM 2013 RM CURRENT ASSETS Trade debtors Cash and bank balances Prepayments & Deposits Stocks (non-tradeable) Less : Current Liabilities Other creditors Trade Creditors Accruals Short Term Loans NET CURRENT ASSETS NET ASSETS Financed By : Share Capital ( Paid-up capital) Share Premium Reserves Retained Profit C/fwd Long term liabilities Grants Debenture Long-term loans SHAREHOLDERS' NETWORTH .

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