The JFK Assassination and the Vatican

In his masterpieces The Secret Terrorists and The Enemy Unmasked, Bill Hughes explains how a Jesuit does not necessarily wear robes and a clerical collar, but acts as an "infiltrator/ agent" of his Church. Was Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald, an agent/coadjutor of the Jesuit Order? ==============

Jack was the last of the Rubenstein brothers to enter the service. Previously, Earl had enlisted in the Navy, Sam was in Army Air Force Intelligence and Hyman was in the field artillery.

Jack Ruby had a special relationship with the Dallas office of the F.B.I. In 1959 Ruby met at least nine times with one of the Dallas Bureau's agents. At that time he also purchased a microphone-equipped wrist watch, a bugged tie clip, a telephone bug, and a bugged attache case. These facts suggested that Jack Ruby was probably a regular informant with the local office. But Ruby may well have been working for the C.I.A. also. Individuals on the payroll of one agency are sometimes hired as contract employees for another agency within the intelligence community. During 1969, the same year in which Ruby was meeting with the F.B.I. agent, he took two flights to Cuba. One was for eight days. The other was an overnight turn-around flight. Earlier in the 1950s he had consulted a war supplies dealer about the purchase of 100 jeeps, one of the most valuable items for the rebels in Cuba whom the C.I.A. was supporting at that time. On a later occasion, he was deeply involved in gun running for the Cuban rebels supported by the Agency.

Confirming Garrison's circumstantial evidence that Ruby's gun-running might have been linked to CIA activity is research by Lisa Pease, who has been able to provide more information in support of a Ruby/CIA connection in this article: And if we're to believe Marita Lorenz (Former CIA Operative and JFK Assassination Whistleblower) then Jack Ruby was linked to CIA figures such as herself, E. Howard "Eduardo" Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and other members of the assassination team. Details of her account are documented in lawyer and Army Intelligence veteran Mark Lane's Plausible Denial.

Jack Ruby entertained Papal patsy Oswald (Whose cousin was a Jesuit), who he knew to be a CIA operative, at his club. He also entertained David Ferrie, the Jesuit-trained former Roman Catholic priest, CIA operative, radical right-winger, and Marcello henchman. He also entertained Jack Lawrence, an Air Force marksman who was heavily implicated as a shooter. In Garrison's book, On The Trail Of The Assassins, Garrison details how the night before the assassination, there was a meeting at the Carousel Club between Jack Ruby and two others -Jean Aase and Lawrence Meyers. Garrison shows us that Meyer's children found themselves in the military/intelligence community. His daughter, Vicki, worked as a nuclear chemist with a security clearance at the Energy Department-funded government nuclear reactor in Argonne, Illinois. Aase has a number of different names. His son, Ralph, did covert work for the Army Security Agency (Part of US Army Intelligence) outside of the US. Murdered/beaten prosecution witness Reverend Clyde Johnson did not testify at the Shaw trial, but he had met Shaw, using the name "Alton Bernard", Oswald, and Ruby together. Jack Ruby was a Freemason. Ruby worked for Richard M. Nixon prior to the JFK assassination. =============== JESUITS Jack Ruby's employment by the FBI and ties to the CIA are interesting in light of a Vatican connection to the assassination conspiracy. The FBI was, at the time, chiefed by J. Edgar Hoover -- a member of the elite Roman Catholic military order known as the Knights of Malta (Called "the Pope's militia" by some) and a 33rd degree Freemason. It had been founded by Charles J. Bonaparte, a Knight of Malta and trustee of the Catholic University of America. One of the top executives at the FBI, Cartha DeLoach, was a Knight of Malta, and many of the FBI agents, such as G. Gordon Liddy (Trained by the Jesuits of Fordham University), were recruited out of Jesuit institutions. The chief of the FBI's Counter-Intelligence/Dirty-Tricks/Espionage division (Division Five), alleged to be deeply involved in the major political assassinations of the 60s (JFK, RFK, MLK), was William Sullivan -- a graduate of the Jesuits' Boston College in Massachusetts. The CIA, at the time, was chiefed by John McCone, a Knight of Malta and an administrator of the Jesuit Loyola University. His predecessor, Allen Dulles (Fired by Kennedy, Appears to be one of the key men behind the assassination and cover-up), was a Knight of Malta and the uncle of Avery Dulles, a Jesuit priest. The "father of the CIA" was William Donovan, the WWII OSS chief who was a Knight of Malta and the recipient of the highest award given by the Roman Catholic Church (The Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester) -- less than 100 men have received that award in history. Other top operatives at the CIA at the time, such as James J. Angleton, the Buckley brothers, Nelson Rockefeller, Reinhard Gehlen, and George

H.W Bush were also Knights of Malta. The CIA might as well have been called the Catholic Intelligence Agency -- Clay Shaw, the CIA supervisor of Oswald in New Orleans, was a Knight of Malta. Witnesses have said that Ruby knew Clay Shaw (CIA/OSS), a Roman Catholic Knight of Malta and subordinate of Knight of Malta Louis M. Bloomfield, as well as the direct superior of Jesuit Loyola graduate J. B. Dauenhauer and the director of the Rome-based Permindex company. Witnesses have said that Ruby knew David Ferrie (CIA/CAP), a defrocked Roman Catholic priest who was trained at a private New Orleans Jesuit school. Witnesses have said that Ruby knew Lee Oswald (CIA/FBI/ONI/US-CUSTOMS), whose cousin, Eugene Murret, is a Jesuit. Witnesses have connected Ruby to the Sturgis/Hunt/Anti-Castro-Cuban "caravan", which, of course, was under Allen Dulles (Knight of Malta, Uncle of a Jesuit) and George H.W Bush (Knight of Malta, Son of a student of British Jesuits). Jack Ruby was an intelligence operative/informant for the FBI in Dallas. The FBI was headed by Freemason and Knight of Malta J. Edgar Hoover. Many of it's agents were recruited by Hoover out of prominent Jesuit institutions like Georgetown, Fordham, and Marquette. The third-in-command and real power behind the FBI was Cartha "Deke" DeLoach, who acted as the CIA-FBI "go-between" -- he was a Knight of Malta. The chief of the FBI's intelligence/ espionage/"dirty-tricks" division was William C. Sullivan, who received an honorary doctorate from Boston College, the Jesuit institution of Massachusetts. Jack Ruby's gun-running activities are connected to CIA operations, and Ruby has connections to people who are closely tied to or are employees of the CIA. The CIA, at the time, was headed by Allen Dulles, a Knight of Malta whose nephew, Avery, was a high-level Jesuit priest. The CIA had been founded by William J. "Wild Bill" Donovan, a Knight of Malta and the recipient of the Vatican's highest award (the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester), received by less than 100 men in history. Nelson Rockefeller, another key CIA figure, was a Knight of Malta. Nazi Intelligence Chief Reinhard Gehlen, who helped organize the CIA in Europe, was a Knight of Malta. James J. Angleton, the long-time chief of the CIA's CounterIntelligence activities and the Vatican/Israeli desks, was a Knight of Malta. At the time of the Kennedy assassination, the CIA chief was John A. McCone, a Knight of Malta and the administrator at a Jesuit university. Most CIA chiefs have been Knights of Malta and/or Jesuittrained. Jack Ruby was a Freemason. As Alberto Rivera and others have shown, Freemasonry is an arm of the Vatican's empire. Freemasons are subservient to the Jesuits. Jack Ruby worked for Richard M. Nixon -- Nixon was, of course, controlled by the Jesuits during his presidency. In fact, he had been politically created by Nazi/Bonesman Prescott Bush, who was trained by the Jesuits in England. -Lord Tsukasa ____________________________

Basically, what I'm arguing is that Ruby had unbelievably close ties to agencies/people/ institutions who were, without-a-doubt, Jesuit coadjutors/fronts. He was an FBI operative. At the time, the FBI, which was founded by a Knight of Malta and Catholic university trustee, was entirely chiefed and heavily made up of Catholics/Knights-ofMalta/Jesuit-trainees. He was linked to the CIA, which was likewise founded/heavily-controlled by Catholics, Knights of Malta, and Jesuit trainees. He was closely tied to people like Ferrie, Shaw, Oswald, and Nixon who had close ties to the Jesuits/Vatican. He was a Freemason, and Freemasonry is controlled by the Jesuits. And, let's not forget, he had very close ties to Israeli intelligence, which maintained a close relationship with the CIA through Knight of Malta James Angleton and with the Gehlen Organization, run by Knight of Malta Reinhard Gehlen. Furthermore, Israel was controlled by the Rothschilds, who were/are Vatican agents. If we dig into Ruby's connections, we can see how Jesuits may have indirectly manipulated him into shooting Oswald, or, if Eric Phelps is correct, pretending to shoot Oswald. Really, all one needs to do is look at the long history of subversion and treachery on the part of the Papists/Jesuits and then combine it with the fact that Kennedy, raised a Catholic, suddenly turned against: -The Vatican's "holy crusade" in Vietnam -The Vatican's primary intelligence arm in America (CIA) -The Vatican's central bank in America (Federal Reserve) And then started exposing secret societies! So, he basically double-crossed a worldwide, powerful intelligence network notorious for violently dethroning disloyal rulers and manipulating governments. Combine this with the fact that the Jesuits/Vatican had complete control over the following agencies at the time of the assassination: -FBI (Through Knights of Malta Hoover & DeLoach, Jesuit-honored Sullivan, and the countless Jesuit trainees/Catholics that Hoover recruited out of Jesuit institutions like Georgetown, Marquette, and Fordham) -CIA (Through Knights of Malta Dulles, McCone, Angleton, Buckley, Shaw, etc.) -Military Intelligence (Through Jesuit agent Joseph F. Carroll, chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency) -Secret Service (Through James Rowley, Roman Catholic brother of Jesuit priest Francis Rowley)

-Office of the Vice President (Through Lyndon Johnson, Jesuit-trained Freemason and close friend of a Roman Catholic priest) Mountains of research shows us that the above agencies planned and executed the assassination. Who fabricated evidence, intimidated witnesses, employed key suspects, and had connections to Oswald? CIA/FBI, controlled by their SMOM chiefs (Hoover and Dulles/McCone) Who is in charge of covert operations like the JFK assassination, had personnel in Dealey Plaza that day under suspicious circumstances, trained Oswald for intelligence work, had a file on Oswald in Dallas, and appeared to be providing the DPD/DA with information on Oswald after the shooting? Military-Intelligence, controlled by the Defense Intelligence Agency, directed by Joseph F. Carroll, a devoutly Roman Catholic student of the Jesuits. Who was behind the unbelievably lacking presidential protection, including the slow turn, open windows in Dealey, stand-down of railing guards, and lack of Secret Service protection in the immediate area? Why, the Secret Service, directed by James Rowley, a Roman Catholic and the brother of Jesuit Francis Rowley. Who was waiting to succeed Kennedy and take control of the cover-up after this coup occurred? Lyndon Johnson, who studied under the Jesuits at Georgetown University and who was a close friend of a Roman Catholic priest who resided at a Jesuit church. Who was the chosen patsy? Lee Harvey Oswald, a CIA/FBI/ONI/US-Customs operative whose cousin, Eugene Murret, was a Jesuit, and who spoke at a Jesuit House of Studies only months before the assassination. Who were his handlers? James Angleton, Knight of Malta. Reinhard Gehlen, Knight of Malta. Clay Shaw, Knight of Malta. David Ferrie, Jesuit-trained defrocked Catholic priest. Guy Banister, subservient to the Jesuits and member of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Who planned the assassination? Allen Dulles, Knight of Malta and uncle of a Jesuit priest. Rothschilds/Rockefellers, Jesuit/Vatican agents. Who supervised the assassination? George H.W Bush, Knight of Malta. John McCone, Knight of Malta. We can go on and on -- all roads lead to Rome here. -Lord Tsukasa