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Read the following instructions before using the instrument. A. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE MK 577 FROM THE POWER SUPPLY DURING THE CALIBRATION PROCESS. If the calibration is started, make sure that it is totally completed before the instrument is turned off (unit operates in flow rate mode). The incompleted calibration reduces the battery lifetime. B. BATTERY BACK UP. A 3.5 volt lithium battery saves the calibration factors (pipe sizes and K-factors) when MK 577 is turned off. This battery is connected to the micro processor via the 2nd and 3rd connections of terminal strip 1 (refer to Fig.3). The jumper connected on the above terminal strip (TS1) provides the proper connections for the battery backup activation. Removing this jumper, when unit is turned off, will result in losing the pre calibrated constants. In this case, the instrument has to be calibrated again (for calibration process, refer to the proper sections of this manual). C. MICROPROCESSOR RESET - The battery backup circuit is designed in a fashion that microprocessor cannot be reset due to the noise or power transients. However, for any practical reason, if units need to be reset, back up battery can be disconnected from the circuit. This can be accomplished by simply removing the BATTERY ON/OFF jumper from the terminal strip 1 (refer to Fig. 3). After jumper is removed, simply recycle the power supply voltage. This action resets the microprocessor. Make, sure to RETURN THE BATTERY ON/OFF jumper back to the original position.


EARTH GROUND (EARTH GND) The EARTHGROUND is provided on terminal strip 2 in order to minimize the HF, EMI and static electricity interference. Connect the EARTHGROUND (4th connection on TS2, refer to Fig 3) properly into a ground isolated from the circuit or shield ground (ex. earth ground in AC cord is typically separated from the circuit ground). If separated ground is not available, it is REQUIRED connecting the EARTH GROUND to either circuit or shield ground. This connection (panel to shield) is provided by a jumper connected between 3rd and 4th connections of the terminal strip 2 (refer to Fig. 3). Therefore, if an isolated ground is available, simply disconnect this jumper and connect the EARTH GROUND to the isolated ground. In other cases, when separate ground is sot available, make sure that the jumper between 3rd and 4th connections of TS2 is connected properly.


MK 577 DIGITAL FLOMETER INSTRUCTION MANUAL 1.0 INTRODUCTION This manual contains description, specifications, and instructions for the installation and operation of your MK 577 Digital Flometer. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL; it will answer most of your questions about use of the Digital Flometer. If you require further assistance, contact your Signet dealer. 1.1 DESCRIPTION The MK 577 Digital Flometer is a microprocessor-based instrument designed to indicate flow rate of a liquid by measuring the signal generated by a Signet flosensor. Variations in flow are damped by internal averaging with a time constant of approximately 9 seconds which yields an easytoread nonflickering readout. The display is updated every 2 seconds. The measurement is indicated on a 4 digit LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The units and multiplier (if any) are shown in a window below the display. The rugged, solid-state design of the MK 577 insures proper operation in highvibration environments. The range and scaling of the MK 577 is preset as ordered at the factory, according to specified ordering information. Standard units are gallons or liters per minute. However, the flometer can be factory-calibrated to measure virtually any volumetric unit from milliliters/second to acrefeet/day. The MK 577 requires no routine maintenance.


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The Digital Flometer is powered by a 12-volt nominal dc 125-milliamp source. The supplied ac/dc power converter permits operating the MK 577 using 117 + 10% volts ac at 60 Hz. An internal 3Vdc lithium battery for non-volatile internal memory is built into the unit. The MK 577 with appropriate plug-in input module is compatible with The Digital Flometer is powered by a 12volt nominal dc Signets MX 505, 508, 515/415, and 565 Flosensors. Input and output connections are made on a terminal strip mounted on the rear of the flometers case. A TTL compatible pulse output of the Digital Flometer can be used for data logging and computer interfacing. In addition, this output can drive other Signet instruments (except the MK 509 Self-Powered Flometer) resulting in systems that can measure, control, and/or integrate flow over a wide range of parameters. The MK 577 can be mounted in an instrument panel or on the optional mounting bracket. The front case of MX 577 is submergible. If the instrument is to be installed in a regularly wet or dusty environment, it should be housed in a Signet NEMArated enclosure. The MK 500.78 Conduit Adapter Kit is a waterproof enclosure for the rear of the MK 577. It provides openings to permit housing all cabling in conduit.

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