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Leisha Tringali 11 Indian Valley Road Pelham, New Hampshire 03076 ( 603 ) 893-9333

Department of Revenue / CSE Doug Comfort 100 Sylvan Road 100 Trade Center, Suite 760 Woburn, MA 01801

October 13, 2011 Dear Mr. Comfort, After review of case docket number 96D 1305 there is a dispute of whom has been ordered to pay child support. Leisha Tringali raises the issue of Due Process declaring proper service to her has never been served or ordered. Leisha Tringali declares that the Department of Transitional Assistance created a false identity of Leisha Eshbach and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue attached the Social Security Number of Leisha Tringali to Leisha Eshbach. This is Identity Theft. On or about April 18, 2002 the Department of Transitional Assistance Motioned for Temporary Orders for Support against Leisha Eshbach. The Department of Transitional Assistance further Requested for Financial Statement against Leisha Eshbach. On or about June 25, 2002 the Notice of Appearance of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, counsel for Department of Transitional Assistance was filed with the Middlesex Probate and Family Court. The Department of Transitional Assistance Motioned for Child Support as well as Requested a Financial Statement against Leisha Eshbach. A Summons was filed with a Date of Service of May 3, 2002 to Leisha Eshbach. On June 13, 2011 Leisha Tringali was denied the renewal of her license / operating privileges. The Department of Motor Vehicles declared that Leisha Tringali’s right to operate was under suspension by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a National Database Registry.

Upon receiving this letter Leisha Tringali expects her demands be met within 10 business day.

1. Leisha Tringali demands a copy of the signed child support judgment used by the Department of Revenue against Leisha Tringali. 2. Leisha Tringali demands a copy of the signed order for the Financial Statement against Leisha Tringali. 3. Leisha Tringali demands an accurate accounting of all moneys taken from her by use of her Social Security Number ***-**-0125. 4. LeishaTringali demands all money that was taken from her to pay child support of Leisha Eshbach be returned immediately. 5. LeishaTringali demands the Department of Revenue lift the suspension of her driving privileges immediately.

Lastly, I thank you in advance for a quick resolution. However, if the Department of Revenue is unwilling to comply I will have no other option than to file a law suit and take the matter to court.


Leisha Tringali CC: Navjeet Bal

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