How to config WebUtil 1.

06 in Developer Suite 10G on Windows
Assuming a fresh "Complete" install of Oracle Developer Suite, here are steps to get a small test form running, using WebUtil 1.06. Note: [OraHome] is used as an alias for your real oDS ORACLE_HOME.
1) Download

and extract to a temporary staging area. Do not attempt to use 1.7 or 1.9.
2) Copy or move jacob.jar and jacob.dll

[JacobStage] is the folder where you extracted Jacob, and will end in ...\jacob_18 cd [JacobStage] copy jacob.jar [OraHome]\forms\java\. copy jacob.dll [OraHome]\forms\webutil\. The Jacob staging area is no longer needed, and may be deleted.
3) Sign frmwebutil.jar and jacob.jar

Open a DOS command prompt. Add [OraHome]\jdk\bin to the PATH: set PATH=[OraHome]\jdk\bin;%PATH% Sign the files, and check the output for success: [OraHome]\forms\webutil\sign_webutil [OraHome]\forms\java\frmwebutil.jar [OraHome]\forms\webutil\sign_webutil [OraHome]\forms\java\jacob.jar Assuming you installed the software on c:\Developer so you'll run the previous Commands Like the following :
C:\Developer\forms\webutil\sign_webutil.bat C:\Developer\forms\java\frmwebutil.jar C:\Developer\forms\webutil\sign_webutil.bat C:\Developer\forms\java\jacob.jar

4) If you already have a schema in your RDBMS which contains the WebUtil stored

code,you may skip this step. Otherwise, Create a schema to hold the WebUtil stored code, and privileges needed to connect and create a stored package. Schema name "WEBUTIL" is recommended for no reason other than consistency over the user base. Open [OraHome]\forms\create_webutil_db.sql in a text editor, and delete or comment out the EXIT statement, to be able to see whether the objects were created witout errors. Start SQL*Plus as SYSTEM, and issue: CREATE USER webutil IDENTIFIED BY [password] DEFAULT TABLESPACE users TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp;

do a "Compile ALL" (shift-Control-K). Create a new button on a new canvas. to avoid having to connect to an RDBMS (optional).1 If the PLX is not generated. and remove the path.pll library would have to be attached with full path information to all forms wishing to use WebUtil.olb. CREATE PROCEDURE./ GRANT CONNECT. It is important to generate the PLX.jar to the CLASSPATH entry.6 Hangs Showing A White Screen" to ensure the js files are present 7) Start the OC4J instance 8) Start Forms Builder and connect to a schema in the RDBMS used in step (4).pll.0. and generate to PLX (Control-T). and issue: grant execute on webutil_db to public. This is NOT recommended. and append [OraHome] C:\Developer\jdk\jre\lib\rt. / CONNECT webutil/[password]@[connectstring] @[OraHome]\forms\create_webutil_db. to avoid the FRM-40039 discussed in Note 303682. . 6) Ensure javascript files are in the correct folder Review Note 377609. and Subclass (not Copy) the Webutil object to the form. Attach the Webutil. 9) Create a new FMB.webutil_db. There is no need to Subclass the WebutilConfig object.0. Add an ON-LOGON trigger with the code NULL. with the code show_webutil_information (TRUE).env. Open webutil. and then CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM webutil_db FOR webutil. / 5) Modify [OraHome]\forms\server\default.1 "Lauching Any Form After A Fresh Install Of Webutil 1.pll Library. the Webutil.sql -.6 Hangs Showing A White Screen" to ensure the js files are present Note 377609.Inspect SQL*Plus output for errors.1 "Lauching Any Form After A Fresh Install Of Webutil 1. / Reconnect as SYSTEM. Open webutil. CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM TO webutil.

otherwise there is an error message when opening the canvas in the new created fmb 12) Run your form. 10) Under Edit->Preferences->Runtime in Forms Builder. click on "Reset to Default" if the "Application Server URL" is empty. after doing a Compile-All (Shift-Control-K).jar and frmwebutil. .in a WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger.jar to CLASSPATH ([OraHome]\forms\server\default. Compile the FMB to FMX. Example 1 1 – From File menu choose (New) Then (Form) 2 – in the Object Navigator Click on (attached library) then (+) Button to add Webutil.env) or FORMS_BUILDER_CLASSPATH (at the Registry). so you end up with a URL of the form http://server:port/forms/frmservlet?config=webutil 11) Add jacob... Then append "?config=webutil" at the end.pll ( at the folder of Webutil106).

From the object Nevigator  object libraries  right Click  Choose object Library .olb 4 .3 – File  open  Choose Webutil.

5 – Drag the (Webutil) icon from the object Library and drop it in the Object Navigator (on the Module name) .

'GIF'. ‫ . with this button you can see the webutil's version information 8 – Run the Form and press the button to see the result.. 'Select a file to upload ' .'gif Files | *. open_file . image_id ITEM:=FIND_ITEM('photo.نفذ جميع الخطوات من حيث إنشاء‬ ‫ و‬Client_picture ‫ على الفورم و سمه‬image item ‫ ، و ضع أيضا‬upload_picture ‫2. 2 ‫مثال‬ . إلخ‬Webutil ‫ جديد و ووضع‬form ‫1.READ_IMAGE_FILE(v_file .في حدث الضغط على الزر‬ declare v_file varchar2(250):= CLIENT_GET_FILE_NAME(''. True)..gif|JPG |*.''. image_id). .JPG|' .ضع زرا على الفورم و لنسمه‬ ً ً . photo ‫ و سمه‬Control Block ‫إجعل الثنين داخل‬ : upload_picture ‫3.client_image'). begin CLIENT_IMAGE.6 – A message will apear  choose subclass 7 – Now you can add a push button to the form and in the (when-button-pressed) Add the following code : show_webutil_information (TRUE).


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