The Path To Awe

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Jon P Morrow

(The freedom party oath)

The Path to Awe
I am an American
I will not be dependent upon another man or entity I will endeavor to educate myself using truth, reason, and logic as my guides I will never become complacent For if I am complacent then I am no longer an American I will endeavor to lead and follow only when it benefits my faith, my family, and my country

I am an American
I am not afraid to become strong I will not become meek to be embraced by the meek I will not go quietly into the night for the darkness will fear me I will roar into the light of day the voice of freedom so that all may hear its blessings I shall fear no evil If I must walk through the shadow of the valley of death, surely, death will run from me

I am an American
No man shall lord over me No man shall break my will No temptation will corrupt me There is no mountain that I cannot climb There is no pain I cannot endure


The Path to Awe
Nothing will deter me from my goal

I am an American
There are no accomplishments not within my means If you are not with me, then you should surely fear me I give validation to truth, justice, honor, wisdom, and chivalry I will aspire to be more than my fellow man and myself I will endeavor to inspire those around me

I am an American
If your god opposes me, then surely he is not god If any man bears false witness to my actions he will face the wrath of my god If you fall before my sword on the field of battle your soul will most assuredly rest in hell If I should fall in battle before you then I will meet you in hell unless my god wills otherwise

I am an American
I will defend my family, my faith, and my country to my last dying breath with neither regret nor remorse I will travel the road of wisdom forever seeking the path to awe

Hear these words and embrace me as a brother or fear me as an enemy!

For I am an American!

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The Path to Awe

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The Path to Awe


The Path to Awe

The Templars and the Conservative Templars
The evolution of the Knights Templar's economic philosophy is the foundation for which all modern economies should be ran. The Templar’s equilibric principles lay the methodology to produce a robust and ever growing economy free from the normal ups and downs of current modern economies. But, to know about these principles you have to know a little about the history of the Conservative Knights Templar. Though I do not go into detail of their history, as this is not the focus of this book, I do intend to write a complete detail of how the Conservative Templar’s came to be. So if you are very familiar with the Templar story feel free to skip over this first part. The beginning of the Temple knights was enigmatic for its time, for as a knight during the feudal system of government, it was unheard of to take a vow of chastity and poverty. It was these vows that created the poor warrior monks that were to become the Temple knights of the Levant (Holy Land) and later to become known as the Knights Templar. This duality of warrior and monk also marks the start of equilibrism, the melding of two philosophical extreme points of view. The creation of something that was not to one end of the spectrum or another, but something that was in between, though held within the value confines of each extreme. The Templar was a being practicing


The Path to Awe equilibrism, an equilibrian, if you will. Vowed to two extremes yet existing somewhere in between. The reality of the Conservative Templar came about during the third crusade in the Levant. Some of the Knights began to question the ethics and morality of the decisions handed down by the Vatican and to a point questioned the violence perpetrated against other non-violent Christian sects that were labeled heretics. The Templar’s questions were further related to a relatively peaceful co existence with Islam. The Templar’s had been living in the Levant for some time with Islam at their doorstep and had befriended and respected many of their sworn enemy, as proof it was documented that some Persians were allowed to enter holy temples and pray to their God. It is this moderation of thought that the Templars became the first conservatives. Being conservative means that you are not at either extreme. A modern day conservative is supposed to be right and a liberal is supposed to be left. Throw all that nonsense out. The modern day conservative has not separated himself between the warrior (political) and the monk (religious) and has tried to blur the definition of each. Becoming quite inferior to the Templar, which is clear in thought and purpose because he has a clear separation of his ideology. Do not confuse this moderation with the present day moderate. A conservative is staunch in his moral and ethical values but because he is cognizant of free will he will not force his values on to another unless it is to protect his own values. A conservative will only sacrifice his viewpoint to maintain tranquility but will never sacrifice his values. Today’s moderate will sacrifice their moral and ethical values at the expense of their soul and never realize that they are doing it.


The Path to Awe By the end of the crusades the Templars commanded great wealth and vast holdings of lands they had earned by becoming the first bankers for pilgrims traveling to the Levant, but, the Templars had tired of war and living in the Middle East with a Muslim population on their doorstep. They realized that Muslims could coexist with Christians and Jews if Islam was not in control and there could be no preaching of the killing of infidels.The Templars had realized all to late that the fervor they displayed taking Jerusalem and they regret to this very day the killing of its population. The Templars at that time were radicals and not conservatives. Muslims did not have to be killed or converted but their warrior like religion had to be managed in the name of peace. The Templars and Masons made friends of the peaceful Muslims and even learned from them. This is reflected in Templar architecture an art. During the end of the Crusades the Templars had spared the lives of some prominent politicians in return for future favors. These were secret pacts of honor between sworn enemies. This was imparting the downfall of the Templars. It gave a greedy king and a Pope reason to dissolve the order due to heresy. The commanderies and preceptories that existed in the Middle East that were ruled by Templeanic Equilibric principles were eventually destroyed by the Muslim hordes when the order was dissolved. Many Templars still in the Levant were forewarned of their impending demise and fled to many different parts of the world to avoid execution from their fellow Christians. Many fled to Portugal and Scotland seeking refuge and some legends exist that say some fled to Greenland and even to present day America. The sect of Templars that were to become known as the Conservative Templars escaped into what is modern day Syria taking with them ancient scrolls


The Path to Awe found within the Holy land. They did this with the help of the politicians whose lives they had earlier spared. Once in Syria, living in secret among the Muslims, They used their wealth to obtain other holy relics that solidified their Gnostic like belief that God had meant man to be at peace with each other. These Templars had then set out to transform the world and then moved to where they no longer had to be secretive organization. They moved out of the cradle of their once sworn enemy and joined up with other Templars that had fled to Portugal and were now residing in Malta. They were just in time to help their brothers in arms to thwart a Turkish-Muslim invasion. This new group of Templars lived for a short time in peace on the island of Malta and this is the time that many of the scrolls in their possession were translated and through the education of these sacred scrolls, there was a new reinvigoration of the Templar’s faith that gave new purpose to the mission of the Templars. This is also where the Scottish born Knight Syngyn Quinn laid down upon parchment the equilibric principles of Templeanic law. Napoleon sailing by Malta on his way to plunder Egypt stopped by Malta under the guise of needing supplies and rest and upon entry overran the trusting Templars. The Scot Syngyn Quinn was captured alive and was used by Napoleon as a navigator and scout on his way to Africa. Syngyn had learned how to speak and read many languages and while Napoleon sacked Egypt, Napoleon was concerned with riches and not sacred relics. So Syngyn acquired more relics and more scrolls during the plunder. At the conclusion of the Egyptian campaign Syngyn escaped and made his way back to Malta. There he retrieved the secretly hidden scrolls and artifacts and took them to a safe haven in Scotland where another small group of Templars lived. All the


The Path to Awe scrolls over the next few years were deciphered and it allowed this group of Templars to gain knowledge that benefitted them by realizing through intelligence and persuasion other men might be manipulated into believing an ideology that they had been diametrically opposed to. Though not magic, when implemented, the effect of the manipulation was quite extraordinary and Syngyn realized this method of manipulation could be dangerous in the wrong hands so he vowed to use this new found power only for good and to hide this methodology. Other scrolls deciphered were determined to be the direct handwritten words of Christ and that of John the Baptist and that of Mohammed and Noah and that of many Pharaohs. Over 1500 scrolls in all. It was decided to hide the original scrolls in Scotland and three copies of each of the translations were to be separated so they could not fall into the hands of just one country. One set was sent into the heart of their persecutor and was hidden in the Vatican itself. Another set was sent to Malta. The last set was sent to sea with Syngyn Quinn and he was to not let the others know where the final resting place would be of the third set of scrolls but many believe the final resting place to be in America long before Christopher Columbus’s discovery of it making it the ultimate hiding spot. From some of the Translations now in the Knights of Malta’s possession it is believed that Syngyn had coded messages within the text so that their authenticity could be verified at a later date when the Pope could no longer punish them for their supposed blasphemy. Many had believed that these translated scrolls prove the religion of Christianity to be a farce and a hoax but after review by the Knights of Malta, this


The Path to Awe proved to be wrong. The scrolls reinforce the deity of Christ and the error of the Hidith and the Koran. It does reveal that some aspects of the bible are in error and have been misinterpreted and some aspects are of a political nature and have little to do with religion. In summary of these documents it spells out the schism between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism is due to the inferiority of man not to be able to hear God clearly. Templeanic law and its Equilibric Principles do not allow us to hear better but it puts us on a path to be able to better hear and to understand God through logic and reasoning. It is these laws and principles that allow all men and all religions to work together in a peaceful coexistence to not only benefit from knowing the word of God but also by improving the condition of all men.

The Meaning of Life
You may say to yourself “ Why are the Templars a Secret Society?” Most of what people see in the movies is inaccurate. Dan Brown (The Davinci Code) is one prime example of a person who can spin a good yarn but yet has no basis in reality of the story he tells. For a long time the Templars were a secret society because they either lived amongst the Muslim population or they were to be hunted down by the Vatican. Hence, for a long time they had to move in the shadows and keep their organization very secretive. The modern Templar is not secretive of the fact that he is a Templar but he is secretive about what information he releases to the public for the true power of the Templar is not an Ark or a Grail but it is their knowledge.


The Path to Awe The Conservative Templar is not an order of the Masons and do not have secret plans to rule the world as so many conspiracy theorists believe. I’ll share a secret with you. The overriding ambition of the Conservative Knights Templar is not world domination……it is……keeping everyone productive and successful. You may ask yourself, “Why are the Knights so concerned with everyone being productive and successful?” It sounds like their brand of conservatism is just their fascination with the almighty dollar. You have heard many cooaquillism’s that when put together explain why Templars do what they do. The Templars final goal is the revelation of the meaning of life. The ancient scrolls describe God as a most complex being and as in creation he is all around us as he has created everything. Not that be actually created everything but God was the beginning of everything. Everyday that man seeks to better his own condition he reveals minute fragments of Gods creation. So as science progresses it will prove rather than disprove his existence. Competition is productive as it instills drive, desire, discipline, and determination. It is this competitiveness that drives the machine of productivity, which in turn drives, mans overall progress. As science is ever evolving it keeps man productive and not stagnant. It is the trinity of Competition, Progress, and Science that reveals Gods handiwork. It is the belief of the Templars that man will someday gain the intelligence to hear God’s word clearly and the only way to that end is through Science and Free Will. You have heard such sayings, as “Idle hands are the hands of the devil”, “God’s work is never done”, “and God reveals himself in mysterious ways”. It is


The Path to Awe these sayings that help us down the path to Awe, which is the undeniable revelation of God. It is believed by the Templars that God endowed man with free will and man may either prosper by learning or destroy himself with ignorance. So the Templars are not driven by wealth, as some would have you believe but they are driven by the discovery of Gods revelations.

The path to Awe
The path of Awe is the journey of man to acquire wisdom from his environment and to recognize the natural order of man is both equilibric and conservative. The most religious faction of the Catholic Church realized these principles as being born of religion but not of a religious nature. They used these principles to grow wealth and reinforce their religion. The Templars were eventually persecuted for blasphemy against the church and against the crown for not sharing the wealth they had amassed. The Templars were silenced because they had stumbled upon a new way to live, to think, and how to look at religion and because this new way did not concentrate power to the crown or church the Templars were silenced. For far too long the principles learned by the Templars have fallen into the hands of an evil few and have been used by the greedy to create wealth by knowing man’s nature and to use it against him. It is hoped that this book will clearly illustrate the concept of conservatism and help you to recognize those that seek to use you as a pawn for their own selfish desires of greed and power. By not becoming a


The Path to Awe pawn you will have regained your free will and will be able to move down the path of Awe to a more free and prosperous society.

Chapter 1
Understanding Conservatism
Forget what you think you know about conservatism. A lot of what you have learned has been twisted or misrepresented, normally by a pure capitalist, which is not to be confused with an equilibrist. This book intertwines religion, philosophy, destiny, and fate. So there will be many that will be offended by this book, but, these principals of true conservatism were created to bring man closer together to live in harmony with each other. So please read the whole book before you get highly offended as the laws of conservatism are articulated and only the total inter-relationship of the laws shine the light of wisdom upon each individual law. There are a lot of so-called conservatives out in the world who are not conservatives at all. They are in fact, the exact opposite of a liberal, but that is not a conservative, it is an oppositionist. If you are a person that wants to enforce religious law or use mans law to


The Path to Awe control how others live then you are not a conservative. A core principle of conservatism is (It is inherit in man to want to live by his own accord) This means that man naturally does not like other people telling him what to do, feel, think, or act. In the Templars infinite wisdom they bore the idea that only God can impose God’s will and that this is not the domain of man. As each man is created and endowed with free will it is up to the individual to either accept or reject the grace of God in his or her own manner. So in other words, the religious right should hold to their convictions but not try to legislate morality or use man’s law as a tool to impose God’s will. Rather the religious right should go out and preach the gospel and use persuasion and not force as the tool of conversion. Though changing laws leads to a faster conversion it does not however leave you with a strong and faithful flock. It is also a Christian saying “The easy way is not always the right way!” So is such that conservatism is born from religion and is manufactured by man and by its very nature is nonreligious. Templeanic law is very precise on this measure as man’s law is judged before man and God’s law is imposed as the will of God. So man’s law will follow logic and God’s law will follow faith. The Templars learned and believed that only God is perfect and thereby man has to be imperfect. So the word of God handed down to man could be of an imperfect nature because it is man that is doing the translation. The essence of what God intended may be there but it may be of an imperfect nature. Ok, so real world terms how does this apply to the present day. Right off the bat lets apply this to the most divisive issue of our day “Abortion”. Following Templeanic law is abortion lawful.


The Path to Awe Is the answer black and white? Maybe. Not the answer you were hoping for? Let me explain to make it very clear to you the process of true conservatism. A Templeanic society has a core set of laws that apply to everyone and then there are another set of moral laws that are passed by the majority of individuals living within a community. So community law is the flavor of morals in your community. Abortion, gambling, drugs, prostitution, alcohol are all left to community law. Abortion, however, is not just a moral concern; it defies natural law, which is the core set of laws. So the Templars decided, that so is the basis of the end of life is decided, then so shall the basis of the beginning of life be determined. In today’s standard that would be brain activity. If you have no brain activity you are legally dead so if you have brain activity you are legally alive. Though I don’t like it, that it means, since a baby does not have a brain wave until the twelfth week from conception, that means under Templeanic law their Core law would allow no abortions the twelfth week or after. Now the community in which you live is free to pass their own laws that may be in addition but may not overrule the Core law, and ban all abortions. Community laws are laws that must be passed every year by a vote of two thirds of all possible voters. So under Templeanic law, yes abortion could be legal, but in a moral community it would be illegal and in an immoral community it might be legal. Now, what about a child getting an abortion? The Templars believed that a child by their very definition do not have the capacity or rationale to make good decisions and it is up to their parents to infer wisdom upon their child so that man may prosper by the wealth of knowledge gained through adversity and shared through good will.


The Path to Awe This means the parents make the decisions for their children as long as it is within the law and no community may circumvent the law of another community, especially, as it pertains to their children. In other words a child could not legally get an abortion elsewhere if the parents did not condone it. Keep in mind the Christian Templars abhorred abortion but anything that transpires before a child becomes living is a moral matter and a Templar is vowed on not forcing their morals upon others. This creates a society where there are communities that have abortion and ones that do not. So it separates society on one level but a core set of laws joins society on another level. The Templars fought against the Islamic empires of the day and recognized a theocracy, no matter how well intentioned, subjugates mans free will and thereby worsen the human condition. Again, it is not government’s domain to legislate morals this is the church’s domain to spread morality in such a tone that the flock willingly accepts it. As such, an atheist can be a moral man and not be a man of religion as long as he recognizes morals as being good and just. That explains why a person who does not accept God may prosper. So you have learned a core principle (It is inherit to man that he live by his own accord) You’ve learned a core law (So that it is by which that man decides death shall be his basis for determining life) And a core philosophy (God is the only means of perfection and man is less than God so man is decidedly imperfect.)


The Path to Awe See how the law articulates life with death. It is a binding logic to bind death with life. Though, reported abortions were very rare during the time of the Templars their recognition of it in some preceptories was well ahead of its time. Since life is tied to death then the more you push the envelope of science in one direction it furthers it in the opposite direction. Just like one law of physics, an equal but opposite reaction. So as mans technology improves so shall his morality. Consider this, at one time you had to be born to be considered alive, with a heartbeat and respiration. Then it was found to hear an unborn’s heart beat and now you can measure their brainwave activity. So this imparts another profound philosophy (God reveals himself through the acquired wisdom of man.) So even an atheist can do the work of God. Any man of science or technology is actually doing gods work by revealing the nature of God to the rest of the world. Even a scientist that seeks to disprove the existence of God unwittingly will help to prove his existence by this field of exploration…remember equal but opposite results. The core principle of man wanting to live by his own accord interrelates with the biblical concept of free will and the ability to choose between the path of good or the path of evil. It also interrelates with the core philosophy that if man is imperfect how can man judge another as living imperfectly, which also interrelates with, “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” So by binding the ever changing concepts of life and death, from one extreme to another, it provides for mans imperfection by not being able to discern the finality of these extremes and that by acquiring wisdom brings forth revelations of the creator. So principle, law, and philosophy interrelate and seamlessly mesh together. The recognition of these


The Path to Awe building blocks of connections is the foundation for Templeanic Equilibric Principles of Conservatism.

Chapter 2 The Nature of Man
So you have decided to read on. You undoubtedly have reservations on what has been explained so, far or are intrigued and want to know more! Either way, great! I took the most divisive topic to talk about first to see if you grasp the concept. This was kind of out of sequence in traveling down the path to Awe and with any journey it should start at the beginning so lets rewind a bit. The first core principle from which all other principles are derived is: 1) Man shall always have wants Now if you have taken any basic accounting principles in school you will recognize this principle as a core principle of American economics. If you study this message you will find it to be true. Needs of a man are also wants. Food, shelter, air, water, and procreation are all wants, including life. If you deprive yourself of a need you may take your own life but Templars assume you want to live. So by man having wants relates back to “Free Will”. 2) Satisfaction or Success is mans ability to acquire wants. This includes material and nonmaterial items. If a person limits their wants then that person is more easily satisfied. If a person has abundant wants then that person is harder to satisfy. It is also true the more intelligent you are the harder it is to be satisfied. This is why a free and prosperous society embraces education and Tyrants and Dictatorships shun


The Path to Awe education, as a less intelligent people are more easily satisfied and thereby more easily pacified. 3) Man must face adversity in obtaining wants unless they are gifted of stolen. Adversity in contemporary terms is your job. We must toil to earn money to buy wants. This, in another term, is we earn what we acquire unless it is a gift or it is stolen. 4) Value is mans ability to defend acquired wants through threat of force. Think of it as a $100 bill has no value to you if you do not have the will to defend someone else from taking it. Sure, it has vale to the person doing the taking but if you were a millionaire you would probably put up less of a fight than the person earning only a minimum wage. Hence; value is only in the eye of the beholder. 5) That which man has obtained through adversity has a value assigned to it proportional to the amount of adversity encountered in obtaining the want. In laymen’s terms; the harder you work for something the more value you assign to it. This is why something given does not have the same value as something earned. This is also why so many religions are against gambling as it actually helps to devalue currency. Ask yourself this: If you played a quarter in a slot machine at a casino and won $10,000 and upon exiting the casino you encounter a mugger. Would you be more apt to defend that money with your life as compared to the same amount of money you had earned making minimum wage? Almost all would more vehemently defend the earned money as compared to the unearned money.


The Path to Awe This is the reason that government sponsored social programs do not work and are never really intended to work but, this issue will be dealt with greater introspection on down the road. You can see from the first five principles how “wants,” relate to “success,” that relate to “adversity,” that relates to “value” and the threat of violence in defense of what has been earned. The Templars derived that the natural order of man is violent or the threat of violence and that violence is a necessary evil in maintaining an orderly society where man may flourish and prosper. Think about if there were no consequences to your actions, then chaos would reign supreme and only the mighty may rule and mankind would languish in stagnation forever. There would be no good if there were no evil. It is this Ying and Yang that balances a society. By not being at either extreme, but in an equilibrism, man prospers to his fullest potential. It is this reason that the first five principles lay the groundwork for the principles of Equilibrism.

Valorem Esplande (Equilibric Principle #1)
Wants = Adversity = Defense = Value = Success The next set of principles begins the complexity of conservatism but all the principles are derived from the first five, which are also known as the “Pyramid of Man’s Core” The base is formed by Adversity, Wants, Defense, and Value and at the pinnacle of the Pyramid is Success. Consumption and wants are inexorably linked and drive all economies. It is consumption that creates a need for man to constantly create new wealth. Look at consumption in terms of food; we always have to


The Path to Awe produce food to sustain ourselves and the creation of food creates new wealth. It is the consumption of food that destroys wealth. Wealth is constantly being destroyed by consumption and in order to retain wealth man will seek to minimize his consumption. Minimizing consumption is achieved in a number of different ways. The first way that comes to mind is conservation, but that is the most obvious one. Why do we constantly build better products? Cars that once only lasted three to four years now last fifteen to twenty years. This ever-increasing quality that we build into products reduces consumption by lengthening the lifespan of our products. Technology is a science of improving quality and also pushes products into obsolescence causing a temporary rise in consumption but an overall decrease in consumption as newer better products are brought to market. It is through this grand design that man shall reveal the true nature of God by bettering his own condition by trying to maximize his own wealth. By maximizing wealth man shall find true wealth by finding God and sharing in the brotherhood of man.

Chapter 3 The Complexity of Conservatism
6) Prosperity is mans ability to satisfy wants


The Path to Awe The easier it is for man to obtain his wants the more satisfied man becomes. If man obtains his wants with too little adversity then man will not prosper because man cannot gain wisdom without adversity. It is a tenant of the sixth principle that if man does not face adversity he will create adversity for himself through change of “wants”. By this principle it can be assumed that man’s wants are ever evolving. So mans wants are not stagnant and as such man can never be totally satisfied. 7) The more wants that are satisfied through wisdom, the more prosperous man is, so, man can only be prosperous through “Freedom of Choice” Wisdom is the only true gift you cannot give irresponsibly. Since wisdom can be gained through education, this passing of knowledge, allows men to better their condition but, it also raises the bar on satisfying their wants. So, mankind as a whole will prosper even though there will still be many wants unfulfilled. It is easier to satisfy wants through wisdom gained through education rather than wisdom gained through adversity. So, in essence, the more educated a society is the more prosperous it is. 8) Man acquires wisdom in making decisions to acquire wants. Man makes decisions in acquiring wants and he learns from the decisions he makes. This education allows him to be successful. Wisdom is not simply remembering what you have learned but it is the understanding and practical application of what you have learned. So education is like a container full of data and wisdom is understanding the data and putting it to good use. It is the same as someone you would call book smart (able to recall facts and figures) but not able to make good decisions.


The Path to Awe 9) To limit mans decisions, limits his ability to obtain wants and acquire wisdom. This reinforces the importance of free will and draws the parallel of decision-making and mans ability to learn. The people that have started out life at the bottom of the ladder of success recognize this rule far better than those that start somewhere near the middle or the top. Government rules, programs, fees, and taxes, though some are well intentioned, do nothing but hold those back that they were designed to help. Take Hurricane Katrina for an example. There were so many people that were on welfare and section 8 housing before the storm and after the storm literally kicked them out of a socialized (government provided) lifestyle many now have jobs and are starting to enjoy a taste of success. Much of urban blight is caused by the very programs intended to help reduce it, because programs that should only of been temporary became permanent The permanency of these programs has caused dependency and when you make a man dependent you limit his ability to make decision and thereby keep him un-educated and easy to control. If you pay for a mans house (Section 8 housing) and you pay to feed his family (various welfare programs) and you pay for his transportation (public transportation). You have made many of his decisions for him. Since this man does not have a job but you are providing for him he is uninterested in moving to where jobs are plentiful, he is without ambition if he is uneducated for he has simple wants and those wants are being provided by the government so he is satisfied. This man is so content with the scraps he is given he doesn’t recognize that the steak would taste oh, so much better. This man, who is satisfied by government programs, will never make anything of himself because of dependency and he will actually resent it if you try to pull him to the table and show him the steak.


The Path to Awe Charity has its place as a hand up and not as a handout. Charity is temporary and never permanent and charity is not the domain of the government but it is the domain of religion and the brotherhood of man. By providing for a certain set of people and not for another you favor one above another and that divides society by destroying brotherhood (mans concern for one another). You could not stop all the welfare programs in America overnight, not because of the poor’s condition but because of the condition of the wealthy and their apathy toward the poor. This hatred has been caused by the government by not recognizing its most precious tenant….”All men are created equal” and like a child resentful of the fact their parents favor a sibling, the wealthy will retaliate given the opportunity. Now this is not to say our wealthy are not the most charitable in the world, but our middle class, that the poor seem to consider wealthy, have been trying to shrug off the monkey of socialism so they can climb higher up the ladder, would initially show no concern for the welfare of their fellow man, but would over a period of time after the removal of such government programs. Man showing concern for their fellow human being makes for a stronger and a much more cohesive society. 10)Man limits free will by creating laws, which disproportionately limit chaos, and ensures the domestic tranquility in order to provide a common environment for the prosperity of man. The laws of any state are rules that the majority agrees upon that keep in check what the citizens of the state consider a detriment to prosperity. This is why differing nations have differing laws. No single set of laws can be applied to all people for everyone has a different interpretation of what prosperity is.


The Path to Awe So it is that a State with an abundance of laws will not prosper because its limit free will too much and it is also so that a state with a limited amount of laws shall prosper abundantly. So it is inherit in nature that man needs just a few laws to maintain a government and be a “government of the people” and not a “government over the people”. It is meant for a core set of laws of which all can agree upon to rule the domain of a land considered a nation and another set of lesser laws to rule the villages in which the populous reside. This is not like our federal, state, and local forms of government. The Templars saw federal laws as being stagnant and permanent. A set of a few laws to keep the nation cohesive and they foresaw state government as more of a business and banking entity that regulated trade and money for a certain area. They saw the local (village) law as being much more powerful. They saw that the smaller the unit you break power up into the more powerful you make the whole as long as the governing body is limited. This type of nation they foresaw would have many flavors in many communities and each may flourish or die dependent upon the laws they enacted. This also gives the citizen of the realm to move to a community that best fits his character. So you would have communities that would have legal gambling and prostitution and others that would not. Since the higher government would not subsidize communities their failure or success would help guide the natural evolution of the Nation. Templars foresaw that by natural means and not by imposition that a nation will in time adopt more Christian like values because their system of brotherhood and respect for life produce a far stronger government free from religious influences than any other ideology. 11)A man that does not face adversity will be dependent upon the man or men who face adversity or he will cease to exist.


The Path to Awe This means that any man that relies on the welfare of others is knowingly or unknowingly a slave to this dependency and the man he is dependent upon. It is a fact, all social programs depend upon those that are productive as they are wealth creators. As such any man that is bound by dependency cannot relieve himself of these shackles and prosper. So it goes that a dependent man is an impediment to a prosperous society. So should it be by this principle that free men resolutely stand against all forms of slavery and dependency. Slavery and dependency squelches mans potential. This principle relates to a Christian principle: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” and “God helps those who help themselves” and an American adage “ All true men must learn to stand on their own two feet”. This principle draws the parallel between wisdom and charity. If you do not educate yourself or go out in the world to learn among other men then you will be a slave unto another man or men (government). To educate yourself is to free yourself from dependency. This is not to say that charity is a bad thing. A person may be responsible or irresponsible with their charity. On the path to Awe sometimes one needs a little help to stay on the path whereas others may just park themselves at a rest area. There is a natural incentive for all men to be productive and that incentive is survival. If you take away that stagnation deterrent then charity is abusive. So give to a responsible charity for if you give to one that is irresponsible then you partake in an enterprise no less vile than that of a crack dealer. There is no


The Path to Awe difference making a soul dependent upon a drug or chemical than making him dependent upon a charity. The result is always the same and society suffers. So that it is that the most uneducated are normally the poorest and the most educated the richest. 12)Man is born devoid of values, if man does not acquire values through adversity or wisdom he will acquire them from his environment. This draws the difference of being raised by your parents or being raised by a community. If you are raised in a bad community you will become a bad person unless you have good parents that impart good values unto you. The opposite is true if you live in a good community but have bad parents. The point is if a person is left solely to the environment then he will take on the traits of his environment. 13)Void of wisdom, mans environment will significantly affect mans character. This principle relates to the twelfth principle but is meant not as an impression unto a child but to an adult. If man is stagnant in acquiring wisdom eventually the environment in which he lives will change his character. 14)Moral values are the decisions that a man makes based upon interaction with others that are a benefit to man’s prosperity Inner values are a man’s individual definition of good and evil The character of a man is made up of his moral and inner values


The Path to Awe This multipart principle explains the character of a man and how values determine that character. It is out of this principle that both honor and nobility are born. 15)All men are created of both good and evil. This principle recognizes that all men have the capacity to do good and to do evil. It is the wisdom that we gain that imbues our values, our character, and our belief system with whether or not our actions in life are perceived by others to be good or evil. Man cannot be the final judge of who is good or evil, that is the dominion of the creator. For a man who starts a war, maybe considered a good man by the men on his side, but, the men that oppose him will consider him evil. The men that will judge the other men are the men that will win the war, but that does not make the cause any more or less noble within the eyes of the creator for he will judge you as he sees fit and not by populous thought. This is why there is an inherit good In the Christian belief system and has time after time vanquished many foes many times their own size. A Christian soldier is of a sound mind he is doing the work of the righteous because he is free and he values life, so, his belief system will let him transgress mans perceived evil in order accomplish the will of God. This principle allows a Christian to kill in order to keep him and others from being killed. In laymen’s terms “It is okay to commit a small act of evil to prevent a larger act of evil.” God views this as a good man must make a sacrifice in his beliefs, as this is an admission of mans imperfection, so once this sacrifice (admission) is made, a Christian soldier is wholly within the grace of God.


The Path to Awe As so that it is with all Knights Templar that they vow only to take a life when necessary and the life they take must be more evil than their own, and that they ask for absolution for the admission of imperfection in life, so that they maybe graced with the realm of perfection in death. So now we have gone through the first 15 principles of conservatism. The principle at the core of the 15 is: It is inherit in man to want to live life by his own accord and it is for him to do so as long as he does not adversely affect the prosperity of others. Now doesn’t this sound pretty liberal to you. I mean this is what the hippies preached in the 60’s and 70’s…. but they also did not want to embrace the other side of the coin….responsibility. There cannot be peace and love without war because it is not in the nature of man. All peace and love means that absolutely everything has no value and it is in mans nature to apply value to life. So a liberal ideal is embraced by conservatism. It is only through equilibrism that you can see how both sides relate. Man is a creature of nature and the sooner this reality overcomes extremist, the sooner they can work their differences out without compromising their principles. Liberalism looks at just one side of an argument and says, “This is the way things ought to be” this is said with heart, but with no thought. Conservatism looks at the argument and says “Looking at the facts this is what is possible” Equilibrism looks at both sides and uses what is the eventual outcome of putting a plan into action knowing the nature of man. What pure conservatism (as it is now known) and pure liberalism do not take into account is the nature of man. So the brand of true conservatism is


The Path to Awe equilibric in nature and not extremist. By operating a society in such a natural manner, is superior to any other form of government, because each individual within its nation is empowered, enlightened, and therefore strong. A nation not following these principles will always be plagued with the disease of the weak, the lethargic, and those that are unproductive. Just what exactly is equilibrism? It was the thought of the Cathars and the Knights Templar that all of nature exist in an equilibrium. There are always two forces that work against each other such as good and evil and each is necessary for the tranquility of nature. If good conquered evil then there would no longer be any good and if evil conquered good then there would be no evil, for without the one the other would not exist. So as it is in nature, then so should man apply nature towards his actions. It is not in the nature of man to be natural. It is up to man to observe his surroundings that were made by the creator and apply the order of nature to man (which is unnatural). Society should be treated as a living organism as well as its economic markets. Like a single celled organism that has a cell wall, naturestrengthens that wall to a point where it is ready to divide and then those cells reinforce their walls again and then start to divide exponentially. The foundation of equilibrism is to strengthen the individual and then the family, and then the neighborhood, and then the village, and then the county, and then the state, and then the nation, and eventually the world. Yet this is a world with boundaries, different laws and rules within countries, and different economies. It is this diversity that gives man many different approaches to obtaining prosperity in working his way down the path to Awe. Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and Fascism are self defeating forms of government because they do not strengthen themselves from within, so, when


The Path to Awe acted upon by an outside force they can easily be crushed. This means like a cardboard box (the nation) filled with soap bubbles (representing the people) when acted upon by an outside force, the box is easily crushed flat. Capitalism can be turned to Socialism through greed and corruption such as is the transformation America is now seeing. The American republic is supremely susceptible to the communist influence because its government is created from taxes paid by taxpayers and yet even non-taxpayers get a vote on what to do with the taxpayers money. To end this influence America simply needs to enact a law that takes away a citizens right to vote and put it into the hands of the citizen taxpayer. America’s current capitalism is a box equally filled with air filled rubber balls with thin walls, some with thick walls, and the rest are soap bubbles. Deforming the box is easy but it is very hard to crush flat. Equilibrism on the other hand lets natural order take its course and strengthens from the individual up as a nation. The cardboard box of equilibrism is a box filled with varying sizes of solid rubber balls. This box can barely be dented. Enough about Equilibrism for now as we will get into that when we delve into economics and government organization. So what have we learned about conservatism? Most people don’t realize a true conservative wants you to live your life the way you want, so long as you do not adversely affect others prosperity. This principle makes the society diverse (following many paths) not as in communism or socialism (following one path, that has been chosen for you). By allowing everyone to choose their own path in life it allows man to become strong by the education of many among


The Path to Awe many paths. Yet it is only through conservatism that many people following many paths can be united so that all may flourish in the destination of prosperity. A conservative does not want you to be dependent upon him or anything else because if you are dependent you are not free; if you are not free you cannot prosper. If enough people do not prosper then the conservative cannot prosper. So even though it is self-serving, a conservative wishes well to his fellow man because he realizes that we are all in this boat of life together. Yes, it is a Christian principle that the term “God bless you” is so often said to wish well upon another. The term the Templars used when dealing with many religions is one heard in the sci-fi series Star Trek as uttered by Spock….”May you live long and prosper” So if you hear someone use this term they may be a Templar or an enlightened conservative. It is inherit in conservatism that you keep what you earn so by this logic you can extrapolate that conservatism stands for low taxation and small but strong government. As you will see as we go along the associated Templeanic laws and philosophies answer a number of questions such as how do we help the elderly, the infirmed, and orphans.


The Path to Awe

Chapter 4 It’s The Economy, Stupid
How did the Templars gain such immense wealth? The Templars with their land holdings had more wealth than any single European nation at the time. Some records showed they basically owned two thirds of France. With their preceptories and commanderies which were basically small fortified villages that were both a place of business and the first international banks. If you do not know anything of the Templars then you should know that the Knights Templar, in a nutshell, started banks for pilgrims traveling to the holy land so the pilgrims did not have to carry so much money with them that they would be easy targets for thieves. It was very costly to visit the holy land (Levant) in those days and it was not uncommon for a pilgrim to sell all they had to make the trip. If a pilgrim were killed during their journey then the amount they placed in the Templar bank would then become the Templars. The Templars were trusted implicitly with the funds of others, as the Templars themselves had taken a vow of chastity. It was from the pilgrims funds they were able to make large investments that rewarded them handsomely and so their wealth grew and grew. The Templars demise came about for only one reason. They were far to successful and the Crown and the Church perceived the Templars as a threat. The real reason for the success of the Templars became their business acumen because they were the first equal opportunists. They did not discriminate of who they did business with mainly because they were first and foremost a loyal order of monks and since we are all of Gods creation in their eyes they showed no bias when it came to doing business with you. The


The Path to Awe Templars could also be trusted and were known for doing what was in the best interest of their customers. Many scholars are divided upon how they made such fantastic wealth and many conspiracies abound. Some say it was plunder from the crusades and other say that holy relics imbued them with supernatural powers to control people to forfeit their money. In all actuality, it was simply just good ole plain business sense. Under the auspices of the Pope the Templars routinely did business with other religions in order to help them accomplish their goals. They did not let religion blind them to the fact that man is far more prosperous when working together than when working against each other. The Templars had recognized that the Church had become far to political and realized that they had been fighting a theocracy in the Middle East only to see the Church becoming ever more theocratic itself. The Templars had always planned for worst case scenarios, they gathered the most sacred relics and scrolls recovered from the crusades and started translating the scrolls and the artifacts themselves, for fear the Church and the Crown could merge, or that in a struggle one could become victorious and that what they had risked their lives to retrieve would somehow become lost. The Templars in essence became the backup repository of knowledge of ancient and holy artifacts. Within these artifacts a document was found that is believed to be written by Jesus himself. Its title translates into “The Path to Awe”. It explains the true power of free will and the potential of man through mind and spirit. The Templars realized these papyrus scrolls should never fall into the hands of any current government for they would destroy the scrolls and as


The Path to Awe cozy as the Pope was with the crown they were not going to give this information to their superiors. The Templars were not capitalist, and they were not socialist, nor were they communist, but were Equilibrist. Equilibric principles allow the only true path to prosperity for all and it is these principles that help form Templeanic Law. You can say what you want to about Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Marxism, even though these ideologies can create a lot of power quickly in the long run all these ideologies fail because they do not embrace and empower the individual, and the individual is the foundation of the society. All of these Ideologies have been tried and have failed to create the Utopia that they all promise because their fundamental flaw is they do not recognize the true nature of man. Capitalism touts freedom and a path to climb the ladder of success but due to greed and corruption there is a whole portion of society that has had their rungs on the ladder greased. A purely capitalist society does not embrace the concept that the individual prospers only if others prosper. Capitalism is also fundamentally flawed because it does not take into account mans nature. Capitalism as it evolves will then give you the same result as the other ideologies, freedom will collapse and the society will become a dictatorship through greed and corruption. Equilibrism is a form of capitalism but working within a limited set of self imposed rules. These rules benefit man because they recognize the nature of man and put into place controls so that this ideology will not self-destruct. Equilibrism is capitalism with checks and balances so everyone still gets an equal opportunity to prosper but wealth is not allowed to


The Path to Awe concentrate to the point where it could corrupt the government. Equilibrism does not make all men equal. It merely provides the environment where all men have an equal chance to make their wealth and that individuals may not adversely affect another mans prosperity for short-term wealth. Equilibrism offers an equal opportunity to everyone regardless of race, creed, color, and religion as long as they can function within the laws of the realm. Equilibrism ignores diversity and embraces unity. Diversity accentuates the differences among men and unity accentuates the commonness among men. You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall.” This represents the melting pot of America. This is an Equilibric ideology that has in recent times been torn asunder in the name of diversity, “affirmative action” is an order by the government to favor a certain group of people rather than have the government treat each individual as an equal. By inferring special rights upon a select few you accentuate the division among us. By taking many different people traveling down many different paths and using what is common between them all they can be bound together into a cohesive society. That is Unity. Unity is to unite all of the diverse so that man would prosper more than he would alone. So by accentuating what is common, man may bond with other men and use their diversity in their individual way to help better strengthen the core. How a man fares financially in an equilibric economy is based upon four factors that make up their destiny. 1) Drive


The Path to Awe 2) Desire 3) Discipline 4) Determination These four elements make the base of a Pyramid of Destiny and at the pinnacle is Destiny. These four items are items that any man might possess and as such there cannot be any discrimination to any man upon these items, for these are items that are created from within man himself. I know you’ve been telling yourself “The author has been very esoterical in describing equilibrism.”, so, in contemporary terms how would such an ideology affect the current day? Equilibrism does not distribute wealth (it does not take from the rich and give to the poor). Wealth is naturally distributed, what equilibrism does is prevent the unnatural concentration of wealth, which is associated with greed and corruption. Can you be rich in an Equilibric society? Most definitely! As long as you have earned it. Capitalists want unregulated markets and from any unbiased study of the market from a purely economic standpoint you would have to agree with them. A major item holding back the American economy is over-regulation. The regulation that the markets need is a simple and a vastly different form of regulation. Regulation that takes the chaos of an open market and stabilizes it in a more manageable and much more prosperous market with self regulating checks and balances that does not concentrate power within the government. Lets look at Equilibric Economic Laws as applied to today’s markets. 1) No man, nor entity, shall benefit from the toils of another man an amount that


The Path to Awe would be in excess of one third of the mans wages. This law forces a just distribution of wealth in manufacturing markets. In essence, forced profit sharing. The owner of a company may be an employee of the company and be paid a wage rather than just deriving profit from income, but an owner may not pay himself a wage in excess of twice the amount of the highest paid non-owner employee. The owner may derive wealth from both a wage and the profit a company makes. The government does not receive taxes from the profit of a company and thereby unnatural concentrations of wealth do not occur within the government. Money is never taken out of the economy; it is reinvested back into the economy continuously spurring growth. Now, the growth of the economy is slower because labor is not market based but is based upon the prosperity of the company. This is the whole basis of taking the peaks and valleys out of a capitalist economy with slow but steady upward growth. The growth over time is the same as in a capitalist system but instead of having surges in growth and then setbacks the economy runs in a more linear fashion rather than a cyclical fashion. Labor is now based upon how the worker helps the company to realize profits rather than just based upon supply and demand. This also helps rid the we-they mentality between management and employees and helps them work toward one goal. This law distributes the wealth made by the creation of a saleable item to those that create the item. Intellectual creation such as a singer or songwriter would keep their profits because they are the ones that create the product. When a singer sells their recording to a recording company they keep their profits but the recording company that sells the recording must share those profit with all their


The Path to Awe employees that produce the records. Ingenuity and inventiveness are not stifled in the least bit in an equilibric economy. Just the opposite is true, more unique and innovative creations are created because this is where the true wealth lies and there is less room for corruption to flourish from the labor market as immense profits made from the labor of men is harder to obtain. Wouldn’t this send everything overseas so companies could make more profit? No because in an equilibric economy companies are not taxed nor are they heavily regulated so these companies would still make the same amount of money as overseas markets with cheap labor. Equilibric markets are not “free markets” so price floors may be imposed on foreign products so they do not adversely affect the homelands economy. Why price floors and not tariffs? Price floors still stimulate competition by a company having to make the best product for the money so the consumer wins and the economy is strengthened but wealth is not concentrated within the government. Tariffs may be imposed upon a country that does not have free people. This revenue must be used exclusively for the defense of the nation. Use a dictatorship to generate enough wealth to overthrow it and then make it become a real wealth generator by spreading freedom and equilibrism. 2) No employee of an entity may make a wage that exceeds the wage of its lowest paid employee by 100 times.

This is to ensure those that toil are kept to the same ratio of pay over time in a successful business so that the rich cannot become richer as compared to the poorest wage earner. This helps to stabilize the pay of the productive and still leave room for a hierarchy of pay within your organization.


The Path to Awe A pure capitalist is screaming, “What if the guy at the bottom is not worth the increase in pay?”. One of two things will happen. One, you will eliminate the position making the company more efficient and thereby making it more profitable or two, you will keep the employee because their labor wage rate is in proper ratio to the highest paid employees. Remember it is the Equilibric philosophy that we are all in the boat together so everyone that works to make a company a success shall share in its rewards. Notice how this is a forced but just distribution of wealth that does not empower the government to control our lives or our money. By distributing it rather than letting it concentrate within the economy makes the economy much more stable and less susceptible to depression and recession. Will there still be concentrations of wealth? Yes there will be, but they will be natural concentrations and not unnatural concentrations that are forced by the edicts of government entities. Yes, wealth is limited within a company, but overall wealth is not limited, for an ambitious man may own many companies and become very wealthy, but this could never be construed as an unjust wealth because it is a justly earned wealth. To keep market fluctuations at a minimum due to unproductive forces the government must be stabilized. Markets do not like change from outside forces and the market reacts with huge swings due to governmental intervention. You cannot create a good business atmosphere if you are always worried how much your taxes from various government entities will either take from your company or from your customers thereby limiting their capacity to purchase your good or service. Businesses currently sail in a rough capitalist sea but under a Equilibric sea it would be like sailing across glass. In an Equilibric economy things would still operate much as they do now but with better and less


The Path to Awe government intervention with an emphasis on not empowering the government nor concentrating wealth. 3) The government may impose a tax on income that when combined with all lesser governments tax on income is not to exceed one tenth of an individuals total income. All local, state, county, and federal governments must share this tax equally. Income tax may be used only for Defense and Education of the Nation by the Federal government.

This law makes all governments within the United States work together because now they cannot arbitrarily impose a tax upon the people. This limited taxation limits the size of all governments within the realm (borders of our nation).


The government may impose a sales tax that when combined with all lesser government’s tax on sales is not to exceed one tenth of the product or services sale. All local, state, county, and federal governments must share this tax equally. This tax is an articulated tax in that this tax is used only to regulate the markets from which it was derived. Sales tax may be increased an additional 5% in times of war and this additional money collected may be used exclusively by the office of the president to wage war provided that congress has declared war and has defined the terms of which they will consider the war won.


The Path to Awe What this means: Your total combined sales tax rate is 10% and the congress may define all markets as broadly or as specifically as they wish. The sales tax derived from each of these markets shall then regulate only those specific markets. The congress could lump all food and drugs into one market and then the money derived from the tax on the market will fund its regulation such as the FDA. Congress may exempt or reduce tax on any specific item but may never increase the overall tax of 10%. The President only after the congress has declared war and has defined the terms of the wars end may impose and additional 5% sales tax that he alone may exclusively use to end any war without any interference from congress on these funds. Congress may not declare war on any nation or ideology without first defining specifically the terms under which they would consider the war won. Keep in mind in an Equilibric economy there is no arbitrary taxation. All taxes are set at a maximum and the only thing the congress may do is to arbitrarily reduce taxes. No state, county, federal, or local governments may impose a burden beyond the maximum such as on liquor and cigarettes. If products are a burden to society then they may be outlawed by a vote of the people but not by the will of congress. 5) All businesses for the first 5 years of operation will pay no sales tax. Local, county, state, or federal governments may abate taxes beyond 5 years with a two-thirds vote.

This is to spur growth in the economy. Rather than setting up government programs to provide grants and loans to new businesses the equilibric law


The Path to Awe just never takes their money they earned in the first place. 6) The Federal government must set a federally mandated minimum wage, living wage, family wage, and maximum wage. The living wage shall be five times the minimum wage and the family wage shall be six time the minimum wage and the maximum wage is four hundred times the minimum wage. The minimum wage shall be set at an amount that an employee shall be able to afford a nutritionally sustaining meal for one hours worth of labor.

Don’t get too excited as this wage classification sounds like it is just ripe with communist division and class warfare. The minimum wage is the least amount that by law any citizen may make in private industry. Children, prison labor, foreign labor, and government jobs may pay less than this rate. So if minimum wage is set at $6.00/hr then the living wage would be set at $30.00 per hour and $36.00 per hour for a family wage and of course $2400.00 per hour for the maximum wage. You may earn an amount that exceeds the maximum wage . 7) Any amount earned above the federally set maximum wage which is based upon 2000 hours per year you will be required to donate to a federally approved charity of your choice an amount equal to an additional 10% of wages in excess of the maximum wage.

This economic law privatizes welfare so the needy get better more efficient care and the abusers of the welfare system are more easily and efficiently


The Path to Awe weeded out. This provides for competition between charitable organizations making the care and quality of services better than what the government could ever provide. This will allow those that are religious to give to their church, synagogue, or temple. Keep in mind, though this is a compulsory donation, this money going to the charities come from individuals and not a faceless government entity. This directly involves the people at the top with the people at the bottom. According to the governments best estimates $.75 of every dollar goes to support the bureaucracy involved in the welfare system and only $.25 of every dollar now gets to the impoverished. This way, the citizen can decide which charities to give to based upon how much money actually reaches needy individuals. Any person may give to federally approved charities and reduce their income upon which they pay tax. Notice that this wage classification is articulated so if the minimum wage is raised by congress then so is the maximum wage. If congress lowers minimum wage then the maximum wage is also then lowered. What is the purpose of the family wage and living wage? These are used to rate the economy, a perfectly blended economy has 30% of jobs making less than a living wage, 30% of jobs at living wage but less than a family wage, 30% of jobs at more than a family wage but less than a maximum wage, and 10% of jobs making more than maximum wage. In an equilibric economy a politicians pay is rewards based upon how many jobs are in each sector so politicians have an incentive to produce the conditions favorable for a good business climate. The more family wages a politician has in his district the better paid they will be. This helps to curb corruption by giving a politician a


The Path to Awe legitimate way to earn wealth rather than being paid a stipend not based upon their performance and then take funds from special interest and lobbyist which make them act in their own best interest and not in the interest of the people. Why is performance based on family wages? The Templars recognized that a strong family unit always produces a strong and robust society no matter what religion you may follow or even if you are not religious at all. It cost more to raise a family and the government should not be a burden unto the family unit. Families get special exemptions from taxes and though there are a number of religious, moral, and ethical reasons for these exemptions if you examine this from a purely business perspective…..The more children you have raised properly the more potential income sources the government has. Married couples for the first five years of marriage may exempt one income earner of the household that works less than 1000 hours from paying any income taxes. This exemption may be extended for 18 years provided the marriage bears offspring within the first five years of marriage and that your children reside with you for 18 years. 9) Divorce renders the family tax exemption null and void and taxes will be assessed retroactively from the date of the divorce and be shared by both parties. Instead of the government imposing a marriage penalty they are imposing a divorce penalty if you choose to take this exemption. Another incentive to be productive according to the Templars is 8)


The Path to Awe 10) All income is only taxed, based on a 5 day week and the congress may not set the workday to be less than 6 hours nor more than 10 hours upon which tax is assessed. No income tax will be assessed on bonuses provided that bonuses are not more that 15% of your normal income. This means if the work week is set at five eight hour days, any hours worked over your eight hour day is not taxed and neither are the other 2 days of the week. The big difference in the tax strategy in the equilibric economy is that it works on both its strength and weaknesses. First, a large part of the IRS could be eliminated as income tax would be directly deducted from your paycheck and paid to the government. No paperwork for the individual to make out. The only paperwork you would have to file for is for a marriage and child exemption and this would be done through your employer. The IRS would just be in charge of making sure companies were deducting taxes from your check and making sure they were being paid to the IRS. The federal government would get a steady stream of tax revenue all year long and wouldn’t have to wait for a specific date to get a large infusion of cash. This is a strength that the government can analyze the economy in real time and if it is having problem they can address it right away. These first ten laws are obviously lifted out of the repository of Templar knowledge and have been adapted to the current time and situation to better demonstrate how Templeanic laws of Conservatism could be instituted in America. To show you this in practical means is easier to learn and demonstrate how these laws and equilibric economic principles


The Path to Awe could work to transform our society if we merely have the will to implement them. Empowerment of the individual and not the group is paramount in an Equilibric society as we have made clear only but some of the principles. Some may seem socialist and some very liberal. That is kind of what Equilibrism is. It is a melding of philosophies that allows no one to give up their values or principles. Socialism does not work because it is not the most efficient means of structuring a business. When there is no boss and the workers control the business the workers will do only what is in the best interest of the workers and not that of the business. They will put themselves out of a job because outside forces will adopt a more efficient system. This is why socialism is stagnant and leads to communism. Take for example a car company being ran by the workers. New technology has been invented in the form of a robot that could potentially eliminate 10 human jobs and would pay itself off in one year saving the company millions of dollars and helping to lower cost so the company could gain a competitive edge over it’s competition. But no worker wants to see ten workers lose their jobs so they vote not to purchase the robots and their competition does and they eventually put them out of business because they failed to adapt and change in a competitive market. A free market then drives down the costs of a product so more people could afford cars and more cars are sold overall and so then the company that makes the robots will have to hire workers to pick up the demand for sales of their robots. It is fundamental that people do not like change but no change means that society stagnates. A stagnant society will fall apart because nature is ever evolving. You have more children being born everyday


The Path to Awe so everything has to become more efficient and at some point evolve. We are literally trying to force an evolution in energy because we realize that we will deplete our current energy sources in the future, so rather than letting this occur naturally we are reacting to this realization in trying to change to new types of fuel. Change is inevitable. This is the reason why the worker cannot run the company (they do not breed efficiency) and that the management must have the profit motive to make the business entity profitable at all times and so they must make the hard decision upon when to affect a change. Wealth has attached to it, two deadly sins, greed, and jealously. Who says how much is too much and how much is not enough is all a matter of perspective. The biggest detriment to today’s American economy is that there are a few wealthy individuals ruining it for other wealthy individuals because of greed. A few wealthy individuals shortcut the ethical and moral system and start getting rich by breaking the back of the little guy. This not only causes mass resentment of the rich, but causes jealously to grow and fester. By putting checks and balances onto wealth so that it can only be earned and not stolen, the little guy is less apt to be jealous of a rich man and may want to follow in his footsteps. Everything must be at its very pretense in society “Earned”. You earn through work or ingenuity and nothing is ever given for free by the government. This is why charity must be privatized so that government does not have the ability to favor any special groups of people that have not “earned” that special recognition.


The Path to Awe You can see an example of how socialized America has become by the reluctance to adopt technology by their government. Honestly, they have been using the chalkboards for 200 years in American Schools and you don’t think they could of come up with something better. The teachers have a socialized union. Pay is not based upon the performance of a teacher but upon their longevity of service. So teachers continue to use chalkboards. We have satellites that could beam the classroom right into the student’s house. We have the Internet, where a child may ask as many questions as they would like. We have the technology to give every child a far cheaper and far better education that they now have at a fraction of the cost and have that education directly tailored to the needs of the child. Breaking the teachers union would mean the loss of millions of school jobs and thousands of teachers out of work. But wait a second. Taxes are reduced, products are cheaper so more people can afford them, businesses hire the out of work school workers and teachers and the society has been bettered because more people have bettered their condition. Now apply this philosophy to hundreds of college courses that could be taught virtually and you see the real power of technology and innovation. Wisdom is being withheld by the very system that purports to provide it for free or at a reasonable cost. One teacher on a video can teach millions and a video production can have a far greater impact than a teacher ever could by having reenactments and short movie like productions. Children could ask questions online and even go to a frequently ask question section as well as having a forum of other students. We have held back our children and helped to destroy families by not adopting technology because of a socialist system that is ruining the educational system. Taxes are tied to the heart of the teachers union and it bears a large cost of the struggling American economy.


The Path to Awe All of our technology should be affordable and it would be if our government and unions adopted technology, but since only the free portion of our economy is progressing and the other portion of our economy is stagnating. Progress in technology has cost us and we are getting to the point if we don’t put an end to our socialist programs we will not be able to afford to progress, and that is the point where we go down the road of socialism and into communism. So by the philosophy you must earn what you keep can be associated to voting rights which in turn curbs socialism. Socialism by its very nature is minority rule. A few (the government) rule over the many (the people). The last ten economic principles change the dynamic in the markets and in the government but a fundamental change must occur in voting rights. Minority rule by its very nature is oppression of the majority and that is exactly what a tyranny is. By bending over backwards to the special interest you allow a few to have power over the many. Power such as wealth must be earned and the original intentions of our founding fathers must be reapplied in order to take America off the path of communism. All issues dealing with money were to originate in the House of Representatives and only taxpayers could vote for a House Rep. Since the taxpayer is the one that earns the money they should be the only one that decides how to spend it. Clearly, it was never their intention to let those that do not contribute decide how other peoples money is spent. So a simple voting law for the House of Representatives would be one that states “ All property owners and taxpayers that pay more in taxes than what they receive in government assistance, are not a child, and have never been convicted of a felony and are a citizen of the U.S. may vote for a House Rep.”


The Path to Awe It is the Senate where the voice of the unproductive may be heard as all citizens not convicted of a felony may vote but the senate can only approve issues of money and not originate any spending bills. The president and their vice president would follow the same voting rights as the senate. This protects those that earn and yet gives the minority of the unproductive a voice to be heard. Americans fought one war by the slogan of “No taxation without representation” and they will fight a coming political war with the slogan “No representation without taxation”. It would be easy to use technology to verify the voting process and dramatically reduce its cost so taxpayers could be easily be identified on election day. With American ingenuity you should be able to vote from your home come election day and the process should be far more accurate and prevent far more voter fraud than what is now done. It could work like this: You’d go to your local board of elections sometime before an election and register. After verification of your citizenship and your taxpayer status they would let you input personal information into a computer profile and they would issue you a dongle that gives a unique security identifier for only you and then they would have you answer some security question identifiers. You could then vote on any computer that could connect to the Internet and that uses encryption and decryption technology. You would log into the voting website using your dongle and answer security questions. While you’re voting you can pull up the pertinent politician and bring up their history and past voting record. After you are done selecting your candidates you press the submit button and you have voted and you will receive a confirmation number. Once a


The Path to Awe computer talliesthe votes your state auditor must publish a list of confirmation numbers on a website that any one can verify that their vote did count. If a voter doesn’t find their confirmation number then the auditor must let the voter cast their ballot again if it is discovered within 30 days after the election results were posted. Computers can be used at local schools, libraries, and post offices if a citizen does not own one and the government could justify a low cost computer program for education to provide to virtually all citizens that could be used for all interaction with the US government. This would be far cheaper than the high priced bureaucracy it employs now. So under this philosophy government would be greatly reduced and yet would be greatly enhanced. This is what the open adoption of technology does. It allows you to do more with less. Notice how the government would start to mirror the business sector. You have a small amount of people at the top running a business according to rules to make the entire country prosper. They use the minimum amount of resources to make the most profit. So idealistic plans that are not financially viable are not enacted into law burdening the productive.


The Path to Awe

Chapter 5 The Nature of Laws
Changes in economic markets deal with natural law and voting rights concern regulatory law. Then there are morality laws, laws that define the moral character of a community. Templeanic law divides all laws into three categories Natural laws, which are broad and apply to everyone and cannot be changed, or circumvented, Regulatory laws are laws that can be broad but may be specific and can be changed and amended, and morality laws are very specific laws that are always temporary in nature. Natural law is like federal laws as they apply to everyone, Regulatory law is like State law, and Morality law is like municipal law. The difference is that in the Templar philosophy the larger the amount of people under one government the lesser the amount of laws you impose and the smaller the number of people that are governed by a small government then the more laws they may impose on themselves. In essence the Federal government should only have but a few laws, the state should have more laws and the community should have even more laws. Natural laws are laws, such are like the ones defined in the American Bill of Rights. Natural Laws cause prosperity and limit chaos naturally and they are laws that most may recognize as a benefit to the individual. They are the rock upon which all other laws would expand upon. Under Templeanic law the congress and the president would meet and decide the laws and no other laws would be passed…ever. Thou shall not kill, kidnap, maim, or mutilate would be an example of a natural law. The vast majority of all people would agree with these laws and as such they are the core, the rock, and the foundation of the legal system. A law such as


The Path to Awe banning cigarettes could only be a state law or a municipal law. A state would have to approve such a law with a two thirds vote of all registered voters (not just those that vote). A morality law which could only be a community law is like a law banning prostitution. This is a law that has to be passed every year and must be passed by a two thirds vote of all possible voters (not just all registered voters) . This system of law lets an individual tailor where and how he wishes to live and it lets communities thrive or die based upon the decision they make and it also distributes power more evenly, rather than just concentrating it into the hands of a few in Washington. This way the legislature can get back to making business decisions with your money, rather than being like a hypochondriac trying to pass a law to solve everything, and in the process screw up all the markets. Let the local markets deal with the day-today decisions of their governance for they are the ones actually there and having to deal with local problems. This let’s one live by ones own accord as long as they do not adversely affect their neighbor’s prosperity. There will be communities that will allow recreational drugs and there will be communities that allow prostitution, and there will be communities that allow gambling, and there will also be communities that ban all of this. You are free to move to the community that best represent your lifestyle. This way laws are somewhat tailored to those, which it serves. Some communities may prosper and some may fail. From those that fail, we all gain wisdom from and try to resurrect a community that will work better. A customized society. Isn’t that what we all want? If a Christian want to live among those that have similar values why shouldn’t they and if a Sex


The Path to Awe addicts wants to live among prostitutes then what is the harm if you are both successful. Let both philosophies exist side by side but not intermingled. If the Christian community want to ban all PG and R and X rated television and sales or displays of pornography they should be allowed to. If you go to a swinger community and they allow sex in public don’t be offended by what you see. That is their community. Just like your house is your house and no one else can tell you what you can or cannot do in your house unless of course you are breaking a natural law and then you have to be vary obvious that you are breaking a natural law cause no one can go into your house without a warrant. By passing a morality law at a higher level you limit the amount of space that people can live by their own accord and with the top government making many laws it is sure to cause the problems that nobody can live by their own accord and they start to live by the government edicts. That is a government over the people and not by the people. So by limiting the federal and slightly expanding the state and greatly expanding community law everyone can exist without an axe to grind against the government that is supposed to unite us rather than divide us. These laws dictate the path for all communities so the accuracy they take and the form of vote effect them economically, so the voting law of the Templars are adopted into the Equilibric principles of the economy What is the link between law, taxes, value, and ideology? This is a rather long answer but follow us as we can wrap it up into a neat little package at the end. Taxes are necessary to define and regulate a market. Without taxes to protect the market the market may not exist or it may not be fair and equitable to those operating within the market.


The Path to Awe It is necessary to keep taxes to a minimum to eliminate unnecessary waste and to keep markets operating on a most efficient basis. What are common forms of waste and value of a product?: Waste is an item that adds no value to the product for the consumer but add cost. 1) Packaging 2) Storage 3) Transportation 4) Merchandising 5) Advertising 6) Retail Profits 7) Taxes All of these items add cost to the product but add no value to the product. Value added items are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Uniquely engineered products Fit, finish, or quality Superior raw materials Superior process in manufacturing an item Superior finished goods

All these Items add cost but also add value to the consumer. So it is a benefit to decrease waste in an item and increase the value of items at the lowest possible cost. The lower the cost an item is with a higher value the more competitive it will be in the market place. Some markets dictate the amount of waste such as the American market spans a large area so the transportation cost of getting goods to market is


The Path to Awe relatively high. Since the American market is very competitive the merchandising and advertising costs will be assumed to be high. Since markets dictate non-value added cost these are deemed uncontrollable, taxes on the other hand are self-imposed by the government upon a market, and though we don’t like to think of them as such, they are a controllable cost. So when faced with a choice of raising the cost because of waste within a product and putting it out of reach of a potential customer, you are actually lessening its value in comparison to the selling price. This is a throttle on the market if the market is most efficient. Throttle up equals low taxes, throttle down equals high taxes. Templars believe in slow steady growth and a minimal tax does retard natural growth but if the tax is efficient and is used for regulatory purposes such as ensuring the longevity, quality, safety, and fair competition of the market then this is a benefit to the consumer. Taxes generated in excess of regulation use can only be considered a detriment to the market. So by stealing from the rich to give to the poor in order to fund social programs does nothing but inflate the cost of a product. What? How’d the authors come up with that? If you own a business you are a generator of wealth and you like your wealth. You work for it and earn it and do not arrive by it by immoral or unethical means. If more of your earnings are taken from you then you increase a products cost in order to maintain your wealth. This spreads the tax cost to products and if a product costs more, it is put out of the reach of more people. This makes the poor more poor and the rich richer in comparison. So, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is actually because of socialism or corruption of capitalism. High taxes inflate cost and by comparison lower value. The higher we raise our taxes the less competitive we are in the foreign marketplace.


The Path to Awe Taxing the productive only causes trickle up poverty. In the short term (very short term) socialism works because as in nature charity works. In the long term socialism can provide only fewer and fewer benefits because of its inefficiency and additional cost it imposes on the poor through the taxation of the productive. Regulation of the rich to ensure that wealth is “earned wealth” and not gained by unethical or immoral means is a necessity for with increased wealth comes the increased potential for corruption. Corruption increases costs and decreases value just as socialism does and increases instability in the markets and the result is the same, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Just a very small percentage of corrupt wealthy can decimate the markets just as quickly as a mass tax on the wealthy. Corruption and over taxation do not increase the value of a product, they inflate its cost (hence where inflation is derived from) and should be eliminated if at all possible because if there is too muchwaste in enough markets it creates inefficiency in all markets and is a detriment to prosperity. By ensuring a tax is just, fair, and equitable, markets prosper and by ensuring wealth is just, fair, and proper ensures the entire society prospers. Even the most unintelligent can see how inefficiency raises cost and does not increase value. Two people being paid $20/hr to make widgets, one makes 5 widgets per hour and the other makes 20 widgets per hour. It is not the person making 20 widgets per hour that has cut cost, it is the person making 5 widgets per hour that have increased cost, since you know it is possible to make 20 widgets per hour. As it is in nature (as in evolution) that the best design or method wins out. Laziness is inefficiency. Since it is natural for a business entity to be efficient to be competitive it is


The Path to Awe for this reason there are no job requirements requiring a new hire to be lazy. What drives man to be their most efficient? The threat of loosing your job? For most, it is the reward for your labor or ingenuity. It is only natural that you want to be rewarded in proportion to the value you perceive you add to a business concern. The more you put “in” is the more you want “out”. Socialism offers no rewards for productivity so Socialism fails because it is fatally flawed by not recognizing the nature of man. Examine the first five laws of Templarism ideology and if you agree with them you will see that socialism in any form is diametrically opposite to the nature of man. Socialism’s no rewards for productivity means no rewards for efficient labor and thusly the whole basis for Carl Marx’s great society is a lie and a sham and to still believe in such a philosophy that is so easily disproven by logic, history, and the nature of man is not only irrational but borders on the edge of an outright brainwashing. Socialism, at its basis, is class warfare and the elimination of upper and lower classes. This is not natural, there needs to be a ying to a yang. Man’s spirit yearns for the ladder of success and yet there are many, through ignorance that seeks to take that ladder away. Even when socialism is introduced into a free economy you can then see why the poor think the rich get richer and the poor get poorer when really the wealth gets concentrated so there are fewer rich that are even more wealthy but there are far more poor even though some may be slightly better off than what they were before socialism was introduced. As more and more people become content with the scraps they are thrown, the free market will cascade into socialism. This is where the unproductive rule over the productive and then, eventually the productive give into despair and quit being productive. Once the productive quit being productive or leave the


The Path to Awe country then the slide into full-blown communism is inevitable. The people are forced to be productive. This production is only minimally efficient because the spirit of the individual has been broken and there are no rewards for their labor. This high cost of inefficiency causes a spiraling downturn in the government because the amount of the poor continues to grow even against the best efforts of the government. The government must spend more and more on police and military to keep control of their country until eventually the country and its people waste away only to be reborn again at some future date. Man does not prosper under socialism, communism, or liberalism but his spirit withers and dies. Communism emphasizes the “we” and not the “I” in the form of the government. Communism concentrates its wealth in the government. Corrupt capitalism is no better than Socialism or Communism and will actually lead to the latter if allowed to flourish unchecked. Capitalism emphasizes wealth and the promise of reward proportional to your input. Corrupt capitalism through unethical and immoral business practices allow only a select few to prosper and prevents others from the same achievement. This greases the rungs on the ladder of success and causes despair and increases inefficiency, which makes the poor poorer and the rich richer and thereby leads to socialism, and communism. Equilibrism emphasizes the individual and the nature of man. Mans spirit should never be broken, for man is at his most productive when his spirit is high. By limiting the wealth that government may acquire from it’s citizens, to be used to expand itself, limits corruption within the government. Ethical rewards based pay for representatives’ builds an efficient and productive government that is less susceptible to corruption. By having a government that is not corrupt and is limited, the government can only then make


The Path to Awe decisions that are not based upon corruption and are based upon fact and logic. With only reason and logic left for politicians to debate rather than ideologies and biases there will be a defacto end of liberalism, socialism, and the path to communism will be averted and the country will again be on the path to Awe. It is a fallacy to think you vote out corruption in the American democracy as long as you cannot place limits on your representatives. The only thing we can do, and allow them to still operate is to inhibit their ability to steal and concentrate wealth. Americans have realized a few immoral and unethical wealthy have ruined American dream. Enron, Global Crossing, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the dot COM bubble they all wasted hard “earned” money and made the American dream harder to obtain. Once Americans realize socialism will only make things worse they will make a sudden and dramatic change and repair the true problem. Thomas Jefferson had a lot correct when he authored the Constitution, but he left off just a few entries that would have prevented this countries cataclysmic destruction by the hands of a few greedy and by many of the jealous. Since Equilibrism, by logic and practice is superior to other ideologies in its ability to allow man to prosper by empowering man through normal and natural means allows Equilibrism to be adopted into law by man. Since this law is derived from nature then those that believe that nature is the will of the creator, should recognize that these laws are derived thereof. Equilibrism can be all things to all people because it is the recognition of the obvious and the relevant and it is not made complex when unnecessary to bend the law to the will of man. Yes, these first ten laws applied to the American economy are not a literal translation but this is the gist of what they would mean when applied to Americas present-day political climate.


The Path to Awe 11) A vote of apprehension may be used to remove any public official and so duly noted this shall end the politicians term A vote of apprehension is a vote of no confidence of the people. Instead of having term limits a vote of apprehension ends a politicians term. If 50% of possible voters vote and have no confidence in the politician then an election will be held to fill that position. So for a presidential election every three years there would be an election to see if the people like the job the president is doing. If 50% of the registered voters were to vote him down then an election for a new president would take place in the fourth year.

12) When the public votes on issues then the count of all registered voters will be tallied, those not voting directly will have their votes registered against passing an issue. For if an issue is not popular enough to vote for then ambivalence to an issue shall not let an issue pass. This forces all Americans to take a stand on one side of the fence or on the other. By not caring to vote then your vote will be tallied as a vote for no change. This is the concept of passive voting. If you do nothing (as in not voting) then nothing changes. All morality laws are issues brought before the voters so if you are registered and do not vote directly you will vote passively on all morality laws. Templeanic law and Equilibric principles dictate that: No law governing morals shall be put into effect for a people without a majority vote of “all” of age, potential voters. In the case of ambivalence then no law shall be passed, as unnecessary laws limit mans


The Path to Awe ability to be productive. All moral laws shall be of a determined duration so as to reflect the contemporary values and morals of the people living under the laws. No moral law shall be effective for more than four years. Moral laws are expressly community based and are never to be implemented by the Federal Government. States may enact permanent morality laws if two thirds of all potential voters vote on an issue then it may become permanent. 13) All voters may have the option to vote for a null issue or null candidate. If a null candidate or null issue wins an election then the election must be reheld and only new candidates may run in the election and any issues must be rewritten to better reflect the will of the people. Null candidates or null issues are always put on all ballots. By voting for a null candidate you are saying that none of the current candidates are acceptable so the current incumbent stays in that position until a new election may transpire with new candidates. This allows the people to get what they want and keeps money from being the sole source by which candidates win races. A null issue vote means we like 80% to 90% of what you have written but there is just a small part of the issue that is unacceptable to us and the issue needs to be rewritten. The null voting allows the politicians to hear the voice of the people more clearly and thereby make better decisions. Voting laws affect the economy greatly as it allows the people to best choose the candidate that will make them the most efficient and allow them to remove candidates on the same basis for being inefficient.


The Path to Awe The wasting of earned capital is exactly why the American economy has become so unstable. All the swings in the economy can be traced back to too much action by our politicians. By acting too much to try to help our economy and the poor and underserved they have not allowed others to prosper and have kept the economic climate in flux. It is this constant changing of rules and laws that causes such instability. Compound a constantly changing economic environment with corruption that further waste earned capital then you have a recipe for disaster. By wasting or destroying earned capital in large amounts you will eventually destroy the economy. It is paramount for a prospering economy to limit waste of earned capital and this is done through the elimination of over-regulation, social program that overly benefit those that do not earn, welfare programs, and corruption. How can you waste capital? Within the sphere of the economic cycle money and property can change hands justly, morally, and ethically. Money may also change hands unjustly, immorally, and unethically which leads to unnatural concentrations of wealth. Unnatural concentrations of wealth hurt the economy as it devalues all capital because those that are now in possession of the capital did not legitimately earn the capital and they place less value upon it. This inferior value they place on it allows the economy to be altered by their disbursement of capital. For an example: Items purchased with unearned capital may cause a demand for items that there would not normally be a demand for. Since there is a demand for these products then the people that are hired to produce these products are not hired by people making product that there is a demand for by legitimately derived funds. The people making product for the illegitimately derived demand would be much better served


The Path to Awe producing products that are legitimately needed since illegitimate enterprises are normally temporary and they will find themselves out of work soon. Take our credit crisis for an example: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac through corruption managed to make banks give out loans to those that did not “earn” them. They took terms that were not a value to them because it was not their money that got them their house. Since they did make some payments on the house they do place some value on the house but not as much as they would if they had money down. This corruption in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made many employees of these companies rich, which in turn wasted earned capital in the form of their pay and bonuses. Then there was the illegitimate demand for housing because of corruption that put thousands of construction workers to work and trained thousands of new construction workers for an industry that should of never existed at such a size. Now these workers are out of business as well. Thousands of people out of their homes and thousands of workers out of work and since Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fraudently packaged these loans as securities and placed them on the world market with a false value this only compounded the problem world wide as it was allowed to spread its corruption out over the whole economy. By allowing this unnatural concentration of wealth to occur and the waste of earned capital (your tax dollars) we literally paid to have our own economy screwed up. Such is the danger of social programs. The American economy is suffering not only because of this one scandal but because of many other areas of the economy are illegitimate and the people working in those markets should be working on jobs naturally derived from the economy but because of social programs and corruption we are all holding ourselves back, for we cannot realize the true potential of the economy without flushing the waste and illegitimacy from the system. A person who is now


The Path to Awe flipping burgers because there may be an unnatural demand for them because of social programs that limit the potential of those that they help, should in fact, maybe, the next scientist that discovers how to power your car on water. The whole focus of the Templars is to get the government out of the economy and put them in charge as the referee so all laws shall reflect this mentality. So the law of man is inherently linked to his economy and the better that these laws help to distribute wealth naturally the better that society will flourish under these laws. Americans have just allowed the government to grab too much power and actually get into the game rather than officiating from the sidelines. Moral laws also affect the waste of earned capital and this is why there is such an overwhelming desire of religion to interfere into mans law. Moral laws will either help to limit waste or legitimatize waste. “How is this? “ You may ask? Let’s use alcohol as an example: Alcohol is not required in your diet to survive and when consumed, it may give you an euphoric feeling but your potential to spin out of control and cause detriment to yourself and society is increased and hence become unproductive. So if you pay for something that makes you unproductive or causes you to loose your wealth this is considered waste. If you go to a store and buy a towel, a towel has a use that you can use again and again and it is a tangible product. You paid for something and got something permanent. Take cigarettes for example you buy a pack and smoke them and then you have nothing. The money you spent cigarettes you have nothing to show for (consumption of food is different because it is life sustaining). Some would say those


The Path to Awe these moral vices are a release and prevent an individual from doing something worse and this is a very possible and real point that they make and so, since it cannot be disproven that they are wrong then the people should make this decision among themselves and regulate these laws unto the communities in which they live. This means a community may flourish or die dependent upon the moral laws it imposes upon its people. It is only through this free will that other communities may gain wisdom from what all communities do to help mold their laws and direct their communities down the path to Awe. Morality laws are the sole domain of the community but we have not spoken about regulatory law yet. Regulatory laws are laws that are passed by the State or Federally elected legislature. Regulatory laws allow communities to work together under a common set of laws. These laws are passed at the state level and the state legislature may send these laws to the federal legislature for consideration of uniform adoption. State level adoption of a regulatory law require only a majority vote whereas a Federal level adoption of a regulatory law would require a two thirds vote and a regulatory law may never originate at the federal level. An example of a regulatory law would be like common street signage. If every community had a different shape, size, and color of a stop sign then it would make traveling the highways very inefficient, there would undoubtedly be mass confusion. Notice how the Templar looks at the current structure of the America’s Representative Republic and changes the concentration of power so that the power would be spread evenly among the realm.


The Path to Awe

chapter 6 The Cellular Economy
The concept of the cellular economy has already been explained and now we will go into greater detail and specificity on the cellular economy. The Templars believed that we must use what the creator gave us as an example and apply it to ourselves. The example is nature and our application of natural systems will allow our economies and technology to evolve at a greater pace than what they are currently. Natural wealth is wealth that is earned and is not a waste. Government creates waste when it controls an economy and does not regulate it because government is inherently inefficient. Moral decisions by the individual may create waste in an economic system by making bad choices. Corruption creates waste as it destroys earned wealth. Limiting waste is essential to the prosperity of man. Why are these rules that go against many capitalist rules of the free economy for? Free capitalism does not take into account greed. There are wealthy individuals that have made their riches by playing fairly and by the rules and then there are the greedy that have not. Greed creates waste and it is in the nature of man to be both greedy and jealous. Keeping greed and jealously in check not only prevents waste through the elimination of corruption but it helps to eliminate hate, which is inefficient. So not only do the poor need to be protected from the wealthy but the wealthy need to be protected from the poor.


The Path to Awe In a free economy, unregulated by the government, the poor may take the government and then by a fair vote take the money of the rich and distribute it amongst themselves. This is socialism and though the poor temporarily improve their present condition they make their future condition much worse. The poor need to be protected so that the rich do not corrupt the government and then the poor can never get ahead because the rich roadblock their path to success thereby limiting the rich to a select few. This is why there must be rules that limit the way that wealth may be obtained to keep the balance of natural wealth (earned wealth). By ensuring a fair process of opportunity to all then class envy, class warfare, hatred, and socialism maybe averted. By tying the very rich to the very poor you create an atmosphere where all can work together towards a common goal. A purely capitalist society as explained earlier keeps the rich richer and the poor poorer. It is this system that maintains the peaks and valleys of the US economy. This is why there is a need for a minimum wage and a maximum wage. The intent of the compulsory giving of an additional 10% for maximum wage earners is not meant as class warfare. With great wealth and power comes great responsibility and most of the wealthy have realized this. It is the ones that have not earned their wealth and have become slaves to greed that care not about their fellow man but only about themselves and their money. The compulsory giving is a way to reduce corruption by giving the greedy an excuse to go straight. The Templars are not picking on the wealthy as the majority of wealthy currently pay more taxes and donate to charity an amount that exceeds the additional 10% (only after 400 times the minimum wage has been reached). 400


The Path to Awe times is an amount the Templars used in the Levant but it was clear the legislature could raise this threshold but could never lower it below 400. In very good economic times the threshold can be raised to say 500 times minimum wage and if the economy starts to grow to fast then it can be lowered back down to 400 times minimum wage. Isn’t this a form of wealth redistribution? No, because it does not give money to the government to redistribute. You can give to charities that feed, cloth, house, and educate the homeless or poor. These are charities and they are not a social welfare programs. These are a hand up and not a hand out because they can never be permanent for those they are supposed to help. These charities now compete for money and are results oriented to keep the money coming in so it is imperative that they do a good job for their donors or the donors will not donate to that cause anymore. Charities may also involve the building of Libraries, Special Schools, Hospitals, Research and Development of new medicines and medical practices, For profit businesses for the disabled and impaired, and services for the aging as well as a multitude of other charities. Compensation of politicians is another element in eliminating corruption. The Templars decreed your first hours wage, every week, shall pay for your representation and shall be divided among all the politicians that represent you. This means there is a benefit for the politicians to ensure a good business atmosphere as politicians are only rewarded by those having jobs. This is an assessment of 1 hour’s worth of labor per week so it affects everyone equally because time is the only true means of affecting everyone equally. If you make $10million per year you will pay more than a person that makes $30,000 per year but


The Path to Awe you will give up the same number of hours provided you worked the same number of weeks. Your local representatives in the district your job is in may get 20% of that hours wage and it would become smaller as it works it way up the chain so that the President may only get .005%. This means that the federal representatives would make millions and the President and Vice president could make upwards of $20 to $30 million per year. This creates an incentive for the politicians to work for you and it allows them enough money for doing a good job that they are not tempted by the special interest. The best and the brightest will now run for political office because it directly pays more than the private sector. Recurring property tax would be prohibited in an Equilibric economy because this is a tax on stagnation and because it does not imply ownership to the landholder. Think of it this way, the more you improve your property the more taxes you pay, so you have an incentive to not improve your property. Isn’tthis exactly opposite from what it should be? Citizens must not worry about their property being unjustly taken from them by their own government. They should be focused on outside threats and not inside threats. The security a family has in knowing that no one may take their shelter once it has been paid off provides for security in the marketplace and reduces the need for welfare. This also reduces waste by keeping the economy productive. Politicians cannot just rest on their laurels upon trying to spur economic growth since they now have no guaranteed piggy bank from which to grab. The governments use only sales tax and income tax to operate with. So there will be a 10% sales tax on the sale of land that the governments will collect but there will be no recurring property tax as so many counties, states, and school districts so often use to finance themselves. This security gained by the citizen knowing once their property has been paid for and it is


The Path to Awe actually theirs and no one can take it from them allows them to become more productive and keeps the government from harming the economy by putting people on the welfare doles. Now there will be no punishment for improving your property and all communities will look as good as their economy will allow them and the government will not be a monkey on their back. This outlawing of recurring property tax will force reform of not only local governments but also of local schools. Technology will need to be adopted to make schools as efficient as possible and a fundamental way of teaching will change. Children will be able to be educated in large part at home by using technology. Traditional schools will only be for those students that need help for those classes they cannot learn at home. With the economy doing better and a huge tax incentive to have a family and an incentive to have one parent at home, the family will become stronger and much more healthier. There will always be a local community school, though it will be much smaller and much more technologically advanced. There will be far less teachers due to technology, but the teachers remaining will be paid far more than what they currently earn. For steady growth markets a ratio of productive employees (wealth generators) for business owners must be maintained in order to help eliminate peaks and valleys within the economy. This dilution of wealth helps keep the economy strong with a slow and steady growth forecast. The Equilibrist terms this dilution of wealth as a cellular economy that is in equilibrium. Lets use the ball principle again. Instead of a box we will use a large ball. These balls represent cells. The US is one large ball with 50 smaller balls within the large ball that represent the states. Within the smaller balls are smaller balls that represent counties and within those


The Path to Awe ball are balls representing communities and within those balls are ball representing the individuals. Currently, the largest ball has the thickest cell wall and as each ball gets smaller their cell walls becomes increasingly thinner. When pressure is applied to the large ball the first balls that break are the smallest balls first and then it cascades up to the larger balls. This is an “External Cellular Economy” the largest ball is the only real protection from outside forces. “Internal Cellular Economics” strengthens the economy from within by eliminating corruption and socialism. The reason why “External Cellular Economies” are weak is because every small cell relies on each other to strengthen the next larger balls cell wall. By not depending upon each other and concentrating upon themselves the cells become virtually indestructible in an internal economy. By limiting taxes, and distributing wealth through natural means, the ratio of wealth generators is maximized whereas by all other unnatural means there are always a greater ratio of the unproductive. Templars do believe that there comes a point to where all the cell walls are strengthened to their maximum ability and then they must expand. Expansion (division) of cells in nature is called mitosis and this is a natural expansion. A new cell created is its own unique cell and takes its own path to Awe. The term “Global Economy” or “Globalism” or even “Free Trade” is a concept that does not enter into the Templar vernacular. There is no such thing as Globalism unless you are intent on wrecking not only your economy but also all the other economies that you are associated with. The effect of free trade with other economies with dissimilar laws, rules, and government types do nothing but weaken economies by bringing instability into the economies. Not only does business have to worry about the decisions their


The Path to Awe politicians are making but the politicians of all the countries they do business with. Doing business with many countries does not dilute risk nor does it make economies stronger because of diversification because contemporary economies are unnatural. You can use the analogy that the world economies are complex machines and when these machines join together they make an even larger and even more complex machine and so it is with a machine that one little bearing goes out and the whole machine stops. Diversification is only possible within common governments that have limited power and since we have none of those on this planet then globalism isn’t just some power hungry scheme it is a dangerous philosophy no matter how well intentioned it may be. In America free trade brings the added detriment of infusing even more corruption into an already corrupt government. Not only are your government officials ripe for the plucking of special interest and lobbyist, but now you have to contend with foreign officials and business entities. The only politicians you have left to represent your interest are the politicians that have moral values and there are very few of them existing in Washington. The Templars traded with many different nations so why is “Free Trade “ so wrong? The Templars only allowed their colonies to trade with another nation when it benefitted the Templars. This forces nations to change in order to do business with the country that prospers by mirroring the good traits and business practices of that country and then nations may become more common. True, free trade can only exist between common nations, as opening up your markets to dissimilar nations gives no incentive for the dissimilar nation to change for the better. Competition does not overcome this hurdle it just creates an unfair disadvantage the other country cannot overcome and then countries that once stood on their own two feet now become dependent upon other countries.


The Path to Awe China is a communist country and though it has changed, it only changed because pure communism was killing the country. They infused some capitalism to a people wallowing in despair and gave them a short ladder to climb and now they are generating wealth but they are still a highly repressive country. Since we opened free trade with China (as well as Mexico and Brazil) we have seen our jobs move overseas making us more dependent upon other nations such as China for our manufacturing. The Templars strongly believed in tariffs upon dissimilar countries where these tariffs went directly towards the defense of the colonies and they believed in price floors for similar nations with differing rules and regulations. So a country like China would have had tariffs imposed upon their products so their communist régime could not prosper unnaturally. China’s military and technology is now becoming such a threat that it now rivals our own military and if they did have delusions of grandeur and attacked the US we could blame ourselves for giving them the capability. Their wealth should not exist except for the corruption of our politicians selling us down the road. They will argue that doing business with China saves Americans thousands of dollars per year and they would be right. This socialist program called “Free Trade” really means dependency, and like everything socialized, it fails. Since our jobs go overseas then there are more and more people that can afford less and less products, such a time has come to pass that doing business with China is no longer a benefit to us because it has brought so much waste into the system that all of our money is devalued due to inflation. Trade with similar nations do not require tariffs but do require a price floor to level the playing field of the market so as to not detrimentally affect domestic companies. So lets say in the automotive market we may set a price of $22,000 is the minimum a foreign


The Path to Awe country may charge for a 4-cylinder 4-door coupe. They may always charge more but never less and this price floor is the same for all similar nations. This still keeps competition because the competition for improvements, and technological enhancements are left open to the consumer to benefit from. When a Globalist or Capitalist brings up how great “Free Trade” is, just tell them “Nothing in this world is for free and this free trade has cost us dearly”. What has it gained for the country that was the bastion of liberty where a man had the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Has that not been sold by our politicians? Are we not more dependent because of this? Does not our trade of oil prop up the most disgusting and vile of régimes that wish to destroy us and do we not willingly enable the virtual enslavement of entire nations because of our wealth being concentrated into the hands of dictators? Has trade with China and Mexico made the American family stronger or unstable? Does the world still look up to the United States because she has weakened herself and brought herself down to the levels of other nations? Or is she not more despised by other nations? Are we not more dependent upon our enemies? Our dependency now knows no bounds, all or our textiles, manufacturing, and energy jobs are going or have gone overseas. When Ford, GM, or Exxon go under you might as well stick a fork in us because then the slide into socialism will be inevitable. Truly free markets only work between very similar nations such as the US and Canada because neither one has a competitive advantage. That is where Templars would like to head but “Free Trade” must also be “Fair Trade”. Without the premise of fair trade then we do not lift other countries up around us we just bring ourselves down to their level because this is a wholly owned socialistic philosophy, even though many misguided, so called conservatives believe in this concept. Tariffs on similar nations do not


The Path to Awe allow enough competition and remember that all tariffs go to the defense of the nation and do not enter the economy by subsidizing other businesses or markets. If this wealth were to be used by the legislature then the wealth would be allowed to concentrate and the economy would be lopsided towards businesses and programs of a socialist type nature. So to conclude on the topic of foreign trade it is necessary to trade, but time, effort, and thought must be put into the trade of every product of another nation so the domestic economy is not adversely affected. Banking and investing as the Templars would have it, would be similarly different than what is currently in place today. Though many conspiracy theorist would have you believe the Templars to be an evil organization and want you to think the Federal Reserve Bank was created and is still owned and ran by the Knights Templar to steal wealth and to bend all men to their will. This ridiculousness has no basis in reality. The Templars do not prescribe to the notion of One World Order where one government of a select few to rule over the entire world. This is Bible prophecy as a signal to the end of days, and as a Christian sect that cherishes life why would anyone think they would want to bring about the end of the world. Templars do believe in the “New World Order”, which is commonly confused with the One World Order. The New World Order does not meld all the countries together into one nation nor does it seek to take from any country its sovereignty nor does it seek a common world currency. All of these things would eliminate competition and diversity and that will not lead man down the path to Awe.


The Path to Awe All nations must remain intact and different forms of government are not discouraged but areencouraged. This is the only way that man progresses down the path. If there are no challenges or new ideas to help better mans condition then man will stagnate and his condition will become worse, not better. The “New World Order” is a set of self imposed rules known as orders and to all countries that choose to join, the orders seek to put all markets on an even playing field by having a common set of rules by which all markets operate. This is not an organization that will impose its will on other countries but one that only wishes to have members freely join this trade organization. The organization seeks to impose common safe working conditions for the citizens of its member countries, a common minimum wage, common subsidies of markets, and common rules and regulations of markets. They do seek to eliminate tariffs between member countries but do not discourage price floors. The New World Order does not seek to impose a “World Bank”. The Templars do believe there is a need for a centralized banking system but like the government this bank must be limited and regulated and be composed of many banks worldwide. The Templar’s system of banking for America would include not just the Federal Reserve, but would of included Statutory Reserves (State Banks) as well. The Federal bank would only be allowed to loan to state banks unless the state banks approve loans to other entities for the Federal Reserve. State banks regulate private banks and other lending institutions within their state. No private bank may operate in more than one state but banks may do business with banks in other states. This keeps the concentration of wealth and power distributed. This way no single bank will hurt the whole economy if it were to go out of business. Each state bank will set a


The Path to Awe Statutory Reserve Rate and that is what all banks within the state with a good credit rating may borrow from the State Reserve. The Federal Reserve will still set a Federal Reserve rate but no private banks or lending institutions may borrow from the Federal Reserve. If a private bank in a state cannot finance a project because it does not have enough capital then the State Reserve may finance the project if the State Legislature approves the financing. If the State reserve does not have the funds then the project maybe submitted to the Federal Reserve if all the Statutory Reserves vote to send the project to the Federal Reserve. Then, only the US Congress may approve the Federal Reserve financing a private project. Homes are financed on a basis that still make the banks a profit but home loans should not be the major source of revenue for banks, financing business should. The government should regulate the profit acquired from home sales to be minimal in nature so there is more of an emphasis of starting companies. The Federal Reserve must stipulate a minimum of home loans be made in order to borrow based upon the population of each state. Now this will sound at first like a socialist program but it is not. Only good loans need be made and no loans are based upon creed or color. A person may be poor but have good credit. If a person is poor they may have a good credit rating and a person may be rich and have a good credit rating. Should the poor person pay more for their house just because they make less money? Their debt to equity ratio will not be the same as a rich person because they incur more debt just covering necessities. To level the playing field, rules would be put into place so that a poorer person will pay a lesser rate than that of a richer person if their credit history is equal. As credit history get worse then a worse rate ensues. If a poor person can afford a low rate for their house then the bank


The Path to Awe incurs no more risk than what they do for wealthier clients. How would this work? To get the best rate from a private bank you may only purchase a home on a 10,20, or 30year fixed rate loans. 10 year loans may be made for a house value equal to 1 years wage, 20 year loans will be made for homes up to a value of 2 years wages, and 30 year loans will be made for homes with a value equal to 3 years wages. The rate minimum private banks may charge is the state reserve rate plus a minimum of .025% for the private bank and 1% for every ten years length on the loan. Then add the percentage of the purchase price of the house divided by the yearly minimum wage and then divided by 10 and subtract 1 and express as a percentage. So if minimum wage is $6.00/hr and you make $40,000 per year and are purchasing a $120,000 house on a 30 year loan and the Statutory rate is 3%. Then your rate is 3% plus .025% for the private bank which ups that to 3.25% and 3% (1% for every 10 years) for a 30 year loan which take it up to 6.25% and the $120,000 purchase price divided by $12,000 yearly minimum wage equals 10 divided by 10 equals 1 and subtract 1 which equal 0 extra percentage. This is for perfect credit history. Private banks may charge extra for bad credit history and they may charge a fee higher than a quarter percent for the loan but that amount must be uniform over all mortgages. Banks by their very essence are the concentration of wealth and a society only benefits when the wealth is distributed naturally, but since it is in mans nature to hoard wealth then rules must be put into place that the concentration of wealth may not choke the economy or the poor. This rule is not a redistribution of wealth but rather it is a more fair valuation of property. Property cannot be limited to just a few, or to one class, but a price needs to be placed upon credit. A poor man may only afford a small house and since the house cost less there is less


The Path to Awe risk to the bank, so a poor man should pay a lower rate than a rich man paying for a house that is more costly, but have the same credit rating because the rich man purchases a house of more value, which means the bank takes more risk. A bank may make a large profit by getting a small profit from many small loans or a large profit from a few large loans. This is to keep an organization that blurs the line between private and government, such as the banking system, so that it treats all men equally because banks currently know that giving a disproportionally favorable rates to the wealthy they may grow their organization quicker than if they give an equitable rate to all. As by Templeanic law, money has value because we give it value and though there may be a denomination on money we all value money differently. Money is like a battery; it stores the value of our labors. To create a product gives rise to the potential to create “New” value. A products potential value is what the public will pay for the product. So if you create a product and sell it for more than what it cost to make it then you have created “New” value or you have created wealth in another word. Lets say you service (repair) the product that is created. You have not created anything. The product has now cost the original purchaser more money to try to maintain the value of the product. So even though the service man made a profit repairing the product this does not add to the value of the product it detracts from it (the cost of the service call). Say you have a furnace you paid $1,000 for. Lets say your furnace breaks after 7 months and it costs $200 to have a service man repair it. This did not magically make the furnace worth $1,200 on the


The Path to Awe contrary it cost $1,000 and it should have been valued at $800 but the repair maintains the purchased value of $1,000. This $200 loss is used to maintain value and is in economic terms “waste”. Virtually everything deteriorates over time and there will always be waste but it is vital to a vibrant economy to minimize waste. This is why there is an emphasis by consumers on quality. It is only the creation of new products that keeps service jobs alive. This follows nature; even a nurse will be out of a job if no one makes babies. The lower the quality of products made the more it costs the consumer to maintain the value of what they have. This is waste because the consumer is paying to maintain the value of the product they already purchased. So the more an economy moves towards a service based economy the more the economy will be harmed because “New” wealth is not being created. “New” wealth is essential to a vibrant economy. Wealth maintenance actually inhibits an economy’s growth. “How?”, you may ask. If there were no furnace manufacturers then there would eventually be no need of people to repair the furnaces because there would be no furnaces. Maintaining value simply moves wealth around and does not create “New” wealth. Waste will always happen and the service sector will always be needed by the manufacturing sector but the goal of an economy should be to keep the service sector to a minimal size. Any significant growth of the service sector should be a signal of a serious problem within the economy. Some will argue if you just buy a new furnace you are maintaining a necessity and thereby maintaining value. This would be true if there were no competition in markets. Since competition sheds waste (inefficiency) and attracts ingenuity and quality the


The Path to Awe next furnace you buy should be more efficient, last longer, and when adjusted for inflation, cost you the same or less. So over a lifetime if it were possible to buy the same furnace over and over again you would accumulate more waste than a person who purchased consecutively newer furnaces. Population ratios are a huge concern in generating a service based economy because as we age we all need more and more service. Just for example, lets look at a human in terms of equipment. The older a person becomes the less productive they are. Babies will become productive so their service is part of the original cost and value of the product. Let’s say as you become older you need more health care. If the old far exceed the more productive then their “waste” will be built into the economy through health care, which is a service based economy. Additionally, when an economy is stressed by high taxes because of social programs for the elderly, the more responsible do not have babies because they cannot afford them. Irresponsible people do have babies and do not raise them correctly, which causes the need for more police to prevent theft. Theft is a waste and the police are service-based jobs and so they to are waste (needed, yes, but they create no new wealth). The problem only becomes compounded when the elderly outnumber the productive. If population figures start to trend to high towards the elderly then taxes must be lowered and waste needs to be purged from the government. If the government is unwilling to do this then the only viable offset is to allow a lot of young foreigners to immigrate responsibly and legally and they cannot be allowed to be a burden on the productive (such as using social programs) or the situation will only be inflamed.


The Path to Awe It is so popular of many so called conservatives to push the idea of a transition of America to a service based economy, what they do not realize is this would mean the death of our economy. We cherish our elderly and would never move towards genocide to fix our economy to just provide social programs, this would be the hallmark of communism. The government should never control health care, if they do they will need to make decisions to stay in power and that means retaining enough of the productive for them to line their pockets with stolen wealth. If you are elderly and not productive, then that badly needed heart operation you need might take ten years to get. “Poof” your gone and they will bill this as humane and responsible population control. Yes, under socialism there will be a portion of the population that will receive very good health care, but there will be a good portion whose health care suffers dramatically. It is as stated earlier, a reinforcement, which nothing except for wisdom can be given for free. You can see from the logical examples of how “Free Trade” hurts our economy and how moving towards a “Service Based” economy is a bad idea. You can also see how true conservatism ensures fairness for the “Workers” and how some capitalist will consider true Conservatism (Equilibric in nature) a socialist ideal. You may also see how a Socialist hates the idea of Equilibric Conservatism just as much if not more than Capitalistic Conservatism. That’s OK, It wouldn’t be right if everyone loved the Templars, this is the natural ying and yang we need, but there is enough of both that fair minded people may embrace the concept from both sides.


The Path to Awe Immigration is a huge issue to an economy. If you were to have open borders then you would introduce chaos into a regulated government. For example “How would you know who has paid taxes and who hasn’t” and if you don’t know who your citizens are how do you know whom to protect? Any person could go overseas and if an unfriendly government jailed them unjustly all they have to say is “I’m an American” even though they might have never been to our country. Would it not be the duty of our military to free that individual under open borders? Hell no! They have not paid for that freedom by paying taxes to supplement our defense. If you did let anyone be an American then our military would be stretched so thin protecting individuals that have not paid to be protected. Templars believe in the brotherhood of man and if you seek sanctuary in the US then they would grant it to you but you better be productive while you are here. In Templar colonies you may immigrate to a colony but you had to be productive by making a payment in taxes before you could become a citizen. As an immigrant you may not be paid what a domestic worker makes for a period of 5 years and you may be required to work directly for the Templars for 5 years to create infrastructure for the colony. If you pay directly to become a citizen then that amount would be equal to 5 years of the minimum wage of a domestic worker. Ccontemporary Templars would set an immigration policy in perfect times of: Anyone that wants to come to this country can. We do not care about you history but you will abide by our laws or you will be banished. The cost to enter our country ($6.00/hr min wage times a 2000hr year, times 5 years) is $60,000. If you do not have enough to become a citizen then you may become a “Precitizen”. A “Pre-citizen” is allowed into the country and


The Path to Awe they will have to labor on government projects for ½ of minimum wage for 10,000 hours and the government will provide food and shelter or if the government does not have enough projects then it will simply tax the “Pre-Citizens” income over the next 5 years at a rate of 40%. All will be allowed to enter the United States and any “Pre-citizen” may leave at any time to visit their homeland and retain their hours towards their citizenship. When less immigration is preferred these amounts may be raised and when more immigration is encouraged then the amounts may be decreased. There will no longer be any quotas limiting immigration of foreign nationals. All immigrants must speak the common language of English and swear an oath to protect and defend America and her Flag. Another way to become a citizen would be to join the military and after a 3 year stint, as long as you pass the citizenship test you are then considered a citizen. Freedom is not free and it should be cherished and worked for, and this way immigration will be successfully integrated into the plan of prosperity for all citizens. This is a concerted effort to dampen the effect of undesirable population age ratios and to prevent our economy from becoming a service economy. A service economy is dependent upon a manufacturing economy and if we have no manufacturing here because of unfair trade practices then we will become dependent upon other nations as described earlier. When we are dependent upon foreign economies then we can be controlled and manipulated. It should be the intention of a free trade agreement that an American business locating overseas is for the purposes of competing in the foreign countries domestic market, not, so that company can export from a foreign market back into the U.S. to compete


The Path to Awe against other U.S. companies. This again is a signal of something being wrong with an economy. This scenario allows the government to prosper disproportionately to its citizens by the corporate income tax place upon the parent company with a satellite operating overseas and from the sales taxes generated by the sales of those over-seas products sold within the U.S.. The people of the U.S. however suffer immensely as they loose their livelihoods and the government grows increasingly powerful. Socialism again rears its ugly head by making more people needy and susceptible to governmentsponsored programs. Once dependent upon socialized programs those that reward unproductiveness can easily gain your vote in order to retain power by disrupting the flow of social programs that you utilize. You will become so satisfied with the scraps that you will forget about the meal. You can see how easily people can be manipulated when you control the flow of wealth to them. This is manipulation on a mass scale. By twisting facts, and manipulation through manifestation of the populous, the government may direct the people to their will. Again, we go back to a Templar principle that the human mind is a product of its environment. To bombard the unlearned mind with a falsehood long enough, no matter how illogical, the mind will give in and accept the falsehood as truth and fact. Muslim Imams used their inner circle to create a secret society to spread falsehoods that they wanted the masses to accept as truths and as facts. These falsehoods used emotion to cloud reasoning and judgment, to confuse logic and dissuade your own intelligence in making decisions.


The Path to Awe This starts by keeping truth and wisdom out of the hands of the masses and by wrecking families. By wrecking families (through taxation and class warfare) the children become a product of their environment. The government then exerts control over a large portion of a child’s environment in the form of public schools. Is it any wonder why schools are a socialist program and why so many teachers espouse a socialistic agenda? The children absorb the agenda and each consecutive generation becomes more and more comfortable with socialism. America spends far more money educating their children only to see their grades fall in comparison to other countries spending much less. This is not a vast conspiracy; this is what happens when the seeds of socialism are introduced at a time of weakness among the populous such as in the cases of FDR during WWI and LBJ after the death of JFK. Unwittingly or knowingly they laid the seeds that undermine our very freedoms and liberties. As each generation becomes more socialized the more socialism sounds reasonable and the more socialism each consecutive generation will willingly accept. The inner circle of the Imams are now in the present day form of the media further enveloping the weak and addle minded and endowing falsehoods unto our young as truths. Even those with some wisdom can have their will bent and their perspective changed by propagators of hate and jealously. Hate and Jealously are the two easiest emotions to use to cloud the mind from clear and rational judgment. If you can be made to hate you can be controlled, if your wealth is controlled then you can be


The Path to Awe controlled, if you can be kept from wisdom you can be controlled. The proponents of Socialism will always use the devices of emotion to circumvent wise decisionmaking and impose their will. You will hear such phrases as “It doesn’t matter the cost, we must do this for the children” or “We need to do this to help the underserved and needy” or “I’m tired of those rich bastards getting all of the fruits of my labors” and of course the favorite “ If you don’t like this you must be a racist”. When you remove yourself from this sea of turmoil and emotion you can clearly see the intentioned effect. We can see how hatred has been used to manipulate the nation of Islam and the Middle East because we are far removed from it. Most of the Middle Eastern population is purposefully kept from wisdom so they can be more easily controlled. Hatred is fomented from birth against the Jew and the American Infidel and this religious discourse allows even more control to be exerted over its people. Recognize that their religion is mixed with their laws and does not respect the concept of free will and you literally have the recipe for an entire people willing to sacrifice themselves to keep themselves from prosperity. It is this manipulation of men’s minds by the control of their environment that was written about in ancient text by the prophet Mohammed and translated by the Templars. Mohammed believed in the path to Awe but he believed he could reach it through force and subjugation of all people under the tyranny of the Nation of Islam. He believed he could bring about the


The Path to Awe prosperity of man through unnatural means of control and not by freedom. This is why Islam is a forced conversion religion. It is an attempt to control your thought so the path to Awe could be reached more quickly. It is easy to see how radically controlled most middle easterners are because we are removed from their environment. To realize if you are controlled you have to remove emotion from your judgment. Look at the UAW (United Auto Workers) Union to see how control works. Hate is fomented against the company using greed and jealously (this is not to say that the UAW does not have any valid arguments but rather to say this is standard operating procedure for elections and negotiations.) So union leaders may exert control over you so you will vote the way they want you to. Do you disbelieve this? Explain that cheap fuel is essential to selling cars and yet the UAW stands in lockstep with the party that is diametrically opposed to drilling for oil. They support the party that will tax the profits of their company the most causing their product to cost more than their competitor. The party they support has caused their membership to drop to record low levels. Truly hatred has blinded their members to their own predicament. UAW members are so willing to sacrifice themselves to tow the party line that they show themselves to be on the mentality level of a suicide bomber that will willingly sacrifice themselves for their cause. The African American has suffered because of their hatred of the white man. This entire section of the population can be made to hate and they can be the most easily


The Path to Awe controlled. Look at the state of the black family, look at the state of predominately black schools, and look at the condition of the average black man. Blacks use disproportionately more social programs than any other race in America and just see the results of all of these special programs that are supposedly funded in the name of diversity. It is not diversity that is promoted, it is division. Just look what division and hatred have accomplished, visit any large urban inner city to see the new self-oppressed people. What party are the Black leaders associated with? Millions of white men died, brother killed brother, to free the black man just to see him become a willing slave of socialism. The only way to free the black man is to free him through education and the realization his hatred is irrational. Change his reality by the realization of falsehoods through the use of logic and reason. It is hatred that has imprisoned the black man and it was written in the bible that hatred shall be your own undoing. Notice the effects on the inner city. This is what socialism has in store for us all. Those groups that do not take responsibility for their condition and that seek to blame others for their condition always fail to prosper by misplacing blame. By fomenting hatred you divide yourself from the collective, a Templeanic principle is “Man may prosper more working together than he may apart.”. Just what is the big attraction of socialism? Socialism works best upon blind (irrational) jealously and or hatred and its pretense is to grant you security by righting a so-called injustice that has been done to you. Socialism claims to make fair what is clearly unfair. Socialism seeks to confer rights of


The Path to Awe security unto you, which are impossible to provide in the long run without taking your liberty, prosperity, and happiness. The most obvious security rights they claim to offer to seize power are always the same 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) The The The The The The right right right right right right to to to to to to a job health care retirement education shelter food

Life is not fair and it is not in mans domain to provide a measure of fairness unto everyone through security. Fatally flawed is the ideology of these rights of security. You simply cannot impose rights that you do not have the resources to provide or maintain. This would be as if you were a poor man and simply uttered, “I am rich” and have it be so. The poor man must face some adversity to gain wealth. Socialism is irrational because it is a theory based upon a flawed premise. The right that socialism seeks to confer upon its citizens may not just be imposed upon a society by the will of the government but rather these securities can only be earned through prosperity, so these are not rights they are in fact goals. These goals can only be met as a result of an Equilibricly (naturally) derived prosperity. Keep in mind that Equilibrism fosters no dependency. What? The author stated there is a maximum wage and compulsory donation above this wage, so you are making the poor a welfare state aren’t you? No! This compulsory donation is to keep the rich from becoming dependent upon the poor. What? As easily as it is for the poor to become dependent upon the rich it is also possible for the rich


The Path to Awe to become quite dependent upon the poor. The rich can become so dependent upon the poor that they could no longer function in society without the help of the poor. To prove this point, that it is possible, you merely have to look at the super wealthy, and in particular, those that inherited immense wealth. Some of these people do not know how to drive a car because it has always been done for them. Some do not know how to cook, clean, or even shop for themselves. Producing a society that produces dependency even if the dependency is reversed is not good for society. So by reducing wealth and by not making it easy to gain (even for those that already have wealth) you reduce the possible dependency upon the poor, hence, the compulsory giving. This also reinforces the brotherhood of man by keeping the poor from becoming a faceless entity and does not empower the government. The creation of wealth is the means by which we travel down the path to Awe. Wealth is the incentive to create. Wealth is the storage of the value of your labors and your ingenuity. The only thing that is bad about wealth is that it can create greed. Greed is an unnatural product of man, which is only present within the nature of man but not within the rest of nature. Prosperity can only be reached by natural means so greed (being unnatural) must be minimized or eliminated. Equilibrism ties the very rich to the very poor because it is not the governments right to insulate the rich from the poor as this hurts both the poor and the rich. It is very important that the rich do not become apathetic of the plight of the poor. Insulation of a government bureaucracy causes apathy. Apathy and disdain for the poor breeds hatred of the rich by the poor. Hatred causes waste, which leads to socialism.


The Path to Awe You can see how the maximum wage and compulsory giving are an articulation linked to prevent dependency and foster brotherhood but there is another benefit. By privatizing welfare in America, religions will become powerful once again because they are the largest and most recognized charities. They will be able to reach more people and increase their flock. The Templars see the degradation of the American morals coming to a halt because the churches may now instill within many men the power of faith and hope from whatever persuasion it is derived. High taxes and ill conceived social programs have spirited away a once most redeeming quality that was present in all Americans and that was the strength of their spirit.


The Path to Awe

Chapter 7 A New World Order
All governments will have differences depending upon a people’s will, morals, values, ethics and religions. It is the hope of the Templars that all governments will be able to unite in what is common among men and these relationships should help send all men down the path to Awe. Just what is the path to Awe? We don’t really know. Christ describes the path to Awe as when all men will work together in a common cause by putting aside race, creed, religion, and kingdom to create a magnificent splendor for all to behold and share in the accomplishment of man. The prophet Mohammed writes about the Awe as a time of Utopia for all men that they shall gain wisdom to create such a construct to reveal the nature of Allah. John the Baptist wrote of the same such construct and that by its creation will signal the ascension of man unto a paradise upon earth and that man shall stand in Awe of the presence of God. At any rate we do know that man will eventually be at peace with one another in order to reach the end of the path of Awe. Templars believe man cannot reach the end of the path by artificial means and it is only through natural revelation of mans own discovery that shall bring this about. Islam on the other hand believes that men can be forced to work together and that peace may be gained at the end of a whip. Trying to accomplish the same goal by two different means. Islam strives towards world domination through forced conversion and the Templars wish to not dominate but


The Path to Awe unite separate and individually unique countries through what all men have in common. The Templars believe that in order to realize the Awe that governments be efficient representatives of their people. Why is this? Man is most at peace when he is prosperous so if all men can realize prosperity then all men will be at peace with one another. The Templars have long believed that the construct is an energy source that would be highly powerful, that everyone may easily obtain, cannot be depleted, and uses no natural resources and nor will it produce any detrimental by-products. They believe that this power source is the only thing that will bring all men together. If everyone had free energy then you would never have to worry about the means by which everything would run. Think of how that would change the world. You would not have to worry about how to heat or cool your house or worry about putting gas in your car. Industry has a stable permanent unlimited supply of free power. From a lesser known prophet named Imophtet he wrote of the construct being devised after biting into the fruit from the tree of knowledge that would let man know the very fabric of God’s realm and bring forth God unto earth by mans ultimate realization of him. Some Templars do believe that the Tree of knowledge is the Internet and they believe that at some point in the near future that all of the world’s computer will be linked together somehow to run a program that will evolve some type of intelligence that will reveal an easy way to create unlimited power. These Templars believe it will be the broad use of this power is what will signal the Messiahs return to earth. Until this happens man needs to learn how to work together. Remember that Templars believe that God creates all men equal and so we believe that government must treat all men equal.


The Path to Awe So a templar law of government organization is: No representative of the people may be imbued or conferred special rights or privileges and mans law must apply to all citizens equally. It is only in this manner that representatives become representative of the people and not over the people. All representatives are expected to live in a manner equal to the condition of the people they represent, for if a representative lives to far above the station of the common man they can no longer relate to their condition. What would this mean in today’s society. Washington DC would be eliminated as far as it pertains to Congress. Congressmen would be required to spend time in their own district. When you look at today’s technology, is there really any reason they have to be in Washington? The congressmen can send bills at light speed for review and voting can transpire over the Internet as well as video conferencing. The speaker of the house can still control entire sessions of congress, but no one actually has to be in the same room. Can anyone say “savings in the billions”. This also would help to eliminate special interests influence on politiciansas lobbyist would have to have offices in all 50 states, rather than just in Washington. The capital building will become a ceremonial meeting place for special votes. This saves transportation cost of the congressmen, this saves our elected officials from having to maintain two offices (one in their district and one in Washington), and this saves the taxpayer by helping to eliminate the corruption of Congress by lobbyist. The largest reason to decentralize the government is safety. If a bomb or a plane hit the capital building America instantly stops functioning and Marshall law has to be imposed by the President. By spreading the candidates out and putting them back into their states we eliminate this scenario.


The Path to Awe Safer, cheaper, and more efficient, so why hasn’t this already been done? This is just like our education system; it is socialized so it protects inefficiency. Our government has become so corrupt by politicians wanting to seize wealth by disingenuous means that they will sacrifice our prosperity at the expense of their personal wealth because there are no rewards nor goals set by the people for their representatives. Our government is actually socialized. Our congressmen make the same amount of money if they do a bad job as well as if they do a good job. Yes, they can be voted out of office for doing a bad job but this only adds to the potential for corruption in our representatives by their willingness to hold onto power through ulterior motives and means. The people must set the goals of Congress, not Congress. The people must give the Congress a ladder to climb so they are rewarded for prophetical achievement. Take the socialism out of congress and we eliminate ingrained inefficiency and reduce corruption of our officials. The decentralization and de-socialization of the government will allow the people to be heard better and therefore be a much more efficient representations of the people. What should the goals of Congress be? We already have quite a few on the books but they seem to get tossed a side because of the corruption and socialization of Congress. 1) Protection of the United States 2) The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness for every American 3) Enforcement of the Bill of Rights 4) The defense of the Constitution and the principles for which it stands


The Path to Awe As was stated earlier that the rights conferred by socialism are goals of any aspiring ideology so our politicians should have the goals of: The prosperity of the United States is recognized as the ability of its people to provide for themselves: 1) Jobs 2) Food 3) Clean Water 4) Clean Air 5) Heated and Cooled Shelter 6) Clothing 7) Transportation 8) Health Care 9) Energy 10)Communication It is incumbent upon the United States Congress to provide the environment for which these minimal necessities are easily obtainable by all citizens without the imposition of social law or social program. The federal government with federal income tax funds that may not exceed 33% of the revenue collected may subsidize education. States may regulate educational intuitions but may not fund any educational initiatives with tax money or any imposition levied upon the public. By actually stating the goals of Congress and limiting their taxing ability, Congress will become more focused and efficient. With well over 500 national representatives of the people and an incalculable number of topics, we need to help to help them concentrate; otherwise we may diagnose them with ADHD. Just like sunlight to a magnifying glass we release our true power when we are focused. This dispersion of congress will more closely resemble a complex organism. The House of Representatives would be the nerve endings, the Senate would be the


The Path to Awe spinal cord, and the office of the President would be the brain. Let’s put our politicians to work. The Templars would suggest that the people specify their work schedule and not the Congress (after all, aren’t the people supposed to be the boss). We would suggest four ten hour days that they be in session each week Monday through Thursday and that they have 4 weeks off per year. One week from Christmas to New Years, one week on the week of the fourth of July, one week on the week of Easter, and the last week would fall on the week of Halloween. All politicians will vote on every bill ye or nay and there will be no “present” votes (politicians may issue position papers on the reason why they voted the way they did). In the event a politician is not available to vote then he or she may have a proxy vote in their place. No bill may be passed without all congressional representatives voting. Additionally, the president must be allowed to bring any bill before congress within 24 hours and have the congress vote upon the bill within 48 hours. The senate and the house must be able to debate on presidential bills before congress in private as long as their vote is made public. It is only in this manner that the President may steer the government efficiently towards his or her goals. All candidates for political office would have to be vetted through a hierarchical process. This means just like a normal job that you must work your way to the top, a Presidential candidate would have of had to of been a city councilman first, then a mayor, then a county councilmen, then a state representative, then a federal House Representative, then a Senator, then a Governor and then he could run for President. By making a candidate climb a ladder of success you are assured of a much better candidate for


The Path to Awe president and you limit the field by having requirements on each consecutively higher job position. A candidate will be vetted several times on his rise to prominence. This also helps to take the money factor out of the political race, as you have to be able to do more than just raise money to enter a political race. The Government would be set up from the bottom up instead of from the top down in the Templar fashion. Sales and income taxes would be collected locally 25% would be taken out for the city and then it would be passed to the county and they would take 25% out and pass it to the State and they would take 25% out and pass it to the Federal government which would receive the remaining 25%. The federal and the state governments are mandated to use all Income tax for defense and education and Sales tax to regulate markets. The City and County governments may use their income tax and sales tax revenues on infrastructure and education. This spreads out the power that is now concentrated and because the power is diluted a more equitable and just system will exist for the use of taxes. This distribution forces governments to work together to accomplish goals since now State and Local will have to deal directly with each other to accomplish their goals and initially poor states will rely heavily upon rich states until they more closely mirror their practices and become successful. A New World Order always has a free people, limited and equal taxation, equal rights for all, decentralized governments, rewards based pay for their representatives, the goal of its people to provide for themselves, and a tax up collection and distribution. It is thought that with these hallmarks present that any government may become prosperous. Again, it must be emphatically noted that the New World


The Path to Awe Order does not erase any countries boundaries, make any international currency, or force any trade regulations upon any countries. The New World Order is far from being a dictatorial philosophy such as is reserved for the One World Order. You are undoubtedly thinking with such a change in the governments spending strategy how would it stay a float? The transition to such a form of an equilibric economy governed by a Templeanic conservative government would be like all thing equilibric, a slow process. Actually, all governments will eventually take the form of such a conservative government because ultimately this is a form of government that all governments will evolve into. As in nature it is only the most efficient design that succeeds. A conservative government free from the bureaucracy of socialism will be able to provide more for its people by taking less. This is efficiency in raw form, doing more with less. With moral topics such as abortion, stem cells, pornography, prostitution, gambling, alcohol, polygamy, and gay unions relegated to local governments the federal government becomes so much more efficient. Why won’t the New World Order cause as much bloodshed as any previous ideology that has come before it? To explain this you need to look at religion because more blood has been shed in the name of religion than for any other reason. Look at both major monotheistic religions, Islam and Christianity. Christianity has a man of peace central as their deity in Jesus Christ; Muslims have a warlord being central as their deity in Mohammed. Both of these deity’s are at either ends of the spectrum of religious beliefs. Look at how man has twisted each belief down through the ages in order to control the masses and


The Path to Awe gain power all in the name of their God. Look at the killing over the centuries and both Christians and Muslims are equally guilty of mass genocide. Though their deity’s are at either end of the spectrum all of the followers wound up being just as inhuman as the other. The fact is both religions have good and bad aspects. The removal of religious issues from the topic of the higher government means that all people may keep their individuality without having to be forced to conform to a law that may be religious in nature. This is the Heresy that the original Templars were tried for. They began to shun the parts of the bible that would not allow them to live in peace. They began to question the role of man on earth and the meaning of life. This facilitated the study of nature and its application to mans condition. The more that nature is studied the more the nature of God is revealed. So it is easy to rationalize that by applying natural principles to laws that you are in effect doing God’s work. Anytime any man discovers a way to become more efficient or innovative then that man does his part in elevating mans condition and helps all men take another step down the path to Awe. By setting the goal to retard all Nations inefficiencies we are in effect embracing the Brotherhood of Man as government should not be a hindrance to man but it should be a dynamic vehicle to aid in mans progression to elevate himself.


The Path to Awe

chapter 8 Usury, Credit, Currency, Stocks, Bonds, and Insurance
Looking back at a previous chapter you read about how the Federal Reserve would change with the addition of Statutory Reserves. The Federal Reserve is a private bank and was made so politicians could not influence the banking process and keep them from the ultimate use of greed and corruption. The Templars believed in a fourth and fifth branch of government. The legislative, the judicial, the executive, and the economic and peoples branches of government. These 5 branches of government form a pyramid with the legislative, the judicial, the economic, and the people’s branches being the base and the presidential branch being the peak. In a nutshell, the peoples branch would be represented by a gubernatorial senate, which would review Supreme Court rulings and examine the rulings for the creation of new law. This gubernatorial senate would decide if a Supreme Court decision created law and then could decide to send the ruling to the legislative branch to either confirm the ruling and adopt it into law or to vacate the ruling to effectively over rule the judicial branch. The gubernatorial senate would be confined only to decisions of the Supreme Court that create new law. This is a check upon the unbridled power of the judiciary that is missing within the United States Government.


The Path to Awe The economic branch concerns itself with regulation of the financial markets, banks, monopolies, and currency. The Federal Reserve would run the Economic branch. The Federal Reserve would be run by a quorum of 5 individuals. These individuals would be appointed by the Gubernatorial senate to lifetime terms but could be removed by the people by a vote of apprehension or could be removed by presidential decree or can be removed by unanimous vote by the gubernatorial senate. Statutory Reserves would be ran by the state and any rules that the Federal Reserve does not implement are open for the State Reserves to regulate. State reserve officials are also a quorum of 5 officials that are appointed by the State Congress to a lifetime position and may only be removed by a vote of apprehension of the people, by order of the governor, and by a unanimous vote of the State Congress. The Federal Reserve has the exclusive power to authorize the printing and coinage of currency and the ability to purchase assets to back the value of the currency. The Federal Reserve may sell Treasury Bonds to raise capital to loan to State Reserves. The Federals Reserve may purchase commodities such as precious metals, gems, oil, and any other assets that may be manipulated to the benefit of the United States citizen and their security. Assets may be purchased and sold for a profit to expand the revenues of the government and to expand the wealth and liquidity of markets. Treasury bond issuance would be limited in sales to foreign investment to an amount equal to domestic investment. This forces the purchase of assets and manipulation of markets to benefit the United States. For example The United States government could become the worlds largest purchaser of crude oil giving our government the ability to manipulate this market to our advantage. The profit from the sale of this crude to American refineries would add value to


The Path to Awe our currency. The same could be said for gold, diamonds, and even commodities such as copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. The Federal Reserve will also have the power to purchase and sell land and realize a profit by improvement of those lands. Labor for such improvements of the land may only be derived by federal and state penal systems. The Federal Reserve as stated earlier would be limited to loaning currency to State Reserves unless State Reserves vote to allow the Federal Reserve to loan money directly to a private entity. State reserves may only loan money to private banks within their respective states. All banks must loan cash received from the State Reserves to citizens or businesses for the purposes of creation of new wealth and maintaining current value and not for investment. Investment is the domain of the people and not of the bank’s distribution system of wealth. Only banks may sell stocks and bonds and no other type of financial instruments may exist, futures trading will be banned, commodities trading may be traded with little to no regulation because it is a physical asset. The government may not tax income until it is actually received by the individual so income directly deposited into a bank is not taxed. This income may then be used to purchase stocks and bonds within the bank. Earning from sources other than income are non-taxable profits from investments and would be placedinto a nontaxable account. So every citizen may invest tax-free and may decide how much tax to pay by the amount of their earnings they receive. Banks must pay interest on all deposits and must charge interest on all loans. Banks may loan money to other banks within the state and may loan money to other banks outside of the state with State Reserve approval.


The Path to Awe So under the auspices of the Federal Reserve the many US stock and bond exchanges would come under government control. The Federal Reserve would maintain the Stock and Bond exchanges and the State Reserves would be the trading floors and the private banks would be the private customers. Essentially, all banks would be a form of an investment bank by the will of the people and no artificial wealth could be created from greed or corruption of a system that would not actually create real wealth. Banks would control all wealth not in the hands of businesses and its citizens. Your investment counselor would be working at your local bank. Citizens may be free to withdraw funds from their bank but must pay income tax if withdrawn from their earned income account to invest in another bank. Credit Card companies and other lending intuitions charging usury will be eliminated. Usury has a good contemporary term: an exorbitant rate of interest for borrowing money. By charging a high rate of interest banks and credit lending institutions concentrate illegitimate wealth because this is not earned wealth. No new wealth is derived from high lending rates. This inefficiency cost society and inflates the cost of living causing inflation for no usable benefits. This is a hindrance on prosperity so The Federal Reserve will regulate the maximum lending rate of interest to minimize inefficiency. Banks are a necessary boon to the economy but they must not be allowed to concentrate illegitimate wealth and unfair lending practices may divide a people using inequitable lending strategies. Most of the lending practices that banks presently use are still based upon practices used hundreds of years ago and have not evolved since


The Path to Awe then. This is not necessarily due to the banks but is the fault of politicians and governments. The basis of the foundation of lending is being able to repay the amount borrowed within a specified time frame. In a Templar society the amount you borrow is taken from your wage and is not disbursed directly to you. No matter where you decide to work or which bank you use your credit profile follows you from job to job and bank to bank so you can never escape your debts. This lowers the cost of lending by guarantying repayment to lending institutions. The rate at which the repayment of a loan may be changed if a person’s income is reduced may be put in stasis if no income is present, and repayment rates will be regulated by the states for persons whose income has changed. Only the states may determine any forgiveness of debt incurred without the wherewithal to repay. Equilibrism looks at interest as both a necessity and as a hindrance. High interest rates are intangible and low interest rates are tangible. Paying high interest rates is akin to paying for nothing because it is an amount above the benefit of the item being purchased and a lower interest rate more closely mirrors the value of the product you are purchasing. Interest does not add value to a product. So interest should neither cost too much or be paid out at too high of a rate. True wealth should be created in the markets through creation of new products or intellectual property and since creation requires a beginning amount of wealth the necessity of loans and savings is needed so interest must be paid and received in order to keep the flow of capital moving and justly distributed. The contemporary banking system is prevented by regulation from allowing the free flow of capital by arcane rules and regulationsthat benefit the greedy because of a somewhat corrupt banking system. The


The Path to Awe banking system has devised so many ways to sap wealth from its customers that few people save money in banks anymore because of unethical practices. All fees and fines will be regulated by the Federal Reserve to maintain ethical business standards of all banks. Templar and Equilibric principles dictate that sudden and drastic change or too much security (too little change) are a detriment to society as the former introduces chaos to a well ordered system and the latter introduces stagnation and lethargy. Businesses and people must be allowed to fail and must not be hindered in their attempts to succeed. Man is unnatural and yet he exists in an environment of nature. Nature adapts more quickly to change than what man does because man is more complex. Nature is in a constant and a rapid state of flux so; man deals with nature by artificially reducing the change imposed upon him by means of the products he creates. The financial means by which man seeks to reduce change by nature is through restoration and the instrument of insurance. In the Templeanic society, insurance is strictly regulated, as is the domain of the banking system. Health care and health insurance are exclusionary from liability and property insurance and will be addressed later on in this chapter. To have an efficient insurance system for all citizens plaintiff awards must be regulated and be fair and equitable for all. A provision of Templeanic law is that punitive damages are paid to the courts and not to the plaintiff. The intent of punitive damages are to punish and not to reward citizens. It is also a provision that punitive damages may not exceed 1/3 of compensatory damages awarded.


The Path to Awe Compensatory damages are only restorative in nature. The amount fined will never exceed the cost to rectify the change in condition. Compensation for a change in condition causing a disability would be equal among all citizens for future benefits, for it is not for the courts to foretell a persons future. A person may or may not of been a success or a failure after a life changing disability or even if the disability had never happened. Templars believe that god created all men equal and it is not up to the government to recognize its citizens any differently. If you are only temporarily disabled then compensation for lost wages would equal your normal pay for that time period. If you are determined to be permanently disabled the court will make a ruling on your percentage of disability based upon your ability to perform work. Regardless of your previous wage, compensation will be based upon a living wage if you are single, and a family wage if you are married, and compensation will assume a 100-year life span. Legal fees to be considered for award to the plaintiff may not exceed 1/3 of compensatory damages sought or awarded and it is dependent up the plaintiff winning their case. Punitive damages awarded to the court funds the States Board of Civil Barristers. Barristers are civil public prosecutors that work for the people. The Barristers will prosecute a case for the public free of charge if the Board of Barristers approves the plaintiff’s case. Barristers may prosecute for a fee but when they do they are acting as a private civil trial lawyer. So, if your case warrants it the State Board of Barristers would allow you to sue for damages with no money out of your pocket using them as legal counsel. Barristers are always awarded the maximum amount


The Path to Awe for legal fees if they win their case, and the states may decide to reward their Barristers a portion of these legal fees for payment of services. With these checks and balances for the prosecution and defense of civil litigation the insurance system will operate much more efficiently than what it does today as this makes Judges operate within a certain set of guidelines so as to not cause artificially high prices upon products due to jackpot justice awards by misguided judges. How will the insurance system work? Anything you want to insure you will visit your local bank and decide upon rates of coverage. The private bank will send the request to the State Reserve and if it is a very large policy it will be sent to the Federal Reserve. The reserve will send the private bank the premium they require and the bank will add their fee to the premium. All insurance premiums will be discounted based upon savings retained within the bank. So if you have a large enough amount deposited your insurance premium may be $0. This is another way there is a repository of funds kept on hand for security and to fuel the progress of industry. Instead of having separate government, insurance, and bank reserves the Templar system combines them all into one to minimize waste in the financial system and to make the most efficient use of money. Health insurance and health care are totally different than other types of insurance as the quality of a human beings life helps determine the efficiency of which they operate within a society. It is a benefit to society to keep every citizen as healthy as possible. Since it is only possible to spread wisdom to the masses for free with no harm being done to society, a system may be derived from education to help supplement private health care without being a


The Path to Awe detriment to society. This system of health care would be termed National Competitive Health Care NCHC. The system would work by the National education system educating all doctors, nurses, therapist, and surgeons for free, in return for this education students agree to work 6400 hours free of charge over an eight year period for the NCHC or repay four times the national minimum hourly wage times the number of remaining hours to be fulfilled. Doctors may fulfill the required service to the NCHC in the privacy of their own practice or at a participating hospital or clinic. This would be an average of two 8-hour days per week. When performing NCHC work, doctors and nurses will enjoy the luxury of not being able to be sued for malpractice. All NCHC service performed will be of public record. So if you break your arm and use the NCHC your health care records are public domain. If you want to be treated for something such as a sexually transmitted disease and want it to remain private then you cannot use the NCHC and will have to seek private health care. You may still purchase private health insurance for visiting a private physician. Citizens pay a nominal fee for using the NCHC services. Citizens pay 4 times the minimum hourly wage per doctor visit. For all other medical services not requiring a doctor you pay 3 times the minimum hourly wage per hour. Surgery is on a per hour basis and hospital stays are 10 times the minimum hourly wage per 24hour period. Prescriptions drugs are broken down into necessary and unnecessary drugs. A necessary drug would be a pain reliever like vicadin and an unnecessary drug like Viagra for E.D. Necessary drugs would cost 4 times minimum wage


The Path to Awe per prescription and unnecessary drugs would cost 10 times minimum wage. The NCHC is funded by the free labor of doctors and nurses in exchange for education, fees are charged by the NCHC for the services performed, a portion of the 10% sales tax collected on over the counter drugs, and a portion of the 10% sales tax on placed upon private medical services will fund the NCHC. Doctors can practice where they want to, private insurance and private doctors are not affected, the NCHC is limited by charging fees and the public nature of health information. Doctors may buy out hours or their whole contract as they become successful and the NCHC uses this money to pay physicians to work for them. Doctors may reduce their personal income tax by working for the NCHC and every hour they perform for NCHC they may reduce their taxes by an amount equal to two hours of their regularly charged rate. Doctors and Nurses do not have to enroll in this program but another added benefit of enrolling in the NCHC and getting your education through the national academy is that you are able to practice in all 50 states with one national license rather than limiting yourself to just one state. Accidents do happen in medicine and doctors are not perfect and so if you become disabled by an accident you will be compensated under the National Insurance system and the doctor will earn a demerit. Once a doctor has four demerits the Federal Reserve and the board of the NCHC will review him and they may determine to suspend a doctor’s license based upon incompetence or negligence. On the educational side the number of doctors and nurses being trained would be limited to their high school grades and an entrance exam. When more


The Path to Awe medical practitioners are needed then the standards are lessened for entrance into the academy and when there is an abundance of doctors and nurses then the standards are raised. The NCHC board with the approval of congress may reduce or increase the number of required hours needed by medical practitioners to repay their educational debt to make it more attractive to potential physicians and nurses. This type of system provides an integrated solution for banking, investing, tax collection, and insurance. A capitalist might look at this as a nightmare intrusion by the government, but they would be wrong. By gaining efficiencies through the pooling of capital for many different resources you expand exponentially the value of working capital by reducing the amount of non working capital. You also gain efficiency through simplification of the markets, and as such, the markets are truly controlled by the people. The tax structure will be as such that it encourages savings, investment, and corruption by politicians will have been minimized, these institution have very little risk involved with them. As such, pensions and Social Security will no longer be necessary, as citizens will naturally retain enough savings for retirement. Remember no recurring property tax on your land as that has been outlawed so your land is your land when you have paid it off and there are no taxes on capital gains so profit made from investments over your lifetime is yours to do with as you please tax-free. A retiree only has to pay sales tax and is burdened by no other taxes. Money, like all things, does not create new wealth until it is put to work. Banks, by themselves, do not create new wealth. It is what banks do with the money that leads to the creation of wealth.


The Path to Awe Gambling does not create new wealth. The only thing gambling does is to redistribute wealth and tie up capital so it cannot be used to create new wealth. This is why Christianity abhors gambling because it does not allow man to prosper fully when it exists. Proper litigation is also a wealth redistributor, but it is redistribution in the name of justice and equity. It, like gambling, creates no new wealth(nor should it). Litigation promotes equity and safety within a society through justice, but litigation is merely a tool used to resolve justice and like any tool it can be used for good or evil. Frivolous, unwarranted, and un-merited litigations as well as exorbitant plaintiff awards by well meaning misguided judges not only tie up and redistribute capital unjustly, but destroy potential avenues of new wealth creation. The hot coffee in the lap story is a good example of this. A person orders a hot coffee at a drive thru and spills it in their lap and scalds their skin and sues the drive thru for having too hot of coffee. The first case the judge awards $30 million to the plaintiff and it is appealed and appealed and the award gets chiseled down to $500,000. The defendant settles because of legal costs and the plaintiff’s lawyer gets 80% of the award. The drive thru spent far in excess of $1 million defending themselves not including the settlement award for a suit that should of never went to trial. Insurance companies insuring the liabilities of drive thru’s that serve coffee then raise their insurance rates to these companies and stipulate the maximum temperature the coffee may be. This causes the product to be less desirable to many consumers because they prefer their coffee piping hot and it increases the cost of the coffee, so sales are reduced on two fronts. You now have a higher upfront cost to get


The Path to Awe into the coffee drive thru business because of the additional risk to the insurance company. Potential entrepreneurs are discouraged by the high insurance rates, lower temperature of the product and lack of sales due to the final cost of the product. It is inherit to a prosperous society that litigation and awards of judgments are limited so prosperity is not hindered. Compensatory and punitive damages were spoken of earlier in this chapter and those limitations only limit awards that a judge may bestow on a plaintiff. There also needs to be limits placed upon the creation of litigation to protect the legal process from corruption. Templars would accomplish this limitation by the imposition upon the plaintiff’s legal counsel that they must bear the cost of the defendant’s legal expenses if they loose their case. Legal fees would have to be reported on a daily basis to the court during a trial. The maximum amount for legal fees that may be charged is 100 times the minimum hourly wage per hour of service of the legal counsel. Now, most forms of inefficiency in the civil legal system will have been minimized and inflationary cost due to unmerited litigation will have been lowered creating a better value for products sold in all markets.


The Path to Awe

Chapter 9 The Masons, The Templars, and Strangleholds of Prosperity
Before the Templars there were the Masons. This is the secret society that everyone knows about but very few are privy to their closely held secrets. The Masons (or Freemasons if you prefer) were originally stonecutters and stone-carvers, and such as a skilled mason is today the stonecutter of long ago was even more skilled. The Masons were the engineers and scientist of their day being able to create great temples, churches, castles, and other great constructs not equaled to this very day. The Masons were the very first labor unions and held considerable influence as both the church and royalty wanted to display their wealth, grandeur, and power through the examples of Masonic ingenuity in the structures they built for them.


The Path to Awe If a king wanted a castle built he had to please the Masons otherwise; he did not get his castle built. Masons kept their engineering knowledge to themselves and so they were in high demand and could not be enslaved or tortured to make great creations, for they just simply would refuse to work. Kings could not kill them because then they would have no one to build their castles. Masons truly were the first to gain power through brotherhood and knowledge. The Masons were the first unions to protect their members through solidarity and were not able to be disbanded and survive to the current day. These Unions though, very similar in purpose to today’s unions are very different in how they obtained their goals. Contemporary American labor unions have lost their way and their purpose, which has bred corruption and inefficiencies within these organizations. There should never be a monopoly on labor within a business, as this does not allow for natural competition. So a person should not be forced to join a union in order to work a job. The individual should always be allowed to choose if they want to join or not join a union at their place of work. The difference between unions and the Masons brotherhood was the focus on the job, the commitment to quality and excellence, and the profitability of the company was put before the employee. The job always had to remain competitive so the union had to be as efficient as possible to keep getting jobs. All were willing to sacrifice to complete a job as long as they were treated fairly. Today’s unions, though not all the same, are highly inefficient because they focus on the worker and not the job they perform. This has built inefficiency into the system and now companies view a


The Path to Awe union as an impediment to prosperity rather than a means to obtain prosperity. Poor performance should never be rewarded and would not if unions have to compete against non-union employees. Unions are almost a necessity in some cases where the employer does not want to treat the employees fairly and their corrupt greed blinds an employer to the fact that a laborer is entitled to an honest days wage for and honest days labor. The Templars used the Masons to build commanderies and used the formula for what they paid the farmers is what they paid the Masons. A person may only profit from the labor of another onethird the amount that person is paid. This is the formula used for when you pay a person to create on your behalf. This limits the amount of wealth you can receive from being dependent on others to create your wealth. In a Templar society you are encouraged to become a leader and not a follower as a follower is dependent upon the leader. You may profit limitlessly if you are a leader. Manufacturing jobs have one person or few persons depending upon many, and other jobs, such as a producer of intellectual property (songwriter, movie actor, or a professional service such as a lawyer or physician) has the many dependent upon the one. The physician creates jobs by his attained knowledge, the same is true of the lawyer, a plumber, an electrician,…etc,etc. Unions are a must to ensure proper working conditions for the laborer but today’s unions have become a group of followers instead of a group of leaders. Unions try to insulate their members by negotiating contracts that seek to eliminate change instead of trying to mirror the change of the industry that they in. Once unions place the emphasis on the professional aspects of it members then truly it will become an organization of great power doing


The Path to Awe immense good not only for its members but also for society instead of being an organization that protects inefficiency. This again is why a culture of emphasizing the ”We” will never be competitive with the strength and efficiency of a group of “I’s”. It is the “We” culture that has caused the current day unions such as the UAW to dwindle in size and will eventually fail due to its inherit inefficiency and it socialistic attributes that it has acquired. The troubles of the UAW, in all fairness, are not of their entire making, as a large portion is due to unfair trade regulations the politicians allow, and irrational standards that the government dictates to the auto industry. Then again, the UAW support for the candidates that impose these standards are irrational at best as this lock them into an ideology of selfdestruction. At one point in time in America, all union made products were of a superior value and quality, which could not be matched, and that has fallen by the wayside. The reason is it became a free organization, people think all you have to do is get into a union and instantly you are rewarded with high pay for merely joining the union. You cannot buy loyalty but you can purchase artificial brotherhood. Getting back to having requirements to join a union in the first place and holding the worker and his work to higher standards is a necessity for unions to regain ethical and just power to make America strong again. The Templars built thousands of preceptories and commanderies and not once was there issues of the Masons getting a fair wage, because of the structure of equilibrism; all workers were guaranteed a fair wage. This is not to say that some worker were not paid poorly, certainly there were, but this was due to external forces working on the economy so wealth at the top was reduced as well.


The Path to Awe The Templars learned from the Masons of how to structure a free economy where the productive are rewarded for their labors with an honest wage. The Masons resided with the Templars in the Levant (holy land) before, during, and after the crusades. The Masons and Templars employed many Jews and Muslims, which was heresy to the Catholic Church. The Masons which, is a much older organization than the Templars learned from both the Jew and the Muslim and as such many Templar buildings look out of place in Europe because of the Muslim influence upon their architecture. Though the church decreed the Templars were to vanquish all sons of Islam, when they came to a stalemate in the holy land with the Muslims they not only made peace but they also made friends. Peaceful Muslims were allowed to pray in Christian strongholds and even if the stronghold contained temples sacred to both religions. Just as in the Templar organization, you are not persecuted for your faith in the Mason organization. You may be of any religious persuasion and be allowed to join the Masons and Templar organizations. The Mason organization was the first to do this, at first out of necessity for labor and then out of wisdom. It was by the joining of eastern and western building techniques that allowed the Masons to enter the golden age of building the most magnificent structures of Christendom. The Templars saw the examples before their eyes of how man accomplishes far more working together than what he does apart by looking at the Masons accomplishments. Since the Templar form of government is for the people and by the people because the Templars themselves took a vow of poverty, so they ruled not


The Path to Awe with the aim of gaining wealth but of the protection of the people. The Templars began to question how could an army of God loose to Muslims? They began to question the Popes real intention of going to the Holy land and if it was not a mission from God but merely to obtain lands and wealth. With the protection of the people in mind and the question of the Popes true motives then any tax money derived from the people may not be used to pay another organization (such as the Church) unless the people approve the benefits of the organization. The singular focus of the Templars is the protection of the people even if it is protection from Christendom herself. This focus is on everyone that was a Templar, you did not necessarily have to be a Knights Templar, but just as a knight you would be expected to not gain wealth from the people and only live within your means. This would translate into today’s standards that the lowest paid government employee would be paid two times minimum wage at the lowest level and six times minimum wage at the highest level. This also means that any union representing a government employee may not negotiate wages. No organization may exist within the government for the express purpose of concentrating the wealth of the people into the hands of those that did not earn the wealth. The elimination of all government unions (for the express purpose of wage negotiation) ability to seek benefits for its employees can be rationalized by the logic that their unions have the government employee’s best interest at heart and not what is in the best interest of the people. This also means unless a contract is bid to a union shop on a specific job then all unions would be banned from doing business with the government. Unions must be allowed in the private


The Path to Awe sector but must be kept from government employment as this type of union may become so powerful that it could take over the government. In a Templar society all preferentiality for government jobs are to hire the permanently disabled first, followed by retired veterans, then followed by the highest skilled candidate. Qualifications may be lowered for the disabled as long as the job can be adapted to their disability. Pharmaceutical companies, as well as other companies, that produce a product that is “Necessary” to maintaining the value of Human life are put under the microscope of public scrutiny more than any other companies. Is it immoral to sell a product for profit if it helps your fellow man and the profit motive drives research and development into improving the human condition? Without the profit motive there is no reason for the creation of new drugs unless you are specifically affected or if you truly love your fellow man. Profit though, motivates everyone where the other two reasons only motivate a few. Few products hold so much power as that over life and death and as such it is important that this industry not be corrupted by greed. To combat this, Templars reserve the right of the government to “Purchased Humanity”. Patents on medicines last for years and monopolies on these certain products can harm society if greed is a profit motive and not an honest profit. The decision is by the US Congress of the necessity to end a patents monopoly. After a five year period of holding a patent the government has the right to buy that patent for the sales price of the previous five years worth of sales. The government must then sell the patent to five competing companies and the government may set a minimum selling price of the patented product and the sales tax from the


The Path to Awe sale of the product will be used to recoup the cost of buying the patent. After the cost has been recouped then the patent will expire and become public domain. If a company has shown that 5 years of sales did not recoup their investment then the government will be forced to pay the company the difference to recoup the costs.

Chapter 10 The effects of the five pillars
The Templars adopted the five-pointed star (the pentangle) to represent the five pillars upon which the Templar creed is based since their separation from the Church. The pillars of knighthood are Truth, Justice, Honor, Wisdom, and Chivalry.


The Path to Awe After their vows of chastity and the third crusade the Templars (still deeply religious men) were living in the holy land among the Muslims and had become quite fed up with the dictates coming from the Pope. The Pope had sent kings with no knowledge of the land, it’s people, it’s traditions, and it’s customs to be the generals of the war and the Templars had no choice but to be subservient to the appointed generals in command. This meant even more unnecessary bloodshed due to inexperience and ruthless ideology.After all before the crusades the Muslims allowed all to worship in the holy land without fear of violence. It was only after the fist crusade when the Templars slaughtered every man woman and child in Jerusalem that the schism between Islam and Christianity was so greatly enhanced. The Pope was pumping up these soldiers and sending them off to another land to do Gods works and it wasn’t until you lived in the holy land for a while that you would understand why things were the way they were. Many Templars and Masons saw the Pope as being very fallible after all the only crusade they had won was the first and they had lost the second and the third so if the Pope was working in God’s name why were they losing? This meant the Pope had to be infallible and this also means that the imperfection of man imbues the perfection of God’s will with imperfection when translated by the common man. It was in this vain the five pillars came into being, they were self-imposed upon the Knights that would eventually supersede the word of the Pope. This helped lead to the demise of the Templars as they now had a symbol and rules that were set outside the domain of the Pope and thereby outside the domain of God. It was easy for a good catholic to find the Templars to be heretics. Once the order was disbanded by the order of the Pope the pentangle was deemed to be evil by the Pope and the remaining Templars reshaped the image into


The Path to Awe the present day five pointed American star. Were the founding fathers a sect of Templars? Maybe? Where did the origins of “truth, justice, and the American way” come from? Is this an early attempt to influence America? What about all the similar principles the Templars share with American patriotism? The Templar Conservatorem has not been shaping America but maybe offshoots of other Templars such as those that escaped to Cypress or maybe the ships of the Templars had made it to the New World? It seems that though America has had many successes a turning point away from the path to Awe came in the 1960’s. Franklin Roosevelt’s new deal and Social welfare had already been at work for more than 20 years and with the help of the cold wars communist influences led a sufficient amount of the population to become dependent upon the government. America has not been able to shake this addiction. This seed of dependencies has influenced elections and has allowed the government to grow much larger than what it was ever intended. Ripe with greed and corruption the government misconstrues, bends, shapes, and twists laws to its will and in the process decimates the will of the people. The flame of freedom is slowly being extinguished and many do not even realize it. The people are not in charge anymore, the politicians are and it is the booming voice of the people that needs to speak of a change and not that of a politician. The further America travels backward down the path to Awe the further the dream becomes obscured from sight, until no one remembers which way to travel. We can still see a glimpse of light in the eternal and foreboding darkness; we must never let this light escape from our sight. It is time for us to awaken from the great sleep that government, academia, and the courts have put


The Path to Awe us in and take a stand and become strong once again. It all begins by building dissatisfaction within the populous with the scraps that the government throws us, by convincing the public that freedom will allow them to eat the main course. Christianity and Islam have their five pillars of their faith. The Templars ask you to embrace what is not religion and yet is not of man’s making alone. Embrace the order of nature, Equilibrism, and the order of Conservatorem in addition to your beliefs and faith. Let the five pillars of truth, justice, honor, wisdom, and chivalry shape your character and strengthen your soul for it is the people who need to become strong before the country can become strong. It all starts with the individual.

As a Templar you are beholden to nature as it is a creation of a perfect being. Since mans natural state is to act unnaturally, then it is only the observance of nature that man may find perfection. Man still has primitive natural instincts such as wanting food, water, shelter, air, love, and procreation. It is these gifts that we should not question as these are gifts from the creator. In the grand design of all things if we are to succeed or fail as a species this will be determined by nature and not by us. Man cannot control nature. Can man stop a volcano from erupting,


The Path to Awe a tornado or hurricane from destroying, a blizzard from freezing, or the sun from baking you on a hot summers day? It is laughable to think that man controls his own destiny as his destiny is in the hands of the creator. If you choose to follow the path then you are rewarded with prosperity. If you do not follow the path you will not be rewarded. You may unethically take from others for your own gain but, in the hand of Moses it is written that such a man shall never enter the kingdom of heaven. It is this reason why religion is so important. Templars believe that the Ten Commandments have as much to do with obscure meaning as it does with obvious meaning. If you do not pay a man a fair days pay for a fair days work, are you not in fact stealing from him. Many people rationalize their actions everyday even though they think they may be wrong deep down inside. This is “natural” the creator’s way of helping to point you down the path. It is not mans test to see if he can overcome nature, but rather, whether he can live harmoniously with it. The Templars were the first true environmentalist and conservationist. Do not confuse them with the radical environmentalist of today. Generally, and I use generally so I do not offend everyone, environmentalist are radical self-serving self interest groups. Mainly, they are misguided individuals that have been convinced they must help the environment above the needs of the people and do not realize they are being manipulated like pawns on a chessboard to the detriment of their own society. Consequently, environmentalist do more harm to the environment separately than those not seeking to protect the environment and they allow their fellow


The Path to Awe man to suffer because of their irrationality and absurd illogical behavior. Man is not separate from nature, rather he is a part of it, and because man’s natural state is to act unnaturally he can affect his environment in a detrimental fashion. Man does need to learn to be harmonious with his environment. Most environmentalists focus on a certain or a few issues. By not concentrating on the ecosystem as a whole and concentrating on just one aspect it will have a disastrous effect on the entire ecosystem. A prime example of this are those that want no one to cut down trees. Yes, we had problems with deforestation by logging but that problem was fixed long ago by replanting trees. Now, the save the tree groups, acts irrationally. Forest are overgrown and are not allowed to be thinned or have firebreaks cut into them and so now fires that start that would of only taken a few hundred acres now take hundreds of thousands of acres. Destroying the very thing environmentalist sought to protect and harming the environment by putting pollutants in the air and displacing thousands of animals. The way to identify a person who is not an environmentalist is a person who does not recognize humans as being part of the ecosystem. A lot of present day so-called environmentalist do not use observable facts as proof, instead they rely on perception and feeling and disregard facts that do not fit their agenda. Most environmental movements that are based upon feelings are warranted because of the corruption existing within our government and big businesses that are able to pay to have the facts that they want. These businesses do not realize that if you cannot trust the information before you then a person must make decisions totally based upon emotion.


The Path to Awe Radical environmentalists do not want the facts to come out as much as the unethical big businesses do. If you do your research into most environmentalist causes and conspiracy theories you’ll find that the money trails lead back to a business that profits from it. Leading a rational person to stereotype all environmentalists as pawns, which makes a true environmentalist work all that much harder. Lets look at the fallacy of current day environmentalism upon electrical generation. Even with the best technology wind and solar power will not meet the electrical needs for the US (If we force this technology to be used a much greater environmental impact will be caused than today’s traditional means). Since ethical and unethical power companies already know this but environmentalist refuse to believe it, unethical power generators are eager to support the environmentalist and the ethical generators will turn a blind eye. Huh? That’s right the support for the environmentalist come from unethical power companies and enemies of the state or immoral investors of the power companies. Examine the outcome of this strategy. Environmentalists protest new power plants being built and rally the public against power companies by using false propaganda planted within the media. Keeping power plants from being built with an ever-increasing demand for energy for an ever-increasing population raises the cost of energy for everyone increasing a power generators profit. This is simple math has the law of supply and demand on the same side of logic. The net effect is that the same old technology is used and the pollution continues, whereas, the newer more efficient plants that pollute much less will never be built. This stymies society and keeps man from reaching his full potential


The Path to Awe because greed has corrupted the system and wellintentioned individuals have become brainwashed. Look at Al Gore and examine where his family wealth originates from (Occidental Petroleum) look at how his wealth increased from the time he began his radical environmentalism and how much his friends have profited. Far, far more than any traceable friends of the much-maligned president Bushs’, though you never hear about this. The truth is if all the coal burning plants were replaced with new zero-emission nuclear power plants then the air would be much cleaner and the environment would be much better off overall. Why not use the money used to subsidize solar and wind energy to find a way to recycle nuclear waste (that they have had remarkable breakthroughs with). Are there risks involved with nuclear energy? Yes. There is also an equal potential for the extreme good a nuclear power plant can create by lowering the cost of energy and damage to the environment. You may also look at the advantage that nuclear power could be the catalyst for solar and wind and geothermal power. These green technologies are very manufacturing intensive. By providing cheaper power to this manufacturing base it lowers the cost for solar, wind, and geothermal. Nuclear technology has been stymied by greed, which prevents green technologies from being more cost effective. So again the environmentalist defeat the cause they purport to support. If left to its own means nuclear power more than likely would of become 100% recyclable by now or nuclear fusion might have of become a reality by now. Our environment is more radioactive because we do not use more nuclear energy by virtue that radium is naturally occurring in coal deposits and when burned


The Path to Awe puts radioactivity into our air. Since environmentalists are irrational, their logic has no basis in truth. The American economy becomes weaker and the people become poorer because it is harder for them to create new wealth. The power generators become more powerful and wealthy while the environment and the people suffer. Don’t just consider the power generation effect on the environment, with the abundance of cleaner cheaper fuel than what we have now look at other sources of pollution that maybe eliminated. Nuclear powered cruise ships and cargo ships would make our waters cleaner. Casting plants and smelting plant would be thousands of times cleaner and run more efficiently. With cheap energy sewage could be sterilized with heat and be used as a fertilizer for crops so it would not have to be discharged back into the water supply. With electricity being cheap geothermal units could be made cheaply enough that they could be used to heat our highways during the winter saving thousands of hours of labor, millions of tons of salt, and thousands of accidents could be prevented. This would give roads a much longer life because they do not go through the freeze thaw cycle (this is currently proven technology in use in Greenland). Roads will cost much less to maintain and they could all be built from concrete instead of using asphalt that is a petroleum based product making all petroleum based products that much cheaper. You see how much is tied to one decision to not improve upon old technology and to try to unnaturally force a technology to be implemented before its time. To the Templars there is no reason not to move forward or to progress, as it is mans progression that moves us down the path to Awe. The Templars being the first environmentalists would have themselves differentiated from today’s radical environmentalist and would prefer to be called Ecosians. Ecosians have


The Path to Awe an all-inclusive philosophy when it comes to the environment and includes man as part of the ecosystem. An environmentalist has become known to be narrow of mind, thought, and focus and dealing in irrationality painted with hatred and animosity for nonaccomplishment and no progress. Environmentalists do not understand that by separating man from the environment he puts man at odds with his environment. Man against nature...all of his decisions resulting from this will breed nothing but chaos. Ecosians believe that man is part of nature so what is good for mans environment is also good for man. Look at most environmentalists, they will freely admit that nature is not stagnant and is ever evolving. There is archeological evidence to back this up as great floods have come and gone and places that were cold in days gone by are now tropical and vice versa. Yet if you have been taken in by the great hoax of our time (man made global warming) we are to believe that our weather is not supposed to change naturally. The weather is natural and so it is ever evolving. You must look at man as a part of the ecosystem. The Carbon Dioxide we produce does not cause global warming and we dare anyone to bring forth concrete proof that it could. Carbon Dioxide is important as part of the ecosystem that supports man. The more humans there are the more carbon dioxide we produce, as population increases so does carbon dioxide, as industry increases the burning of fossil fuels produces more carbon dioxide. The more carbon dioxide that is produced the more plant life flourishes so Ecosians would look at irrigating deserts that are not highly vegetated and start to make that land produce vegetation. The more plants there are, the better the air quality we will have and the more carbon dioxide (not pollution) we produce the better the air quality we will get along with higher crop yields.


The Path to Awe Ethanol and methanol are a cyclical fuel due to their being based upon seasonal crops. Both of these fuels will be some of our transition fuels, but as usual a bad politician can turn a good idea into a bad deal for the consumer. Yes, it is true that ethanol production has increased food costs but if the additional corn or sugar cane needed to produce this fuel was produced on newly created farms that had not previously yielded any food products then it would have no effect on food prices. Yes, you currently expend more Co2 creating the crops than the Co2 they take out of the air. With different farming techniques and modes of transportation (such as pipelines linking ethanol distilleries) this should change to a net gain in Oxygen. This will turn the planet more green and closer to nature. It is natural for us to produce carbon dioxide, we exhale it, and we use fires that produce it for heat and energy. This is why plants grow faster and larger when subjected to higher amounts of CO2. It is part of nature that man would produce this chemical and plants would use it as food and give off life preserving oxygen. This was not done by accident it was done by the grand design of the creator. If we kill of too many plants then our health suffers and we die more quickly. The more plants we have the better our health is and the longer we live. Since these harvests are burned and not eaten then it is perfectly all right to fertilize these crops with human manure helping to curb waste that is flushed into our drinking water. Just as Israel has made their desert bloom with life sustaining crops so should we not breathe new life into our deserts by turning them into a great sea of green? Proper implementation of biofuels is needed to be a consumer friendly product and this could easily be done by irrigation of our deserts as new croplands. The Templars have a project in mind for specifically doing this called the Trans-MexAmerican Canal and this great project will be addressed later.


The Path to Awe

Chapter 12 The templar influence
The Battle vestments of the Templars bore a white field with a red cross. The white signified purity and the red signified the blood of Jesus Christ. The Templars origins were based in France and in Rome and an overwhelming number of the knights were French. When the Templars traveled to the Holy land by way of the sea the Templars stationed in the Holy land began to have their vestments trimmed with blue to signify the crossing of the sea. Other trimmings such as red, signified in service to the pope, and gold trimmings signified to be in service of a king of another land. The Knights Templar were renowned fighters and were feared by many a foe and eventually became brilliant military strategists (though their later blunders had more to do with inexperienced leaders that forced them to use woefully inadequate tactics when fighting a massive Muslim force on their home turf). A knight returning to Europe that had blue vestments was afforded a higher respect than what his rank would otherwise grant him. Is it just coincidence that most free countries of European heritage have the familiar colors of red, white, and blue; countries such as America, France, England, Australia, and the Netherlands? Is it any coincidence that the freest countries of the world are in the west and the most oppressive are in the east? Why would the most powerful free nations use red, white, and blue that


The Path to Awe originated with the oppression of the so-called heretics (the Templars). There was a defining point in history that started the reformation from living under tyranny to living as free men. This is when Jacques de Molay, grand master of the Templars was burned at the stake in Paris by the order of King Phillip and Pope Clement V. Jacques de Molay, being 70 years of age, had spent four years in solitary confinement, and could of plead guilty and spent the rest of his life in prison. Instead he professed his innocence. He was the taken to the island of the Jews in the river Seine (which is just a stones throw from Notre Dame Cathedral and the King of France’s Palace). Jacques de Molay did not go quietly into the night. He was allowed to have his hands freed to be able to pray while he was being burned alive. He again defiantly shouted his innocence and called on King Phillip and Pope Clement V to meet him before the throne of God for judgment in one year’s time. The Pope died one month later and the King died nine months later. It was Christ’s blood that has born conscience, peace, honor, and respect but it would be de Molay’s blood that would bear freedom. It is his sacrifice that turned man away from the darkness and has brought man into the light. Few recognize his name because the Catholic Church has failed to recognize any wrongdoing. The present day Templars are not trying to bash Catholicism but they do recognize many problems with the church such as the infallibility of the Pope. The Church has had many negative and positive aspects over the years as men have misconstrued and twisted Gods words for their own benefit and every time they do man suffers. It is not Gods word that has caused bloodshed but it is man that does not hear his words clearly that has caused the bloodshed. To hear his


The Path to Awe word is to discover the nature of God and this is done by following the path to Awe. According to ancient prophecy there will be five people that will sacrifice themselves in the name of freedom so that all may hear the voice of her blessings. Four of these souls (called Quinn’s) have been identified. King Leonidas of Sparta, Joan of Arcadia, William Wallace, and Jacques de Molay are determined to be four of the Quinns. The fifth Quinn is to originate in a new world far across the sea, which is believed to be in America. His death will bring about a sweeping change to the world and bring the acceptance of Gods word to all. This Quinn is said to speak with a booming voice so that all may hear, and the Quinn will be large in stature and although he will be wise beyond his years he will be an elderly unassuming figure. He will not be a broker of an established religion…he will bring about something new that all will recognize as the truth to spread the word of God so all will willingly believe in the creator.


The Path to Awe

Chapter 13 Resolve
How do you resolve your faith with the government and its legislation? By limiting the government’s ability to tax and legislate it will put an end to government interference with your faith. By putting moral law into the hands of the community and strengthening the family from within, you will be able to ward off the negative influences of society. Remember, that just because it is against your religion does not mean it is an issue you must oppose through legislation. Opposition through legislation can, in fact, be imposing your religion on to others against their will. Most opposition should come from communication directly with the source. I gave an example of a resolution earlier and here is another example. Homosexuality, gay and lesbian marriages, and homosexual adoptions are very divisive issues and you will see how they are resolved through true conservatism and bring all people together instead of tearing them apart. Marriage was originally intended to strengthen the family unit and it was one of those rare things that both religion and government agree upon. So when you mess with the definition of marriage you open up a hornet’s nest. So Templars would bypass he definition of marriage and define a term for alternate lifestyle civil unions. We’ll call these definitions Patriage for joining two males and Matriage for joining two females. In a Templar society it will be up to the communities where these unions take place and whether to recognize them or not. If a community


The Path to Awe recognizes the union of a Patriage or Matriage then the county, state, and federal government must recognize it within that community. If these union are to be recognized as Marriages are recognized then communities will form associations recognizing each other’s civil unions and if enough communities accept these unions then they will be accepted just as a Marriage is. The issue will live or die based upon the will of the people and no ones views of morality will be pushed upon another. This may push people into a cycle of “Natural Segregation”. You may find all Christians moving out of a town that all Gays and Lesbians are moving into. This is OK, natural segregation does not promote differences but allows differences and it is not the will of the people to force you to personally recognize those differences. It is just the difference in the moral beliefs, values, and attributes of a community. Just as you would not have to be Christian to live in a Christian community nor would you have to be gay to live in a gay community. If you were to live in a community that adopts Matriage and Patriage then you may not agree with it and may even condemn it but the government must recognize it. If you don’t like the laws of the community you can seek to change them or you can move to a community that shares your values. If you move to a new community then you must respect the laws of that community. If you are traveling or visiting that community they must temporarily recognize the moral law of your home community as long as it does not pertain to children. If there arises a situation where one spouse wishes dissolution of an alternate lifestyle union then they must file for divorce in the community that recognized the union. If one spouse moves to another community that does not recognize the union then the government may be compelled to recognize it in another area. It is only if both spouses move to


The Path to Awe communities that do not recognize the union will the union be dissolved by default. As a Christian might say where do you draw the line on what you allow to be called a civil union? What if someone wants to marry a dog or a child? Only a human may bond with a human and only adults may bond, as a child is deemed not capable of making their own decisions. This is part of the Natural Law that the Federal Government delegates to the States to make their own decisions upon the age of a child but, intelligence is also an issue, The Federal Government may deem under natural law that an adult may not be intelligent enough to make their own decisions such as the mentally retarded or Alzheimer patients and as such that a test of intelligence must be passed in order to marry or be bonded. To not let Gays and Lesbians “marry” and form their own communities would be a form of persecution not unlike how the Jews and Christians were persecuted throughout history. If you are a Christian you may feel obligated to try to talk someone out of an alternative lifestyle or an alternative lifestyle union but, if they choose not to listen and do not detrimentally affect you, then keep your nose out of their business. The problem that America currently has is that its structure is not conducive to natural segregation. There are many different populations that are pulling the country apart because the government will not let willing adults and families segregate themselves. As a Christian you are worried about walking your child down the street and having them see two gay men kissing. With natural segregation there would be a gay community and if you did not want your child to see that then you would not take them to the gay community. Conversely the Christian and the Gay man


The Path to Awe are happier in their own communities and their communities are stronger because of that. What is to stop segregation from transforming into racism? Communities may only make moral law and the color of your skin or your ethnicity has nothing to do with morals. So like in an Equilibric economy, natural segregation allows people of like minds to live together within their cell and to strengthen their cell by means acceptable to them. The strength of their cell helps to strengthen the larger cell of America. What about homosexuals and adoption? This is again a community morals issue but a community of only homosexuals cannot produce any offspring so a community that allows adoption of orphans to homosexuals may have to produce those children unless other communities allow them to adopt orphans that they produce.

Chapter 14 Election reform
As it was spoken of earlier that Templars believe in the adoption of new technology as this is the


The Path to Awe progress that takes us down the path of Awe and enriches everyone’s life. We spoke of how the education system would change by the use of an appliance that is very similar to a personal computer. The Templars envision this appliance to be multifunctional and not to be exclusively used for education but also used for all interaction with all Government entities. This includes voting, which was alluded to earlier, but it could be used for the entire political process. Millions of dollars are used to run campaigns and this is a very inefficient use of capital because it creates no new wealth nor does it add any value to products. The Templars would put all candidates on an equal footing. The government would provide to the appliances EDUNET for education and GOVNET for finding out all information to do with the government. GOVNET is a portal where you may view all candidates’ web pages. This is also where the candidates may host chat rooms and have download pages. This is all provided to the candidate free of charge they must only do the programming. No candidate or party may advertise in any other medium. Since all citizens will be provided with an appliance and they must show an ID and proof of residence, the chances of the voting process becoming corrupt will be minimized. The homeless may use a libraries appliance free of charge. All media may run factual stories about the candidates but editorials must run a candidate’s response or position to the editorial on the same page. Radio and TV editorials must advertise a link to a GOVNET opposing point of view page. So Radio and Television editorial host must post on GOVNET 24hrs prior to broadcast, the topic of political conversation so opposing points of view are ready to respond to hosts points of view. No media organizations may


The Path to Awe endorse a candidate, as this would allow the political system to become corrupt. No foreigners or foreign money may be allowed to make donations. Donations may only be made through GOVNET as all users are already verified as citizens. All citizens will be limited to a donation no more than 4 times the national minimum hourly wage. Only citizens may donate to a candidate. All other domestic entities may donate to a party but no more than the number of members or employees times four times he national minimum hourly wage. These policies protect the integrity of the political process and make it much more efficient and less costly. Any private entity is free to make their own website or blog about a candidate or position as long as they do not pay to advertise it. This was the intent of our founding fathers that the voice of the people be heard and neither the voice of special interest groups nor the voice of companies or other organizations. Any media outlet must announce editorials before broadcast and may not be part of any news broadcast or news section of a newspaper or magazine. Any organization not complying with this law will be banished from doing business in America. Any factual news about a candidate maybe broadcast or published as long as (like with all news) that it unbiased, truthful, and accurate. Any intentioned publication or broadcast that is not properly informing the public about its purpose and purports itself to be news and is found to be a biased editorial will have the author and the presenter guilty of a felony and at a minimum must pay a fine equal to 1000 times the minimum hourly wage and spend three years in prison. This censorship only ensures the truth is heard and that misconceptions are not spread so the masses cannot be manipulated. This censorship is legal and


The Path to Awe ensures no disruptions or underhandedness in the political process. You are going to hear from the politicians that this will never work. This is because, this is all new to them and it scares them, because it dilutes their power. Politicians will have to stop looking to the side of which special interest is in their pocket and do what is right for the people. This will free the politician to do more with less money. Isn’t it so wrong that a politician may spend on one campaign, more money then they are paid over the entire tenure as an elected official. By rewarding them for preserving and improving the environment for businesses and jobs and marinating the integrity of the election process all corruption in the government maybe minimized. The first hurdle that maybe crossed is at the local level as mans government’s derive money from property tax. This tax needs to be outlawed in the Templar form of government and needs to be replaced with a hierarchical sales and income tax. This starts the change from the bottom up. With citizens secure in the fact that their home is their home and cannot be taken once it is paid for releases them to be more productive. No more of your local tax assessor valuing your land or your local school or government charity looking for a tax hike on property values every year. Tax money is collect on a weekly basis from individuals and businesses through the banking system on sales and income tax. Yes, some communities may have to merge together and some may have to split apart in order to survive but this is the natural order of all things. We will no longer be artificially supporting programs and policies that should fail.


The Path to Awe

There will be no county or local property taxing authority. Water, sewer, streets, parks, schools, libraries, fire department, law enforcement, emergency medical services, courts, postal service, and waste management are all core services that need to be offered to constitute a community. The government money will closely match that of its citizens giving politicians good reason to make sure there is a positive atmosphere for businesses. For if the people are unemployed there is no tax revenue. You will no longer have to worry about


The Path to Awe the value of you house skyrocketing so you cannot afford the taxes, giving all incentive to do improvements to their homes, because of property tax elimination. All the money that is lost through governmental bureaucracy is back in the hands of the people, where through the private sector tangible products and services will be made. This money will create additional sources of revenues for the local governments. It would be in the interest of efficiency that all school boards would be disbanded and the local community governments take this burden upon their roles. This would allow local government to move money where it is most needed. Under the Templar system the school systems would be vastly different than what they are today, which was alluded to earlier. Throw the notion of a traditional school system out. Families will be earning more money so they will have a greater emphasis on the responsibility to raise their own child in a responsible manner. So instead of taking money out of the economy to have programs for troubled or disadvantaged youths the Templars would have you have your own money and say, “Here, you’re the parent and you can do a better job than us.” And give you the means and motive to properly educate your child yourself. Less money troubles for families’ means more families’ stay together and the more the family is strengthened the better society is. By freeing your child from dependency through education you change the equitable distribution of wealth naturally. So the relationships between a man and a woman will become stronger so a man or a woman will not be so inclined to leave a spouse for a wealthier person because everyone will naturally become closer in


The Path to Awe wage scale. The grass is always greener on the other side mentality will go by the wayside. In a Templar society you cannot hide from your responsibilities, so the players in the crowd will learn very quickly they have a duty and obligation to those they impregnate and to their offspring. Equilibrism and the Templar society gives the man back his pride by giving them the ability to stand on their own two feet. It gives a woman a better quality man by which to make a family, with this newfound pride. Simply letting people keep the wealth they earn will alleviate most of societies ills. Schools will be radically altered and cost significantly less to maintain because technology will be applied to the educational process and schools will work hand in hand with businesses. This is not just for children’s education but for adult education as well. For years teachers unions who have been looking out for the best interest of their members have stymied the educational system and as with any unregulated political process the management of schools is wrought with corruption. This is not in societies best interest to have organizations members who are not looking out for the interest of the education system and who have become leeches unto the system. These systems have allowed schools to run independent of the economy of which they exist and therefore never have to become more efficient or become good stewards of your money. How many times do you see in a bad economy a school wanting a new and larger operating levy passed instead of reducing costs in order to be less of a burden on the citizen? Since the government may not pay union workers by the fact that unions do not operate in the best interest of the taxpayer. Teachers’ pay will flourish or suffer with the economy and bad teachers


The Path to Awe may be more easily fired and good teacher will be more easily hired. Present day schools will essentially cease to exist. Kindergarten through fifth grade will essentially work the same way that they do now but with an emphasis on learning the EDUNET appliance that will be used throughout the rest of their education. All public schools will be divided into three academies the National Academy, the State Academy, and the municipal Academy. The National academy will be responsible for broadcasting virtual classrooms to the EDUNET appliance. They will create a curriculum and broadcasting content as well as provide a repository download where classes can be downloaded and played on the EDUNET appliance. The National Academy will also host a help line media center, which can be accessed by EDUNET, by email, chat, video chat, and telephone. This media center will also host student forums so not only will teachers help students but students will also help students. The EDUNET appliance will be the cross between a cable personal video recorder and a desktop computer. Classes will be broadcast along with advertising to help offset the educational costs. The Edutainment classes can be rewound, fast forwarded, and paused and children needing to ask a question may ask a question through the help line. The computer side of the appliance will allow the appliance to download quizzes, tests, and educational games to test comprehension. The National academy will allow the state and local academies to broadcast on their network to the EDUNET appliance. All libraries and hotels will have an EDUNET appliance and will make it available to their customers free of charge.


The Path to Awe Local brick and mortar schools will be transformed into a monitoring and testing center, a tutoring center for children needing special help, and for education that cannot be taught over the EDUNET device. Communities may fund large educational theatres for children that have both parents working and the school is acting as educational daycare. The testing centers will verify a students identity before taking national certified test and all students will be treated equally because the computers will grade the tests. Students will only be required to go to their brick and mortar school 2 days a week. Half a day for testing and 1 ½ days for local curriculum the EDUNET appliance cannot teach. These would be classes such as music, physical education, art, and science experiments. The school schedule would be year round 4 days per week (2 at home and 2 at your local school) at 9 hours per day with all current holidays observed and four one week vacation blocks taken during the year for the week of Christmas to New Years, The week of Easter, The week of the fourth of July, and the week of Labor day. Children may be allowed to work two days per week for a wage not to exceed minimum wage and not less than half of minimum wage. They may not work more than twenty hours per week. They may not perform any jobs that the states prohibit. 17 year olds are exempt from the maximum wage children’s law. This type of schooling allows a child to progress at their pace. There will be less emphasis placed upon what grade a child is in as a child might be doing 12th grade English and only eighth grade math. All children will be subject to a national curfew and will be required to present their school ID


The Path to Awe upon request to a police officer unless an adult accompanies the child. This ID is a progressive curfew voucher. Children with straight A’s are allowed out till 11pm, Straight B’s are allowed out till 10pm, straight C’s till 9pm, straight D’s till 7pm, and straight F’s till 6pm. So there are rewards for better grades. If a D or F average is maintained for more than 2 weeks the child will not be allowed to work. Communities may make mandatory laws to reward children and the school ID must be presented and swiped before any child may purchase anything. Communities may restrict things like sporting events, concerts, purchase of video games, attendance of movies, the purchase of alcohol, and driving privileges for children. The purchase of alcohol by minors? That’s right! Communities decide when a child may start drinking. The National Academy requires a “B” average and in addition local communities might require the age of consumption to be at least 17 years old and even a highergrade point average requirement. States may limit the purchase of alcohol and cigarettes and may require that you graduate before you can get a permit for these items even if you become an adult. Where does the funding come for the schools? A large portion will come from local income taxes from the community and the county. This will pay for maintaining and building the buildings. Present school buildings will handle twice as many students because of a staggered two-day school week. Only half the students will be at the brick and mortar school on any given day. Monday and Tuesday for one set of students and Wednesday and Thursday for another set of students.


The Path to Awe Local schools hire and fire teachers and may make up their own rules for rewarding good teachers. The state academy may require all local schools to teach some classes. The state will pay all teachers their base wages and may restrict the number of teachers at any school based upon student enrollment. The National Academy is in charge of maintaining the call center, the EDUNET network and broadcasting content, Paying for the EDUNET appliances used by the local schools and testing centers. The National Academy will pay teachers to write textbooks for their curriculum and then make all of these books downloadable free of charge to the public so local schools are not burdened with the cost of providing books. In addition to income tax, local schools will be allowed to levy a fee to the parents of all children at a rate not to exceed one half of the national hourly minimum wage for every day their child attends the local brick and mortar school. This fee may not include kindergarten through fifth grade. All local schools may be allowed to levy a fee not to exceed one third of the national hourly wage to pay for busing. So for one child attending the local school two days per week and being transported by bus and assuming the national minimum hourly wage is $6.00/hour, it would be $5.00 per day per child to attend. Since local communities are allowed to permit but not tax local moral behavior such as cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, prostitution, and gambling permit fees may be used to help pay to run the local schools. No permit fee on an annual basis may exceed fifty times the national minimum hourly wage. The State and National Academies may run online gaming sites to help augment their need for funds only if the State


The Path to Awe legislature approves it. 50% of any online gaming sites revenues must be used to directly reward the children for favorable achievement in the form of a check directly payable to them. Such as a reward might be a child may receive $100 for completing course work one year early. The school cafeterias will become semi private entities and must make the transition from school cafeteria to private restaurant. They will be expected to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The student cost of a breakfast, lunch, or dinner approved by the local school during school hours will cost an amount not to exceed one hour of the national minimum hourly wage and snacks will not exceed one quarter of this. To send a child to school 5 days per week and to feed them with busing will cost the family about $86 per week or $4128 per year. Though the entire society shares the cost of the school this should not eliminate the responsibility of the parent. The more a parent is involved with their children the less it will cost them. If a child attends the local school just 2 days per week, packs their lunch, and their parent drives them to school then their education cost only $10 per week. This gives parents an incentive to become involved in their child’s education. If their parent’s take the extra time to educate their children well their children may actually make money-attending school. You may still send your child to a private school but you will not receive any credit on your income tax and your child must still take the National Academy testing, this includes home schooler’s. Since the schools no longer derive their takes from property tax the price of property and renting property will go down. So many of the poor that now rent will have a large reduction in rent because of no taxes, although education costs will increase.


The Path to Awe As a parent in a Templar society your responsibility to your children cannot be escaped. By not having your children maintain the minimal national standards for any reason other than a mental disability you may have all local permits revoked from you, you may have your drivers license revoked, your wages may be garnished to pay for tutoring, all government and private aid may be suspended to you including welfare. Your child will not be taken from you as they are your responsibility. You will have a mandatory responsibility to your child. National Academies and State Academies will not mandate any classes that are of a moral nature. So the National Academy may offer religious courses but may not force a student to take those courses. Colleges and Universities will play a greatly diminished role from what they presently do. Any field of study that can be taught within the national parameters will do so. The National Academy will have sole discretion over the regulation of college degrees and course work even in private institutions of learning. College students must pay an amount equal to the national minimum hourly wage to attend the National academy per credit hour. Attendance at a partnered University or other institution of higher learning may be at a price not to exceed thirty times the national hourly minimum wage per credit hour. Teachers pay will start at no less than two times the minimum national hourly wage and the base wage can be no more that six times the minimum national hourly wage and private school teachers may make as much as they want. Local bonuses paid to teachers are not limited.


The Path to Awe Many people will see the treatment of their children as being oppressive as children will operate in a “Big Brother” type state. In truth, what this does is to teach children that freedom is not free and that they must earn it by doing well in school. It teaches a child the rewards of discipline and responsibility. It is these Gestapo like tactics that need to be ingrained into our children’s psyche so they always earn and are not given the luxury of being an American. This system of schooling will fundamentally change everything and will become the great equalizer in our society. This will not bring any child down but will raise the level of all children. We will see a boon to our economy by instilling a work ethic back into our children. This system of schooling will help to keep the family together and helps eliminate any biasness or bigotry of schoolteachers. Gasoline will be fundamentally cheaper as the highest sales tax is 10% and a 10% tax on transport (freight lines) will go towards repairing and upkeep of our roads and infrastructure. America will form its purchasing cartel for purchasing overseas oil. American companies purchasing oil overseas will be part of the cartel and a price will be set to sell to the refineries so all American refineries will pay the same amount for crude oil. America will release oil from its reserves as needed or reduce output to maintain a consistent price at the pump. This forces American companies to explore for oil as the Oil Purchasing Cartel cannot set or limit the amount of oil American companies can produce and sell or refine themselves. This is an incentive to the oil companies and is also a stabilizing force to keep a consistent fuel price at the pump. The purchasing Cartel also sets a price floor on all alternate fuels based upon the price of gas at the pump which in turn makes the government either restrict or release oil from its reserves to keep it


The Path to Awe profitable to produce alternative forms of energy. So you should never see anything but minor fluctuations in the price of gas. The entire Economy and political structure will fundamentally change harkening back to the founding father intentions (that the government is by the people and not over the people) • • The government can no longer tax the public at will The government tax collections are pre-budgeted and Sales tax is articulated The Federal Government cannot impose moral law. Bad politicians and judges can easily be removed from office Term limits are eliminated so good politicians may stay in office longer Special interest can no longer affect election outcomes and their voice is silenced in Washington The Federal Reserve can no longer print money at will Once articles of war are in place the commander in chief has a budget for the war they must live within. Taxes flow from the bottom up instead of from the top down Health care cost are controlled The environment is far less polluted

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The Path to Awe The family is strengthened by tax policy More Jobs are created Churches have access to much more money Workers have more money in their pocket America keeps it jobs at home by having free but fair trade. All qualified candidates have an equal potential to be elected regardless of money The IRS and Tax law will be dismantled Banks and investments will be fundamentally changed and put on an equal playing field for all Americans The Congress is decentralized A recurring tax on land will be outlawed Any tax not specifically named will be outlawed unless confirmed by the people through popular election.

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The Path to Awe

Chapter 16 Civil rights and the minority
What is a minority? Is it a basis in color that defines a minority? Is it a basis in customs such as ethnicity? Is it a basis in religion? Is it a basis in sexual preference? Is it a basis in a disability? Templars address the civil right of the minority by not recognizing minorities. By recognizing someone as a minority you recognize their differences. Since everyone is an individual then technically we are all minorities as we all have something unique that separates us from everyone else. God recognizes that all men are created equal and it is not for the government to distinguish them otherwise. The government may only recognize that which affects all men equally such as time. To be a minority is to distinguish you apart from the whole. Under Templar law no special rights may be granted or inferred upon individuals, groups, or organizations that are not granted to everyone else. The government must treat all citizens equally. So the only possible minorities that may be recognized may not be citizens but yet are living within our borders. Racism ends under Templar law. If you are a black American or a white American you are an American and the government only recognizes Americans. Natural segregation is allowed for in a Templar Society because this helps to preserve history and culture. If you go to a Chinese restaurant do you not want a Chinese cook, if you go to an Italian restaurant do you not want an Italian as the chef, If you go to an Irish pub do you not want to feel like you are in Ireland? This is natural segregation, the preservation of tradition, heritage, and culture through business. Natural Segregation only strengthens the economy as people of like cultures may bind together more easily


The Path to Awe and become stronger because of it. Inclusion of all races allows for greater wisdom by having many people traveling several paths to get to the same place so that all may learn from their journey. Like all businesses a naturally segregated business must be inclusive of the public. No business may discriminate based upon race, creed, color, ethnicity, and or handicap or sexual preference in the service or product they sell. Additionally, no government funds may be used to promote or start any naturally segregated businesses. States may allow cultural retreats to be formed by organizations. The retreat can or will act as villages within the states. No state may grant any cultural organization more than an amount of an area equal to one square mile for the purposes of providing a retreat for their organization. Retreats may have their own moral laws such as any village may have, but they may have zoning that discriminates based upon race, creed, ethnicity, and color. These retreats are meant to preserve culture, tradition, and heritage and all public areas within the retreat must be open to the whole public for the public to experience a multitude of cultures by visiting a multitude of retreats. Besides natural segregation in businesses and cultural retreats there may be no other discrimination allowed in society by a private, public, or government entity. There will be no hate crime laws, affirmative action will be abolished, English will be adopted as an official language and no government entity may use any other language when communicating with its citizens, color may only be used for identification purposes for obvious reasons. With the emphasis of the government to deal with the public through the EDUNET appliance to become


The Path to Awe more efficient, the government will become color blind when dealing with its citizens. This does not mean there will not be prejudiced individuals that exist in society but these individuals will be minimized through the equal opportunity in the education system. In the Templar society it is against the law for the government to recognize a citizen as a minority and it will be illegal for a citizen to discriminate against another by recognizing them as a minority. So things such as racial slurs will be grounds for jail time. Civil rights are turned into a legal right as minority crimes will be tried in criminal and not civil court. So organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panthers will be outlawed. Free speech is always allowed so groups may talk about segregation but speech coupled with action to oppress a segment of the population will be deemed as a subversive organization and will be prosecuted to the fullest letter of the law. If a leader incites his followersto riot then the leader may be charged with all the crimes that the followers commit. It will be this association of leader to follower that will breed responsible communication. Under this type of law against oppression free speech is not limited or censored but there is an incentive to speak responsibility. There is also a law of Impugned Character in a Templar Society. You may not publicly impugn the character of another without having irrevocable proof. The test for ones character to be impugned is for a persons character to be falsely slandered or libeled in any for profit media source that makes a profit selling such false hoods. The media outlet distributing such falsehoods should be made to surrender all revenues


The Path to Awe gained from material containing these falsehoods the ones character that was impugned. This way media outlets may not falsely demonize any citizen without the media outlet suffering from distributing erroneous, false, or malicious content. This again does not censor free speech but provides and incentive for fair, truthful, and honest speech.

The President will still appoint Supreme Court Justices and the Congress must still confirm them but the Justices serve at the pleasure of the people. Every presidential election the justices will run against a null candidate for a vote of apprehension. If the null candidate wins, the incumbent justice is ousted and


The Path to Awe the new president must then appoint a new justice. A sitting justice may also be removed by a unanimous vote of the gubernatorial senate. The gubernatorial senate examines all rulings of the Supreme Court to see if new law has been created. If the gubernatorial senate confirms that new law has been created then the decision will be temporarily vacated by the senate and will be passed to the US Congress for passage into law. If the decision is passed into law then the justices ruling will be confirmed. If it is not passed into law then the justices ruling will be permanently vacated and the justices will not be able to visit this issue again. It is compulsory that the US Congress review the gubernatorial Senate rulings immediately. This effectively would end any chance of legislation from the bench that would circumvent the will of the people. The penal system of the United States is in disrepair and it is no longer a forceful deterrent nor is it reforming or rehabilitating a large portion of prisoners. The Templar punishment system embraces two concepts: Perpetual imprisonment and incentive release. In laymen’s terms if you break the law you are fined and incarcerated. Incarceration is not punishment it is protecting the public from lawbreakers. Currently, incarceration is looked upon as punishment and this is an incorrect assumption. The Templar punishment is hard labor. If you do not labor you do not pay your debt to society and hence, you will never be released from prison. In the Templar penal system if you are incarcerated by the courts for just one day but refuse to pay your debt you may be imprisoned until you do. This means you will be perpetually incarcerated if you do not labor and if you labor hard then you may be released early, as this is incentive release. This labor may be sold or used by the government for the sole use of improving the


The Path to Awe general condition of the public through municipal projects or private industry. It is this profit center that will make the penal system not only self sufficient but profitable as well. Why should a prisoner labor? Simply put, under the Templar system a convict must complete a set number of hours of labor in order to be released. If those hours are not complete then the prisoner will remain in prison until the hours are complete. Lets say a prisoner’s workday is 12 hours long and their workweek is a 6-day week. That would be 72 hours per week and that would equal 3,744 hours per year of labor. Prisoners earn ¼ of minimum wage for every hour worked. So if the minimum wage is $6.00 per hour then a prisoner can earn no more than $1.50 per hour and a maximum of $108 per week. With this money a convict may gain luxuries in prison such as improved living conditions, clothing, and improved food. The more a prisoner works and behaves the better they are treated. A prisoner who does not work may be kept in solitary confinement, may get no free time, and will only be served good enough food to sustain life. A part of a convict’s sentence may be rehabilitation such as learning a trade or completing coursework for an education. Only once the punishment portion of the sentence is completed can the rehabilitation portion begin. This portion of a sentence is for an undetermined amount of time and a prisoner may only be released when they have passed a test to confirm rehabilitation. Prisoner’s families and friends may pay for the prisoner to receive better food and accommodations but may not pay to reduce the amount of labor or reduce the difficulty of a rehabilitation test. Prisoners may build modular housing for the poor as well as municipal projects. When no projects are


The Path to Awe available prison labor may be sold to private industry for a price to not exceed minimum wage. Prisoners may only be involved in public works projects that the citizen approve by a majority vote unless the project uses less than 33% prison labor by private industry or private contractors. Prisoner’s revenue minus their labor cost is $4.50 per hour. 66% of this will pay for the penal system and 33% goes to the law enforcement agencies that apprehends the prisoners. Ensuring justice, truth, and equity should never be a drain on the economy and should always be used as a profit generator. You know if your penal system is not a deterrent if it is not a profit generator.

Freedom is not free and to bestow freedom and prosperity unto an individual that has not earned it worsens the human condition because it hinders the bestowee’s acquisition of knowledge. Without this basic building block true wisdom and integration of society can never occur. The visitor to our country will never be able to comprehend why we should be integrated and united in the cause of bettering the human condition. An immigrant will never be accepted


The Path to Awe into the family of America unless they climb the ladder of the American society. By coming to America illegally you do not value the honor of American citizenship as you would if you came here legally. Remember the cellular economy of reinforcing the cell wall, in an ever-progressive hierarchy to strengthen the entire economy? By having no borders is essentially erasing the cell walls and letting the contents spill out into turmoil and chaos that provides no certainty that a society needs to exist. Illegal aliens resist integration and are a plague on society and not employees of jobs that no citizens want. They prevent the progression of technology to benefit man by depressing labor wages from an over supply of labor that circumvents the necessity to invent and create new technology to solve the problem of a labor shortage. By creating a major supply of illegal labor every legal citizen gets paid less for their being more laborers in the market. You hear a lot of how so many companies would go out of business without such cheap labor because the market determines the price of commodity based products. If the cost of all the commodity products rise then they may sell less product but, it is the drive for a profit that will cause them to better the process through technology and eventually become less labor intensive and that in turn betters the human condition. Additional cost to our healthcare system and to education and to law enforcement will force a change to come to our immigration policy, for if it does not, the productive will be eaten alive by the taxes to support the illegal immigrant. The illegal immigrant has artificially kept companies operating that should of went out of business long ago or changed their process to become a less labor intensive profitable company.


The Path to Awe The Templars remedy the problem of immigration by turning it into a profit center. First, lets recognize the obvious; coming to America illegally…is well…illegal. There must be a penalty for breaking the law otherwise there is no law by which a country is defined. Any Templar law dealing with immigration will always be unpopular with immigrants because it is not in their interest until they become citizens, so they will most likely oppose Templar change. Immigration law must be enforced or it will likely wipe out what prosperity that America has left. The enforcement of this law however, does not have to be carried out with a heavy hand, humiliating a huge (although illegal) portion of our population that call our land home. The solution is an inspired one that comes to us from our Mason brothers. The Trans-Mex-America canal would be the largest construction project of all time and would dwarf all other building projects like the Great Wall of China and the Yangtze River Dam. Building this canal will involve widening and deepening the entire length of the Rio Grande River to accommodate large ocean going freighters and oil tankers. Installing locks to control the level of the water will be necessary. Land will be bought from Mexico and the canal will be extended westward from El Paso straight across the bottom of Arizona through the Rocky Mountains and a dike will be made within the Gulf of Baja to dam in the water that empties into it from the Colorado River. Mexico will be responsible for extending the canal through their section of the California Baja to connect the canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Many nuclear power plants and desalination plants will be built to operate the canal and to support the cities that will house the new economy that will result from it.


The Path to Awe Mountains will fall and many new lakes will be formed. The land bought from Mexico will be designated as an industrial reservation. This means it will not be a state and the government may build upon this property without relinquishing control to a population of people, so it can build a large number of Nuclear power and desalination plants without governmental red tape being involved. This canal will irrigate the entire South and arid Southwest as well as the Sonoran Desert in Mexico to grow crops of Corn and Sugar Cane and Soybeans to be used for making Biofuels. Cotton and other crops such as wheat, olives, and pistachios could be grown here and sold at the many ports of call that will be created on the canal. With American ingenuity this project could be completed in 15 years for an estimated $100 billion dollars. This would be a small price to pay for increasing the value of all the desert land by virtue of making it productive. This land will provide the fuel to make us totally independent of foreign sources of energy and will create so much new commerce and jobs that we will be reaping its benefit for decades to come. This will be the shortest route for ocean going vessels going from the Atlantic to the Pacific or vice versa. It will be our river Nile through our Egyptian plain. The canal will be paid for in four ways. • A 10% Tariff will be placed upon the electricity the 25 Nuclear Power plants built in the Industrial Reserves. The 10% Sales Tax placed upon the Sales of crops produced on the newly irrigated land. The government is required to buy all biofuels and manipulates the price of fuel to ensure profitability to create such fuel. The 10% sales


The Path to Awe tax on all fuel created here and exported to other countries. • Selling public land and the sales tax generated from the sales of private land in the area. The offsetting revenue from the incremental growth in property value from property sales tax will more than help to pay for the property to be purchased and for some construction costs. Canal usage fees and port dockage fees will be another major source of revenue.

Immigrants, pre-citizens, citizens, Mexicans, and the incarcerated will build the canal. The canal will be the largest construction project ever taken on. Widening the canal to 1 mile wide and making it 60 feet deep will be a massive undertaking but it will be finished in record time by using a massive amount of cheap labor. Besides the incarcerated, how will we get this cheap labor? The US Congress must pass a bill into law that will require that illegal immigrants may only make a maximum wage equal to the national minimum wage and any amount an illegal is paid above this, the employer must pay to the federal government in the form of a fine. If an illegal has been here more than three years and it can be proven, then their maximum wage will be half of minimum wage. If an illegal is here for six years or more then their maximum wage will be equal to one tenth of minimum wage and the employer will be subject to jail time for hiring illegal’s. Any illegal may become a pre-citizen at no cost. As alluded to earlier a pre-citizen is not an illegal nor are they an immigrant but they are immigrants earning their citizenship. All pre-citizens working on the canal project may make a maximum of two times minimum wage.


The Path to Awe These laws will move millions of illegal immigrants to our southern border and to the canal project. Initially prisoners will build prefabricated cities to house the rush of immigrants to our border. Only then will the prison population be able to begin work upon the canal. A law will be passed so that any prisoner may choose to work on the canal if they so choose and, every hour worked upon the canal will knock 20% off the time of their incarceration. Pre-citizens that have children that wish to immigrate will have to work 12,500 hours on the canal project in order to qualify to become citizens and then they must just pass an English proficiency test and a basic education test as well as their children passing these test modified to their age. Any pre-citizen not immigrating with a family only has to work 10,000 hours on the canal project and must still pass the tests. The US Government will do no background checks into the history of the individuals. All that will be required is that an immigrant presents an official identification card that their government recognizes. The US will share this information with the immigrant’s home government and if the immigrant is wanted in his home country for any crimes then they will be deported. This is a controversial aspect of the precitizenship program. Millions of immigrants with no background checks, thousands could be murderers and thousands could be rapists. The fact is that we don’t know if we let a person in, who has in the history broken the law, if they will break the law again. We also don’t know if we let a person in that has never broken the law that there is no guarantee that they will not break our laws. If their home country will not pursue their capture and incarceration then it is not worth our time and expense to run a background check on these individuals. States may perform any


The Path to Awe background check on a pre-citizen as they wish and at anytime. States may also require that pre-citizen have to meet certain requirements such as being tested for communicable diseases and they may require random drug testing. 7 million souls working 15years will create a paradise within our deserts. This large demand for labor in the south will cause a labor shortage in the north and as such wages will rise in the north. Sewage that would have been pumped into our Great Lakes and other water supplies will be piped to the south and be transformed into fertilizer and even the methane will be captured and used for cheap reliable power. This Canal, like the Great Wall of China, will control the flow of illegal immigration by the sheer nature of the impediment it imposes. Not only will the canal mean development of our Southern border but also the development of Mexico’s Northern border. Millions of good paying jobs will be created in Mexico reducing the flow of illegal aliens to America. Simplification of the process of becoming an American and the reduction in time will reduce the flow of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration will eventually become a thing of the past. Once the great canal is built States may erect precitizen villages and have pre-citizen labor in their State doing municipal projects and or having their labor sold to private industry. Initially, thousands of pre-citizens will be used to thin heavily overgrown forest and the trees harvested from this thinning will be used as building materials to build the new cities of the south. This thinning of our forest will help to control forest fires and further reduce pollution in our atmosphere and naturally make the forest stronger by the promotion of preserving old growth trees. By putting plant life where once there was none we will have less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by virtue of adding so much more oxygen.


The Path to Awe Massive Solar arrays may be built if found to be profitable, as these may provide shade for crops during the hottest times of the year. This Desert area will be planted with millions of palm tress in an effort to change the very ecosystem to that of a massive oasis.

Chapter 19 The environmental/energy plan
The Federal Reserve may purchase and hold oil just like gold and then sell it for a profit when it exceeds their cost. The Federal Reserve along with private industry will form OPIC (Oil Purchasing and Importing Countries) a purchasing Cartel that will negate the control of OPEC (Oil Producing and Exporting Countries). By putting a massive amount of energy into our reserves we can control the price of fuel. With the help of tapping our own natural resources we can once again become not only a superpower but we can become more, a Hyper-power. How will this be achieved and what will be the cost to the environment? In the previous chapter we discussed how a massive amount of land that was once unproductive might become productive and as a bonus, substantially improve the environment by the addition of oxygen and the reduction of pollution. If energy is cheap enough, everyone will use it as a power source. So if energy is clean and cheap, you will have a better environment than if energy is dirty and cheap.


The Path to Awe If you want people to drive around in plug in electrical cars then you have to make electricity cheap or the cars very very cheap. Since Americans are concerned with road safety and quality, really cheaply manufactured cars will never become a reality. So electricity needs to be made cheaply and if the environment is to not suffer then it must be made cleanly. Solar is inefficient compared to the amount of resources and maintenance it consumes in producing a solar product compared to its output. Yes, great strides have been made in solar technology and it is almost assuredly the power source of the future, but the technology is not there yet. Wind power to, consumes many resources and has a large maintenance cost associated with it and you are at the mercy of Mother Nature to provide the wind and in many cases it is inconsistent at best. Many more advancements need to take place where wind energy would be a good choice for a large portion of the population. Hydro Power is a proven technology but because of the value of land it can only be put into use in very scarcely populated areas. Coal and Natural gas have become very clean with recent technology and as a bonus they produce plant food, (carbon dioxide) but they still produce some pollutants and put particulate into the air. They are however; a very cheap power supply that gives you a very good value for your dollar. Nuclear power is the best bang for the buck, but the pollution it creates is so concentrated that people just shudder that a small amount might cause an untold catastrophe affecting thousands if not millions (Chernobyl is often cited as an example). Geothermal is expensive to get and in most cases puts more pollution in the air than what old coal fired plants do.


The Path to Awe As far as current technology goes there is no perfect power source. We will have to use something less than perfect and it must be cost effective enough to business to keep them competitive, for if our businesses fail so then shall the country. It is inherit that we use the most efficient and cost effective technologies for each different use we have. If you heat your home with Natural Gas you enjoy a good value but when the price of Gas goes up then you may look to other cheaper sources such as wood. Burning wood is not considered very environmentally friendly as it releases a lot of particulate matter into the air. So a high tax on any fuel produces detrimental effects on the environment. The Templars are also Ecosians, so they look at the entire picture of the environment and sees what would be best for man first, the environment second, and the economy third. First of all our power sources for producing electricity need to be diverse. We do not want to stick all of our eggs in one basket because if we have a problem with one technology it should not affect the others. So in very windy places wind energy may be viable and in very sunny places solar energy may be viable but in other areas of the country Coal power and Nuclear power and Natural Gas are our best alternatives to still keep our businesses profitable. So, like solar and wind technology, we use the very latest technology to produce the most efficient ways to harness this energy and so should this be with coal, gas, and Nuclear. Many old nuclear power plants need to be shut down and new ones created. Many old coal power plants need to be demolished and have new ones built, but all of this should be done with an eye on the environment.


The Path to Awe Coal is produced in only so many states and because of laws many power plants are built far from the source of coal. Coal is transported to the power plants using energy usually in the form of diesel fuel that powers trains, trucks, and ships that deliver most coal. This artificially inflates the cost of your energy through transportation as the cost to maintain powerlines and energy loss from those lines is less expensive and less harmful to the environment for the electricity to travel by power line. So for planning purposes you would not want coal to be transported any farther than 200 miles from its source or you are more negatively effecting the environment. This would reduce the use of diesel so transportation costs would be lower. Now, couple a policy that all new coal plants produced will be clean coal plants and you have helped the environment and the economy. Nuclear power is advantageous where a water supply is present as the cost to transport fuel for these plants is negligible compared to the energy it produces. So Nuclear Plants will replace the coal power plants that are further than 200 miles from their source and there is a plentiful water supply present. Before a Nuclear power plant is built , if Solar Energy and Wind Energy could be profitable in the same location then these energy sources must be used instead of Nuclear Power. For conserving energy each new house built may be required to have a geothermal furnace and to reduce the cost of these furnaces, manufacturers may use prison labor and pre-citizen labor. All new houses will have to be super insulated with a wall thickness being a minimum of 6 inches thick and a standard of 12 inches thick will become a mandated standard for public rental housing. All old houses replacing their old furnace or boiler will be required to upgrade to new geothermal furnaces.


The Path to Awe This will save an untold amount of electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil. This reduction in electricity will reduce the amount of coal used and so electrical prices will drop as demand for the product drops. Since the OPIC cartel will help regulate the price of gasoline throughout America, gasoline will be kept at an artificially high price so other forms of energy may be developed and through quantities of scale these prices may eventually compete with the natural price of gasoline. Since natural gas consumption will be lowered for use in households then automakers will be able to develop more cars burning CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), which is readily available in most households with the aid of a compressor. A ready-made distribution system for an alternate fuel that already exists with the aid of a household compression system. CNG burns cleaner and you get more miles for your dollar with CNG. Now, the Auto-market has become diversified with two fuels and since we are a large producer of CNG this will make us less dependent on foreign sources of energy. By using biofuels such as ethanol, methanol, and bio-diesel we will be able to become independent without having to drill for new sources of oil. Oil is a valuable commodity and the more of it we have in storage the more we are able to control its price so even though we will be energy independent we will still explore and drill within America for fuel to protect the environment. By drilling for oil within America, oil does not have to be transported in tankers across the sea. By transporting oil across the sea opens up the most likely-hood of having an environmental disaster. It’s a fact of life, ships hold millions of gallons of oil and ships sink. Pipelines are inherently safer and protect the environment by virtue that they cannot sink (though they can spring a leak) and if they leak they will not leak near the amount of


The Path to Awe oil as a sinking tanker. So new exploration of oil is needed to retain and preserve the price of fuel , so our businesses remain competitive on the world market and by drilling for oil at home we protect the environment. No longer will the government profit from leasing land to oil companies to explore for oil. As long as a business can show they have the resources to explore for oil on a plot of land owned by the government then the government shall make their money for the use of this land through the taxation of the final product to the consumer. This way it does not cost so much to explore for oil and it makes being in the oil business as a small operation more profitable. More oil companies’ means more competition and that means a lower price for the consumer. Over a ten-year phase in period oil companies will only be able to sell an amount equal to what they have in storage. This storage may be purchased by the Federal Reserve and counted as the oil companies’ storage even though the government owns it. Urban sprawl will be embraced as a concept for minimizing the effect of pollution. By lessening the concentration of people in an area you minimize the effect that people have on their environment. Templar economic abhors concentrations of wealth so by natural means urban sprawl will boom. Just like a magnifying glass, a densely populated city magnifies pollution. So just like the sun is not bad for you, but when it’s concentrated by the magnifying glass it can burn you and so it is with nature and pollution. By spreading the population out we are burning ourselves less. By preparing for urban sprawl in advance of it you can further reduce the effects of our pollution upon nature. By planning many hubs in many new planned cities such as the ones that will be created by the Trans-Mex-American Canal you can efficiently create modes of mass transportation that will minimally effect the environment. The use of high


The Path to Awe speed electric trains is an example, smaller roads within cities to promote the use of golf cart sized cars and zoning regulations limiting the size of retailers such as grocery stores can be used to create more small stores that are closer to more people so less people have to travel in order to shop. Zoning laws would take one large store that many people, in many cars, drive to and break it up into four stores that many people will drive a much shorter distance to get to. This is much more efficient even for the delivery of products to more stores by trucks because they are much more fuel efficient by comparison when hauling heavy loads, and remember the plan that by moving coal power plants closer to coal, diesel fuel will go way down in price. Refining gasoline is a bottleneck and increases the price of fuel needlessly. We will standardize all fuel into either a summer or a winter mixture. Not a different formula for every sate that chokes our refining as well as storage capacity. By making the freight industry more efficient it makes our products cheaperby conserving energy. By having so many freight companies operating chaotically and not enough laws protecting the labor within the freight industry our freight system has suffered. Our freight system supposedly became deregulated years ago but regulations have been forced upon this industry in such a manner that it has stymied its growth. The examination of government control over our commercial vehicles is an examination of abject lunacy. Airline pilots and Bus drivers are not required to get as much sleep as a driver that is hauling freight that can easily be replace unlike the human cargo of the other drivers. Would you not want a person driving the school bus your children are on under more scrutiny than the one that hauls products to Walmart? Logistics does not necessarily have to be regulated but


The Path to Awe it does have to be managed and it can be better managed through technology. If you are a truck-driver or other commercial vehicle operator please read the whole plan before you criticize it, as it is an articulated plan. The first thing we would suggest is to put a floor on the price of freight which we would set at the national average price of fuel per gallon for the previous week divided by 6 plus the national hourly minimum wage divided by 15 and take that answer and multiply by 2. ((Avg price of fuel/6)+(Min wag/15))*2. This new price floor will stop cutthroat competition and shrink the market of carriers as more companies will consolidate shipments. All purchasers of freight must load freight within one hour of the time the truck is scheduled for arrival. Cancellation of a load after a driver’s arrival cost the purchaser 100 times the national hourly minimum wage. After the first hour, detention time must be paid at a minimum for the number of hours detained time the national hour minimum wage for each consecutive hour. So if the minimum wage is $6.00/hr, at hour number two you will pay a $12.00 detention and at hour number three you will be paid for hour two plus $18.00 for hour number three so if you are detained for 3 hours a minimum detention bill is $30. The longer you are detained the more your company is paid. All drivers must be paid for every hour spent in the truck, even if sleeping. All drivers must be paid a minimum of the national hourly minimum wage plus time and a half for all hours spent in the truck. All drivers must also be paid a minimum of one thirtieth of the national minimum wage per mile for the miles they drive. This puts all carriers on an even footing as far as a minimum they must pay their drivers. The hours of service will change dramatically. The driver must get two physicals every year and their doctor will assign them a rest to drive ratio based


The Path to Awe upon their physical condition. The best ratio a driver may achieve is 2:3 (for every 2 hours of rest you may drive 3 hours) and the worst ratio a driver may receive 2:1. ( or every 2 hours of sleep you may drive only 1). A minimum rest period is two hours and any driving period of 8 hours or more must have a 1-hour lunch break and two ½ hour coffee breaks. The maximum hours a driver may drive is any given 24 hour period is 14 hours. If you take a 2-hour or more break you are not penalized for previous hours accumulated. You must use up accumulated hours before you can accumulate more. So if in the middle of a 10-hour drive you take a 5-hour nap as long as you don’t count it as accumulated time the 10-hour drive can legally take 15-hours. If you drive five hours and take a fivehour rest period and have a 2:3 ratio then you may only drive 7 ½ hours after your rest. This gives a driver a lot of versatility to plan their day and still get adequate sleep in order to drive safely. Your physical health is determined by your physical fitness and factors such as smoking, drinking, weight, cholesterol, heart rate, all play a factor in determining your fitness. The better shape you are in the longer you can drive. All trucks will be equipped with a black box that also allows for free communication with you home base. This black box will keep your electronic logs for you and its GPS keeps track of you. A database will be connected to the black box via the Internet and at any given time you may view a posting board to see loads that are available within a 100-mile radius and with pricing and contact information. The government will require all companies not transporting their own freight or that do not have a contract with a freight broker to post their loads on the government load board. Many loads will be able to bypass the freight broker and cheapen freight cost but the freight broker will still have his


The Path to Awe place, although it will be greatly diminished. Now drivers will be more efficient in finding local loads instead of driving many empty miles to find a return load home. The black box will also have a built in navigation system that will be linked with state patrol computers to warn of construction and or wrecks. Tax will be reduced for those trucks that have no sleepers and the intention of this is that it will help get the drivers out of an idling truck at night and put them in a hotel room. This will also help to reduce fuel consumption. Plus lighter day cab trucks should have larger gains in fuel efficiency as well as costing less to produce. These black boxes will automatically govern the top speed of a commercial truck based upon the posted road speed. These black boxes may be rented for $20 per month or a one-time fee of $500 for the life of the vehicle. All café standards will be lifted from all vehicles and only by means of tax breaks that the government gives to fuel-efficient vehicles will this help to entice consumers to buy the vehicles that will help the environment. The banks will also be allowed to make special low interest loans on these preferred vehicles.

Chapter 20 Cheap communication for all
Due to the need for universal system integrations for the maximum efficiency of the government interacting with its people it will provide a


The Path to Awe free but public communication system. A high speed nationwide network for the Education system, Freight System, Banking System, Election System, Postal System, and the tax collection system. This system should allow consumers to buy a VOIP phone and use it free of charge on the public communication system as well as having free high speed Internet anywhere at any time across the United States. This will not replace private companies because all the communication on this network is not private. The law does not need a warrant to listen in on your communications or to view your e-mail on this system. Plus this “Government Internet” will be censored so even though it might sound big brotherish a citizen may always opt for a private communication system. Law enforcement will enjoy the help of “Emergency On” WIFI cameras to be mounted where appropriate for public safety. These cameras can be tripped by a wired system or a wireless system. These cameras are different from the kind used in the United Kingdom, as these do not actively monitor the people they only activate when an alarm is tripped. Personal Alarm, House Alarm, and Car Alarm all will be able to activate these cameras and then law enforcement will be able to use this as evidence to convict criminals and these will be used as a great deterrent.


The Path to Awe

Chapter 21 templar theory
It is the thought of the Templars that the Creator gave man religion as both a curse and a gift. Religion gives us the discipline to find the path to Awe by recognizing there is a creator but it also causes great strife because of the great misinterpretations of the creator’s word. It is only through resolving the strife of that which his word has caused, shall man truly be free to discover his own destiny. From the great repository of knowledge we learn that Jesus was a carpenter but he was no builder of houses he would actually be better described as a furniture maker. He had made many great works of art from trees. It is the trees that eat carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. It is the trees that are our best solar machines that use the energy of the sun for this conversion process. We still have no machine that we


The Path to Awe can build that can do this as cheaply and as efficiently as a tree, The Tree of Life and the Tree of knowledge are mentioned many times in many ancient artifacts. It was said these trees are hidden in the garden of Eden where man may not find them. Some Templars believe the tree of knowledge to take another form in the Internet but we believe that there actually was a tree of knowledge and Jesus found it. It was a master tradesman during Jesus’ youth that taught him about how to make furniture and this tradesman was of all things a Mason. One day while searching for a tree to bring back to the Mason, Jesus found the tree of knowledge. He wrote that he felt like he was being guided when he found the tree. After eating the fruit from this tree his mind awoke and he realized he was the Son of God and his life now had purpose, he was able to make connections that were not obvious to man. Jesus came back to the tree later in life and cut it down and hid the essence of the tree with nature. We know that he said God protected the tree from another who had try to cut down the tree was struck by the hand of God. From his description the tree of knowledge looked like any pine tree during the day but at night the needles of the tree turned translucent and glowed like a burning bush (sounds like another bible story). He had heard stories from the Mason about the tree of knowledge and the tree of life and exactly why Jesus destroyed the tree of knowledge and its essence we do not know. We do know that before the Sermon on the Mount he found the Tree of Life and ate the fruit from that tree. This fundamentally changed the nature of his being. The fruit of this tree resembled grapes. He destroyed this tree and hid it essence in nature as well. This tree as well glowed at night and the hand of God guarded it. Did Jesus know of his divinity as a child? Apparently it wasn’t until he ate the fruit from the tree


The Path to Awe did he become aware of his divinity. This goes against what so many religions preach. By hiding its essence in nature could this mean to hide its genetic code in nature? Other references of Jesus describe the body as a temple and the smallest portion of which can be instructed by Gods will. This almost sounds like he is talking about cells and how they can be programmed not unlike what scientist envision doing with nano-bots or stem cells. Protected by the hand of God we interpret as being like lightning or electricity. The story of the Mason was that at one point there were many of these trees and the people lived longer with less illness than what they did when something destroyed them all (like a natural disease?). We believe that these trees created much more oxygen than other trees. The remaining trees were, as we theorize, male and female trees and it was because of the thought that all the fruit would be eaten and that the trees would be lost were why the trees were hidden in the first place. We theorize that the great construct is reconstructing the genetic code that was hidden in nature. The recreation of a tree that absorbs sunlight and turns much more carbon dioxide into oxygen than what a normal trees does. This tree will also store electricity like a battery and give off some sort of bioluminescence at night. This is not so unbelievable that in time man will learn how to create this type of tree from the genetic code of other plants and animals in nature. Think of it as having trees as a power source and the more we grow the more power we have. A true symbiosis of man, industry, and nature. The other aspect of this is that the fruit from one tree may stimulate the learning centers of the brain and activate something that may lay hidden in our own genetic code and that the fruit from the other tree


The Path to Awe may stimulate all the other cells of the body and give them the information to somehow repair themselves. So is the path to Awe about genetically modifying trees? No! Yes! Were not sure, but the more science progresses we are sure more information will be revealed and we believe it is these trees that will signal the path to Awe. The three marks on the Templar sword stand for the symbiosis of the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life, and Man and not the holy trinity of the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. It is also thought that the cross that Christ was sacrificed upon may have been one timber from the Tree of life and one timber from the Tree of Knowledge. Was Christ divine? Absolutely! Do we all have it in ourselves tobecome divine? Possibly. After all, are we not all made in he image of God? Did Jesus have a wife and children? There is evidence that does seem to support this but there is no definitive answer to this question.

Is there a Holy bloodline the Templars are protecting? No, we are not, but this would be a question for a Freemason and not our organization as we are no longer part of the Church. The Freemason Knights Templar may have knowledge of this.


The Path to Awe Is there a Holy Grail? Yes there is! Jesus wrote of the Grail as he was the one that made the Grail from the tree of life. It is a plain wooden cup and it is suspected to be hidden by another sect of existing Templars and is thought to be in the ruins of a Castle hidden in the Cullin Mountains of Scotland along with a Templar Invicta sword made for the Caesar Constantine. This sword incorporates the metal from the spikes of which Christ was crucified with and is most commonly known as Excalibur.

How did the Templars get these spikes to make the sword with? The Templars were in charge of the cross of the crucifixion and to historical accounts the Cross-was lost to the Muslim armies at the battle of the Horns of Hattin. This was not the case. The Templars were being led into battle by an inept king and realizing the almost certainty of defeat and that many Knights felt more and more that this was not a mission from God. They switched the crosses and when Jerusalem came under siege by Saladin the cross was taken apart and incorporated into a plain cart. It was later reassembled and taken to Paris and hidden in plain sight. The cross was later moved in the early 1800’s to America and was hidden by the Masons somewhere in a crypt in a Louisianan swamp.


The Path to Awe


The Path to Awe


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