Shut the doors and windows,the blinds and panes and keep calm because you are

about connecting to one of the World’s best kept secrets. By Akatakpo Omonigho Stafford (Donfibonacci)
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A beautiful bridge i have to cross but i am scared....Thats exactly what goes through a lot of minds when it comes to forex trading. Today you will be exposed to something that will change your trading forever. Have you lost money,i mean real money? Are you confused about your next step? Are you angry beacuse the market decided to sell immediately you bought? Are you a student or businessman that wants to make money from the forex market?
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You have to be serious and focussed. My first deposit lasted only a night because by the nextday i got a margin call.i lost money when i started.i believe close to $5000 (N650.000). Believe me. You will get all the answers you need in this book. The forex market is not a place for jokers. I studied for a while then started trading Page 3 . I started trading market May 2008 . the forex I was told to beware of the worm that has broken a lot of hearts but i told myself. HOW I STARTED I am Akatakpo Omonigho Stafford and will be your host pilot.i will be an exception. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.

..i did and the market got to my point and held tight. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.then if i applied it on the current chart i could predict the future. Believe me..if i could get this market to respect my lines from past chart.since that day my trading has never been thesame..Though i was hurt i kept pushing on until i broke the barrier.I said to myself .. Page 4 ... I always believed i could predict the market but never understood how i could do this until that fateful day. This is why i am dedicated to changing your losses into profits today. I combined everything i came across until suddenly i discovered i had the candles obeying my lines..

Make sure you trade off your RED..What to note Trading the forex market is risky and you should only trade when you have a proven track record of can last you for a week or two depending on the volatility of the pair. Once you set up your chart.. Patience is all i ask of you when using this system for maximum profits. This system is not the HOLY GRAIL that will turn you into a millionaire in one day. You can combine it with your other systems to improve your trading.BLUE and GREEN LINES (explained later).com/stallionfunds1 Page 5 . Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.

Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.THE STALLION FX SYSTEM  REQUIREMENTS A white or black background chart for precision.3 Or RSI set at 21 and midline at 50 A trend line A fibonacci tool A Macd divergence indicator attached to your mail (optional) Page 6 . Stochastic Oscillator set at 14.

Free Forex Trading Signals: Page 7 .A white background chart for precision.

 Stochastics Oscillator This gives us the devaition/divergence to further support or confirm our trade. It also gives us the strength of the expected move depending on the extent of the deviation.This will give you a brighter and clearer picture of the market. You should also reduce the candle size for the same Page 8 . Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.

Draw your trend line When drawing your trendline.Below is a three-point-tip-touchtrendline.This will further increase your level of accuracy and reduce your losing trades.PLEASE take into account three or more point tips. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl. The RSI can also be used for Page 9 .RSI set at 21 and midline at 50 This also helps us know the direction of the market at that time.

After attaching the Page 10 .zoom in on it to confirm your points. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.

Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.This is a EURGBP 4hr chart.So if you are not careful you will select the wrong candle and this will give you wrong data and lines. Above is an Page 11 .NOTE: You MUST zoom in on it to confirm that the three tips are touching the line.This is because some times you can get two points touching and a third tip close to the line but not touching.I drew my trendline touching three points from what you can see but let us zoom in on it to confirm if it is truly three-point-tip-touch.

Looking at the above... Lets move Page 12 .you will notice that the third point did not just touch the trendline but pierced it..Sometimes it would come so close that you think it actually touched.So you have to zoom in on it. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl...

DRAG AND DROP YOUR FIBONACCI TOOL The next step involves you applying your fibonacci tool to the first candle that pierced the trend Page 13 . From the above chart you can see that i took the top and bottom of the candle that pierced the trend line. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.When you are certain that all three points are touching your trend line then you proceed.

6 is the red line The 261. The 423.That is if the market goes down i can turn the fibonacci downwards to get my lines...Let me explain how to use it more profitably.HOLD IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not asked you to take a trade.For eg Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl..8 is the blueline The Page 14 . The lines.0 is the green line Note that this applies above and below.

When the chart is fully set up you will have something like this. Free Forex Trading Signals: Page 15 ..

You can use dotted lines for the Page 16 .lets view a complete setup. I believe we all know how we got those lines now.8 This first step is set .Just hang on its coming. This will help to know when to enter the trade. Now check the stohastic indicator for deviation. The stochastic indicator.. Just follow me Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.

Remember i told you to take a trade only from the RED. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl. Our stochastic Page 17 .This trade generated over 200pips. A couple of days back i gave out my free signal to buy Eurjpy.Now we have two confirmations Our blue line.BLUE or GREEN lines.

.. Grow your account just how you want it You can work from home. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.. You can generate your own signals You can predict the market You can stay out of less profitable trades You can get into more profitable trades..With this Page 18 .

. I told him i loved to sell but i would rather sell GBPUSD instead of ..Dont kiss me yet....Here are some few examples. That morning.. Just come with me... i opened my chart and calculated...The reason i believe you already know..... On the 11th of june i was asked by a friend (paul) what was my stand on EURUSD that morning... Page 19 Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl....

I found out my 261. Here we Page 20 .8 line (BLUE LINE) was holding tight.. I then brought out my stochastic indicator and reduced my time frame so i could get a clearer view of the market.. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.

com/stallionfunds1 Page 21 .From the above you can see that my BLUE LINE was holding. I then checked for deviation on my stochastics. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.

com/stallionfunds1 Page 22 ...let it run....I then took a short trade at that point and waited.... Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.. I usually dont like using stoploss but to be on the safe side i put a stoploss of 100pips.. I then went on to check other charts for possible trade setup. Here patience comes in..

. By the time i got back to my chart i found this..I found EURUSD. Producing over 200pips if well followed.... Free Forex Trading Signals: Page 23 ..

com/stallionfunds1 Page 24 ....and smile to the bank.. Below is a snapshot of my trades based on this strategy. I wish you success as you trade this TRILLION DOLLAR market......This beautiful trade gave me about 100pips that beautiful day.. Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl... Now i believe you can hug me.

com/stallionfunds1  Page 25 .com/forexminds Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.Follow us:  http://tinyurl.

. Until Contact us on : +2348066431077 Page 26 Free Forex Trading Signals: .Our next segment will show you how to handle certain delicate technical analysis.. Akatakpo Omonigho Stafford (Donfibonacci) E mail : Stafford621@yahoo. I remain my humble self.

com/stallionfunds1 Page 27 .S Free Forex Trading Signals: http://tinyurl.

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