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Environmental Health Sciences Department College of Public Health University of Georgia EHSC 3060, section 83-752 Introduction to Environmental

Health Sciences Spring, 2012 Syllabus Course Information Instructor: Dr. Anne Marie Zimeri Teaching Assistant: Rebecca Roulo Office Location: EHS 203 Email: Phone: 706-542-9567 Office Hours: by appointment Email: Office Hours: T-Th 3:30-4:30, or by appointment Course Meeting Time and Location Building: EHS Room: 101 Day: T,Th Time: 11:00-12:15 Textbooks and Other Course Material Principles of Environmental Science: Inquiry and Applications by William P. and Mary A. Cunningham 4th, 5th or 6th edition, available at the bookstore or in an ebook version at We will be using eLearning Commons throughout the semester. The syllabus, lecture outlines, and assignments, will be posted on the eLC course page. Course Learning Objectives Students will gain and understanding of the fundamentals of environmental health, covering control agencies, elements of the environment suffering from pollution, environmental pollutants and their sources, effects of environmental pollution, and methods of pollution control. Through a class project, students will acquire organizational and collaborative skills related to environmental outreach. Course Requirements for Grading Purposes In addition to exams, students must complete three assignments. This course may use plagiarism prevention technology. Students may have the option of submitting papers online through a plagiarism prevention service or of allowing the instructor to submit hard copies of their papers.

The papers may be retained by the service for the sole purpose of checking for plagiarized content in future student submissions. Grading Policy There will be four 75-minute exams given throughout the semester. THERE WILL BE NO MAKEUP EXAMS. Exams 1-4 will primarily cover the material discussed since the prior exam, though you may be tested on basic concepts on any exam. Questions related to exam grades must be made within one week of the return of the graded exam. Grading: Grades will be based on the following points: Exam 1 100 points Exam 2 100 points Exam 3 100 points Exam 4 100 points Fact Sheet Assignment 20 points Wiki Assignment 15 points Pledge Assignment 15 points Letter Grades: the following point values are assigned for letter grades Letter Points A 414-450 A405-413 B+ 396-404 B 369-395 B360-368 C+ 351-359 C 324-350 C315-323 D 270-314 F < 270 *in addition, students caught riding a bicycle without a helmet will have 5 points deducted from their semester point total. Make-Up Policy NO MAKE UP EXAMS will be administered. If you have a valid, documented excuse for missing an exam, you may receive and Incomplete for the semester and finish the course the subsequent semester. Attendance Policy Attendance is mandatory on the days designated for the assignment instructions and the days when where classroom exercise is noted on the schedule. Absences on those days will result in loss of 2 points on the assignment associated with the exercise.

University Honor Code and Academic Honesty Policy All academic work must meet the standards contained in A Culture of Honesty. All students are responsible to inform themselves about those standards before performing any academic work. Students with Disabilities Students with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations in order to participate in course activities or meet course requirements should contact the instructor or designate during regular office hours or by appointment. General Disclaimers The course syllabus is a general plan for the course; deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary. Lecture Schedule for EHS 3060 Day T Th T Th T Th T Th T Th T Th Date 01/10 01/12 01/17 01/19 01/24 01/26 01/31 02/02 02/07 02/09 02/14 02/16 Chapter (s) 1 2 ----3 4 4 1-4 5 6 --------7 Topic Intro/ Understanding Our Environment Environmental Systems: Energy, Ecosystems Classroom exercise, Pledge assignment Emergence of species Human Populations Human Populations: Culture NCBI use/ assignment 1 description EXAM 1 Biomes and Ecosystems Ecosystem Preservation Food and Agriculture: King Corn Food and Agriculture: King Corn / Discussion Food and Agriculture Fact Sheet Assignment due Food and Agriculture: Food Inc. Food and Agriculture: Food Inc.

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Food and Agriculture: Discussion Fact sheet classroom exercise Fact sheet classroom exercise EXAM 2 NO CLASS (Spring Break) NO CLASS (Spring Break)

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Toxicology and Toxins/Risk Assessment Toxicology and Toxins/ Wiki description Climate/Air Pollution Global Warming Water Resources Water Resources EXAM 3 Environmental Geology/ Wiki Assignment due Energy: Sources and Conservation Solid Waste Hazardous Waste / Pledge Assignment due Classroom Activity FINAL EXAM 12:00-3:00 (in classroom)