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6578 Federal Register / Vol. 66, No.

14 / Monday, January 22, 2001 / Notices

during the estimating process. These procedures used to take the census. In IV. Request for Comments
estimates are used in Federal funding other instances, questions about census Comments are invited on: (a) Whether
allocations, monitoring recent counts reflect a local or tribal official’s the proposed collection of information
demographic trends, and benchmarking reliance on different enumeration is necessary for the proper performance
may federally funded survey totals. concepts, definitions, geographic of the functions of the agency, including
Public Law 94–171—The Federal law assignments, and/or the currency of the whether the information shall have
amending Section 141 of Title 13 information in comparison to the practical utility; (b) the accuracy of the
directing the Secretary of Commerce census. The Census Bureau’s agency’s estimate of the burden
(who delegates that responsibility to the determination of whether a correction is (including hours and cost) of the
Director of the Census Bureau) to necessary will be based on the quality proposed collection of information; (c)
provide selected decennial census data and completeness of the information ways to enhance the quality, utility, and
tabulations to the states by April 1 of the provided by local and tribal clarity of the information to be
year following the census. These governmental unit representatives and collected; and (d) ways to minimize the
tabulations are used by the states to the results of the Census Bureau’s burden of the collection of information
redefine the areas included in each review of the census records. on respondents, including through the
Congressional District and the areas
3. Will the Census Bureau Incorporate use of automated collection techniques
used for state and local elections, a
Corrections From the CQR Process Into or other forms of information
process called redistricting.
Special Place—A place containing the Apportionment or Redistricting Data technology.
one or more group quarters, including or Subsequent Data Products? Comments submitted in response to
hotels and campgrounds. A special this notice will be summarized and/or
The Census Bureau will not change included in the request for OMB
place also may include housing units the apportionment counts to reflect
occupied by staff or guests. approval of this information collection;
corrections resulting from the CQR they also will become a matter of public
Summary File 1—A data file that process. The apportionment counts
presents counts and basic cross- record.
were delivered to the President on
tabulations of information collected December 28, 2000. Dated: January 12, 2001.
from all people and housing units. This The Census Bureau will begin Madeleine Clayton,
information includes age, sex, race, delivery of the counts required for Departmental Forms Clearance Officer, Office
Hispanic or Latino origin, household redistricting purposes in March 2001 of the Chief Information Officer.
relationship, and whether the residence and will complete this delivery by the [FR Doc. 01–1564 Filed 1–19–01; 8:45 am]
is owned or rented. Data will be statutory deadline of April 1, 2001. The BILLING CODE 3510–07–P
available down to the block level for Census Bureau will not incorporate CQR
many tabulations, but limited to the corrections into the redistricting data
census tract level in cases where there and subsequent data products for DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
are concerns with disclosure. Census 2000. This process will allow
Summaries also will be included for Bureau of Export Administration
the Census Bureau to maintain
other geographic areas, such as ZIP consistency between data products
Code Tabulation Areas and Action Affecting Export Privileges;
while maintaining the schedule for Randy Reyes
Congressional Districts. timely release of the data. However, the
Exhibit—Additional Information Census Bureau will issue a revised In the Matter of: Randy Reyes,
This section provides additional official Census 2000 population and currently incarcerated at: Wachenhut
information on how the Census 2000 housing unit counts for the affected FCI, USM #05425–089, P.O. Box 17001,
CQR program will operate. governmental entity(es), maintain a list 1500 Cadet Road, Taft, California 93268;
of CQR corrected areas on the American and with an address at: 5250 Colodny
1. Where Should a Governmental Unit Factfinder, and will incorporate any Drive, #3, Agoura Hills, California
Submit a Challenge for the Census 2000 corrections into its Postcensal Estimates 91301–2656.
CQR program? program beginning in December 2002.
Order Denying Export Privileges
Governmental units challenging the III. Data
completeness or accuracy of the Census On January 14, 2000, Randy Reyes
2000 counts should submit their OMB Number: Not available. (Reyes) was convicted in the United
challenge in writing to: Count Question Form Number: None. States District Court for the Eastern
Resolution Program, Room 2002, SFC— Type of Review: Regular collection. District of Wisconsin of violating
2, Decennial Management Division, U.S. Affected Public: Local governmental Section 38 of the Arms Export Control
Census Bureau, Washington, DC 20233– jurisdictions in the United States and Act (22 U.S.A. 2778 (1990 & Supp.
0001. Puerto Rico. 2000)) (the AECA) and the International
Estimated Number of Respondents: Emergency Economic Powers Act (50
2. Will the Census Bureau Make U.S.C.A. 1701–1706 (1991 & Supp.
Corrections to the Census Counts Based Approximately 3,000 annually.
2000)) (IEEPA). Specifically, Reyes was
on Information Submitted by Estimated Time Per Response: 5.2 convicted of knowingly and willfully
Governmental Units? hours ( based on an average challenge of exporting and attempting to export from
The Census Bureau will make 40 housing units). the United States aircraft component
corrections if research indicates they are Estimated Total Annual Burden parts which were designated as defense
warranted. Our experience has shown Hours: 15,600 hours. articles on the United States Munitions
that many of the questions received Estimated Total Annual Cost: List without having first obtained from
from the local or tribal officials do not $244,440.00. the Department of State a license or
reflect errors in census counts. Respondent’s Obligation: Voluntary. written authorization, and of knowingly
Questions may result from an incorrect Legal Authority: Title 13, USC, and willfully exporting and attempting
or incomplete understanding of the Section 141. to export from the United States to Iran

VerDate 11<MAY>2000 23:46 Jan 19, 2001 Jkt 194001 PO 00000 Frm 00013 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JAN1.SGM pfrm10 PsN: 22JAN1
Federal Register / Vol. 66, No. 14 / Monday, January 22, 2001 / Notices 6579

through Geneva, Switzerland, aircraft I. Until January 14, 2010, Randy person, or service any item, of whatever
component parts. Reyes, currently incarcerated at: origin, that is owned, possessed or
Section 11(h) of the Export Wachenhut FCI USM # 05425–089, P.O. controlled by the denied person if such
Administration Act of 1979, as amended Box 17001, 1500 Cadet Road, Taft, service involves the use of any item
(currently codified at 50 U.S.C.A. app California 93268, and with an address subject to the Regulations that has been
2401–2420 (1991 & Supp. 2000 and Pub. at: 5250 Colodny Drive, #3, Agoura or will be exported from the United
L. No. 106–508, November 13, 2000)) Hills, California 91301–2656, may not, States. For purposes of this paragraph,
(the Act) 1 provides that, at the directly or indirectly, participate in any servicing means installation,
discretion of the Secretary of way in any transaction involving any maintenance, repair, modification or
Commerce,2 no person convicted of commodity, software or technology testing.
violating the AECA or the IEEPA, or (hereinafter collectively referred to as III. After notice and opportunity for
certain other provisions of the United ‘‘item’’ ) exported or to be exported from comment as provided in Section 766.23
States Code, shall be eligible to apply the United States, that is subject to the of the Regulations, any person, firm,
for or use any export license issued Regulations, or in any other activity corporation, or business organization
pursuant to, or provided by, the Act or subject to the Regulations, including, related to Reyes by affiliation,
the Export Administration Regulations but not limited to: ownership, control, or position of
(currently codified at 15 CFR Parts 730– A. Applying for, obtaining, or using responsibility in the conduct of trade or
774 (2000), as amended (65 FR 14862, any license, License Exception, or related services may also be subject to
March 20, 2000)) (the Regulations), for export control document; the provisions of this Order.
a period of up to 10 years from the date B. Carrying on negotiations IV. This Order does not prohibit any
of the conviction. In addition, any concerning, or ordering, buying, export, reexport, or other transaction
license issued pursuant to the Act in receiving, using, selling, delivering, subject to the Regulations where the
which such a person had any interest at storing, disposing of, forwarding, only items involved that are subject to
the time of conviction may be revoked. transporting, financing, or otherwise the Regulations are the foreign-
Pursuant to sections 766.25 and servicing in any way, any transaction produced direct product of U.S.-origin
750.8(a) of the Regulations, upon involving any item exported or to be technology.
notification that a person has been exported from the United States that is V. This Order is effective immediately
convicted of violating the AECA or the subject to the Regulations, or in any and shall remain in effect until January
IEEPA, the Director, Office of Exporter other activity subject to the Regulations; 14, 2010.
Services, in consultation with the or VI. In accordance with Part 756 of the
Director, Office of Export Enforcement, C. Benefiting in any way from any Regulations, Reyes may file an appeal
shall determine whether to deny that transaction involving any item exported from this Order with the Under
person’s export privileges for a period of or to be exported from the United States Secretary for Export Administration.
up to 10 years from the date of that is subject to the Regulations, or in The appeal must be filed within 45 days
conviction and shall determine whether any other activity subject to the from the date of this Order and must
to revoke any license previously issued Regulations. comply with the provisions of Part 756
to such a person. II. No person may, directly or of the Regulations.
Having received notice of Reyes’s indirectly, do any of the following: VII. A copy of this Order shall be
conviction for violating the AECA and A. Export or reexport to or on behalf delivered to Reyes. This Order shall be
the IEEPA, and after providing notice of the denied person any item subject to published in the Federal Register
and an opportunity for Reyes to make a the Regulations; Dated: January 5, 2001.
written submission to the Bureau of B. Take any action that facilitates the
Eileen M. Albanese,
Export Administration before issuing an acquisition or attempted acquisition by
the denied person of the ownership, Director, Office of Exporter Services.
Order denying his export privileges, as [FR Doc. 01–1620 Filed 1–19–01; 8:45 am]
provided in section 766.25 of the possession, or control of any item
Regulations, I, following consultations subject to the Regulations that has been BILLING CODE 3510–DT–M

with the Director, Office of Export or will be exported from the United
Enforcement, have decided to deny States, including financing or other
support activities related to a DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
Reyes’s export privileges for a period of
10 years from the date of his conviction. transaction whereby the denied person Bureau of Export Administration
The 10-year period ends on January 14, acquires or attempts to acquire such
2010. I have also decided to revoke all ownership, possession or control; Action Affecting Export Privileges;
C. Take any action to acquire from or Peter Rigolli, Also Known as Pietro
licenses issued pursuant to the Act in
to facilitate the acquisition or attempted Rigolli, Ian Falcon, G. Tedaldi, Rafael
which Reyes had an interest at the time
acquisition from the denied person of Heredia, and Farid H. Talab
of his conviction.
Accordingly, it is hereby Ordered: any item subject to the Regulations that
has been exported from the United In the Matter of: Peter Rigolli, also
1 During the time of the Act’s lapse, (August 20, States; known as Pietro Rigolli, Ian Falcon, G.
1994 through November 12, 2000) the President, D. Obtain from the denied person in Tedaldi, Rafael Heredia, and Farid H.
through Executive Order 12924 (3 CFR, 1994 Comp. the United States any item subject to the Talab, currently incarcerated at: Inmate
917 (1995)), which had been extended by Regulations with knowledge or reason #044–22082, FCI Otisville, P.O. Box
successive Presidential Notices, the most recent
being that of August 3, 2000 (65 FR 48347, August
to know that the item will be, or is 600, Otisville, New York 10963; and
8, 2000), continued the Regulations in effect under intended to be, exported from the with an address at: 118 Northview,
the IEEPA. United States; or Dollar Des, Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada
2 Pursuant to appropriate delegations of authority E. Engage in any transaction to service H9B3J6.
that are reflected in the Regulations, the Director, any item subject to the Regulations that
Office of Exporter Services, in consultation with the
has been or will be exported from the Order Denying Export Privileges
Director, Office of Export Enforcement, exercises
the authority granted to the Secretary by section United States and which is owned, On March 27, 2000, Peter Rigolli, also
11(h) of the Act. possessed or controlled by the denied known as Pietro Rigolli, Ian Falcon, G.

VerDate 11<MAY>2000 23:46 Jan 19, 2001 Jkt 194001 PO 00000 Frm 00014 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JAN1.SGM pfrm10 PsN: 22JAN1