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Interpretation : In above graph x axis shows the ranking where 5 is higher and 0 in lowest .

And y axis shows the no of questionnnares filled and their this graph iam showing the satisfaction of people with Hr we can see moslty peoples view lie between 5 to 6 which shows the higher satisfaction level.

Interpretation : For the improvement and betterment of banking first we should aware of the straengths and weaknesses of banking sector aafter the swot

analysis of this sector we can strengthn the strenths and improve the weaknesses by knowing its reasons .according to the data 90% people are agree with this because they rate it between 4 to 5 which is a high ratio.

Interpretation : Here iam showing the long term planning of banks either the banks are giving quality oriented training to their staff to make it more benefial for the customers or not.The result lies between 4 to 5 which denotes that its up to the mark situation.

Interpretation: Mentoring from seniors refers to 360 degree monitoring system where every senior employee mentor the minor and guide for the further growth but in pakistan mostly people rank it 5 which means its an ideal situation of mentoring for betterment of bamking sector and its growth.

Interpretation : It shows the upper management support to improve the lacking area or any weakness regarding the banking or customer satisfaction.mostly results appeal to rank 5 which means the highes value and fully satisfied area .upper management is playing an important role to improve the weakness that is the key factor for growth of banking sector.

Interpretation : Performance appraise is the main thing in any organization which motive the employee to do the work more devotedly but some time due to un justified appraisal it de motivate the employes specially in banking sector it means a lot because its the sector of running business n employee satisfaction means a lot the graph the results are showing the rank 5 which means employess satisfaction with the appraisal rating.

Interpretation : Before starting a project or job choose a reasonable person for the purticular job is first step for this purpose HR department identify and avaluate the candidate for the post then further training and development process starts .its an initial and very important issue of HR that is why people are giving highes rating 4 -5 for this because they are also aware of it .

Interpretation : To propose training pragames and train the employes is not enough the main and important issue is to implement the training if the training is not implemented as per needed then its of no use.most people rate it 13 which is quite unsatisfied only a few people rate it 5 which has to be 5 for an ideal situation.

Interpretation : In every sector the company or the guidance of the mentor have lots of importance to make the organization more compatible than the rivels. In banking sector there is huge competition and market is almost meture so there is need for the opportunity to work with the mentor so the

junior employee can learn the 4 to 5 ranking is highlighted which shows the satisfied level.

Interpretation : Its the basic right of all employees to give them oppertunities to learn skills about their particular area of work so they can achieve the growth of their career . Here in statistics of this graph some people rank it to level 4 but there is also no of people who agree with the low ranking so there should be some improvement in that area for the bettermant of banking.

Interpretation :

Oppertunities for career develpoment refers to career growth and chance to grow in the organization it gives the motivation to the employees to work devotedly and develop the sense of organization citizenship .its very important in banking sector for the grow aspect of banking its ranking is not achieving the higher satisfactory level banking sector should pour more efforts to bring it to satisfaction level

Interpretation: Satisfaction with career develpoment shows either the people are satisfied with their growth in banking or not statistics of data shows there are no of people who still unsatisfied. to make the banking sector fully organize people shoud me more than satisfied with their career development so they can join and serve the baking sector.

Interpretation :

Training to the job is about the orientation training of employes to give them training about their jobs are responsibilities we can also connect it with the awareness of JD of the graph shows the ranking between 3 to 4 which is satisfactory but for the better outcome it should be on 5 so employes can understand their job and do it according to the need.

Interpretation : For the better training of employes first step is they should be aware of need of training and training programes available for them then they will choose a training program according to their need or with the help of mentor .the graph shows mostly rating lies between 2 to 5 which shows there is no of people who are not aware of training programes but there are also a good ratio of people who are aware of it .for achievement of growth level the must be in 4 to 5.

Interpretation : Every sector of industry always need a contineous process which can improve the lacking areas and make it up to date for this purpose there must be oppertunities for the employes to improve their skills for their careers. According to statistics of data the opinion of people agree with the ranking between 3 to 5 which meets the satisfaction level and shows good chances to improve the skills.

Interpretation : For all kinds of jobs training is necessary to do it according to the requirement of job .for this purpose training are essentisl to meet the current requirements .according to the results the people are lieing

between 1 to 3 very few people are having 5 raking so there is need of improvement.

Interpretation : Job promotions are related to performance rating if the rating is justified it will bring a good change in banking sector else it will de motivate the employes .as per results of questionnares the people are giving rating between 3 to 5 which meets the satisfactory level.

Interpretation : Innovation is the basic ingredient for any organization to make it challanging and competitive for other banking sector has lots of

competition so it must be innovative in technology and strategies to attract the pool of custumers .for this criteria mostly people are ranking between 4 to 5 which is the satisfied level that means banking sector is bringing innovations to that sector.

Interpretation : Whole sector cant work with the chievement of 1 or few deparments there must be a proper communication channel through which all deparments and divsions go hand by hand on the way of betterment.according to the above graph people gave ranking between 3 to 5 very fews opinion is differ from it so we can say its a satisfied level.

Interpretation : Cooperation is ssential for all kind of progress if all divisions and departments are not cooperative then its will be difficult to achieve a common goal its an important issue in banking as the banks has lots of departments,divisions and branches so they must be coprative .most of ranking for this lies in 3-4 very few are agree with 5 its a satisfied level.

Interpretation : The value of employes for the organization shows by the results he/she gaves employes must be recognize on the basis of evaluation and shoul give proper value and recognition through intrinsic and extrinsic reward to gave him/her value and recognition I will raise the motovation level and improve the job .for the banking sector its rating is 3-5 which shows that people need and want recognition on their worl place .

Interpreataion : Respect for all employes regarless of their sex and race is the symbol of reputed organization .banking is a wast area there are many people from different groups so there shoul be equall oppertunities and right for all.its the basic need of all people and almost evry human being will agree to it that why the rating for this is 4-5 which is highes level .

Interpretation : Reward system is related to performance appraisal of employees if the awards are giving fairly and according to the need it will give a boom to the sector else there will be a hjgher rate of de motivation and turnover in banks.reward system is not fully implemended in pakistan so mostly people are unaware of its need and importance its ranking is 3-5 which is satisfied level.

Interpretation : For a balanced and progressing system the burdun should not be on one department or sector it should be divided according to the need its the best way to improve the indvidual as well as sectors progress.mostly peole rank it 3-5 which is satisfied but there are also people who are not aware they rate it 2 it an unsatisfactory level.

Interpretation : According to the international laws all employes should be given equal oppertunities to growth and development regardless of their age,gender,nationality and race its un justified and not accepted in international pakistan people are trying to develop this sense but its not yet full developed here.the acceptability for this is 2-5 mostly people lies in 2-4 very few reaches 5 .

Interpretation : Equal opportunity law should be implemented in all banking sector to make it relaible for the people .every one should be treated equally according to their capabilities not on the basis of other issues.people are in favor of this so they gave it highes rating of 3-5.mostly peopls opinion lies in 4 and near to 5.

Interpretation : To make an organization challanging and innovative as compared to other their employes must given challenging work so they can be motivated and can bring an innovative cahnge and contineous improvement in banking sector.for this area many people rate it 3-5 but there are almost 20-30% people who rate it 1-2 which is unsatisfied so there is need to bring these 30% to other class so the banking sector can be the best system .