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The Federal Reserve (aka DTCC) is the Owner of ALL stocks traded WORLDWIDE Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do You Own Stocks and Bonds? Think they are yours through your broker? You are Wrong. Federal Reserve aka DTCC is the owner of ALL stocks traded. You are a Beneficiary of your Stocks, unless they decide you are not. MF Global Theft of Billions now makes sense.

This is one of those mind blowing pieces of information that shows there is nothing that is not owned by the Federal Reserve. A little known company - Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation - DTCC is the one entity/corporation in the world that holds all stocks and bonds traded for brokers. They handle every stock/bond transaction world wide. Not just that, but every stock/bond that people think they own, they are not the owners of them. The stocks and bonds are not in their names in fact, the broker puts them in a fictitious name which the DTCC owns. The DTCC is listed as the actual owner of the stock and bond and those who have purchased them are strictly the beneficiary of said stocks and bonds. You may be thinking... well being beneficiary is just as good as being the stated owner.... WRONG! Being beneficiary of the stocks and bonds purchased may be fine when all things are going well, but what happens when things start going nuts and banks have some real problems (ie: Greece default and banks exposure to it, via derivatives)? Remember MF Global - world's largest commodities broker? They went bankrupt, Oct 31 1

from confirmation through to final settlement. DHS. The customers of MF Global did not just lose their cash in accounts. They were strictly beneficiaries of it as long as the government/Fed Reserve allowed them to be. Imagine $1. Obama money bundler. Because all the commodity contracts and gold and silver people thought they owned. etc) are not making MF Global accountable for theft directly out of people' s personal accounts? Well. you will understand why MF Global is able to get away with it. It all makes sense to me now and all the pieces of the puzzle have come together in why a broker is able to steal people' money out of s their accounts. It has been discovered that bank transfers of hundreds of millions of dollars were to JP Morgan before the commodities broker went down. they also lost all the gold and silver they owned for years and paid storage on through MF Global. which provides the market' first and only comprehensive trade database and s centralized electronic infrastructure for post-trade processing of OTC credit derivatives contracts over their lifecycles. DTCC settled nearly US$1.66 QUADRILLION company and they say that Apple is the largest company? Seems the media is somehow ignoring a company that does 1.2011. compared to the customers getting their money back. previous Governor of N. Now what does the website say about WHO owns this little known company. 2 . Once I read the article I decided to do a little research to find out if it was all true. valued at US$36.5 trillion. I now understand it. But once it came down to MF Global falling apart the "real" owners kept all monies and gold and silver.2 Billion had been taken out of customers accounts just days before hand. Judicial and Administrative will not hold a Wall Street Commodities broker accountable to stealing the customer’s money out of their personal accounts? How come not one single regulatory committee (CFTC) or government entity (FBI. Federal Reserve System.S. It operates DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse.66 quadrillion in securities transactions. Jon Corzine (CEO of MF Global.2 billion from the customer’s accounts. The Warehouse Trust is regulated as a member of the U. and 1.66 QUADRILLION in business. The Federal government is not going to prosecute a single person regarding the outright theft of 1. Here is DTCC website with them stating they have done 1. Edit to add 3/9/12 . once you read the information below. Then to make matters worse the Bankruptcy Judge put it in as a Equities bankruptcy and not a commodities bankruptcy (which was out right fraud) so Wall Street banks get first money. how could such obvious injustice have been done on every level? How come not one single level of government from Congressional.6 million securities issues s from the United States and 121 other countries and territories. they did not.Court says MF Global executives still get their millions in bonuses for 2011 Do you understand how Wall Street is protected over all customers by what has happened with MF Global? How could that have happened.J. which then allowed JP Morgan to steal all the gold and silver being stored for paying customers and outright owners of those metals. In 2010.6 quadrillion of trades in 2010 From the link above: DTCC' depository provides custody and asset servicing for more than 3. and as a limited purpose trust company by the New York State Banking Department.) is walking away a free man and the Congress is calling him "Honorable" at the same time. that does Quadrillions in business? The Warehouse Trust Company LLC is a subsidiary of DTCC Deriv/SERV LLC.

here is the article that got me started on the research I have provided above to see if what this article stated was Part 3 . who has given me permission to fully reproduce the article.www. Here is what they say they do: Wall Street' "Paperwork Crisis" s With the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) handling 10 to 12 million shares daily.www. it is all about DTCC and stocks traded.a long but fascinating article about how no one owns the stocks they think they Part 9 .Oh. and extended settlement to T+5 from T+4. now lets see WHO is on the board of Directors for this hidden $Quadrillion company? Of course from the above link. The crisis became so severe Thank you to One Solution: Immobilization The first solution was to immobilize physical stock certificates by maintaining them in a central location or depository. in order to help reduce the backlog.www.made back in 2006 concerning the DTCC….www. JP Morgan. and to record changes of ownership using "book-entry" accounting methods where no certificates actually change v=gpWzOjB8qtU Part 2 . They have blocked people from discovering the Part 4 . That led to the creation of DTCC' depository subsidiary in 1973.www. Edit to add . Amazing that the SEC is part of all the coverup of the illegal stock gaming of Wall Eventually the industry developed two separate and distinct approaches to solve the paperwork problem. you would never guess the Board of Directors are all people from Wall Street: Goldman Sachs. shortened trading hours on the other Part 5 . 1. brokers were literally buried in paperwork.An Anon left a comment below with a link to a Video "Dark Side of the Looking Glass". and concern about risk was growing in and elsewhere. Initially. Deutsche Bank. s Part 7 .youtube.www. Watch all the videos of "Dark Side of the Looking Glass" inform yourself to truth that simplify the truth . Merrill Part 6 .com/watch?v=HM1289oaoqI&feature=related Part 8 . Federal Reserve and a host of others. all I can say is. This is from Nesara Australia . the exchanges closed every Wednesday. get them out of your brokers hands and into your own hands in your name or sell all stocks and bonds you think 3 . this was done by the NYSE and its Central Certificate Service. How people are gamed and defrauded in Wells Fargo. the Securities and Exchange After reading this. Dark Side of the Looking Glass: Part 1 . If you have stocks and bonds.

the can of worms we’ve opened up should frighten every American. How can a private banking trust company hold assets of over $19 trillion and be unknown? In a press release dated April own and get them into something that you really do have control of. Why did anyone feel it was necessary to illegally record our conversation without advising us? Was some federal alphabet agency monitoring DTC calls to safeguard National Security? That in itself is suspicious enough to warrant a big red warning flag.” In dealing with the trust department of Midlantic Bank. With the advent of reported Y2K computer glitches and the possible collapse of our ‘paper asset’ economy. Rose Barnabic of the DTC 4 . also stated in a letter dated November 17. either Jim’s employer or some other unknown person or persons were illegally listening or taping our telephone conversation according to the electronic eavesdropping equipment we have installed on our end. I eventually spoke with Mr. in order to protect her privacy Rights.A. every person who has a stock or bond in their portfolio had better read this report and act on the information we are disclosing here. I personally would not buy a single stock or bond from any broker. I brought this matter to the attention of our research assistants at the Christian Common Law Institute [formerly the North Bridge News] and we began our lengthy investigation into the matter. Jim McNeff who told me his position was Director of Training for the DTC. This same Midlantic Bank Assistant V. In disbelief. the average American has no clue that this financial institution is the most powerful banking corporation in the world. In July 1998. N. 1995. Headquartered at 55 Water Street in New York City. it is all rigged in the banks favor and if things get ugly in the markets you are out of luck. 8 are held in book entry only. the Depository Trust Company stated: “The Depository Trust Company (DTC) is the world’s largest securities depository.1 trillion”. After 3 years.]. we were asked not to name the Midlantic Assistant V. The general public has no knowledge of what the DTC is or what they do. DTC processed over 164 million book-entry deliveries valued at more than $77 trillion.P. Jim informed me back then (1995) that “the DTC is the largest limited trust company in the world with assets of $ 9. in New Jersey [now PNC Bank. During my initial telephone interview. as trustee and power of attorney. This means they cannot be physically re-registered with a certificate sent to the new trustees. just as MF Global has proved. after encountering numerous “no comments” and a myriad of “that’s not my department” excuses via telephone.A. this writer was authorized. N. holding nearly $19 trillion in assets for its Participants and their customers….P. An Assistant Vice President from the Trust & Financial Management Office of Midlantic Bank said to me “it will take at least 6 weeks to do this as the majority of the stocks and bonds are not held in the name of the trust”. Last year. He said he’d been employed there for 19 years and was “very proud” of his employer. Also. 1999.” (* these are not the actual figures quoted in the letter in order to protect the privacy of the account holder. In November 1995. I spoke with Ms. “Of the 11 municipal bonds. Article from Nesara Australia The Unknown $19 Trillion Depository Trust Company by Anthony Wayne http://nesaraaustralia. The Depository Trust Company (DTC) is the best kept secret in America. at their request. We respect these requests with full moral compliance) Part I of II This exclusive report is a compilation of interviews and background research from October 1995 through April 1999. to transfer original trust assets comprising of common stocks and bonds to a new trust set up in another jurisdiction.

no bank or broker can place any stock or bond into their firm’s own name due to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. but they are not the owners. Every bank and brokerage firm must secure their membership with us in case they become insolvent. banks and brokerage houses. Inc. The DTC is a private bank that processes every stock and bond (paper securities) for all U. Just who gave this private bank and trust company such a broad range of financial power and clout? The reason the public doesn’t know about DTC is that they’re a privately owned depository bank for institutional and brokerage firms only. In other words. According to Mr. since your bank or broker can’t use their name on the certificate. It is a limited purpose trust company and is a unit of the Federal Reserve. as they are more commonly called. It’s no wonder that the DTC (including the Participants Trust Company. Now.1% owned by the New York Stock Exchange on behalf of the Exchange’s members. so your assets are secure with DTC”. according to the 1998 Federal Registry.S. The broker or bank must then send the transaction to the DTC for ledger posting or book entry settlement under mandate by the Federal Reserve System. We’re a private bank for securities. Yes. If you’re not aware how the system works. As of April 19. They will set up a brokerage account for you and act as your agent with full durable power of attorney (which you must legally sign over to them) to conduct business on your behalf. is nothing more than a liaison advisory panel between the owners and the Federal Government. they use a fictitious street name. They process all of their book entry settlement transactions. The big question is this. upon your buy or sell instructions. as shown on certificates we have personally examined 5 . The Federal Reserve Board. a/k/a The Federal Reserve System. “DTC is 35. the Depository Trust Company is really just a ‘front’ or a division of the Federal Reserve System. McNeff had also stated “the DTC is a brokerage clearing firm and transfer center. so the DTC transfers the certificates to our own private holding company or nominee name.” states Mr. It is operated by a separate management and has an independent board of directors. now the Mortgage-Backed Securities Division of the DTC) is owned by the same stockholders as the Federal Reserve System. is also a private company and is not an agency or department of our federal government. The broker will place your stock or bond purchase into their safekeeping under a “street name”. Alan Greenspan. Jim McNeff said “There’s no need for the public to know about us… it’s required by the Federal Reserve that DTC handle all transactions”. “Since the DTC is a banking trust company. We handle the book entry transactions for all banks and brokers. the DTC itself has stated that their assets total “nearly $19 trillion” (see above). mandates that the DTC process every securities transaction in the US. headed by Mr.” -New York Stock Exchange. McNeff of the DTC. The FED. 1999. Remember. for example. let’s see how this effects the average working American family. The Federal Reserve Corporation. McNeff. you should visit or call a stock broker or bank and instruct them you want to purchase some shares of common stock or a small municipal bond. The DTC’s private holding company or street name. you read that correctly. we can’t hold the certificates in our name. Mr.Finance Department who said that “DTC assets are currently estimated at around $11 trillion”. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is listed.

CEDE & Co. New York – March 16. equating to more than 78% of shares outstanding on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). by ChaseMellon Shareholder Services. not the actual owner’s names. and “Our sister company is the National Securities Clearing Corporation… the NSCC” (they have since merged). New Jersey 07660. and they now physically hold (as of April 1999) 99% of all stock and bond book-entries in their street name. whose address is: 85 Challenger Road. the DTC was a former member of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). “For the most part. The assets must be held in the name of DTC’s holding company. Is Cede Company fictitious or is their identity perhaps a larger secret than DTC? We must presume that the information Mr. it might be very wise to cancel your brokerage account and power of attorney status. as paying agent.. we suggest you keep them there. whom we refer to as participants. Simply put.000. Series A (“EPICS”) of Bear Stearns Finance LLC.from numerous certificate holders. That’s how DTC has more than $19 trillion dollars of assets in trust… or is it really in “trust” if the private Federal Reserve System is technically holding it in their “unknown” entity’s name? Obviously. but have been unable to get any background information on them. issuers know little about the role of the Depository Trust Company (DTC). Otherwise. “Cede Company” or “Cede & Co”. and the payment of the redemption price will be made to Cede & Co. We have now found the following proof that CEDE is real from the Bear Stearns internet site: NEW YORK. We handle listed and unlisted equities. If not. By federal law (SEC). We also have more than 95% of all municipals on deposit. getting a stock or bond certificate these days is not so easy if possible at all. McNeff gave us was correct when he confirmed that Cede Company was a controlled private holding company of the DTC.00% Exchangeable Preferred Income Cumulative Shares. The banks and brokers are merely custodians for their clients.00 per Series A Share. if stock and bond certificates you’ve purchased aren’t in your name. liquidation preference of $25. first initiated by Lincoln’s debt bonds of 1864? According to Mr.000 outstanding 8.000 corporate debt issues. LLC. as nominee of The Depository Trust Company. If you have stock or bond certificates in your name buried in your back yard or under your mattress. 1999 – Bear Stearns Finance LLC today announced that it will redeem all of the 6. then the “holder” (the Federal Reserve System) could theoretically refuse to surrender them back to you under a “national emergency” according to the Trading with the Enemy Act (as amended).000 equity issues and 170. 6 . All of the Series A Shares are held by Cede & Co. The DTC was created in 1973 as a user-owned cooperative for post-trade settlement. they cannot hold any assets in the customer’s name. However. including 51. is shown as either “CEDE and Company”. re-register the stocks and bonds in your name (if you still can). Ridgefield Park. CUSIP number G09198105.1% of the “ownership” of the DTC on behalf of their NYSE members. the Depository Trust Company absolutely controls every paper asset transaction in the United States as well as the majority of overseas transactions. We have searched every source known to learn who CEDE really is. Our members are banks and broker/dealers. and keep them hidden where only you know their location. you have absolutely no control over them (see Part II of our exclusive research report on the DTC for more information on beneficial ownership status). He was correct since we now know that the NYSE holds 35. Is this the collateral being held by the private Federal Reserve System to pay off the national debt owed to them by our federal government. McNeff.

32 Points in Panic on Wall Street “The largest stock-market drop in Wall Street history occurred on “Black Monday” — October 19. On June 7. and it will be as deliberate and manipulated as the first one that began with the stock market crash of 1929. Corporate Trust Services. It coincided with the infamous Regulation CC that purportedly gave us faster three day availability of funds from deposited checks. Most of us remember a few years back the purported computerized selling of stocks that resulted in Wall Street’s “Black Monday”: Dow Dives 508. We are. Faith. 1995. or even when to do or not do it. Manager. He was very proud to inform me that “DTC cleared every transaction without a single glitch!” Read these quotes again: He stated that Black Monday was a controlled test. Wall Street was posting record prices. Black Monday was a deliberately manipulated disaster for many Americans at the whim of a controlled test by the DTC. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a concept release in 1994 to gradually decrease certificates. and record profits…. so shares can be delivered electronically. which the issuer or transfer agent then registers.” -John D.) of the DTC within 3 working days. During my telephone conversation. this enhances the portability of shares between transfer agents and brokerage accounts. providing optional direct registration on the books of the issuer instead of a certificate…. That fall far surpassed the one-day loss of 12. 1999. he replied “DTC’s first controlled test was 4 or 5 years ago. what not to do. It’s quite obvious that the stock markets are going to ‘crash and burn’ at some future date and for some ‘unknown’ reason since the controlled test was so successful. losing 22.9% that began the great stock market crash of 1929 and foreshadowed the Great Depression. without a doubt. With the direct registration system. Do you remember Black Monday? There were 535 million transactions on Monday. the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) went above a record 11. McNeff was trying to assure me that they [the DTC] have “never lost a certificate or made a mistake in a book ledger transaction”. Just prior to the 1929 stock market crash. and a record volume of shares were traded on that infamous Monday in October 1987. That’s hard to do 7 . just like the scenario we are experiencing today. someone has to program a computer to tell it what to do. The stock exchanges had dramatic record losses.32 points.In the 1980s. the “Group of 30 [business leaders] recommended that stock certificates be eliminated. record earnings. This means that brokers and banks must get your stock or bond transaction into the street name (Cede & Co. After all. and 400 million transactions on Tuesday”. In attempting to give me an example of how trustworthy the DTC is when I asked him how he could back up such a statement. 1987 — when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 508. We all asked ourselves how computers could have done this by themselves without someone knowing about it. on the brink of the Mother of all economic Depressions. the federal government issued a new regulation requiring stock and bond certificate transfers to be cleared in three days instead of the previous five day time period.6% of its total value. because physical certificates create risk. As of May 3. Will Y2K be a manipulated and deliberate a financial meltdown? Too many facts already support this probability.000 points. What was the purpose of this test? Common sense tells you that you test something before you intend to use it. The Depository Trust Company (1996) Now we’re about to reveal to you the most shocking discovery we came across during our research into this matter. Mr. brokers transmit instructions to purchase through DTC. Was this just one of the planned tests for a Y2K internationally planned worldwide economic meltdown? The Great Depression is about to be repeated. The Dow’s 1987 fall also triggered panic selling and similar drops in stock markets worldwide” -Source: Facts on File World News CD ROM.

they’re out of luck because for the ‘good of the nation’. they may be forced to share or relinquish their lifetime of hardearned wealth. The DTC is owned by the private Federal Reserve System owners (Click for a complete list of names). some of Lincoln’s gold backed bonds from 1864 have not been repaid yet…. In 1995. CEDE and Company. Since the Federal Reserve System already holds our stocks and bonds in their fictitious DTC “street name”. CEDE.S. Is it any surprise that the DTC physically holds all the remaining non-book entry issued stock and bond certificates in the same place? Technically.considering banks claim it takes 3 or more days to clear a check that you’ve submitted to pay for a stock purchase. Fed Funds. on no less than two occasions since 1995. All the Federal Reserve System has to do is hand it over. President Roosevelt declared a national emergency touted as a “Banking Holiday”. our entire nation is still under the Executive Order declaration of the War Powers Act and in a continual state of national emergency (See Clinton’s 1994 Executive Order 12919). What people don’t realize is that very soon. or a Fedwire. all bullion gold and gold coins were forcibly taken from the hands of private citizens (see New York Times). the older FRB notes will no longer be ‘legal’ 8 . Heck. McNeff. just as Mr. On February 22. are electronic computer ledger debit transfers between Federal Reserve System member banks. what happens to the people counting on those pension fund investments in order to feed themselves in their retirement? Too bad for them…. I call it the reality of the mark of the beast. there’s a reason for this new regulation and it coincides with the introduction of the new FRS “dollars”. The President can enforce any new emergency at any time under Executive Order or Presidential Directive. Where did this gold end up? Into the hands of the Federal Reserve System owners. Treasury claims this is for “the blind”. No checks or drafts have been allowed from that day. “Instead. old U. These certificates are technically in the name of DTC’s private holding company. we [the former North Bridge News] published that we expected a new national “dollar” emergency to be declared within a year or two. But. It was declared due to the deliberately calculated stock market crash that preceded the Great Depression. Now. I asked. This can be done without the consent of Congress under an Executive Order based on the War and Emergency Powers Act and a state of National Emergency. This is the manifestation of the new international god. only Fed Funds will be accepted”. The U. Under the War Powers Act. new $20 and $50 FRS’s are replacing the older notes as well. These new notes have scanable magnetic platinum encryption on the plastic strips embedded inside the bills. to pass legislation allowing pension funds to be used by the government as purported ‘loans’. and for a reason. then perhaps they’ll cash them in for the federal government’s failure to repay the loans that have become way overdue. But. $100 FRB notes issued by the Federal Reserve Bank are being exchanged for new $100 FRS issued by the Federal Reserve System. just like we are already under (See further Executive Orders). they have now blamed it on the purported drug dealers who are allegedly destroying our currency by money laundering schemes. The majority is stored in the impervious rock vaults they own beneath New York City. “the DTC will flip the switch” according to Mr. On March 6. Congress has attempted. “This is the day that clearing house funds will no longer be accepted for stock or bond transactions” was my reply from Jim. bonds. the New World Order [I prefer the term 'New World DISorder' as a more accurate description]. and mutual funds. 1996. “What switch?”.S. Just like we thought at the time. 1933. Consider this my fellow Americans: All pension funds and other institutional ‘managed funds’ are comprised of paper asset investments such as stocks. This is more commonly called a ‘cashless transaction’. McNeff accurately stated. Since late 1996.

they want to know if someone is carrying more than $10.. What happened to ‘supply and demand’ with gold and silver? Normally. but don’t tell me how much”. I tried to ask him how the machine knew that. What will stocks and bonds purchased with old dollars be worth then? Pennies to the dollar. who supplies raw gold to a major Swiss Banking company smelter and processor The spot gold market has been manipulated to keep the price low so that the Federal Reserve System owners can purchase all that is available through their various trusts and corporations. This is what happened to those Americans holding gold and gold coins after 1933. he asked me to walk through what looked like a typical airport scanner. Combine that with the new scanner to stop large amounts from entering into the U. until you begin to realize that there must be some other hidden agenda: They are apparently going to stop money from entering the U. then he said “Good. World gold availability on the open market is now at a record low and mining production of gold is also at a record low output. Miami and Los Angeles airports. I participated in a ‘test’ of this machine at a U. This was confirmed to us by a gold and diamond mining Chief Executive from Rex Mining in Guinea. Common sense dictates that they should be more concerned about people leaving with more than $10. he thanked me and told me to please move on. manufactured by Diebold.000 into the U. When I confirmed that was true.S. They control the circulation amounts of paper money in the U. The odd part about this is that these machines seem to all be located in the customs areas where you enter the U. A new feature in the $20 will facilitate the development of convenient scanning devices that could identify the note as a $20. No sound at all.” Chairman Greenspan said. “We are most gratified with the successful introduction of the new $100 and $50 notes and look forward to the same success with the new $20s. precious metal prices increase.S. I looked in my wallet and saw I had one new $100 FRS note. When supply is low. RR-2449 released May 20. as he introduced himself and flashed his ID quickly in my face so I couldn’t read it) if I had any of the new $100 or $50 bills in my pockets.and there will be a penalty for hoarding them. Office of Public Affairs.S.S. West Africa. To me. Treasury Agent. but much more sophisticated. Will the President call for the confiscation of all gold bullion and bullion coins as Roosevelt did? Who will end up with it? The Federal Reserve System owners. Treasury. for a reason. I was asked (by who I believe was a U. Inc. The older FRB notes are not encoded to do this. it looks much like the standard metal detector scanners you walk through at all airports. and the soon to be astronomical price of gold which most 9 .S. and the scenario amounts to a planned shortage of paper FRS notes. I told him “yes”. No noise. international airport in 1998.S. Atlanta. After saying he would “really appreciate it” if I would help them with a test. Since June 1998. a machine-readable capability has been incorporated for the blind. so to speak. but he ignored my question. For the first time. Perhaps the private FED will peg the new dollar to gold prices. No beeps. Why new paper ‘money’ and for what purpose? Because the new FRS notes in your pocket can be scanned and whoever scans them can know exactly how much money you have on you.S. from a foreign country. international gold supplies have been so low that some private Swiss Banks have been paying a premium above the market wholesale value for gold bullion. 1998. This writer knows firsthand of at least one machine. when supply is high the price decreases. U. wallet or purse no different in theory than a credit card scanner. as many experts have already speculated. Obviously. He looked at a computer screen and said “Do you have a new $100 bill?”. the banning of the older FRB notes. (a/k/a InterBold) that scans the money in your pockets.000 if they’re really trying to thwart the drug dealers…. I took a good look at the scanning system and believe I have now spotted them at Kennedy. just like before.S. Who ends up being the only winner? The Federal Reserve System stockholders.

It appears that our startling discoveries of the inner-workings of the DTC had only scratched the surface. it is being held for you under a “street name” by the DTC unless you have specifically requested to hold the certificate yourself. Checks are soon to be totally phased out.or any of your Bonds…The Depository Trust Company does. The Depository Trust Company has grown since October 1995. That’s a lot of stocks and bonds supposedly held in trust. This is the safest way to own a paper asset. BENEFICIAL OWNER.A Dictionary of Law. their assets increased nearly $ 10 Trillion. Instead. the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) and the Participants Trust Company (PTC) are now merged into the DTC. and their new system works. 1999. you possess it.You don’t own your Stocks…. excerpts of which were first published in November 1995 by the former North Bridge News. If you have a book entry stock or bond. Part II of II. It’s important to note that you have purchased that particular stock or bond without becoming a registered holder of the actual stock or bond certificate. The switch is being turned on. We’d like to add more fuel to this blazing fire by further exposing the DTC and those behind it. “One who is entitled to the benefit of a contract”.1 Trillion Company. The difference between the two is like night and day. Just ask Jim McNeff of the DTC. Every book-entry stock or bond is literally owned by the DTC. Practically. by Anthony Wayne In Part I of this series. we exposed The Depository Trust Company (DTC) as the Unknown $ 9. Since 1985. The facts we’ve presented in this report all point to this. You have the complete control over it. You have it. and you keep it. All book-entry stocks and bonds you purchase make you the beneficial owner. once again. The day has come when you must decide to accept or reject the beast and the New World Disorder. As of March 1999. If you purchase any stock or bond through a broker. Take the time to absorb and understand the following definitions: REGISTERED HOLDER. It’s already been tested. 1893. People will be at the mercy of the federal government for daily food and for jobs.Americans will be forbidden to have or hoard. most bond and many stock issuers have converted from the issuance of certificates to book-entry systems administered and controlled by the DTC.A Registered Holder literally possesses. The company that issued the certificate has registered the owner’s (holder’s) name on their official books. The owner of a book-entry stock or bond is the entity or name that it is registered under. you hold it. 10 . you won’t be issued a certificate. not the registered holder. the DTC itself has stated in a press release that their asset value is nearly $19 trillion. This is not speculation.A Beneficial Owner is nothing more than a beneficiary. you have become a beneficial owner. you are the owner. his stock or bond with his name appearing on the face of the certificate. this amount was estimated by a DTC employee at more than $11 Trillion. In 3 1/2 years. there isn’t one stock or bond issued that is not controlled by the DTC. As of April 19. owns. This is the truth of reality. Banks issue ATM debit cards and tell you they must charge more for your account if you use a real live human teller instead of the machine. You literally possess the fully registered certificate and only you can transfer or sell it. On July 1998. and holds. By all Rights and definition of law. The latest trend over the past ten years is for stock and bond brokers to offer “book-entry ownership” only.

mutual funds and other active traders. possesses as creditor. Rather than in your name. 1893. along with dividend and interest payments paid. “One who has deposited with a third person an article of property for the benefit of a creditor”.The DTC owns that bond or stock. The brokerage firms in turn are also nominees with respect to some of the shares. we found the following examination question about Cede & Co. the DTC. but this is no longer allowed). and that the remainder of the Cede stock is beneficially owned by several well known mutual funds. holds and owns your book-entry stock or bond. The DTC is the Registered Owner – holder – of your stock or bond. such as Cede and brokerage firms holding for customers. (In the past. stock-holder. Your broker sends you a fancy accounting every month of your purported holdings. If you’re lucky. share-holder. The DTC is the legal property-holder. This is a difficult pill to swallow for those who have placed their assets in stocks and bonds over the past decade. as the Beneficial Owner. you are considered the heir presumptive or heir at law to the stock or bond you paid for. LargeCo is aware that the beneficial owner of about half the stock registered in Cede’s name is the Small family. it’s registered (as the legal Registered Owner or agent) in their “street name”. it may have been registered in your broker’s street name. which they hold on behalf of their customers.: The common stock of LargeCo. whose ADRs are held by third-parties and are listed under a “nominee” or “street” name. This means that your lawful Rights in that stock or bond are confined to that of a successor or heir. under the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules. transfer agent. You are at the mercy of the registered owner. you only receive the benefit of ownership (interest and dividends) without holding title to your property.S. not you. and beneficial. then you’ll know the truth. At the University of Utah College of Law. Instead. The transfer 11 . which is still actively involved in management.P. Over 2/3rds of the shares are registered on LargeCo’s books in the name of Cede & Co. You are not the owner… you are the consignee. view the customer as the beneficial owner of the shares and consider the customer to be the one with the right to vote the shares. view the fund as the owner of the shares it holds and vote the shares themselves.A Dictionary of Law. Registered shareholders are listed directly with the issuer or its U. the broker will tell you “why of course you’re the Beneficial Owner”. Cede & Company. Cede is a depository company which holds the shares as nominee on behalf of brokerage firms. In legal terms. you only have the right to “receive proceeds or other advantages as the beneficiary”. you have been designated by the legal registered owner. owner and purchaser. Most of the remainder of LargeCo’s stock (26% of the total) is held by the Large family. The fact is. From J. Nominees. The DTC controls. however. is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. who hold an ADR in physical form. the DTC. Inc. Your name appears nowhere on the book entry or certificate as the actual owner. If you don’t believe this is true. Morgan’s internet site: Registered and beneficial shareholders… There are two types of shareholders: registered. then call your broker right now and ask them who’s name is listed as the Registered Holder of your book-entry stocks and bonds. According to the DTC. who live next door to the Larges in downtown Rome. mutual funds. This is broker language for “your stocks and bonds are held by the DTC in their street name as the creditor”. He may emphasize to you that the stocks and bonds are being held in “safe keeping” for your own protection.

which can include individual as well as institutional investors. and 13-D – with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosing the name and value of the positions in their portfolios. and settlement organization for securities traded in the United States. You have surrendered. See Synonyms at ‘relinquish’. In the Black’s 1951 Fourth Edition.” American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. issuers use publicly available filings. to withdraw.To surrender possession of. These lists. the primary safekeeping.. it lists the following as supportive case law. which represent the aggregate position of the Depository Trust Company (DTC). including investment managers. called NOBO for Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner. typically provide the names of individual investors. but it’s spelled CE-D-E and pronounced “Seed”. Lists of beneficial shareholders who do not object to disclosing their holdings are available from banks and broker-dealers. DTC uses electronic book-entry to facilitate settlement and custody rather than the physical delivery of certificates. 103 Fed. then promptly call your broker and tell him you want all your securities transferred and re-registered into your name as the Registered Holder and Owner.agent handles the record-keeping associated with changes in share ownership. C.N. Which brings us to the street name used. 1990. The registered list also includes nominee names such as Cede & Co. that’s why we are exposing this paper asset scam to you. 13-G. and investor inquiries. 72. Sixth Edition. Everyone in the brokerage business keeps pronouncing this name as “See Dee” and Company. assigned and granted ownership to someone else other than yourself. An issuer’s depositary bank can provide the identities of registered shareholders on a regular basis. third-party broker-dealers or custodian banks hold their securities on their behalf. Our suggestion to you is this: If you don’t literally have every stock and bond registered certificate in your possession. to assign. Large holders. These shares are said to be held in street name because they are kept with the DTC in the name of the broker-dealer or the custodian bank – not the underlying shareholder. Generally used to designate the transfer of territory from one government to another”. who do not usually disclose their holdings. United States. Have you made the connection yet? Your book-entry stocks and bonds and all stock and bond certificates purchased through your broker and held by them under your brokerage account are owned by CEDE & COMPANY (the DTC) as the registered owner.C. clearing. registered. now that you know the truth. do something about it and get your assets back into your name. to surrender. this may not provide the level of shareholder identification required for a successful investor relations effort. generally in lots of 100 shares or fewer. are required to make periodic filings – such as 13-F. To help identify institutional investors. especially by treaty. How ironic and sarcastic can they be? “CEDE. it also facilitates annual meetings. Registered shareholders are typically individual investors who have physical possession of their share certificates. the word Cede is defined as “To yield up. This is where the real irony comes According to Black’s Law Dictionary. Beneficial shareholders.. The point is. 3rd Edition of 1992 If people had any idea that they have relinquished the lawful ownership of their stocks and bonds to someone or something else. there would be a revolution.Y. However. Their name says it all. If he says 12 . distribution of dividend payments. to grant. Goetze v. do not have physical possession of their certificates. In a sense. and designated by the DTC as the registered owner of over $19 Trillion (USD) of our stocks and bonds… CEDE & Co.

citizens! 13 . we strongly suggest. These are the same paper securities found in your IRA and pension fund accounts. NEWS ADDED 9th February 2012 . you’re just a beneficiary. Replacement certificates are then issued to replace the lost or stolen originals. Even if all your stock and bond certificates were burned in a fire. just like a stolen credit card. MY COMMENT . government that Banks are to be paid for debt BEFORE Social Security and Medicare to U. Remember. for your own security. thanks to millions of duped Americans.he can’t do that because your stock or bond is a book-entry transaction only. not you.Goldman Sachs releases their demand to U. It reflects no assets held in your name. IN MY OPINION. Remember. London. Is it any wonder that the UN can operate year after year with increasing budgets. but without sufficient funds? The UN has nearly $19 Trillion of backing and reserves. the DTC. the securities you purchased and paid for with your hard earned money is collateral for the United Nations which is backed by the Federal Reserve System and it’s associated agencies. who has the DTC pledged these securities to? Our research points to the Federal Reserve System. IT LOOKS LIKE THEY MODELED MERS OFF OF DTCC' STRUCTURE OF S DOING BUSINESS.S.7:15AM EST . What you own is a brokerage account and nothing more. If someone were to steal your certificates. Your brokerage account is nothing more than a ledger of accounting. an international private banking cartel with major offices found in Moscow. as well as in your brokerage account. such as the International Monetary Fund. and Peking. they have entered into an contractual agreement allowing the broker to assign the stocks and bonds to an undisclosed creditor. The assets are registered in a “street name” that is not you or your name. WHAT DOES THE SET UP REMIND YOU OF? IT SEEMS LIKE IT IS THE SAME TYPE SET UP AS THE MERS FRAUD OF WALL STREET. Tokyo. By treaty with the United Nations and in compliance with the Bretton Woods Agreement. you don’t own them…. Most people don’t realize that when they open a brokerage account. the process to have them replaced is simple. Sure…. shape. Your broker is an agent for the DTC through mandatory Securities and Exchange Commission regulations and mandates by the Federal Reserve System private bank. you know the truth. Your broker represents them. We are financing the New World Dis-Order with our stocks and bonds.S. (We suggest you read the small print on your brokerage agreement). Don’t let the broker tell you that it’s “safer” for you if they keep your certificates. you simply report them stolen to the company that issued them and they’re automatically cancelled. that you sell your book-entry assets immediately. A greater consideration is just exactly who does the DTC hold these securities for? As the owner. but you do so as a beneficiary to the real owner. This gives the broker your express written permission to place all your securities into the ownership of the DTC. the DTC under regulation of the Federal Reserve System has pledged all those stocks and bonds to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).AFTER READING THE ABOVE. Your brokerage account in no way. you receive the interest and dividends. The truth is. or manner reflects who literally owns your securities.