Table of Contents Introduction Summary Identify and explain the Psychological Principle and /concept Provide proof from the movie relating to principle/concept Conclusion Biblography .

We look closely also at the psychological concepts and how retrograde amnesia (syndrome) affected the main actor throughout the movie .a 2002 film that starred Matt Damon. This research paper looks closely at the main actor and his loss of memory.Introduction The subject under study is the movie “Bourne Identity”.

Throughout the movie it was revealed that Bourne suffered from retrograde amnesia.Summary An Italian fisherman. He realises this as during the 2002 film he is skilled in advanced combat. This movie focuses on the man actor Jason Bourne as he searches at all cost to discover his true identity. . one night discovered the body of an unconscious man floating in the Mediter Sea. at the CIA headquarters arrangements were being made to eliminate him (Jason Bourne) as he failed the mission of executing an African Leader. As the movie progresses . He was so determined to find out his real name . Bourne has difficulty remembering his past and as such uses the chip in his hip to help him remember his past. The movie continues by showing us the task of the main actor of trying to free himself from his past life by evading being executed and at the same time trying to learn more about himself.

This type of amnesia is one where there is a lack of memory for events. recall information and experiences. Firstly there is the encoding. . One can identify that this likely impact was the cause of his aliment. Secondly. If the material is rehearsed long enough. storage is the process of maintaining information in the memory. retain. The loss of memory is known as disorders. This occurs when there has been a blow to the head which makes the brain bump against the inside of the skull. In the early stages of the movie Bourne was recovered unconscience in the Miditterrean by a French fisherman. From an information processing perspective there are three stages in the formation of retrieval of memory. which is the active process of putting stimulus information into a form that can be used by memory system. With reference to the movie the main focus or emphasize surrounds the actor Jason Bourne having retrograde amnesia. It was also stated that Bourne had been shot two times about the body and this impact resulted in him falling into the sea. it is transferred to long term memory. Amnesia is a condition where the memory is disturbed or lost.Identify and Explain the Psychological Principle/Concept Memory Memory is an organisms ability to store.

In this scene he discovered he can speak in different language and he was able to defend himself as again he is skilled in advanced hand to hand combat. Retrograde amnesia is a form of amnesia where someone is unable to recall events that occurred before the development of amnesia. In the 54th minute of the film he finds his belongings and it its there the he identified with the first passport he encountered. This amnesia commonly results from damage to the brain regions mostly associated with episodic/declarative memory. It should be noted that during the movie that the blow did distrupt short term memory rather than long term memory. . This amnesia is caused by trauma that results in brain injury. Reference is made in the movie where he was found loitering by policemen. He analyses deeply what he had discovered and realises that the nature of his past job. Thoughtout the movie . This likely blow to the head made the brain bump against the inside of the skull and this movement disrupted its normal function. This type of syndrome is referred to as retrograde amnesia. Retrograde amnesia is often accessible than events occurring just prior to the trauma. Thus the psychological concept focused is memory. Events nearest in time to event that caused memory loss may never be recovered. it was observed that the main actor had hot flashes when images of his past was presented to him. It can be said that in the movie Borne Identity the two bullet wounds resulting in him falling into the ocean.Analysis With reference to the movie Jason Bourne was an assassin and because of the two gun shots wounds he received and the duration of his unconscious lost of his memory. This syndrome affects short term memory but not long-term memory.

Conclusion .

This symdrome is related to memory and explains further the causes and the effects of such an aliment. Memory is the cognitive process of encoding sotring and retrieving information. He was able to speak different languages however he could not remember leaving and also his combat encountered with police officers when he was approached for loitering. . In this research paper we clearly explained what was the impact of memory in the movie. The psychological concept was successfully intergrated to show that he suffered from sucha an alimenet.Bourne Identity fives us an incite into an individual who had to cope with Retrograde Amnesia .

Biblography .

Introduction .

Summary .

Identify and Explain the Psychological Principle/Concept .

Analysis .

Conclusion .

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