Fantasy General Conference

Fantasy General Conference 1. Priesthood Session: Pick 2 members of the 12 apostles.

2. Intermediate Congregational Hymn: Pick 4 songs from hymn book.

3. Seventy Speakers: Pick 10 speakers from the 1st and 2nd Quorum of the 70.

4. President Monson: Pick which sessions of General Conference Pres. Monson will speak. (Conducting doesn’t count.) Sat. Morning Sat. Afternoon Sun. Morning Sun. Afternoon

5. New Temples: Pick 1 continent, and 3 states in the U.S. U.S.A. Temples 1 2 3 5. Conducting: Pick 2 members of the First Presidency that will conduct twice. (This includes the priesthood session) President Monson President Eyring President Uchtdorf Continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, S. America, etc.) 1

Each correct answer will give you 5 points. Answers must be turned in before Conference starts.

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