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Aquarius Advertising Agency (A_9)

Contextual Variables analysis of Aquarius Advertising Agency The environment in which the agency works is highly unstable and extremely complex. The reason for this is that it deals with the advertising world where the trends and perceptions are constantly changing. The number of factors operating in the environment is very large and unpredictable. Also, the requirement for each client is different and hence there is no room for standardizing the processes. The size of the agency is of middle level. The goal of the agency is to fulfill the advertising and marketing research needs of clients in an effective manner. The technologies used in the agency are the skills and creativity of the artists and copy writers, the survey designing and quantitative techniques of the market research personnel, other computerized designing and printing equipment, radio ad making technology for sound recording and editing and equipments used for making television advertisements. New organisational design for the agency and feasibility of the Matrix structure for the same There is an extreme lack of co-ordination between different departments and by-passing of the accounts executive for contacting the clients and vice versa. As seen in the socio metric index of the agency there is very less communication between people working in different departments. This is the cause for dismal co-ordination and emergence and presentations of different ideas for the same ad campaign from different specialists. These problems can be overcome by a structural reorganisation that ensures an approach where all the specialists from different departments like copy writers, art specialists, media specialists, etc. come together to develop a coherent idea as per the need of the client and design a campaign accordingly. This would be possible if a team is formed headed by an account executive. This team will work on a project and would be composed

of the people required to carry out the specific demands of the project. For instance, a research specialist will ensure that the ideas are differentiated from rest of the other agencies while an art specialist will give efficient designing on basis of creative ideas. However, in implementing such an idea, we need to make sure that creativity and skill development, an integral part of the agency, should be given due importance which would be possible through a matrix structure. A matrix structure will ensure both efficient co ordination among the various departments while individual team managers to handle different client demands will ensure in depth skill development. It is also suitable when the environment is frequently changing due to change in consumer behaviour and lifestyle. Moreover, large amount of coordination and information processing can be achieved.

Submitted by: Sec A Group 9 Ankit Sharma - 32005 Arpit Bansal 32009 Kevin Parekh 32016 Mahesh Dharap 32019 Tanu Shree Shekhawat - 32044