Cream of Wheat Rice Cracked Wheat Oatmeal Ham, Egg & BB Muffins Scrambles Eggs and Toast Waffles Cereal Omelets Smoothie Low Fat Maple Granola One Eyed Monster English Muffin Sandwich Bagel and Cream Cheese

Tuna Salad Cheese Quesadillas Peanut Butter Sandwiches Dinosaurs Tomato Sandwich Lunchables Hot Dogs Pin wheels Turkey Sandwich Mac and Cheese French Bread Pizza Bagel Sandwich Salad Potato Cottage Cheese

String Cheese Apple w/ PB Celery w/PB Popcorn Apple Sauce Graham Crackers & Milk Graham Crackers w/PB Veggie & Fruit Yogurt Cheese Cubes w/ Apples Pretzels w/ PB or Salsa Crackers and Cheese Raisins Fruit Snacks

Turkey Burgers * Potato Wedges * Fruit Marinated Chicken * Rice Spaghetti * Salad * Bread Sticks Shredded Roast Sandwiches Roast Tacos * Spanish Rice Bean Burritos Hawaiian Haystacks Chicken Tortilla Soup Chicken Parmesan Chicken Chili Chili potatoes Pancakes Caesar Salad Taco Salad

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