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INTRODUCTION OF TOPIC The core theme of all CRM and relationship marketing perspectives is its focus on cooperative and collaborative relationships between the firm and its customers. fax. customers who say that their vehicle was picked up from their doorstep before service and delivered to the same point after service are notably more delighted with their aftersales service experience. The automobile industry in India is the tenth largest in the world with an annual production of approximately 2 million units is expected to become one of the major global automobile industries in the coming years. Maruti faced a depleting market share. has led to an increase in overall growth. There are three parts of application architecture of CRM: Operational . Maruti initiated a new car pickup & delivery facility for women car owners. service) Analytical . This forced Maruti to create the land-mark in CRM by launching a website for the customers in the year 1998. Maruti is investing a lot of money and effort in building customer loyalty programmes..ensures the contact with customers (phone. which it had not faced in the last 18 years. the market structure changed drastically. In particular.000 units. and/or other marketing actors. reducing to analyze customer behavior. According to Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers in 2008-09 the cumulative growth of the Passenger Vehicles segment during April 2008 March 2009 was 12.17 percent. and increase in inventory levels. email. Following the economic reforms of 1991 the Indian automobile industry has demonstrated sustained growth as a result of increased competitiveness and relaxed restrictions. compared with customers who do not receive this service".) To understand the real business scenario about the practice of CRM in Indian automobile industry & than compare it with MARUTI & TATA motors in passenger cars.57 percent and Multi Purpose Vehicles by 21. A study finds that vehicle pickup and delivery before and after service has a strong impact on customer satisfaction. The monthly sales of passenger cars in India exceed 100. As a result of the internal turmoil and the changes in the external environment. implements business intelligence Co operational . Passenger Cars grew by 11.79 percent. Utility Vehicles by 10. too. web. by having a better understanding of the customers‟ needs and desires we can keep them longer and sell more to them.automation to the basic business processes (marketing.. sales. A number of domestic companies produce automobiles in India and the growing presence of multinational investment. CRM is based on the premise that.39 percent in this period MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD Maruti and CRM Post 1998. .

highest service quality. The Low Cost Maintenance Advantage The acquisition cost is unfortunately not the only cost customers face when buying a car. 6. fleet management services. It is in the economy segment that the affordability of spares is most competitive. most user-friendly service and best service initiation experience.D. to facilitate them to gift Maruti cars online to friends and relatives at home. best in-service experience. ADVANTAGE WHICH HELP IN CRM OF MARUTI A Buying Experience like No Other Maruti Suzuki has a sales network of 307 state-of -the-art showrooms across 189 cities. It also launched „Dil Se‟. 7. Whether it is easy finance.a special program for Indians living abroad or NRIs. 5. 92% of Maruti Suzuki owners feel that work gets done right the first time during service. exchange. and it is here where Maruti Suzuki shines. The J. 2. .D. best service delivery. with a workforce of over 6000 trained sales personnel to guide MUL customers in finding the right car.Maruti Suzuki is set to provide a single-window solution for all car related needs. customers will find all car related needs met under one roof. while 90% owners would probably repurchase the same make of vehicle.Maruti also launched mission to promote safe driving habits jointly with Institute of Driving Training and Research. One Stop Shop At Maruti Suzuki. 4. It gained a lot of prominence and appreciation for this initiative. Quality Service across 1036 Cities In the J. Power CSI Study Maruti Suzuki scored the highest across all 7 parameters: 1. Maruti innovated by setting up a first ever online club „Swift Life‟ exclusive for all Swift owners. Not so in the case of a Maruti Suzuki. Power CSI study also reveals that 97% of Maruti Suzuki owners would probably recommend the same make of vehicle. insurance. Least problems experienced with vehicle serviced. 3. best service advisor experience.

This provides staff members with immediate access to important information on customer products and prior calls etc. Esteem. eliminating the need to individually obtain this information directly from the customer acquisition and cross selling. The tasks that come from these processes are then passed on to the employees responsible for them. Sales intelligence CRM Sales intelligence CRM is similar to analytical CRM but is intended as a ore direct sales tool Features include alerts sent to sales staff regarding:   Designing and executing targeted marketing campaigns. and staff can retrieve customer information as necessary. along with the information necessary for carrying out the tasks. . This data gathering is a ongoing process which allows for business decisions to be continually refined over time based on feedback from earlier analysis.Lowest Cost of Ownership The highest satisfaction ratings with regard to cost of ownership among all models are all Maruti Suzuki vehicles: Zen. operational. Analyzing customer behavior in order to take decisions regarding products and services. It is at the analytical stage that the more information that the analytical software has available for analysis. Operational CRM Operational CRM refers to the customer facing business processes such as sales. Wagon R. Interactions with customers are generally stored in customers‟ contact histories. the better its predictions and recommendations will be. It makes heavy use of data mining and other techniques to produce useful results for decision making. Maruti 800. METHODS USED FOR ACQUISITION OF CUSTOMER DATA There are three main methods of the CRM process in Maruti: analytical. Alto and Omni. and collaborative.     Managing Campaigns Enterprise marketing Automation Sales force Automation Sales Management System Analytical customer relationship management In this aspect of CRM. marketing and service. data is gathered from various CRM efforts and analyzed to identify crossand up-selling opportunities.

SERVICE AT DOOR STEP THROUGH MARUTI MOBILE SUPPORT . Management information system (Forecasting or Budgeting). It‟s a customer relationship management solution that brings customers. wheel alignments etc.Technicians Bays. Apart from mega camps workshop camps like A/C checkup camps.TECHNICIAN BAYS" As the name suggests the company set out to delight its customers by offering them faster car service by introducing new concepts such as Express Service Bays & 2. oil and fuel top ups. and fax – by supporting ease of interaction and coordinating employee teams and customers. Pre monsoon camps etc are also regularly conducted as part of customer connect initiatives. These are done for customers who are hard pressed for time. phone. processes. employees. Activities undertaken during a mega camp include complimentary car wash. AC & Pollution check up. and data together to allow companies to better serve and retain their customer. CUSTOMIZATION METHODS USED BY MARUTI SETTING UP "EXPRESS SERVICE BAYS" & "2 . Locality camps . Both the initiatives undertaken in this direction have helped improve customer interface and also helped increase the productivity and capacity of existing workshops. Collaborative CRM Collaborative CRM streamlines interactions with customers through all channels – email. letter. MEGA CAMPS    The company aggressively conducts 'Mega Camps' throughout the country round the year. PUC and general check-up camps.

The CIC will help MUL rapidly build an information pool of over 3 million Maruti owners as well as that of its prospective customers. MARUTI TRUE VALUE Maruti has aided customers by providing them the facility to bring their vehicle to a 'Maruti True Value' outlet and exchange it for a new car. MARUTI CALL CENTER Maruti has proper customer complain handling cell under the CRM dept.Another unique initiative is the door step service facility through Maruti Mobile Support. brings the customer all the advantages of an international credit card in addition to bringing the customer an opportunity of earning valuable Auto points for his next Maruti car. They are offered loyalty discounts in return. Maruti Mobile Support is a first of it's kind initiative and is expected not only to help the company reach out customers in metro cities but also as a mean to reach semi urban /rural areas where setting up of new workshop may not be viable MARUTI AUTO CARD Maruti Auto Card in association with Master Card. This helps them retain the customer. MARUTI ON ROAD SERVICES The MOS ensures: Round-the-clock services in most of the cities . by paying the difference.

Services include end-to-end backups/solutions across the vehicle‟s life: Leasing. Maintenance. . takes care of the A-Z of automobile problems. A computerized call-monitoring system dispatches a mobile MOS van to the customer at the earliest  All MOS vans are managed by qualified Maruti Authorized Dealers / MASS technicians who are trained by Maruti in problem diagnosis  The customer are charged only Rs.100 on labour and spares N2N Maruti‟s N2N Fleet Management Solutions for companies. Convenience services and Remarketing. They capture the CRM data throughout the customer buying cycle through their CRM softwares and analyse the changing customer trends. MARKET RESEARCH DEPARTMENT Their Market Research department remains on its toes to study the changing consumer behaviour and market needs. Maruti enjoys 70% repeat buyers which further bolsters their claim of being customer friendly AVAILABILITY OF EASY FINANCE Maruti has also made the customer experience hassle free and helped building customer satisfaction by developing different re venue streams in the form of Maruti Insurance and Maruti Finance.


we ask for your name. Please read the following to learn more about our terms and conditions. We have taken adequate measures to secure access to your personal data .CUSTOMER PRIVACY DATA POLICIES OF MARUTI Maruti Statement of Privacy At Maruti we take your privacy seriously. Maruti may also receive personally identifiable information from our business partners. When you register with Maruti. This policy also covers Maruti's treatment of any personally identifiable information that Maruti shares with you. Maruti uses information for three general purpose: to fulfill your requests for certain products and services and to contact you about specials and new products.   Information Sharing and Disclosure Maruti will not sell or rent your Personally Identifiable Information to anyone. Maruti will send Personally Identifiable Information about you when: We have consent to share the information We need to share your information to provide the product or service you have requested We respond to subpoenas. When we find your action on the web site violates the Maruti terms and condition or any of your usage guidelines for specific products or services. Once you register with Maruti and sign in to our services.  This covers Maruti's treatment of personally identifiable information that Maruti collects when you are on Marutiudyog site and when you use our services. When you choose the services and promotions. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Maruti does not own or control or Maruti does not own or employ or manage. Security Your Maruti account information is password-protected for your privacy and security. gender. What the terms and conditions cover. e-mail address. court orders or legal process.  Information Collection and Use  Maruti collects personally identifiable information when you register for a Maruti account. occupation. industry and personal interest. birth date. you are not anonymous to us.

000plus dealer sales force . This has posed numerous challenges.TATA MOTORS BUSINESS STRATEGY & CRM OF TATA MOTORS In TATA industry .organization support . Tata Motors began standardizing its customer-facing business processes companywide.000 salespeople across India. not only providing the tangible product i. improved operational efficiency and effectiveness. with the goal of achieving success in each phase before moving forward. Phase 1. Not only companies stick to that car only but tries to sell accessories also like seat covers. distributing free gifts. currently under way.provide access to data for different organizations while maintaining the security and privacy of each organization  Can be deployed easily over the Internet  Provides robust partner management capabilities ideal for Tata Motors with its far-flung dealer network  The user-friendly interface has simplified the process of training Tata Motors‟ 10. providing more services than competitors. Companies focus upon the needs of customer. CAR but also augmented product such as warranty. providing them customized service . To address its competitive challenges. and a better customer experience. companies give information about that same product to their loyal customers.e. laying the foundation for stronger dealer relationships. Alloy wheels. focuses on capturing customer and vehicle data and automating routine tasks. customer service. Phase 2 will focus on leveraging data to improve customer interactions and streamline product development and planning.600 locations staffed by more than 10. Phase 3 will focus on tuning the system and delivering additional value-added services to customers. music system so that customer doesn‟t have to go to several places & quite often dealers give discount also in these items as a CRM business strategy . FEATURES Some of the unique features of the CRM employed by TATA Motors are: Multi. Tata Motors has taken a phased approach to the implementation. etc & now a days almost every big company use CRM software in collecting data on consumers & their transaction. as it involves working with 250 dealer organizations and more than 1. free vehicle check-up. After every new launch of a car.

Covering a country with an area of 3. “Forever Yours” for the third and fourth year after purchase.600 customer touch points with its centralized data center in Mumbai using a combination of VSAT‟s and high-speed virtual private networks.  TATA Motors provides free of cost servicing to customers having Tata cars within a two year warranty time period. accessories and auto mobile related services. The extended warranty program helps in strengthening contact with the customer and also increases the revenue generated from sale of spares. service and parts departments Vehicle management gives complete vehicle data along with sales.3 million square kilometers also required an innovative communications solution. Web. e-mail. telephone. TATA motors also offer an extended paid warranty program marketed under the brand. It is in the economy segment that the affordability of spares is most competitive as compared to others.  It also provides its long term customers either with stable prices or lower price increases as compared to the new customers. wireless devices and in-person meetings. personalized interaction across all customer touch points including. leads and opportunities Service management increases customer loyalty by enabling consistent. it may not necessarily be affordable to maintain.  . CRM Systems and Implementation These are some of the key features for which TATA applies CRM software:    Sales management shares customer information between sales. service and financial history. As we know. as some of its regularly used spare parts may be priced quite steeply.  TATA motors provides financial incentives and rewards to the customers who bring more business to their service station by recommending and spreading good word of mouth to others about their services. RELATIONSHIP POLICY: The customer is tied to the company primarily through financial incentives lower prices for greater volume purchases or lower prices for customers who have been with a firm a long time. Tata Motors provides very well after sale services to its customers. as well as dealer and license information and owner and contact information Activity and e-mail management systems link e-mails with associated Contacts. Tata Motors links its 1. the acquisition cost is not the only cost one faces when buying a car.

call centre. business analytics. initiate . and captive finance modules.STATIONS OF EXPERIENCE IN TATA MOTORS Pre Purchase Post Purchase METHODS USED FOR ACQUISITION OF CUSTOMER DATA IN TATA MOTORS:APPROACH TATA Motors has taken a phased approach in its implementation of the CRM initiatives to ensure success in each phase before moving forward Phase 1: It focuses on capturing customer and vehicle data and routing the processes Phase 2: This phase focuses on leveraging data to improve customer interaction and product development as well as deployment. This will allow TATA Motors to better understand customer needs and requirements. The company plans to deploy marketing. improve its responsiveness to service requests and problem resolution.

with appropriate visibility controls to ensure that one dealer is not privy to information from another. a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed specifically form companies in the auto mobile industry. By tightly integrating Siebel TATA and its dealer management system. add support for new products and services. and streamline dealer-financing processes.more proactive contacts with customers. . including improved customer satisfaction. Siebel TATA has delivered significant benefits across the extended organization. To further enlist dealer support. Phase 3: This phase will focus on tuning the system and developing value added services for the customers. TATA has streamlined transactions and ensured that dealers capture customer data as a part of their normal operations. increased revenue and productivity. Tata Motors involved dealers throughout the solution configuration and deployment process. Tata Motors implemented Oracle's Siebel TATA. and reduced costs. Seamlessly integrated with Tata Motors‟ dealer management system and SAP back-office applications. The solution provides a 360-degree view of customers to the extended organization.

they always request the customers to fill in their feedback form that follows the service/repair visit. Pricing and tax calculations can be adjusted for each dealer‟s requirements. CUSTOMIZATION IN TATA MOTORS: Customization bonds approach suggest that customer loyalty can be encouraged through intimate knowledge of the individual customers and through the development of one-to one solutions that fit the individual customer‟s needs. Such data will not be divulged to or shared with other individuals/institutions without the prior written permission from customers. “This has helped us overcome the usual resistance to change and gain rapid acceptance from our dealers. Integrity and Confidence. For this purpose. If a low score is received on their feedback form. they provide technicians who visit their home place in order to attend the issues and rectify them to their satisfaction level.“Integrating Siebel TATA with our dealer management system ensured that our dealers would immediately see the value in the solution.” . Tata Motors is committed to designing processes and practices that ensure continued trust of its customers. Tata Motors is committed to protect Consumer Privacy in managing information and data furnished by its customers for official or personal purposes. including applications inventory management. and also knows well how to make them feel One. While delivering excellent quality products and services. They have an extensive follow up programmed and prompt service. TATA MOTORS believes in 'Customer is THE KING'.” Siebel TATA has been closely integrated with a wide array of SAP back-office applications. Follow up calls are made to ensure that how efficiently their problems were resolved. comprehensive sales and reporting functionality built into Siebel TATA enables TATA to distribute sales targets to its dealers and roll up sales numbers across the country. they would go out of the way to apologize for the error. Simultaneously.  CUSTOMER PRIVACY DATA POLICIES IN TATA MOTORS:- The Policy on Consumer Privacy is given as under: “Tata Motors values long term relationship with its customers based on the foundation of Trust. fulfillment. and parts location. In addition. This helps them to change their strategies and customize their services to fit developing customer needs.” Sreenivasan explains.

com www.REFERENCES Websites:          http://www.iiita.html Search&q=tata%20motors%20crm%20strategy www.aspx .articlesbase.pdf

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