April 25th, 2008

Major Piummer,

I would tike to thank you for taking the time to speak with me last night regarding my husband, Edwin A. Ehlers II wrongful conviction in the ease of the sexual assault of II . Skovranko. I was calling to find Captain Ellis* bar information, so that I will be able to file with the state regarding his false representation to me in June/July 2007 and also Angela R in the beginning of August 2007, where he told us that he was the defense attorney and that my husband had plead guilty to some of the charges, During our extensive conversation we discussed RP2 Skovranko, Mrs, Stacey Skovraako, H Skovranko, Randi Hester, and Gloria Ehlers' statements given to NCIS and also statements made, under oath at trial. I informed you that Randi Hester, who was the first person to learn of these allegations in June 2004, told NCIS that HL Skovranko never said anyone's name; she would only say that if she told her mommy would be mad at her. While being interviewed by NCIS, Randi told the Special Agent that "Staeey asked K t if it was Edwin Ehlers that did these things to her" and H agreed. To this day Randi has told several people, including my husband's new attorney Michael Eisenberg that it was Stacey who told ft to use Edwin's name regarding these allegations. Why would a mother tell her child that someone did these things to her is beyond my comprehension, and this would call to question Stacey Skovranko* s motive in this whole case. Who was Staeey trying to hide by having her daughter H * name an innocent person for the unspeakable crime? Could it possibly be the child's father, RP2 Skovranko?

. .

. If I'm not mistaken, this case file was sitting in your office for several months, if not longer, while you put the "evidence" together for the 2 day trial,

I also pointed out to you that I have documentation showing that RP2 Paul Skovranko lied, under oath to NCIS on June 3rd, 2004 and also at trial on August 20th, 2007. RP2 Skovranko told NCIS and the court that he took his daughter, H. ": to the nd Beaufort Naval Hospital on June 2 , 2004 and that he spoke to the officer of the day, security, as well as staff members before he checked her into the emergency room. He


even went as far as saying that he waited in the exam room with F for several hours, waiting to be seen by a doctor, before she said that, "no mr. eddie did not touch me". He says that after this statement came from H ,, he was so upset that he signed her out of the hospital and took her home. This hospital visit never happened but the statement did. The hospital has no record, meaning the sign in or sign out during the month of June 2004 for H . Skovranko. At this time, you and I both agreed that RP2 Skovranko violated the UCMJ-making false official statements. I informed you that under DoDI 6495.02 and DoDI 6400,1 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Procedures and Family Advocacy Program, the hospital would, if RP2 Skovranko had actually taken his daughter there, have been required to report these allegations to the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) and the local Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) on board Parris Island MCRD, Beaufort South Carolina as well as local authorities and the Department of Social Services (DSS) because this involves a minor child. The local SARC, Regina Cooper in Beaufort, still to this day does not have and knowledge of these allegations and neither does the Family Advocacy Program, The naval hospital also does not have documentation of these allegations and as you can imagine the local police and DSS do not know about the 1 incident of the alleged sexual assault of H * Skovranko. In light of that information, you and I also discussed Mrs. Stacey Skovranko's statement and also Hi Skovranko's testimony. Mrs. Stacey Skovranko made a statement to NCIS on 673/2004 regarding these allegations. She informed NCIS that H had walked in on her and her husband having intercourse and that F refused to go to bed until she made sure that RP2 Skovranko has underwear on because he was doing something nasty to Stacey. You told me that this was odd, considering that you have 3 daughters of your own and children do not normally say these things, I agree, as having 2 small children of my own. This is not a normal thing for a small child to say to her parents. I also made it known to you that H" -has been in the hospital since the age of I year old-which is several years before meeting my husband and his now ex-wife Gloria Ehlers, for vaginal infections. Stacey Skovranko goes into great detail about an incident that supposedly happened after her and her family met the Ehlers in 2002. She said that H had been in the hospital several times in 1 day with strange symptoms. Stacey goes on to say that R ". was yelling at the nurses and saying not to touch her privates. H 's medical record reflects this incident happening in 2001; there for making it an impossibility to have happened after June 2002, when in her own words they met the Ehlers. If you remember correctly H . Skovranko told NCIS and the court that this 1 incident of assault took place in August 2002, while her and her family lived next door to the Ehlers'on Alderwood Rd, H " said that "it" happened in the upstairs bedroom and bedroom-bathroom of the Ehlers' residence and Gloria Johnson-Hester-Ehiers walked in on this incident taking place, I have the base housing schematics and a picture of the outside of the home from Gloria Ehlers; it shows the home at 204 Alderwood is only a 1 story home. How could this take place in 2002 at 204 Alderwood Rd, in the upstairs when the home has only I story? H" 's own mother and father said at court

that the home was only J story and Stacey told &e court that she has never left H alone with anyone in a 2 story home. Gloria also said that Edwin never babysat for H ", which correct roe if I'm wrong, Stacey said at the article 39 hearing, to NCI S, as well as during the trial-she left H alone with Edwin to be babysat by him when this alleged assault took place. She also said that Donna Kerr was asleep on the couch, as did R also named a boy, James and Gloria's mother Donna Kerr to having witnessed this incident. They were never questioned regarding these allegations. As a matter of fact, Gloria Johnson-Hester-EhJers, while testifying of behalf of the prosecution told the court that she did not witness any such act. She said that 1. i was being untruthful when H told NCIS that Gloria was a party to these allegations. To put it piainly L_ lied in 2004 and continued to He at trial in 2007. Should Gloria, James and Donna have been questioned? It was also said that James and Terry had exposed themselves to H and tried to put their hands down R .'s pants around this same timeframe. Should these boys also have been questioned by NCIS? If we are to believe NCIS Special Agent Eric Meulenburg's accounting of my husband's confession, it would state that this incident did not happen in the upstairs bedroom or bedroom-bathroom as H _ i Skovranko stated. Special Agent Eric Muelenberg told the court that Edwin told Mm on May 25*, 2005 that this incident took place in the dining room-living room of the home at 204 Alderwood rd, while in Special Agent Meulenburg's own words, Edwin was masturbating. First of all, why would Edwin masturbate at the computer while Donna Kerr was on the couch? Stacey Skovranko and H Skovranko told NCIS that Donna Kerr was home during this alleged sexual assault From the drawing that Special Agent Muelenberg allegedly obtained from my husband, it shows that the computer was out in the open. This does not make any sense. Second, at trial Special Agent Muelenberg admitted that he, not Edwin filled in the diagram. Is this not considered tampering with evidence? He also never had the document signed by Edwin, so how are we to know where this drawing really came from? At one of the several article 39 hearings, the military judge, Major B, E, Kasprzyck asked Edwin if he recognized the drawing, and Edwin said no. He said that the first time he saw the drawing was on the case file he obtained from his attorney Lt Michael Melocowsky, At the trial H " told Major B. E. Kasprzyck specifically that this alleged incident only happened once, not several times spanning an 18 month time frame as Captain Ellis, the prosecuting attorney, alleges. H also denied telling NCIS that James touched her (even though her parents and Gloria Ehlers said it did happen). R also re-canted what she initially told NCIS, which was also video taped on June 9*, 2004 about Gloria Ehlers, James , and Donna Kerr witnessing this event. Hi denied saying that Edwin threatened her, I believe there were even charges preferred against him for such threats, and even though he was not convicted of them, there is still paperwork showing that they were there. What about the rape allegation? It was obviously unfounded because she stilt had a hymen intact and as we all know if there

was actually penile penetration she would not have had a hymen. As far as her telling NOS that there was blood and Mr. Eddie cleaned it up, why did her parents not know about the bleeding? I don't know a 3 year old who wears dark panties or does her own laundry. A child of that age would have had internal as well as external trauma that would have lasted for days while her body recovered. I also find it highly interesting that you did not know about NCIS Report of Investigation dated 8/1/2006. control number 07JUN04-CAPI-W71-8BMA/T, which clearly states "When interrogated, s/Ehlers denied wrongdoing. S/'EMers subsequently submitted to a polygraph examination, at the conclusion of which, it was the opinion of the examiner that s/Etiers had been deceptive to the relevant questions. During a subsequent interrogation, s/Ehlers made tactic admissions; however, continued to deny wrongdoing as alleged by Special Agent Muelenberg, at trial on August 20th, 2007 told the court on behalf of the prosecution lhat Edwin Ehlers gave him a "confession'* on May 25*, 2005. These documents are dated 14 months after the alleged confession and as you can see, there is never a mention of a confession. It says that he retained his innocence through out BOTH interrogations. This document proves that your witness, Special Agent Muelenberg knowingly violated the UCMJ, section 93! article 131 Perjury. Parallel to Ms violation is also section 907 article 107- false official statements. So this would mean that Special Agent Muelenberg lied before, during and after the trial. You obviously had knowledge of Special Agent Eric Meulenburg's testimony at trial because you were sitting second seat to Captain Ellis, although you said that you were only there to supervise Captain Ellis, as this was going to be his first trial by jury, you were still aware of this case, charges and allegations made against my husband. I believe this would call into question Special Agent Meulenburg's credibility regarding his standing with NCIS, and his ability as a witness. What else has NCIS Special Agent Eric Muelenberg lied about to help convict an innocent man? The polygraph that is mentioned several times through out the case file, which was preformed on May 25m, 2005, has conveniently "disappeared", in other words they lost it. NCIS is no longer able to locate the results of the examination so that we would be able to have it analyzed by several independent polygraph examiners. I was not discouraged with this information; I figured when the truth of these unlawful acts committed by Special Agent Eric Muelenberg and NCIS, started to come to light, NCIS could not perform their rehearsed circus act as well as they did before the court in August 2007. So with the help of a well known military defense attorney who was stationed at Camp Pendleton and believed in my husband's innocence, Edwin underwent 4 polygraph examinations in January 2008. Unlike NCIS Special Agent Meulenburg's interview and interrogation which violated NCIS manual 5219,48-R, Mr. Paul Redden, a highly trained and well respected polygraph administrator, video and audio recorded the examination.

At the conclusion of the exam and after the polygraph results were quality checked by 4 separate examiners, they came to a unanimous decision, there %vas no deception indicated and that when questioned about the allegations and his involvement, my husband, Edwin Ehlers was being truthful when he said that he did not do the things he was accused and eventually convicted of. When we discussed Lt. Melocowsky knowing about the unethical acts Captain Ellis committed against me and my husband's witness Angela T t you told me that Lt. Melocowsky never reported these acts to you. Although I am not surprised, there are quite a number of things Lt, Melocowsky SHOULD have done, but obviously did not do with regards to my husband. After the trial when I questioned Lt Melocowsky about the events that happened at trial he told he that I shouldn't try to understand military law, as I have no formal training, You also said that is was a mistake to go with a judge alone court martial especially considering that Major Kasprzyck is a tough judge, I am in full agreement, After discovering that Major B, E. Kasprzyck violated the UCMJ by authenticating the record of trial, SectionJg4 article.54 ROT which states "/» a court-martial consisting of only a military judge the record shall be authenticated by the court reporter under the same conditions which would impose such a duty on a member under the subsection" I was pleasantly surprised, When we brought these facts before the Convening Authority of 1st marine division, Major Waldhauser and the SJA Lt. Col, Robert Miller, we were told these were remedial and held no merit My husband was also told by SJA Lt, Col, Miller in February 2008 to **not listen to your wife anymore and go through your attorney". Apparently he doesn't like to be shown that he is wrong, and when I say wrong I mean it in every sense of the word. They as well and yourself and Captain Ellis felt as if the right person had been convicted of crimes against H Skovranko. You sounded surprised that the CA had already acted on my husband's case and that the SJA had sent the ROT to the other attorney, instead of the attorney of record several times. I have documents that show Deputy SJA Dawn Steinberg recognized Michael Eisenberg as the attorney of record, yet it took almost 1 month for him to receive the ROT after it had been released. You told me thai you also have a legal obligation to pursue all evidence that pertains to someone's innocence. You also said that my husband was only found guilty and convicted on the word of H Skovranko, an 8 year old child, who re-canted her story several times and NCIS Special Agent Eric Muelenberg, ! think after our conversation and my enlightening you on what you should have already known, you can agree that this was not a fair and impartial trial or investigation. The conviction of an innocent man should weigh heavily on your conscience knowing now that he is serving a 19 year sentence for a crime it is obvious he did not commit. After being apprised of these legal errors, violations of the UCMJ, deceptive practices, and perjuries, I trust you will do your legal and judicial obligations to investigate further and rectify this injustice against Sgt Edwin A. Ehlers II, USMC.


As a party to this judicial circus act, it is your duty under section 87? article 77 Principles and section 878 article 78 Accessory After the Fact, to report any and all violations of the ethical standards and violations of the UCMJ committed by NCIS, military judge Major Brian E. Kasprzyck, Captain John Ellis, Lieutenant Col. Robert Miller, RP2 Paul Skovranko, Special Agent Eric Muelenberg, Lieutenant Michael Meiocowsky and Lieutenant Gonzales, For your convenience I have enclosed the Family Advocacy/Naval hospital documents that state H Skovranko was not seen in the hospital in the month of June 2004, and that these allegations were never reported to the FAP, the PMO, or local authorities and Department of Social Services, AH other documentation referred to during our conversation is included in the case file, record of trial, and H Skovranko's medical records. If you have any questions or need more clarification on anything we discussed, please feel free to contact me at the below listed phone number, mailing address, or via e-mail.

Thank You,



CC: General James T, Conway, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps CC: Brigadier General James C. Walker, Director of the Staff Judge Advocate CC; Col. Peter B. Collins, Deputy Director of the Staff Judge Advocate CC: Attorney Michael Eisenberg CC: Edwin A. Ehlers II

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