Assistant Director for Inspections (0006) NCIS Headquarters Washington Navy Yard 716 Sicard Street, S.E. Washington, D.

C, 20388-5380

April 25,2009

Sirs; I have some questions regarding the reporting requirements of supervisors at NCIS. On December 11,2008 I spoke to Special Agent Crandall at NCIS Parris Island. I wanted some general information about the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) and their invotvemenrirr reported sexual assault cases against minors. While speaking to Special Agent Crandall, he told me that the FAP was required to be involved with all alleged sexual assault cases, both on and off base that involved military personnel and their dependants. Special Agent Crandalt asked me what this pertained to and I told him the sexual assault of H Skovranko which was reported to NCIS by her father in June 2004 after he took her to the Beaufort Naval Hospital and was denied treatment. Special Agent Crandall said that the FAP was involved, as required by the military, and they would have all the documents I would need for my husband's case. I stated that I have a document from the FAP aboard Parris Island dated January 28, 2008 that states they have no record of this alleged sexual assault, meaning they were not involved with the investigation at all. Special Agent Crandall changed his story and stated that the FAP was not available in June 2004 at Parris Island. From my understanding and my research through the Beaufort Naval Hospital, the FAP has been available in the Beaufort Naval Hospital and Parris Island MCRD for quite some time. Also per DoD 6400.1, since it's inception in the 19Sffs the FAP is required to be at all military instillations, both on and off shore. Special Agent Crandall quickly ended our call shortly there after, but not before he told me that since the case was remanded back to NOS West Camp Pendleton, Special Agent Spafford, the case manager, would be required to report the allegations to the state authorities. Special Agent Spafford has not reported this alleged crime to the state or local authorities. On January 7,20091 sent a certified letter to Special Agent Crandall which he signed for on January 10, 2009. In the letter I included the documentation from the FAP dated January 2008, and the e-mail from a FOIA request to the Beaufort Naval Hospital regarding the child's visit to the emergency room seeking treatment. The document from the Beaufort Naval Hospital shows that the father of the child, a religious program specialist did not take her to the hospital as stated in a sworn statement to NCIS and that the FAP was not notified by either the hospital (because the father was never there with the child) and NCIS did not notify them when they received the report. While conducting their investigation into the allegations, NCIS obtained a copy of the child's medical records from the Beaufort Naval Hospital and either did not bother to check for the information from the visit or simply overlooked it. Tell me, is this how investigations are conducted within NCIS?

\ look forward to your response and your point of view regarding this investigation. Obviously there were errors made, yet no one is willing to take responsibility to correct them. This information has been available to your investigators since the first report of this crime but has been ignored or overlooked since day one.




Enclosure(s) Family Advocacy Program document dated January 2008 E-mail from the POlA tothe Beaufort Naval Hospital regarding child's visit Acquisition of medical records dated June 16,2004 from NCIS Copy of letter to Special Agent Crandall, NCIS Parris Island dated January 7,2009

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