January 22, 2010

Brigadier General Frederick M. Padilla Commanding General Eastern Recruiting Region MCRD Parris Island, SC 29905

Brigadier General Padilla, My name is Angela Ehlers and I am the wife of Sgt Edwin Ehlers II, USMC who has wrongfully convicted by the United States Marine Corps. The reason I am writing to you is not because of the wrongful conviction, but the false official statement, perjury and fraud against the United States committed by a man who is stationed at Parris Island MCRD. Petty Officer Paul Skovranko, USN, told NCIS on June 3, 2004 that he took his daughter H to the Beaufort Naval Hospital on the night of June 2, 2004 for alleging she had been sexually assaulted. Petty Officer Skovranko stated that he found about the allegations his daughter made in the early afternoon of June 2, 2004 while at work. He then, according to his statement, told his CO Chaplain Gibson about the allegations who told him to go to the hospital. Chaplain Gibson, being a VA would have been required to report the allegations of sexual assault as described by Petty Officer Skovranko immediately to the PMO. CHAPLAIN GIBSON DID NOT REPORT THIS TO THE PMO AS REQUIRED BY DOD DIRECTIVE 6400.1 AND SECNAVINST 1752.4 (SERIES). Petty Officer Skovranko stated he went home, questioned his daughter and several hours later, took her to the Beaufort Naval Hospital. Petty Officer Skovranko stated he spoke to the Senior Master at Arms on Duty 2nd class Dickerson or Dickson, Officer of the Day Lt Haywood or Haymoore, along with security and several staff members and had advised them about what his daughter told him before signing into the emergency room. Petty Officer Skovranko stated that the staff members denied his daughter treatment and told him to go to Savannah, GA for treatment but then a staff member by the name of Debra signed him into the emergency room and escorted Petty Officer Skovranko and his daughter to an exam room. In his sworn statement to NCIS, Petty Officer Skovranko stated that his daughter's vitals were taken, but after waiting there for several hours, K telling him that my husband, Edwin Ehlers did not do anything to her and not being seen by a doctor, he signed her out of the emergency room and took her home. THERE IS NO RECORD AT THE BEAUFORT NAVAL HOSPITAL THAT PETTY OFFICER SKOVRANKO EVER TOOK HIS DAUGHTER THERE IS THE MONTH OF JUNE 20O4. On December 20, 2007 I contacted Lt Col Porter who, at the time was head of the SAVI program at the Beaufort Naval Hospital. Lt Col Porter stated that the naval hospital has SAFE kits for rape/sexual assault victims and that a doctor from the ped's department is


on call 24/7, Lt Col Porter stated that if the father of this alleged victim had brought his daughter to the naval hospital he WOULD NOT have been allowed to leave before proper protocol was followed (contacting a VA, the PMO, NCIS, etc.). When children are involved the parents have no choice in restricted/unrestricted reporting ifs mandatory for the report of the sexual assault of a child and if, as Petty Officer Skovranko stated to NCIS in his sworn statement, this crime went unreported and no assistance was offered, the Beaufort Naval Hospital would be liable. Lt Col Porter stated that if no doctor was available the child and parent would have been escorted by military police to the Beaufort Memorial Hospital. Petty Officer Skovranko stated that he took his daughter home, and approximately 2 hours later, after ordering dinner and calling friends and family, he contacted the PMO proactively. The next day is when Petty Officer Skovranko and his wife gave their sworn statements to NCIS. NCIS failed to verify any of the above information; they took Petty Officer Skovranko at his word. Petty Officer also reiterated these same statements at Edwin's court martial, there by committing perjury, fraud against the United States, and providing a false official statement to NCIS during an investigation. I look forward to your correspondence as to the actions taken against Chaplain Gibson, for his failure to report these allegations and Petty officer Skovranko for his falsified report to NCIS and perjury in a military court of law that followed.




Petty Officer Paul Skovranko sworn statement to NCIS dtd 6/4/04 Petty Officer Paul Skovranko sworn statements at GCM dtd 8/20/07 E-mail from LT Adam Burch, Beaufort Naval Hospital dtd 2/20/08 NCIS Acquisition of Medical Records from Beaufort Naval Hospital dtd 6/16/04 Family Advocacy Program document dtd 1/28/08

Michael Eisenberg, Esq. 3ayme Evans, Journalist Edwin Ehlers II Certified Mail; 70082810000226966931

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