January 1, 2009

Special Agent Art Spafford Marine Corps West Field Office Bldg. 1224 Box 555238 Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5238

Special Agent Spafford,

My name is Angela Ehlers and I am contacting you regarding the case that you and Special Agent Eric Muelenberg investigated where a child, H Skovrankc, alleged that my husband Edwin Ehlers had sexually assaulted her, 1 have been reviewing the case file, NC1S documents, and the record of trial and have a few questions that I am hoping you are abie to answer for me since you were the case manager of this particular case once it reached NCIS Camp Pendleton. First, I'd like to ask where I might obtain a copy of Edwin's polygraph administered by Special Agent Mueienberg? I could not find a copy in the case fiie, where I had assumed it would be considering that alt documents relating to the case itself should have ended up. The only documents included are submissions from Special Agent Muelenberg and his OPINION as to my husband's deception during the interrogation and polygraph examination. I was also surprised that NCIS did not have the polygraph quality checked nor did you record the interrogation and exam itself, is this not a necessary procedure to help ensure quality control? How am I to be sure that the exam actually took place at all since there is no supporting documentation except for Special Agent Muelenberg's opinion as to fact. 1 understand that NCIS and you may not want to believe that one of your agents was being less-than-honest when he wrote his report, but the fact remains that the information is not available and has since "disappeared" if it ever existed at all. My next question is about an NCIS document dated August 1,2006. 1 have read and re-read this document because it clearly states: "A review of s/Ehlers SRB was unremarkable. Criminal history inquiries were likewise unremarkable. When interrogated, s/Ehlers denied wrongdoing. S/Ehlers subsequently submitted to a polygraph examination, at the conclusion of which, it was the OPINION of

the examiner that s/Ehlers had been deceptive to the relevant questions. Purina a subsequent interrogation, s/Ehfers made tactic admissions; however continued to deny wrongdoing as alleged by v/Skovranko." How was Special Agent Muelenberg able to obtain a confession (which he stated in his own documents) when this Report of Investigation states that Edwin continued to deny wrongdoing? It is very convenient that Special Agent Muelenberg said under oath at trial that Edwin gave a confession. When questioned by the defense as to his truthfulness and ability to tel! the truth, Speciai Agent Muelenberg lied yet again and said that he did not believe a tape or recording of the alleged confession wouid be more credible than his word. This document, YOUR document proves he lied and fabricated the whole alleged confession. May I also ask why, if in April 2005 when you and Special Agent Laura Merz questioned Edwin, were there two of you instead of just one? It would be more creditable having a witness to the alleged confession instead of relying solely on Special Agent MueJenberg's word, where there is documented proof that he had lied. I understand that this "investigation" started at Parris Island, and the earlier violations of protocol and reporting requirements-he, reporting to the Family Advocacy Program (which also happens to be DoD Directive 6400.1), checking to actually see if the father had taken his child to the Beaufort Naval Hospital to be treated and was then turned away (he never took his child to the hospital in the month of June 2004), and that the child, on video to NGS, states that there were two other witnesses to this alleged crime but they were never questioned-those oversights do not involve you. But are you not supposed to double check the information and fill in the blanks of the investigation? Did you report this to the local authorities? You are required to work with the local authorities when the case involves a child as it is unrestricted reporting. The State of California has strict reporting requirements when a sexual assault of a minor is suspected or has allegedly occurred. Penal Code (P.C.) Sections 11164 -11174.3 states: "Child abuse must be reported when a mandated reporter, "in his or her professional capacity or within the scope of his or her employment, has knowledge of or observes a child whom the mandated reporter knows or reasonably suspects has been the victim of child abuse or neglect." {P.C 11166 (a)}. You must make a report immediately (or as soon as practicably possible) by telephone and you mast prepare and send, fax or electronically transmit a written report within 36 hours of receiving the information regarding the incident. {P.C. 11166 {a)) The report must be made to any police department or sheriffs department, county probation department, if designated by the county to receive mandated reports, or county welfare department. {P.C 1116S.9) If a mandated reporter conceals his or her failure to report abuse or "severe" neglect, the failure to report is a continuing gffense until the failure is discovered by an agency

specified in Section 11165.9. (P.C 11166 (c)) Because it is a continuing offense, the statute of limitations does not start to run until the failure to report is discovered." } am sure, being that Camp Pendleton is in the State of California, you not only have to follow federal law, but also the applicable state laws with regards to reporting child abuse/sexual assault. Special Agent Crandali advised me on December 11, 2008 that Parris island NCIS is not required to report this incident to the local authorities in Beaufort, SC as it was remanded back to you at NCIS West. He plainly told me that Camp Pendleton is required to report this within the State of California since that is where the alleged incident took place when the child and her family resided on the military base, i do not expect you to do anything about the information i have provided. 1 gave the assistant trial counsel Major Clay Piummer the same information in April 2008 after speaking to him over the telephone and he has yet to do anything either. It may be in your best interest to verify the information ! have provided as I intend to include this in my complaint to NCIS Headquarters Lega! Division and forward to the press. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or if I can be of otherwise assistance of correcting these oversights committed by NCIS.




CC: Michael Eisenberg CC: Edwin Ehlers CC: NCIS Headquarters Legal Division

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