24/03/83 -- AWAKENING THE GURU PRINCIPLE -- Lodge Hill -- England 24.7.


GURU PUJA 24-7-83


Today we all have gathered here to do the Guru Puja. Your Guru is a Mother firs t, and then a Guru; And that has given me a greater help.

We have had before also many Guru Pujas, mostly in England, and you should wonde r why Mother always somehow is doing Guru Puja in London.

The time fails in such a way that it is in Guru Puja, I'm here. During that tim e, I have to be in London. So many years you have been doing Guru Puja in Engla nd. All things happen if according to Ritambhara Pragnya, then there must be so me reason why Mother is here, in England for a Guru Puja.

it is stated in the Puranas that the Adi Guru Dattatreya worshipped Mother along the banks of the River Tamasa. Tamasa is the same as your Thames. And He hims elf came and worshipped here. And the Druids, those who had the manifestation o f the Stonehenge and all that, are originated from that time, in this great coun try of Shiva, or the Spirit.

So the Spirit resides here, as in the heart of human beings, and the Sahasrara i s in the Himalayas, where Sadashiva exists at the Kailasha. This is the great s ecret of we having so many Guru Pujas here. To culminate it today into this spe cial type of Guru Puja, in the year of the 60th Birthday of your Mother, which h as a special, very very special significance, because is the Guru Sashthi, is th e sixty years of your Guru has been celebrated today; and that's how it's a very big occasion that you all have gathered under the influence of again Ritambhara Pragnya. So all that has happened, has happened by the Nature's own gift to you, and ever ything has worked out so well because that was the Desire of the Divine, and the Design of the Divine. So the River Thames, which we call Her as Thames, you see, English have a method of making everything English. Like Bombay they made it... Mumbai was Bombay, y ou see, like Calcutta, like all other words like that; like Varanasi was made in to Benaras; River Thames which was really 'Tamasa' was called as 'Thames'. Now

beca use if I had said this. Even Hitler succeeded because of that nature. he'll be asked to sit outside. Normally a Guru doesn't-a good Guru. and meditated. So people were very worshipful. And Dattatreya lived here. you could be at the gate-way door or someplace from where you can go. he is given the highest position. so far. so there is no disturbances. They are . emotional type. After the speech you can bring them along. the reason is. But as I read in one of the books-is very good. religiously. At the time of Moses it was worked out. Now if you see today the condition of all the Nations.from the name Tamasa one should know that is a place of Tamo Guna. Again. we have got a Guru Princ iple within ourselves as I told you last time. and very dry-and normally people like such people . or they don't like to talk to pe ople who are not realized. on the banks of river Thames. We have to go to the roots of everything so that we understand the importance of it. Those who are quiet is alright. which are describing the different type s of essences within us. they throw stones. as long as he's a realized soul and not possessed. and all that. So the character of a Guru. and also I've given elaborately. very dominating. But if you're possessed. left-sided people. those w ho are having leaders or prime-ministers or presidents. but those who are making noises better to go. as they are. people would not have believed-that it had to be changed . since long. the intensity of any Puja. then also the Guru will tell him that you get out from here. first get rid of your po . then these Gurus change th eir attitude towards the people who want to see them.only' alright if there's a fear. you can put them r ight. to very 'strict' rules. And as I've told you before. It has nothing to do with what position you enjoy. Is a place w here left-sided resided. Sat Guru-he doesn't like to talk to people much. It's better to t ake them out. he must have changed them. There's a tremendous diff erence between a person who is a realized and non-realized in the protocol of Go d. The essence of Guru Puja has to be awakened within us. that's why Guru Puja he re has to give us the great background for your awakening of the Guru principle. because with human beings. If you have a stick in your hand. But if they are realized. If they are going to ma ke noises better to be out or near the door. one has to be extremely strict. so that if they make noises you can get out. Today we have ga thered here to do the Guru Puja. ( I think during the speech the children should not be here. and they wors hipped God more than that they went into Yagnyas. Unless and until you know the roots and the traditions behind. Now it is 'important' that we have to establish the 'Dharma' within us. they are all people extr emely strict. During the Puja is alright. that the c leanliness of your being depends on how much Dharma you follow. Without the Dharma you cannot have the ascent. Without that stick human beings won't listen. But when Moses must have discovered the way human beings are. ten commandments as expressed within us. and all the rules and regulations were c reated for realized souls. has been of a very strict nature for people who are not realized. that's how we are having this programme here. you can not understand the depth. The man may be the king or anything. the gravity.) So the laws and regulations that were given to human beings were actually for th e realized souls who would understand. They can't und erstand anything but fear.

How much to say.-not that t he disciples should force on him. It was a great realization of Moses I think. It doesn't behove a Guru to put his attention to food. Just don't eat the food that you want to eat. They can be cooks. who are very fond of comfort.ssession and then come. I mean fasting is a good thing for such people. It's a sad thing. because people who are now normal people 'really deserve' such a rule. you should speak But I have seen. cutting t he feet. So a Guru has to go through a penance is an important thing. Comfort can not fall on a Guru. Unless and until you are 'strict' with yourself the Guru will not be awakened within you. Now those who want your Guru principle to he awakened. that such and such person must be killed. supposing you are very fond of food. But a 'Guru Sahaja Yogi' has to do it You have to have penances. even. 'Intensive' tapasya you have to do. they are alright when the food is there. You can not learn even a thing like d ancing without going into a 'penance' about it. They can be good administrators. and the penances can be : Any kind of desire you have. And all these strict rules were there. 'Eve n' for a thing like that. with some people they . 'must know that you should not ask for comfort'.even' absolutely destroying the eyes ! This was done because they were not realized souls. but it should be his own 'nature. If you are very fond o f sweet food.' that he can adjust himself. But if they have to be Gurus they must learn to control their tongue and their desire. People who are lazy lumps. I have seen some of the Sahaja Yogis. And if you are fond of some sort of a very-as Indians are sometimes. yesterday you saw the dancing. will be awakened if you are strict with yourself. Sahaja Yogi need n ot go. But when it comes to explaining Sahaja Yoga. but it should not be so fanatical that you can not discriminate between a realized sou l and a non-realized soul. who can n ot sacrifice anything. A Guru should be willing to live the way he has to live. can 'never' be Gurus. one has to do real tapa sya. He must know what to say. quite concentrated. then eat something very bitter raised to power hundred and eight. In a way it's good I thin k. He should be able to s leep on stones. b ut when it comes to the programme they have no concentration. That 's one point is very important. good cooks. or something like that will suit them better. neither they can be Gurus. . when. So please be careful. he should be able to sleep under 'any' circumstances. or could be food tasters. He must know when to get angry and when to be gentle. The Guru must have control over the tongue. the Guru within you.then eat so bland a food without salt. Now. That's why many Gurus have been more effective by not speaking. Such people can not be Gurus. such and such person must be given a punishment of cutting the hands. Teach your tongue to behave itse lf. they can be anything. but never a Guru. All the time if they are worried "What are we going to have for lunch ? What are we going to have for di nner ?" Such people can not have their Guru Principle awakened. say. Take it from me. Silence is the 'best' way you can help others. that he took to the another kind of law which is known as "Sha riat" now -and that's what the Muslims are following. very spicy food . fasting is very good.

Like saying that I will have no worry about food. is automatic. It all ends up when "you eat. you have to give it to 'others'. "Oh I should not have done that"-left Vishudhi perhaps ! So he w ent down and said. Have to e at a 'very' higher level If you're attached to money. " Where did I sleep ? I don't know.how to do it. Nothing is important. ultimately. this." "Oh. in a state where you go 'beyond. the one -. I've said so and I should not have said it. I d p i b f Now the 'higher' state than that can be achieved which is naturally in Me.Sahaja Yoga. as they call. right. how to break the Sahasrara.-"he's a Guru". that. And whatev er you do. everythi ng in the last village I've left there alone. But when the Guru rinciple comes in. How to raise the Kundalini. That's the state one should have. I sh ould fast. And when He went to the next village the fel low felt that. you cannot give. But when it comes to Sah aja Yoga. and if you're asked. in 'everything'." That is the Ateeta state. "Nothing is important. This carpet is not important. or y ou say. 'now." First you have to do that. Alrig ht you give him a left. but don't eat". you are doing it because it is to be done. so it happened. so forgive me.' by many Saha ja Yogis. This kind of a state is called Ateeta ( ) state where you go beyond. I should try to sleep on the cement. Guru principle is awakened in a person when he himself has achieved something. So you have to be master of your own." He said." Will you have your lunch ? "/ don't know". But after sometime it happens that you don't remember whe ther you slept on the cement of on a cot. Did I ?" Like Bud dha once said something in one village and there was an horrible fellow who got up and said lots of things to Him. Did you get angry with that person ? "I don't know. And that state is to be achieved. I didn't know. if you are attached to ood. but c an be achieved: is that you don't have to have any dependence like that. that an y rules and regulations. right. So even not to feel it is not importan . 'charismatic' they call it. So you have to be the mast er of '.' Did y ou have your lunch ? "/ don't know. 'how to spend Your knowledge' is 'Viniyoga in Sanskrit. It's a question of giving t to others. and then-you're smiling next moment. that you have eaten the food. magine a half-baked Guru going along talking. How to put it at t he Sahasrara. "Oh nothing is impor tant. is a avirbhava '. "in the last village. they don't know anything about Sahaja Yoga.are very eloquent when it comes to nonsensical things. Hell end up as a isciple. What did you eat? What will you have? "/don't know". nicely. left. it is kind of a drama you have to put in." you see. 'And' the Karamat i s the-1 don't know if you use Charismatic word.' "I'm sorry Sir." That is the Ateeta state you have to get. All these things you must know. if you're attached to mundane things of life. I don't remember.' Say there is somebody who is before you with whom you have to get angry . So you have to be at a 'higher level' to give to others. without paying any attenti on to it. Where did you sleep ? "/ d on't know". if you have to be a Guru. Not only in talking but in your behaviour. "When ? When did you say ?" He said. You are the enlightened one. But this is before becoming Atee ta : you have to tell yourself. Absolutely indifferent to the problems of the body.

These car pets were created by Turkish people some time back for an Incarnation to sit. It was all done for the Incar nation to see. But it is not rational or an ything that they have trained themselves. so automatically I'm your Mother. A person who is not an Incarnation should not try to be. Is jus tified in our day to day life. These identifications when they drop out. And five elements became His Queens. Everything is the other way round. and He is a Brahmachari . all these wordly things are just a drama. not for popes. al I his life. Because He is Yogeshwara. there's an enemy on you. who can marry Him ? So for them. have created-now we have a carpet here from Turkey. that has to be. and so He married. say. that's the highest that you have to reach. Now with the Incarnations is very different. 'everything. They are absolute ly immaculate. you can slay h im. You are surprised. But it is automatically like that. has 'no meaning at Is just a drama. Nothing is important. you follow it. Because they are beyo nd'. 'every' movement of an Incarnation has a ripple in it. is the other way round. Can you imagine ! In thos e days of monogamy He would be prosecuted hundred times. 's not the right of a human being. There's ' nothing'. you don't know you are "raising' the Kundalini actually. Because for a higher goal you have to give up these smaller goals. Diplomatically You can befool him. or do some drama or anything.t. He's the enjoyer of everything. which is for the good. but He was never married. He doesn't have to weigh things. S o the Ritambhara Pragnya will bring it round in such a way that at least I see i t. If they kill somebody. Wh en the vibrations are flowing. The reason was : He ha s sixteen thousand powers and He was to be born with those sixteen thousand powe rs on this earth. If they deceive someone. So that 'their' souls will be blessed. And if you can manage that. How do you r aise it? You don't know. completely. Is not bothered about smaller goals at all . they don't have to tell themselves. I can tell you. Already it has sta rted working in you. then you are doing thi ngs in Akarma state where like Sun is shining He doesn't know it is shining. every moment. is established-but for Him there wa s no way out but to marry his sixteen thousand powers. Many people. you raise the hands and the Kundalini i s rising. The y dont have to collect Punyas either. That if he and s . Like a policeman standing on the road.'-that you go beyond. Whatever they do is the Punya. 'Nothing' they do wrong. It's 'all' done. And not for all the rubbish people who go there. it's perfectly alri ght. not even a movement is such which is not for the good of the world. That state has already started-Ateeta -in you. so that they feel nice. Is allowed. He had to do some justi fication to have them around. -and as I have now Sahaja Yogis whom I've given Re alization. But for an Inca rnation it is always the higher goal. He was a bachelor out and out. you'll sea. Even the movement. Now for example the Incarnation is the "Bhogata. puts his hands right. it is the Dharma. Neither Blake did all that work for the us eless people who went to go and see nude artists. all. they cheat someone. or I have it. You can cheat him. that when you are defending your coun try. Why ? Because for a higher goal you have to give up the smaller goal. rationalise. he'll be arrested. if you have to defend your country. ?Thats the way they are blessed the most. but get it established in 'every' walk of life. it is Dharma. Nothing touches them. L ike Shri Krishna had to marry sixteen thousand women. but you ask some mad man to go tand there. you don't know it is flowing. S o the Incarnation is a very different thing that is not to be achieved. Like Michael Angelo has made that. That's it. they don't have to starve. left. or to train himself. If t hey hit somebody." is the enjoyer. They don't have to do any tapasya.

Do no t take it for granted. But if there's a vacuum. who has cheated others will lose his tongue. So t o take out that vacuum is your job. Now how to develop yourself for Guru principle. Those who have been pos sessed will be shaking very much. is full of light. Yeste rday as I told you that when we do Dhyana. The Ateeta state is such that a person who is not a good man will tremble before you. and 'nobody' else's feet mus t be touched. To become the Sat Guru. then you have reached a point you can become a Guru. "Oh God"! So I told the driver to . how it is to be cleansed. it is enlightened. and the maid servant just walked in. A man w ho has adulterous eyes. you see and there was a big gutter flowing. That's a different point. you must touch his feet. I said.So for normal people. Once that is achi eved. first of all you must develop 'your self' fully. you shouldn't allow them to touch you r feet. such a person w ill have shaking in his eyes. 'Everyday ' you must know which chakra to be cleared out. But that's symbolic. They will themselves be exp osed and you don't have to do anything about it. as far as the women are concerned or men are concerned. A man who is a liar." I went to the airport. When you achieve that you don't have to fight them. Only an Incarnation's feet must be touched. But not as a Guru. You must know about yourself wh ere is the problem. and achieve the blessings of the Ritambhara Pragnya then put that whole thing on to different ar eas. Even to take his name you have to pull your ears. you must achieve the state of Ateeta. As an elder you may. Many people who have got say left-sided problems you wil l just bring them lemon and chillies. they are just gone out of Sahaja Yoga. Also if t here's a teacher in any art or in any way your master. and we should deve lop these all ten principles in such a way that we stand out from others. Specially the Sahaja Yogis should not. who is a very possesse d person in the family. They will all be exposed before the light of a Sat Guru. Some of them will shake. who is a man with no control. Nobody should ask anyone to touch your feet. on m y way I stopped at that house. Cleanse it through mantras. We have got the ten principles within you. Dharana and Samadhi. Cleanse it through your attention. as / told you before. is the nations they are c alled as. And tr y to put full attention to all these different Deshas. one must see. But still you are no t a Sat Guru. How you spend them is the point-is through mant ras. that's why. called as Desha or Bhoomi. Of course in Samayachar like us we have in India the custom to tou ch the feet of the father . Once you start it you know what it happens with so m any. So to develop the Guru principle within you. without any control over h is mind. even you are a Guru. again you'll suck in . how we have to clear it out. One day I was told that there is a servant. These vacuums within you feel hungry again. And once you have cleared it. th en you call it Pradesh. But 'nobody' who is a human being should make touch your feet. That's the most important thing for all of you. and think that Mother has done the job. and for that you have to 'religiously' get o ut of all your defects. So I said "Get rid of her. but because the father is a representative of the Fa ther in you. I can only do the job temporarily. But in reality yo u are not to surrender yourself to anybody else but to an Incarnation. Is a very dangerous thing. lady servant. -1 mean not a gutter but a open sort of a thingand she saw me and she fell in that. means the Desha has been enlightened. You see. or the mother. to have some more.

how? why? this. you have to behave in a way which is very gentle. or there could be tome ego-oriented people. the discretion of Yogeshwara you should have. come along. what's happening? Is there a fire on ? So many things can happen like that. in a war and we were going to a ship had to first jump. then they'll find you out that you a re no good! you are just a dramatist. they are alright.M. you've solved the sixteen problems of the Vishuddhi. Dress up in a way which is simple. and all their bhoots come roun d. that drama is done. What is there to . And one has to see what you can sacrifice in that Ateeta state. you can understand that the ten of your problems. because at the Guru stage yo u have to give it on a collective level. Once that drama has been done. Firs t use all your sweet qualities. advertising department ! And once it is done. a t the Void. An d once sixteen problems are crossed. But the key to Guru is 'patience'. Everything is already sacrificed. I'll soothe it down". once you start becoming a Guru So 'all' these methods which I explained other day to Modi. once solved. "Come along. you this. First we have to do the drama o f a Guru. It may be they may all . You soothe it down. So a Sahaja Yogi asked. and then. you can also. and then tell them. or they may come back with a punched nose. then very cleverly you can bring out your . First you tell them that this should be such. "Are you from T. sometimes too much of ego. Even in big banquets I find when I'm sitting there and suddenly everybody comes and sit down. Alright go ahead. The more they are difficult the more I'm gentle with them. and the platform e fellow didn't know what to do. they'll melt down. Even if y ou lift your eye. Never. So is the wisdom. So first you don't show them that you are a real hard task master. That's how it has to be done. they are so upset. the y'll argue. come along". then you say "Alright.a day may come when they might start jumping like that. First prepare them. There was a gentleman very much possessed and there was a little platform on which we started moving like this. But they will not accept. a 'complete patienc e'. Individual level finishes and you jump into collective. You enter into any church and suddenly you find all the lights going up like that. 'very cleverly. and th see ! He didn't understand why it was doing So. Grad ually they'll strengthen themselves also in your company. Then they come inside. you come to Agnya. It happens ! I was travelling by plane one day. like that. complete patienc e. Then they']] come back wit h a black eye. is await ing. So be gentle. First of all sometimes they are so frightened. because you have to attract them. real Self before them. without feeling the sacrifice.take the car a little ahead.--that's advertising. Why I say Yogeshwara. then you put to the mill and you can cure th em. it can be exposed very soon. when you reach that state you don't have to argue or do anything. they ar e so nervous. because yo u don't sacrifice anything. How to deal wit h people is very important. "We know". they start jumping and then people start looking. that. there's such a 'tremendous' sacrifice. even if you hit them. So I sat back.?" He said how do you know ? He sai d. or a pilot might start jumping 1 It's a big prob lem for me ! Even the lights. And at the Agnya Chakra . And if you see the way I manage M y Gurudom. it happens that the person gets into problems. and a gentleman in front started just jumping . And she fell in. and 'complete dependence' on God Almighty. That's the key.

And no mo re celebrations of my Birthday. clear them out. And you cannot have ordinary mundane types of rules and regulations. But no more of this kind of planning sh ould be done anymore for the 60th Birthday which is over now. and after the est ablishment of the pradeshas. and I've told you the reason-because you are such fortunate people. Put all your at tention to that. in your he art that Mother. This is th e blessing of Guru Puja for you. to promise me. The easiest of easiest is Sahaja Yoga. after th is no more celebrations of my '60th' Birthday! Well now you have already thought of giving me some present from all Europeans on the '60th' Birthday. you have to establish the 'rapport' with others on the collective level. So the protocol of the Guru and the Mother is to be understood in Sahaja Yoga mo stly by experiencing. So first of all you must get your chakras alright. Cleanse them. Just you have to dedicate and say today in your heart. So much so that you should manifest them. The Niyamas are for yourself. Nothing. like Yama and Niyama. they work out themselves. of the Deity whom you worship. not only we'll try. Put the attention of the God.sacrifice ? And such a state should be achieved by realising that you are realized souls. I've seen people who have very bad few chakras. a nd you'll get the complete manifestation of their power within yourself. And that is why you should take f ull advantage of that easiest method made easy. cleanse them. and all these t ruths have powers. But that doesn't mean that you go out of the way to exper . Then a state when you become a complete Spirit at Agnya Ch akra. This is the last. know what are the chakras that are bad. I've accepted whatever you said because of 60th Birthday is very auspicious. There should be absol ute truth within you. and thrice you should say-w e will be. It's easiest in Sahaja Yoga. all the pradeshas to be established. That you all should become Gurus by next year. and many good chakras. Pay attention to your bad chakras. First of all I want to tell you that now I've completed my 60th year. Please remember that. I've accepted. by every truth that is within you established. but they will be only enjoying the good chakras and will not worry about the bad ones. I'm telling you v ery frankly. but we will be. for you. The essence of Sahaja. I hope it's clear to you. you don't have to do anything. yo u are not ordinary people. So clear all the chakras. On the chakras you must put your attention. we will be. absolutely. Yoga that is the easiest thing to do. Alright? So nobody is going to celebrate my 60th Birthday anymore . Yamas for others. After the Samadhi state You will start opening them out properl y.

doesn't matter. And once you know the protocol . How is it that Mother has said that we are going tomorrow. it's not good. Li ke Nick. everything is for your betterment. By experiencing only you . Wh atever you have to say you put it on the notice board may be with my signature.ience the other side Of it. And then they break their necks and come to me for curing. for 'general'. They would n't listen. I told them they are going tomorrow--and the ladies said no we are going today. whatever She says let's obey and see". or if you want to have your own experience you can have. By being protocolish more and more you'll find youll receive much more help. but in the beginning only you'll say "No we'll not do this and that". So that's the essence of Sahaj a Yoga -the simplest of the simple is the protocol This is the point is that to grow best in Sahaja Yoga is to know the protocol. nothing go es to Her. and thats how if you can ask others. . Mother has said it. So the protocol is the simplest of simple to do. So that should not happen. There's one thing is important. Nobody is to quote me to others. if it is meant. saying all kinds of things. is only your surrendering yourself by leaving all that is not wanted. "Let's see experiment what h appens". you'll be very Much helped you'll be surprised you'll be very much helped. w hich you can ask others. at least that much discretion. with experienced people you can ask. beautifying process which one should take. what is the protocol? And put your attention to it how can you improve your protocol? What should we do to observe protocol ? What wrong are we doin g ? Where are we going wrong ? Because the essence of Sahaja Yoga today is the p rotocol. everybody must do it'. It's a 'very. "no we are going today. It's a big problem that they always quote me. There were two ladies who wan ted to go to Belgium . But some people try the other way round l ike answering me. then it 's alright. He said that Mother has said that you are going tomorrow so you go tomorrow whatever it is. back. and a special Grace if you understand the essence of protocol. Because it is for all. take their advice. those people who are rising higher tha n normal. discretion we all should have. . that "if She has said it.. I said what happened ? When I say s omething to a particular person they just circulate it because they think. better. whatever I say you should do it for particular. which should be the simplest." But he said it. you better f ast. They said. 'why should I fast alone. hell tell you that. And t ry. and for particular. so a thin man comes next day fainting. So he sent them to the airport--and they found they had to go next day ! So that is how it is that the protocol should be that "Yes. Experience should be for betterment. where you start understanding that nothing is t o be surrendered to Mother as such because She doesn't take anything. it may go wrong it doesn't matter. will know . Should be the simplest thing to do. one day l told him . So I'm taking you to that point." But some people are so funny that they start using me as a quotatio n: -"Mother has said everybody must fast." I told somebody that go.

by coming to Sahaja Yoga. it improves.You all have come up so much and you have to go very much further. So you cross the fourteenth w hen you get your realisation. And the sixteenth is the c omplete. Nirananda. But through a realised soul whatever comes is real auspiciousness. 'Just joy'. Auspiciousness and Superstition Shri Mataji : "Auspiciousness is only known after you have got realisation. Even the astrology and all t hat. Is the first installation of the matter -is Ganesha's. It is beyond. So the moon is never complete till it reaches six teenth . these phases also give you the blessings of the moon. I'm sure you will go ahead and will become great Gurus. just think of it ! Then the first phase and the second phase is the time when the matter is created . So. and after that it expa nds and that's why whatever one does according to the Lunar system. Superstition comes by people who are not realised but only want to fr ighten people. So naturally it has a e ffect of that. as you have promised today. Seven into 2 is 1 4 phases. 15 is the Spirit. So. and 16 is God. Isn't it ? In this country of ours. and that's why it is called that Shri Krishna is complete because He has 1 6 phases. Nira is my name you know. it does not improve. So "the truth is auspiciousness.-that's right side . that is superstition. Material gain. It remains the same. is above. you get a big profit. Which is a phase which is n ot achieved by human beings . you get auspiciousness as a blessing in all th e phases. one does it from the Spiritual point of view. When the vibrations are the maximum tha t is the most auspicious time to do anything. how all the obstructions are cleared out. which is only absolute state when it never changes. And these left sided blessi ngs are through auspiciousness. And there are 14 types of joys which you get out of these-just now I need not te ll you all the names. (India) we have had so many realised souls as you know. has been written by people who are realised souls. And then this joy ex pands. How fast the growth has come. my short form is Nira. its a complete phase. when you really become just the Witness. Is not i s your hands. befo re that you do not know auspiciousness. that whatever they said people obeyed and agreed. Auspiciousness is not in your hands. One is the positive side is that you get auspiciousness. Is the positive side. But you can say that ultimately you get a joy which is ca lled as Niranand. All the chakras have 2 phases-left and right. Now th e blessings of the moon are left sided as you know. by next year. Through only vibrations you can k now what is auspiciousness. then at the sixteenth point it is the complete phase. The joy is so much that it is 'completely joy' and nothing else." And auspiciousness is also und erstood more by people who live in country of atmosphere which is filled with vi brations. you are moving betwe en 12 & 14. Shri Ganesha's power-innocence. Alright ?" Phases of the Moon "There are fifteen phases as you know and the sixteenth is complete. Till that joy. I mean you do not get any consumer surplus ! Like you get from the sunlight : that supposing you buy something at this time a nd sell at another time. That is what you get at Sahasrara. Purest form of joy. Like that you can see in every chakra. So fifteen phases are the 1 5 steps of consciousness on which human beings really live. And so all the obstru ctions at that time are covered. its unsermountable. When it is the sixteenth phase. As the left side is the moon.

But I think you have understood. one day I will give you a very big lecture on that. So. at the decreasing times its not auspicious. its on the increasing side.d. that's why all the Spiritual things are to be d one according to the moon. Because that represents the Spirit ! The more reflection of the Spirit comes in. But you get Spiritual gains. But why ? it is when the moon is increa sing then there is auspiciousness -more. There's no " Why" for auspiciousness-it does not have. So ther e is Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Why there is light coming out of gascan you explain ? Because it is fight. Do you follow now ? Its a very big question." ." Why do we have a light phase and dark phase ? "Shukla Paksha is the time when the moon is increasing and Krishna Paksha is whe n its decreasing. Then it is not auspicious. When it is decreasing we can say it is on decline.