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Project Adviser: Sprint Legends: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Reference No. RD RD01 RD02 RD02 RD03 RD04 RD05 RD06 RD07 ADM ADM01 ADM02 ADM03 ADM04 PERM

Corporate Network for Disaster Response Emergency Response System Ong, Wilmer Robleza, Carlo Sigua, Luke Valencerina, Iris Uy, Ben March 5(Monday) - March 16(Friday) March 12(Monday) - March 24(Friday) April 2(Monday) - April 13(Friday) *HOLY WEEK & FINALS WEEK April 16(Monday) - April 27(Friday) April 30(Monday) - May 12(Friday) May 14(Monday) - May 26(Friday) May 28(Monday) - June 8(Friday) June 11(Monday) - June 23(Friday) June 11(Monday) - June 22(Friday) June 25(Monday) - July 6(Friday) July 9 (Monday) - July 20(Friday) July 23(Monday) - August 3(Friday) August 6(Monday) - August 17(Friday) Requirement Site Redesign Home page has been redesigned About Us page has been redesigned Community of Practice page has been redesigned Programs and Services page has been redesigned Document Library page has been redesigned Emergency Response page has been redesigned Online Membership page has been redesigned Respond to Appeals page layout has been designed Administrator Privileges (The administrator…) Can approve membership requests Can create new profiles for new members Can delete members and obsolete information as necessary Can update information of members as necessary Permission Levels Permission Levels for all pages and features are set

This release plan is still subject to change. However, we hope this will give you an overview of our project and how we envision to work on it.

Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint 4 Sprint 5 Sprint 6 Sprint 7 Sprint 8 Sprint 9 Sprint 10 Sprint 11 Sprint 12 Sprint 13 x x x x x x x x x x x x

Comments We decided to do all the redesigning of the user interface in the first sprint. This would provide us a clear starting point, and the very base of our system development. We also believe that we can accomplish this in one week since it's not that tedious to do, compared to the other modules.

We will jumpstart our first summer sprint by taking care of the administrator's privilege regarding adding, deleting, and updating site users.

PERM01 REV REV01 REV02 REV03 REV04 REV05 FE FE01 FE02 FE03 FE04 FE05 FE06 Revision of Silverlight Modules - Emergency Response System (Convert to ASP) The administrator and secretariat members can create situation reports The administrator and secretariat members can post events and announcements All members can view situation reports, events and announcements All members can view summaries of emergency response actions Bing Maps are revised to have color-coded pins for each disaster type Additional Features Members can donate money through the system with Paypal Members can donate in kind through the system The administrator can approve donation appeals through the Respond to Appeals module Social Network links are available in the site Members can sign up for membership, prior to the approval of the administrator Members can search the site's content x x x x x


Permission levels should be set once all pages are already operational. Therefore, this task is reserved for the second to the last sprint.

x x x x x

The revision of the Silverlight modules is the most important and tedious task in our project, so it would be best to work on this when we have more time. Therefore, we scheduled it during the summer break until first term.

We decided to work on the search module on the second to the last sprint, since it would be the point when the site's contents are almost complete. We will work on the online membership module along with the administrator user CRUD privileges since they are closely related.

x The last sprint will be reserved for final revisions, testing, and cleanup.

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