EDTC6139 Final Assignment

Format and Source URL for online Resources or link to vendor's website describing the resource North Carolina Standard Course of Study and justification for use with your school or classroom Description of Content, Instructional Uses and Best Features

Alicia Ray Summer 1 Session - 2011
Learning strategies and teaching methods Possible Problems

www.brainpop.com Majority of 3-5 curriculum Video tutorial for students Use of video creates engaged learners; quiz at the end for formative assessment http://www.funders tanding.com/coaste r Science Obj 4.05 Science Obj 4.06

Hands on Simulation of roller problem-solving coaster for students for students. Reinforces 21st century skills.

http://www.iknowt hat.com Drill & practice tutorial for students

Math curriculum 3-5 (focus on multiplication and division)

Short videos explaining concepts taught in 3-5. Can be downloaded as an app on iPod. Quiz at the end of videos are great to check comprehension. Use for classroom science station. Students can change the roller coaster based on inertia, momentum, etc to make the rollercoaster successful Students play games to instill facts in their head (ie, multiplication tables). Great for individual practice.

Visual/auditory learners will benefit most from brainpop. Formative assessment

Subscripti on needed. Need projection unit to show whole class. No internet access Need to download flash player

Simulation – kinesthetic learners Problem-based learning

Great motivation for lower learners as students try to beat their best time, as well as the best time of others. Formative assessment

Subscripti on needed Internet connectio n needed

www.arcademicski llbuilders.com Free researchbased skill-aligned video games

5th Grade Math Curriculum, specifically obj 1.01: Compare and order rational numbers

The “Tug Team Dirt Bike Fractions” game is built for 8 players (however, one can play against

Kinesthetic learning. Problem-based learning

Internet connectio n needed Firewall needs to be down.

EDTC6139 Final Assignment Online tutorial the computer). Students answer questions as quickly as possible to be the first to cross the finish line. It’s FREE! Pretty much any Whole group standard or instruction; objective as a download on video correlated to iPods with it. companion sheet; many videos have companion files with them.

Alicia Ray Summer 1 Session - 2011 Flash player download ed

www.streaming.dis coveryeducation.co m Videos across curriculum

As authentic as it gets; videos can be found by searching K-2, 3-5, 6-8 or 9-12, so it filters many videos deemed “inappropriate”

Subscripti on needed Internet connectio n needed Should always preview video before showing to students. Subscripti on needed Internet connectio n needed Some games are incredibly difficult Subscripti on required – pretty expensive Internet connectio n needed

www.firstinmath.c om Tutorial for math concepts – drill and practice

Math Curriculum Objective 1.03: Flexibility in Problem-solving

www.ixl.com Drill and practice tutorial for students

Entire fifth grade Math Curriculum Problem-solving game

Students earn stickers when they complete a level of math problems. They can open up bonus games, which are always intriguing for students. Students choose topic in current grade level and work out problems independently. My favorite feature is that it tells WHY the student missed it if they answer incorrectly.

Problem-based learning; critical thinking; motivational

Problem-based learning Critical thinking Motivational

EDTC6139 Final Assignment www.starfall.com Kindergarten ELA I use this Curriculum program for my Phonics-based 2-yr old learn to read and Great site to learn daughter. Love recognize letters to read with the features of and sounds fluency highlighting text, sounding out letters and words, and using decoding strategies. FREE! www.ncwiseowl.co Students can find Free website m articles related to that allows almost any area of students to Research links for the curriculum. narrow down students research. I use it for Social Definitely child Studies a lot. friendly and sources are valid. www.quia.com Games for students in multiple curriculum areas. I typically use this site for reading. Search for teacher-created games in reading, math, science, etc. Variety of games so students don’t get bored. Teachers can also make their own games to suit the needs of their students. I have used this as a brainstorming tool; students use root word to create as many words as possible by adding prefixes

Alicia Ray Summer 1 Session - 2011 Authentic learning “All About Me” allows the child to input their own information, then read their own book. Internet connectio n needed Flash player needed

Authentic learning about history. Used for reports and critical thinking.

Internet connectio n needed May need help narrowing down key words during research. Internet connectio n needed. Can enhance experienc e through subscripti on

Critical thinking, problem-based learning. Great media tool.

www.wordle.net Fun with words

I typically use this site for reading also. Great for finding prefixes, suffixes, vocabulary words, and reinforcing thoughts

Critical thinking, motivational, visual learners, collaboration

Internet connectio n needed

EDTC6139 Final Assignment and suffixes. Then capture on Smartboard and highlight prefix & suffixes. www.bighugelabs.c I typically use this Students om site for reading – research usually fact and important I use the magazine opinion. person in cover to create history. They posters in class. Can also be used write down for Social Studies facts, then go to the magazine Excellent resource cover. They for presentations create magazine cover using facts, dates, etc they have found on their person.

Alicia Ray Summer 1 Session - 2011

Critical thinking, presentation skills

Internet connectio n needed Make students aware of copyright laws using photo for cover Facts need to be “short and sweet” otherwise they are truncated.

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