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Downtown Napa, the heart of Napa Valley's biggest town, has a large and concentrated collection of wine tasting locations. Currently there are 19 of them; and more are on the way. You can walk from one tasting room to another in minutes (sometimes it's right next door), and experience wines from more than 150 different wineries. You'll notice that as you walk, you'll also pass many of Napa's finest restaurants. Do yourself a favor, and stop in during or after your walk for a thoroughly enjoyable meal, whether it be lunch, dinner or a midafternoon snack. Most wines available for tasting on the Napa WineWalksm are from small, low-production wineries in the Napa Valley—many of them hard-to-find "cult" or "boutique" wines. Others are from elsewhere in California and throughout the world. Some tasting rooms are operated by a single winery pouring its own wines. Others are a cooperative effort where wines from a number of different wineries are served. Still others are “wine bars”, not connected with any particular winery but pouring wines by the taste or the glass from as many as 40 different wineries from the Napa Valley and beyond. Wine samples on the Napa WineWalksm can vary from an ounce to a full glass. There's a fee, of course, but the Napa WineWalksm is a rare opportunity to not just sample but purchase some of the finest wines in California and in the world. The wine shops and tasting bars will be happy to deliver your wine purchase to your hotel, or arrange for shipment to your home or office, assuming you live in a state where direct delivery is legal. (See www.freethegrapes.org for details.)

Nowhere else can you try so many wines so conveniently. And nowhere else can you buy so many hard-to-find wines knowing with certainty that you'll like them—because you just tasted them. You'll save time, you'll save gas, you'll save the stress of driving and traffic. You can focus solely on enjoying yourself as you wander on foot through the food, wine and shopping delights of downtown Napa. And, why not spend the night at one of downtown Napa's new hotels, and do it all over again the next day? Join us on the Napa WineWalksm. Note: Many of these businesses accept the "Taste Napa Downtown" card which for one fee lets you taste wines at many different places. For more information, see the Napa Downtown website. In most cases we've avoided specifying tasting fees, as those are subject to change, particularly as the cost of the wines poured changes. Where we have listed them, they're apt to change too, although probably less frequently. We also recommend NapaNow.com for full information on the entire Napa Valley.

9463 www. Nearby Ristorante Allegria .943. limited-production wines.backroomwines.3976 800. He's in the historic Semorile Building.com See location on map Bounty Hunter Rare Wine & Provisions 975 First Street Napa CA 94559 707.226. as well as artisan cheeses and charcuterie. Winetasting by the half-glass or glass. [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] 2 . Open late on Friday and Saturday nights.2576 www.226. the Bounty Hunter has become a lively and popular hangout.1378 877. Free wi-fi Internet access.com See location on map Dan Dawson operates a very popular and knowledgeable wine shop and tasting bar. Mark also offers a wine bar (more than 40 wines by the glass and 400 by the bottle) and bistro fare for tasting and fine snacking. constructed in 1888 and located between Main Street and the river.Back Room Wines 1000 Main Street Napa CA 94559 707. Tasting flights of six wines are also available on scheduled evenings. primarily from California but including wines—and wine paraphernalia—from throughout the world.Northern Italian (1026 First Street) Mark Pope focuses on rare.322.bountyhunterwine.

works by local artists. Artisan cheeses.Home-style cooking (1320 Napa Town Center) Tasting room coming soon.9440 www.copia. Sample a minimum of four wines from Ceja's own portfolio. [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] Nearby Gillwoood's Cafe . Next to Ben and Jerry’s in the downtown Napa mall.255.com See location on map Wine tasting salon.com See location on map Chateau Potelle 975 Washington Street Napa CA 94559 707.org 3 .3954 www. Copia .Ceja Vineyards Wine Tasting Salon 1248 First Street Napa CA 94559 707.chateaupotelle.255. lounge and art gallery.cejavineyards.The American Center for Wine Food and the Arts [closed] 500 First Street Napa CA 94558 www.

[Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] Note: Until May 2008. A shared tasting room pouring GustavoThrace wines. you'll see the entrance to Oxbow Wine Merchant. Pinot Noirs. with its "mother" hamburger joint in St.6796 www. Helena. Michael was formerly head of Robery Mondavi Winery in Oakville. on the left side.com See location on map GustavoThrace Tasting Room at McKinstry 1021 McKinstry Napa CA 94559 707. Folio has a number of wine labels and imports others. the tasting room is known as Napa Wine Merchants. Folio was founded by Michael Mondavi and his family. Sauvignon Blancs.3700 www.foliowine. and is located at 1146 First Street. [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] At the end of the Oxbow Market's hall. and a café.256.Folio Enoteca & Winery 610 First Street #10 Napa CA 94559 707. 4 .com See location on map Located inside the Oxbow Public Market. corner of Coombs. so you can try a variety of Cabernet Sauvignons.257. Nearby Taylor's Automatic Refresher. Syrahs and Chardonnays by the taste. Merlots. and selling other wines as well. wine tasting room and shop.gustavothrace. Folio offers a microwinery. the glass or the bottle. Tasting flights are also available. and a sister burger joint at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

If that's not enough for you.255. but it's refundable with your purchase of wine. The best alternative is to use the Third Street bridge. There's a $5 tasting fee.2624 www. Wine tasting every day from 1-6 p.253.JV Wine & Spirits 301 First Street Napa CA 94559 707.m. also refundable with purchase.masoncellars. The largest wine selection in the Napa Valley with over 1200 different wines. Mason's wines are made in Oakville and they specialize in Sauvignon Blanc.com See location on map The First Street bridge between downtown Napa and JV Wine & Spirits will be closed until approximately the end of 2009. with a rotation of 40 different boutique wineries. 320 Chardonnays. try one of the more than 115 different micro and imported beers.00 per person.jvwineandspirits.com Tasting room near the Oxbow Market and Copia.jvwine. [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] 5 . but also offer Cabernet Sauvignon. The place where Napans go for good prices on wine and spirits. 120 Zinfandels and 140 Merlots.com Mason Cellars Oxbow Tasting Room 714 First Street Napa CA 94559 707. [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] You can also order many of their wines online at www. Friday evening offers winemaker tastings at a charge of $2. including more than 250 Cabernets.0658 www.

[Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] Nearby Annette's Chocolates (1321 First Street) Goodman Library (1219 First Street). [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] Nearby The new Riverfront complex on the river Napa Mill.257.olabisiwines.Napa General Store 540 Main Street Napa CA 94559 707. most from Northern California vineyards.com See location on map Olabisi Wines/Trahan Winery 974 Franklin Street Napa CA 94559 707. Visitors can choose from a daily tasting selection of a dozen or more reds and whites by the glass.m. Suite G) global comfort food Napa River Inn (500 Main Street) Silo's Jazz Club (530 Main Street) featuring Cabaret singer Wesla Whitfield Sweetie Pies (520 Main Street) bakery Vintage Sweet Shoppe (530 Main Street) 6 Tasting room just off First Street at the former location of Back Room Wines.com www. built in 1901 and now home to the Napa County Historical Society Hispanic Americans of Napa County mural Tuscany .) with an American/PanAsian menu.com See location on map A specialty market and cafe (open for breakfast and lunch till 6 p.259. but is now: Angèle Restaurant (540 Main Street) French country Celadon (500 Main Street. originally a flour mill and a feed and grain business. Pinot Noir. Petite Verdot.7477 www.California/Italian (1005 First Street) .trahanwinery. Small family wineries offering Chardonnay. Merlot.napageneralstore.0762 www. Cabernet Sauvignon.

In the same large room is also the Oxbow Cheese Merchant. home. Carries smaller production wines from around the world.5587 www. the 5 oz. high-quality labels. you can even have a glass of draft wine. You can also sit on the outside deck overlooking the river while you enjoy your wine or a pint of draft beer. and other light dishes.oxbowwine. Speaking of draft. You'll also find a huge selection of wines to take. Along with your beverage. The owners also operate the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant in San Francisco. taste.226. and home to a variety of shops and restaurants. Ask them about their Wine Profile that will help you zero in on the types of wines you like best.226. glass. Tasting flights as well. 7 . a 375ml carafe. you can have a variety of charcuterie.Oxbow Public Market 644 First Street Napa CA 94559 707.com Oxbow Wine Merchant and Wine Bar 610 First Street Napa CA 94559 707. as well as everyday. or have shipped. cheeses. and the full bottle.5587 www. Includes: Folio Enoteca & Winery Oxbow Wine Merchant and Bar Rôtisario rotisserie foods Pica Pica Maize Kitchen Venezuelan street food Hog Island Oyster Company Walk through Oxbow until you see: Offers tasting from 15-20 wines by the 2 oz.oxbowpublicmarket.com See location on map Little sister of the market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

Howell Mountain and Spring Mountain. Although his Cabernet Sauvignons are made on Howell Mountain and come from vineyards in such varied locations as Coombsville. By the taste. They're currently closed Sundays but open afternoons other days.roccawines. Merlot.2250 www.com See location on map Rocca Family Vineyards 1130 Main Street Napa CA 94559 707.252. a magnet for carnivores and martini fans Napa Valley Opera House (1040 Main Street) Napa River mural on the corner of First and Main 8 . [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] Nearby Cole's Chop House (1122 Main Street). Mt. Rocca offers tasting and sales at their location in downtown Napa. [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] Although their vineyards are in Yountville and Coombsville.8467 www.com See location on map Tasting by appointment only. Also features Chardonnay and Zinfandel. Cabernet Sauvignon. Syrah.257. glass or bottle.Robert Craig Winery 880 Vallejo Street Napa CA 94559 707. Robert Craig has opened a convenient tasting room just minutes from downtown Napa. Veeder.robertcraigwine.

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Pinot Noir.4444 www.stonehedgewinery.Stonehedge Winery 1004 Clinton Street Napa CA 94559 707.256. [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] Trahan Winery See Olabisi Wines/Trahan Winery 9 . as well as Syrah. Chardonnay. and the Spanish Tempranillo.265. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Zinfandel. Merlot. Waterstone produces Pinot Noir.com See location on map Taste at Oxbow 708 First Street (at McKinstry Street) Napa CA 94559 707. or try a taste of five wines for one fee. Petite Sirah. [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] Nearby Uva Trattoria Italiana for Northern Italian dining just a few doors down the street (1040 Clinton Street) Wine tasting from both Mahoney Vineyards and Waterstone Winery. gourmet food snacks and retail items. Mahoney's Carneros vineyards produce traditional Italian wines such as Vermentino and Montepulciano. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Syrah. Enjoy a glass.com See location on map The winery is upvalley in St. Syrah. Cabernet Sauvignon.tasteatoxbow.9600 www. Helena but the tasting room is in Napa.

If the weather's good. This is the only place in the valley you can sample these excellent wines. you'll see tables on the sidewalk in front of the tasting room where you can sit while you enjoy your tasting. the oldest stone building in Napa. a laundry. Vintner's Collective is located across the street from Stonehedge in the historic Pfeiffer Building.7815 www. Free Internet wi-fi when you purchase a glass of wine. Nearby Azzurro Pizzeria e Enoteca (1260 Main Street) Annaliên Restaurant (1142 Main Street) with a Vietnamese menu Ubuntu Restaurant (1140 Main Street). as it usually is. a saloon and brothel.Vintner's Collective 1245 Main Street Napa CA 94559 707.7150 www. Over the years it's been a brewery. Wines are available from more than 15 wineries.vintnerscollective.com See location on map A co-op tasting room representing a number of Napa Valley boutique wineries. [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] Nearby Napa Valley Visitors Center (1310 Napa Town Center) Independence Day Parade mural at Randolph and Clay Piccolino's Italian Cafe (1385 Napa Town Center) 10 .9450 800.com See location on map Wineries of Napa Valley 1285 Napa Town Center Napa CA 94559 707.napavintages. Wines from a number of small wineries. tasting and concierge services located very close to the Visitors Center in downtown Napa.255. and a delicatessen. Now it's got great wines.328. Open daily with sales.253. a vegetarian restaurant that the New York Times considers one of the top 10 new restaurants in the United States.

X Winery has facilities in St.224. Italy.com See location on map ZuZu 829 Main Street Napa CA 94559 707. and American Canyon and produces Sauvignon Blanc.204.9522 www. as it offers more than 25 wines by the glass. Petite Sirah. Pinot Noir.zuzunapa. Cabernet Sauvignon. Napa.com See location on map Tasting home of X Winery and Amicus Cellars wines. Spain. Zinfandel. Helena.8555 www.xwinery. Amicus has vineyards throughout the valley and focuses on Cabernet Sauvignon [Accepts "Taste Napa Downtown" card] ZuZu is a very popular restaurant serving Spanish/Californian tapas. South America and New Zealand are featured. Nearby Veterans Park with its amphitheater overlooking the river Downtown Joe's (902 Main Street). off-the-beaten path wines from California. the only brew pub in the city of Napa 11 . Limited-release.X Winery/Amicus Cellars 1405 Second Street Napa CA 94559 707. Portugal. but it's also an excellent place to sample wines to go with those tapas. Chardonnay.

Lounge and wine tasting cars are resplendent in polished mahogany. lunch or dinner runs all the way to St. lunch or dinner excursion that travels year round 12 Thanks for joining us on the Napa WineWalksm .com See location on map Located at the Napa Valley Expo fairgrounds. bone china. take a trip. lead crystalware. But wait. The Napa Valley Wine Train—gourmet dining on the rails through the heart of the wine country. inns or B&Bs in the downtown area.427. We hope you enjoyed it.winetrain. The Wine Train is fun. Helena and back to Napa. Special "Winemaker Dinner" trips.2111. Wine Train Napa Valley Wine Train 1275 McKinstry Napa CA 94559 707. make sure you get the first seating. or you can enjoy the special luncheons that include a tour of Grgich-Hills Winery in Rutherford or Domaine Chandon Winery in Yountville.255. 800. great service and/or a great view. trying some of the wines you missed today.com Directions: From Soscol Avenue turn east on First Street and take the first left onto McKinstry Street. Helena—although you'll have hors d'oeuvres and beverages on the trip upvalley. You can take the brunch. and do it all again tomorrow. And that's the Napa WineWalksm. The whole thing is done with superb flair.) A 36-mile.. No matter how you choose to experience the walk. great food. There's also a less expensive "open-air" car—the "Silverado".Winemaking Supplies Napa Fermentation Supplies 575 Third St. (Photo courtesy of Napa Valley Wine Train. The second seating doesn't happen until one and half hours later when the train starts its return trip from St. through the heart of the Napa Valley.6372 www. so you could fully enjoy each wine. A very popular place for locals—professional and amateur—to get the equipment and supplies they need to make their own wine.253.. Bldg A Napa CA 94559 707. silver flatware. If you like trains. Meticulously restored 1917 Pullman dining car. brass and etched glass.napafermentation. With a convenient location like that. Wine Emporium stocks over 200 Napa Valley wines for purchase or shipping. you can can have a great meal at one of the downtown restaurants. it makes sense to have a room at one of the hotels. three-hour fixed-price brunch. walk back to your room. there's more. We also hope you tasted moderately. have a good night's sleep. Take the second left into the parking lot of the McKinstry Street Depot. If you think you'll be hungry early on. damask linens. beer and olive oil.4124 www. and a more expensive vista dome car.

verasanapa. 10. Westin Versa Napa 1141 First Street Napa CA 94559 800. and part of the Napa Mill complex. and all suites have whirlpool/hot tubs. Bed and Breakfast Inns Napa B & B's 13 .509.riverterraceinn.com 106 guest rooms including 28 suites An "upscale boutique hotel" on the Napa River. La Toque restaurant fronting on Soscol Avenue. A stop on the Downtown Trolley route and a close walk to the Wine Train station. wine bar with tapas.2386 www. Complimentary high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi access. Napa River Inn 500 Main Street Napa CA 94559 707.8090 www.251. Pet-friendly.com 160 rooms Luxury condo-hotel on the Napa River.627.000 square feet of conference space. Rooms right on the Napa River. In the former Hatt Building. pool.com 58 guest rooms and one very luxurious suite Just a couple of minutes walk from downtown.napariverinn. Restaurants and spa on site as well as shops.Downtown Napa Hotels Avia Hotel 1400 First Street Napa CA 94559 141 rooms website Coming summer 2009 River Terrace Inn 1600 Soscol Avenue Napa CA 94559 866.8500 www.

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