Nathalie Dagmang Film 10 2010-24702

Skycycle Reaction Paper

The short film Skyscyle depicted a somewhat ordinary day beside the Manila bay. A homeless man is sleeping on the brick walls, a sight that people usually see as they pass this famous tourist attraction. Throughout the film, different groups of people pass by, without noticing the homeless man near them. Skycycle for me was actually quite dull, mainly because the camera view was put in the same position allthroughout the film. It also didn’t help that there was a homeless man lying down for a very long time while the bay created gushing sounds with its water. The motion of the sun which is seen at the skies above the setting made the film seem longer, although it only ran for 9 minutes or so. The setting was also very quiet and peaceful—there was no conflict whatsoever. I didn’t notice a climax in the story, nor an upward action/tension. The events just happened, one after the other, without creating any disturbances to the initial setting. Each event also happened without disturbing the sleeping homeless man, as if it was just an object lying around, although the Korean tourist did take a picture with him. In the case of the two lovers, the girl just put her waterbottle near the man as if he wasn’t there while his boyfriend was about to take her picture. The film ended when the homeless man finally got up and went away as the sun starts to set. Before the final credits, a poem flashed on the screen, which I think is a good accompaniment to it since the film wasn’t very easy to understand.

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