Business Ethics


Objective: The objective of the course is to sensitize the students about the various ethical
issues in business management in the current environment.

Course Contents:
Introduction to Business Ethics: The concept, nature and growing significance of Ethics in Business, Ethical Principles in Business, Ethics in Management, Theories of Business Ethics, Ethical Issues in Business, Business Ethics in 21st Century. Ethics in various functional areas of Business: Ethics in Finance, Ethics in HRM, Ethics in Marketing, Ethics in Production and Operation Management, Ethics in Global Business, Ethics in IT. Managing Ethics: Building a Value System, Role of Law and Enforcement, Training in Ethics, Broader Ethical Issues in Society: Corruption, Ecological Concern and Discrimination on the Basis of Gender, Caste or Race, Suitable Model of Management in Indian socioeconomic Environment.

Suggested Readings:
1. Manuel G. Velasquez, Business Ethics, Pearson Prentice Hall. 2. Ravindranath B. & Narayana B., Business Ethics, Vrinda Publications Pvt. Ltd. 3. Kaushal, S.L., Business Ethics: Concepts, Crisis and Solutions, Deep and Deep Publications Pvt. Ltd. 4. Rinku, Sanjeev and Khanna, P., Ethics and Values in Business Management, Ane Books Pvt. Ltd. 5. Joseph W. Weiss, Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach; Thomson -South Western. 6. Ghosh, B., Ethics in Management and Indian Ethos, Vikas Publication House Pvt. Ltd. 7. Dave, N.V., Vedana and Management, Deep and Deep Publications Pvt. Ltd. Note: 1. The list of cases and specific references including recent articles will be announced in the class at the time of launching of the course. 2. The examiner will set eight questions in all (including first compulsory question consisting of five short questions) out of which students shall be required to attempt five questions in all. All questions shall carry equal marks.

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