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Laser BGL with Micro-Adjust

Laser Thru-Beam Sensing for Precision Detection

Balluff, a leader in self-contained thru-beam sensors, offers several different laser models in the BGL family. With gap sizes from 30 to 120mm, a highly accurate beam for part inspection is possible, regardless of part size. Models are available with a PNP or NPN output, and all types feature gain adjustment potentiometers and a switch to select light-operate or dark-operate sensing modes. Balluff now offers a fine adjustment tool for applications that require highly precise detection as well as the ability to easily make minute adjustments. Designed for use with laser self-contained thru beam sensors from the BGL family, the fine adjustment tool offers an accurate, easy-to-use solution.

Flexible mounting solutions for precision applications Simple tool for fast sensor adjustment Reliable thru-beam detection of small parts Extremely rugged metal housing Designed to work with the Balluff BMS sensor mounting system


Laser BGL with Micro-Adjust

Cap height detection Typical packaging or assembly lines often have the need to verify if a product is assembled correctly. BGL laser sensors are ideal for checking cap height due to their small beam size and high switching frequency. To produce faster changeover times, the fine adjustment tool is also ideal to use as a readjustment tool during package size changing without repositioning the entire BGL sensor.

Assembly size verification The BGL fine adjustment tool can also be used to confirm the height of an assembly. For product inspection where height is a key indicator of correct product assembly, the micro-adjustment tool can position the BGL just over the correct height of the part to indicate correct assembly. This ensures adherence to customer specifications and assemblies not within the specified tolerance are rejected.

Fine Adjustment Tool only: BMS CS-M-D12-CZ

Sensor Part Number BGL 30A-003-S49 BGL 30A-004-S49 BGL 50A-003-S49 BGL 50A-004-S49 BGL 80A-003-S49 BGL 80A-004-S49 BGL 120A-003-S49 BGL 120A-004-S49

Micro-Adjust Kit BMS CS-M-D12-CX03-01-Z BMS CS-M-D12-CX03-01-Z BMS CS-M-D12-CX03-01-Z BMS CS-M-D12-CX03-01-Z BMS CS-M-D12-CX03-01-Z BMS CS-M-D12-CX03-01-Z BMS CS-M-D12-CX04-01-Z BMS CS-M-D12-CX04-01-Z

Gap Size 30 mm 30 mm 50 mm 50 mm 80 mm 80 mm 120 mm 120 mm

PS_027 Laser BGL with Micro-Adjust 2008-10

C49 ANE-00-VY-050M