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FINAL Paper LTNS 415 Due on December 19th Students will be required to write a 10 to 13 page paper (12 point

font in Times New Roman, double spaced, one inch margin) as the final assignment for this course. Our goal is to physically and visually represent both the contributions of Latinos to the US economy and the inequities we suffer. Each student will investigate at least one aspect of Latino demographics, and one specific issue in Latino political economy on a specific topic of your choosing under one of the larger rubrics of the four sections from the class (education, labor, immigration, or health/wellness). Please note that it CAN NOT be on the exact issue that you covered during yoru group research presentations. Students should strongly considered interviewing or meeting up with a community member already doing work in the community. Your paper will need to cover specifically, one of the specific movements, problems) that we covered in class. Your paper will need to include the following information: 1. Abstract (150 to 200 words) a. State the exact issue that you are researching and addressing and why. 2. Introduction a. State the objectives of your research: i. What topic did you want to explore or learn about? ii. What were your assumptions going into this project? iii. What are you hoping to gain from researching this project? 3. History and Context a. What is the historical background of this issue? b. How did this issue manifest itself in the present? c. What are some of the root historical causes of this issue? 4. Theoretical Orientation a. How is this research located in either post-colonial feminist, historical materialist or quantitative theories that we covered in class? b. (Use readings and lectures from the first four weeks of class) 5. Current Manifestations of this Issue? a. Please provide a demographic breakdown of the Latin@s affected by this issue. (Socio-economic indicators are good places to start) b. How is this issue manifesting itself in current day? c. What is the exact research/data stating as to this issue? i. How many Latin@s are affected? ii. How are Latin@s affected differently than other racial groups? iii. What is the economic and financial affects of this issue? What are the limitations to either individual or community access to resources, empowerment and a high quality of life? iv. What are the short- and long-term effects of this issue on communities/individuals? 1. How is that measured? d. What are current barriers that Latin@s as individuals or as a community face in overcoming this issue? e. How is this issue both structurally situated and individually felt?

f. What are the different intersections (between policy and advocacy, between law and policy, social practice and governmental structures, between economic exploitation and political power or lack thereof) that contribute to this issue in the present? 6. Outcomes a. Are there emerging solutions (either local, state or national) to address this issue? i. What are they? b. How can we begin to address this issue? c. What are pro-active steps that both Latin@ communities as well as other groups can take to address this issue? d. How do you see these outcomes/solution happening? e. (Please also reflect on how relevant your recommendations/possible outcomes are to the communities that you are addressing). Your contribution should reflect your familiarity with the readings, your understanding of the issue area you have chosen, and should support the thesis you are presenting. You will need to use at least seven to nine sources from the readings. Papers should be in MLA format and should include a bibliography. This final project is due on December 19th. Extensions or incompletes will only be granted for medical or family emergencies. Unexcused late projects will be penalized half a letter grade for each half week past due.