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I the undersigned ZALA LUCKYRAJSINH BHARATSINH a student of S.Y.B.B.A., here by declare that the project work presented in this respect is my own work and has been carried out under the supervision of MISS.MEGHA JOSHI of SANSKRUTI COLLEGE OF THOUGHTS ARTS COMMERCE & SCIENCE. This work has not been previously submitted to any other university for any other examination.

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In this era of globalization where every minute India is moving a step ahead and expanding it horizontally, management in India is heading towards a profession. The demand for management’s professionals is increasing day by day. In such a competitive surrounding it becomes a requirement to have an edge over others and B.B.A is such a course, which helps and assists students in doing that. The practical studies are treated as a different subject in B.B.A which helps the students in practically applying their theoretical knowledge. It helps us to face competition, builds up our confidence and also add something to our personality. Over and above in this fast moving economy, here practical studies play an important role in molding our carriers.


interest and valuable guidance in preparing this report. Last but not least. inspiration. I am heartily grateful to the management of SANSKRUTI COLLEGE particularly to the in charge MISS. friends and family members who have helped me in preparing report through the preparation of this report.Acknowledgement I am much obliged to express my deep gratitude to all the personalities who spared their valuable time and gave me helpful co-operation and guidance for my Project Report. Date: Place: Student Sign: 1 . It is a matter of a great pleasure and excitement for me.MEGHA JOSHI for her helpful co-operation. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all respondents. I express my sincere thanks to both Gentleman and staff members for devoting their valuable time and providing extreme co-operation and guidance.

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General Information 1 .

Vodafone started mobile business in 1983 in our home market of England and now serves over 40 million customers. serving as a telecoms gateway to China. As a major owner and operator of the fibre optic broadband and fixed-line networks in England. This breadth of services in so many markets around the world also allows our operations to exploit opportunities. Ghana. and in many cases is a market leader.Introduction Vodafone is a leading global telecommunications and data services provider operating with a high growth strategy in 17 countries. Our array of telecommunications and data network offerings provides a depth of technological knowledge and insight into emerging consumer trends. India. Thailand. Israel. In other markets such as England and Israel. synergies and our critical mass in order to maintain our leadership position. It is a dynamic and agile player with a strong track record as: • • • • The first to market with an international 3G video mobile network. Our telecommunications and data infrastructure support offerings in the areas of mobile telephony (voice and video based multimedia). mobile phone penetration is higher but customers are very eager to adopt new services and applications. VODAFONE Telecom has a significant presence. One of the most profitable 2G mobile voice and data network operators. in nine dynamic markets. A number of VODAFONE Telecom markets such as India remain significantly under penetrated and offers significant opportunities for future growth. offering growth prospects in providing technologically-advanced value-added services. It is a world no. operating or rolling out mobile services in England and Macau. 1 . VODAFONE Telecom is built on a high-growth strategy focused on mobile telecommunications services markets with economic prospects and good demographics. fixed-line services and radio broadcasting VODAFONE is proud to be the first international provider of 3G video mobile services and an early adopter of the latest and most promising mobile phone technology. fibre-optic broadband networks. 1 in telecommunication. Another of our major telecommunications subsidiary is VODAFONE Telecommunications International Limited which was listed on the England and New York stock exchanges in October 2004. The 3G network in England and a fixed-line telecom running there on a fibre optic network is also part of the VODAFONE Telecom business. Indonesia and Vietnam.

vodafone. VODAFONE promises to liberate.in 1984 in England Maturity Post paid cards Prepaid cards Short Message Service Voice mail services Vodafone power service “Through continuous innovation. www. Large Scale Unit Multinational co.OVERVIEW Name of the company Size of the unit Form of organization Web site Year of establishment Stage of product Name of the service :::::::Vodafone ltd. stimulate customers from the shackles of time and spaces” 1 .

Vodafone has five core businesses . VODAFONE Whampoa Limited is among the largest companies listed on the main board of the England Stock Exchange. a visionary and international telecommunications operator through Vodafone Telecommunications International Limited which provides mobile phone networks and data services in nine dynamic markets in Asia. The Group. the Middle East and Africa. Watson. VODAFONE's executives and staff are a multicultural mix as diverse as the reach of the corporation's operations. Vodafone reports turnover of approximately UK 242 billion and UK 124 billion for the year ended 31 December 2006 and for the unaudited results for the six months ended 30 June 2007 respectively With operations in 56 countries and over 220.principles which have been recognized by the receipt of numerous awards and commendations. it continues to remain based in England. Its diverse array of holdings range from some of the world's biggest port operators and retailers to property development and infrastructure to the most technologically-advanced and marketing-savvy telecommunications operators. Cheung Kong Infrastructure and VODAFONE Telecom. A.000 employees worldwide. has set up a joint venture company. and The Center in Shanghai.History & Development of the company Vodafone Limited is a leading international corporation committed to innovation and technology with businesses spanning the globe. Landmark buildings in the Group's portfolio include the 62-storey Cheung Kong Center in the Central district of England. Other holdings include a stake in the Pacific Century Place Marunouchi office and hotel towers beside Tokyo Station and a beach and golf resort in the Bahamas. investments and others. 1 . together with Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited. the Americas. a pioneer of mobile multimedia communications with the launch of third-generation mobile phones and networks. Prestigious residential properties in the United Kingdom include Royal Gate Kensington. transparency and accountability . the Oriental Plaza in Beijing. VODAFONE dates back to the 1800s and while its operations now span the globe. to operate and manage hotels under the portfolio of the VODAFONE Property division. Belgravia Place and Albion Riverside. the Middle East and Africa. Asia.S. infrastructure. and telecommunications. retail. property and hotels. energy. Harbour Plaza Hotel Management (International) Limited.ports and related services. developer and operator with 44 ports across Europe. VODAFONE has a strong commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance. VODAFONE Whampoa Properties. Vodafone's achievements include being: • • • The world's leading port investor. Flagship companies include VODAFONE Port Holdings.

independent content providers or third parties. 6. If you’re PC does not support relevant technology including but not limited to encryption you may not be able to use certain services or access certain information on VODAFONE. its affiliates. you assume any costs relating to the above. communications. Content (information. 7. VODAFONE Essar Limited. VODAFONE will use its reasonable endeavors to maintain VODAFONE in a fully operating condition. 5. It is not responsible for the results of any defects that exist in VODAFONE You should not assume that VODAFONE or its content is error free or that it will be suitable for the particular purposes that you have in mind when using it.Achievements & Accreditions 1. and services may be modified. VODAFONE Mobile Services Limited. VODAFONE Telecom East Limited. mechanical photocopying or recording without the prior written permission of VODAFONE Essar Limited. You acknowledge that VODAFONE has no control over and excludes all liability for any material on the Internet which can be accessed by using VODAFONE Neither can we be deemed to have endorsed the content. The contents of VODAFONE are copyright © VODAFONE its affiliates. VODAFONE reserves the right to charge for access to certain information on VODAFONE. posted or transmitted in any form or by any means including but not limited to electronic. independent content providers and third parties. republished. Aircel Digilink India Limited and BPL Mobile Cellular Limited (jointly hereinafter to as VODAFONE) shall use reasonable endeavors to check the accuracy of the information published on its Site. 2. downloaded. By submitting any material to us via the VODAFONE website. transferred. VODAFONE will inform you where a charge will be incurred by you for accessing certain services or information on VODAFONE. images and sounds contained on or available through VODAFONE) is provided by VODAFONE. You may not mirror any material contained on VODAFONE on any other server without the prior written consent of VODAFONE Essar Limited. modified. You agree that the material and content contained within or provided by VODAFONE is for your own personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed commercially. All rights reserved. 1 . It is a condition of us allowing you access to the information on VODAFONE that you accept we will not be liable for any action you take relying on the information on VODAFONE. VODAFONE will not be liable if your use of materials or information from VODAFONE results in the need for servicing. 8. VODAFONE and any other VODAFONE product or service name referred to on the VODAFONE website are trade marks of VODAFONE Essar Limited. distributed. VODAFONE reserves the right to make subsequent changes to it. Any unauthorized use of the contents of VODAFONE either under this clause or clause 4 above may be in breach of copyright laws or trademark laws. The contents of VODAFONE cannot be reproduced. 3. Fascel Limited. supplemented or withdrawn. 4. repair or correction of equipment or data. via email or otherwise. VODAFONE Essar South Limited.

The service is accessed via the World Wide Web which is independent of VODAFONE and VODAFONE. which can be accessed by using VODAFONE. quality or completeness of any information and the value and integrity of goods and services offered by third parties over VODAFONE You acknowledge that we have no control over and we exclude all liability for any material on the World Wide Web. You warrant that the material is fit for publication and agree to indemnify us if any third party takes action against us in relation to the material that you submit. and rendered less efficient or impaired in any way. annoyance. or inability to use or access or a failure. or any other person or which is illegal. You will not use VODAFONE such that you would cause the whole or part of VODAFONE to be interrupted. such variations becoming effective immediately upon posting of the varied Legal Statement on VODAFONE By continuing to use VODAFONE you will be deemed to accept such 1 . suitability. suspension or withdrawal of all or part of the service at any time. 9. annoyance. loss of data or consequential losses arising from your use of. tort (including liability for negligence) or otherwise for the accuracy. You agree not to cause. VODAFONE excludes all liability whether in contract. modify. 13. VODAFONE have no responsibility for any information or service obtained by you on the World Wide Web.you do so in the knowledge that VODAFONE may copy. 12. damaged. VODAFONE reserve the right to vary the terms of this contract from time to time. VODAFONE does not accept responsibility for any defects that may exist or for any costs. loss of profits. nor knowingly allow others to cause. or inconvenience. offensive or obscene or menacing character or which may in our judgement cause nuisance. whether to VODAFONE or any of its customers or users of VODAFONE by any means. 14. You warrant that you believe VODAFONE may publish the material you submit and/or make use of it or any concepts described in it in our products or services without liability and you agree not to take action against us in relation to it. We may suspend or vary the whole or any part of the service offered on VODAFONE for any reason. any nuisance. 11. 10. You also agree not to use VODAFONE to transmit or post any material which is defamatory. distribute or create a derivative work from that content in any form. In a few areas of VODAFONE we may ask you to provide personal information that will enable us to use the information you provide us with to keep you informed of our latest products and services after your visit to VODAFONE The personal information will be used in accordance with our online privacy policy. at any time at our sole discretion. inconvenience to VODAFONE. Your use of the World Wide Web is solely at your own risk and subject to all applicable national and international laws and regulations.

Company Profile 1 .

1 2 3 4 Particulars World wide VODAFONE Presence of VODAFONE a Cellular VODAFONE – The Brand In the Pipeline 1 . No.CONTENTS Sr.

fibre-optic broadband networks. synergies and our critical mass in order to maintain our leadership position. fixed-line services and radio broadcasting 1 . This breadth of services in so many markets around the world also allows our operations to exploit opportunities.World Wide VODAFONE VODAFONE is a leading global telecommunications and data services provider operating with a high growth strategy in 17 countries. It is a dynamic and agile player with a strong track record as: VODAFONE started mobile business in 1983 in our home market of England and now serves over 40 million customers. Our array of telecommunications and data network offerings provides a depth of technological knowledge and insight into emerging consumer trends. Our telecommunications and data infrastructure support offerings in the areas of mobile telephony (voice and video based multimedia).

Chhattisgarh. These include 23 districts from Andhra Pradesh. It is the first cellular operator in India to offer uninterrupted highway coverage across all its circle of operations. 1 . The first time ever. Goa.Presence of VODAFONE a Cellular The biggest merger over took place in the history of wireless telecommunication services. entire Gujarat. the Essar group joined hands for working together. Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra Mumbai and Delhi VODAFONE Cellular is committed to achieving total coverage. 53 cities across Madhya Pradesh. Its advanced Cellular network build up helps VODAFONE offer seamless coverage in over 1 towns and unsurpassed highways coverage across all its circle of operation. In the year 2006 VODAFONE Cellular operates in Andhra Pradesh. Gujarat. 400 kms of highway across 85 towns and cities.

in all a high decibel and Discussed launch. Goa.VODAFONE – The Brand! Brand Name Brand Person Brand Delivery Brand Presence Brand Colour Significances * The White background * Red Colour * Red Colour Text * The VODAFONE Brand Launch • • ::::::::::Youth & Energy Energy Solidarity Innovation VODAFONE Ltd. Pradesh. Delhi. P.P. Bihar.. Murals. 2007 A media spent of Rs. Chhatisgarh. Print ads.V advertisements. H.P. U. etc. 40-42 crores in T. Madhya.Campaigns.P. 1 . Maharashtra. Andhra Pradesh. brand launch parties. M. ARUN SARIN World class Cellular Telephony with value Added Services In the state of Gujarat.R.. 22th August.

In the Pipeline
The current period is a very crucial one for all the cellular operators in India, due to a simple reason of a cold cellular war being on, internally within the competitors as well as externally to be fought with the WLL and the TRAI. This being the gestation period for the WLL cellular operator to be in the market has to launch, innovate and improve their schemes on a more customer friendly based, so that their clientele is intact. In such a situation price crunches on outgoings, free incoming calls, free airtime, and other innovated and usersfriendly value added services are the only options. To be intact at what VODAFONE Cellular is today, also requires carrying out any of the above options and thus the one major plan in the pipeline, coming in within 7-8 months is to exceed customer usage of cellular phones than landline users which presently is 10 crores, compared to landline users of 4 corers. Secondly to develop and synergies on such value Added Techniques that are customer friendly and beneficial to the society. Thirdly in the coming months they are planning to reduce the cost of airtime, so that there is a benefit to the users. A few more cell site launches, appointments of customers’ convenience center, Retailers and distributors are in the pipeline, which would be beneficial to all concerned.


Marketing Department

Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Particulars Importance of marketing Department Organization Chart Marketing – Yesterday & Today Advertising 4 P’s of marketing Market Share Competitors


A business is essential part from all other human organization by the fact that it markets the product or services. Marketing department represents an important functional area of business management efforts for the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumers.IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing is the focus point of all business activities because the objectives of all business enterprise are to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers. With the help of the marketing department VODAFONE Cellular as a company has not be successful in gaining the sales volume but also earned goodwill for itself. Marketing is the basic operative function of all business firms. Production and purchase has no meaning unless a firm is able to market the goods and services. Marketing department of the VODAFONE Cellular Limited is a crucial part of its organization. Marketing is a system of integrated business activities designed to develop marketing plans and programs leading to the satisfaction of customer wants. It serves on the basis of business planning and generates revenue for the firm. The company can achieve its subsidiary objectives along with the primary objectives with the help of marketing department. As a result of the efforts made by the marketing department VODAFONE Cellular is enjoying a prestigious position in the telecom industry. 1 . Nothing happens unless somebody sells something. Efficient marketing management is essential for the survival and growth of every enterprise. It not only helps the company to achieve the goals that are directly related to marketing department but also helps in achieving the goals that are related to other departments of the organization. Marketing is the distinguishing feature of business.

Prepaid Assistant Manager .ORGANIZATION CHART CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) -Bombay DGM (Marketing) (Director General Manager) .Ahmedabad Assistant Manager .Postpaid Assistant Manager (Value Added Service) Assistant Manager Outdoor Marketing 1 .

Keep competition poses challenges that have to met and countered. most in the form of direct or indirect marketing strategies. It is the customer alone who keeps the business going and provides employment to people. somewhere or the other.MARKETING YESTERDAY AND TODAY Business is changing at the speed of thought – literally. someone comes up with something that revolutionizes the entire concept of business. But today. Yesterday was different. marketing is concerned with all activities aimed at finding wants and filling them. and the firm has to meet all these challenges. times have changed. Competition is more intense and cutthroat than ever before. Today no firm can afford to rest on past laurels and be complacent about its market. The mantra followed the world over is “customer is the king”. marketing has become more intricate and scientific than ever before. as it is understood then. 1 . in the sense that firms that enjoyed a good market reputation did not need to market themselves to their consumers again and again. Earlier. To keep pace with these developments. the future would only add to the misery of unprofessional or pedantic forms. Past achievements are no longer a company’s claim to supremacy. marketing was confined to the narrow scope of selling. and the customers are more demanding than they were around 20 years back. as across the globe. Only firms willing and able to change according to changing market conditions and consumer demands would thrive in the market. If the current trends were anything to go by. But now.

to Retailers. VODAFONE Cellular Limited spends more than 30% of its profit in advertisement.  Banners: Company provides banners to each and every Retailer and also to the Distributors. 1 . It uses almost all media for its advertisement. diary. VODAFONE’s advertisement is such that it informs guides. VODAFONE Cellular Limited does its advertisement through ‘Lowe Lintas’ which is an advertising agency. magazines. Advertising can create market for a new product. radio.. services or ideas by an identified sponsor. It is very powerful tool for the creation and retention of consumer demand. The company also distributes calendars. clocks. posters. customers.ADVERTISING “The best advertising is done by satisfied customers” -Philip Kotler Advertising can be defined as mass paid communication of goods. It is paid communication because the advertiser has to pay for the space or time in which his advertisement appears in the recognized media such as news paper.V. pens.  Posters: It uses printed posters which stick on the wall. and periodicals. magazines.  Glow Shine Board (GSB): It is an electric board which is given to each and every Retailer. Cinema film. protect buyers and helps in increasing the standard of living. key chains etc.  Hoarding: The Company has done the use of hoarding at the major point of cities in different parts of the country. etc. cards during Diwali. VODAFONE Cellular Limited use following Medias for advertisement  Print Media: It gives advertisement in each and every newspaper. T.

how much etc. Price Mix: Pricing the product is one of the important elements in marketing mix. 2. Product Mix: The product is the most tangible and important single component of the marketing programme. Product is the sole of all over marketing activities without a producer. VODAFONE Cellular Limited determines the price in such a manner as to offer a reasonable amount of profit to the manufacturer. to produce.” It is not necessary that product must be physical it may be service product and other but main theme is that it is capable of delivering satisfaction of wants or need. when. The whole marketing programme is based on the product. A sim card is one type of card which is fixed on the backside of a mobile phone.FOUR P’S OF MARKETING MIX Marketing Mix of a Company includes 7 P’s of marketing. there is only one product i. Product said to be the heart of the marketing mix. While place mix describe distribution modes and channels 1.e. Promotion mix suggests the promotional activities that have to be undertaken. Product mix. price mix. a reasonable remuneration to the middlemen 1 . It is just like a necessarily of a businessman or any kind of professional person.e. The decision regarding pricing must be taken after considering every aspect of business and while fixing the prices. how. Price mix answers the question as to the produce good should be sold at what price. • What is Sim Card? The mobile phone is widely used in the markets now a day. The VODAFONE Cellular Limited Company imports the mobile sim card from Switzerland. Any sim card service providing company in India is not manufacturing sim card but they import the sim cards from different countries. It gives life to all marketing programme. social responsibility also to be considered. sim card through which company provides services. not on profit but also various factors i. and place mix. But generally they can be precisely describe under four major heads viz. marketing can’t be imaged through which the transaction takes place. so it is said that “Success or failure of business depends upon its product price policy”. promotion mix. Price is the exchange value of the goods or services in terms of money. It is said that nothing happens in our economy unless there is a sale or purchase of product. The exchange value of product is called price. In VODAFONE Cellular Limited. So main responsibility of management should be to know its product well in the book of Philip Kotler there is a sentence “The first commandment in marketing knows their consumer the second is to know their product. It is the most critical decision in marketing management. Product mix answers the question as to what.

Promotion Mix: Promotion plays an important role in stimulation of demand and sales of the product.and the maximum satisfaction to the consumers.  Psychological Pricing: Sellers should consider the psychology of prices in addition to their economics. product price is Rs. VODAFONE has adopted many methods for pricing which are as follows:  Penetration Pricing: This method is generally adopted at the time when the company has just entered into the market or newly started company uses this method. Many sellers believe that the prices should end in odd numbers for such company prices dominate in the newspaper all in odd numbers i. Maximum sales growth. 3. 2. A company can pursue any of the six major objectives by its pricing which are as follows: 1. 5. Promotion is basically communication process by which producer of the product or service draw attention of the consumer for prospective consumer towards their products. etc. Maximum market skimming 6. 300.  Sales Promotion: Sales promotion is a key ingredient in marketing campaigns.) etc Sales promotion tools are used by most organization.  Skimming Pricing: This method by which company can attract the customer mostly this pricing methods is always used in the time of festival such as Diwali offer. Retailers trade associations and non profit organization. including manufacturing. VODAFONE takes benefit of all festival because they placed skimming price for short period on Navratri and Janmastami. Navratri offer etc. Maximize current profit 3. sales promotion offers on incentive to buy. Where advertising offer a reason to buy. Maximum current revenue 4. Product quality leadership. Sales promotion includes tool for consumer promotion (coupons. 1 . In this method the product price is lower then the substitutes in the market through which customers are attracted.e. 299 in stead of Rs. To survive in the market.) Trade promotion (price-off etc. distributors. It has found that a price kept by VODAFONE Cellular Limited is much lower and quite reasonable in comparison to its competitors.

volume of sales and trade practices adopted. Place mix is nothing but marketing activities in which movements or flows of goods or services are there from primary producer to ultimate consumer. In modern era. The set of marketing institutions participating in the marketing activities which involves the movement of all goods and services from the primary producer to the ultimate user or consumer is called the distribution channel. This stands for the various activities the company undertakes to make the producer easily available to the customer. it is very difficult to sell the products directly to the consumer so they have to adopt. distributors. distribution channel with middlemen like wholesalers. Place Mix: Place mix is also known as Distribution Mix. with the increase in size and production of the unit. In today’s economy the producer customer are separated by vast distances. It includes Distribution Channel:  Distribution Channel: Channels of distribution generally depend upon the nature of product.4. 1 . Retailers. etc.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Company Distributor Dealer Salesmen Retailer Customer 1 .


” Today in this competitive world VODAFONE has got many competitors which are as follows:      AIRTEL IDEA BSNL RELIANCE TATA INDICOM 1 . winning firms lead their competitors.“Poor firms ignore their competitors. average firms copy their competitors.

Retailer’s Network Management 1 .

No.CONTENTS Sr. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Particulars Introduction Compensation System Communication System Training Motivational Tools Conflict Management Control or Performance Appraisal 1 .

A person having provision shop can be a Retailer of the company. So we can say that Retailers come in direct contact with customers.e. 1 . Many times Retailers gives various information to company regarding what are the customers actually demanding for and what are the benefits expected by them from company. it is able to cover wide area in the market through Retailers. Essar Corporation in India with 33% market share. As Retailers has played an important role for the grand success of the company. So with the help of Retailers company knows the various problems and accordingly steps are taken.000 Retailers in the whole Gujarat Generally there is no specific qualification required for becoming a Retailer of the company. etc. Gift shop. Retailers equally plays very important role in the success of VODAFONE Cellular Limited. Thus the Retailers network management is very important for the company like VODAFONE Cellular Limited. Music shop. watches shop.Introduction VODAFONE is the largest telecommunication company in the world offering a complete range of communication services. Retailers are the person who purchases the product from the company or salesmen and sells it to the customers. For marketing the product company provides POP. Even this system is different for the different employees of same department. to Retailers for free of cost. With the help of Retailers company knows what type of benefits should be provided to customers so that they are attracted towards the company. Pan centre. Glow Shine Board (GSB) etc. Generally Retailers are able to sell more of prepaid cards then to postpaid cards. banners. Compensation System In VODAFONE Cellular Limited Compensation System is different for every department. ready made garment shop. In brief we can say that person having any types of business can become a Retailer of the company. Retailers play a very important role for any types of company. a person having STD PCO. Many Retailers not only sell prepaid cards but also postpaid cards. Sometimes company doesn’t know what are the difficulties faced by the customers. VODAFONE Cellular Limited id able to increase noise in the market as there are more then 100. Company is able to increase noise in the market i. HCL started its operations in 1883 & is presented in over 200 countries. VODAFONE provides prepaid and even post paid cards to customers through Retailers. In the year 2006 the Tata’s. can become a Retailer of the company.

On sale of per sim card or per recharge voucher 10 to 15 % of profit is achieved by the Retailers.Generally. Thus we can say that due to these compensation system earnings of Retailers of VODAFONE Cellular Limited is quite good 1 . Similarly during festivals percentage of income or benefits increases on an average every Retailer is able to sale 8 to 10 prepaid sim card and 30 to 40 recharge voucher per month. As the competition goes on increasing so the percentage level of income decreases. Generally percentage of profit achieved by the Retailers per card or per voucher is same for all Retailers. a good amount of compensation is given to the Retailers by VODAFONE Cellular Limited.

Between Retailers and Customers : There is a direct communication takes place between Retailers and customers. Many times Retailers are in need of banners.Philip Kotler Communication is one of the most important tools of marketing. As the Retailers are in direct contact with customers. So there is a direct communication takes place between salesmen and the company. So Retailers does not need to have a direct with the company. Communication takes place through telephone. GSB (Glow Shine Board) etc. In VODAFONE Cellular Limited direct and indirect communication takes place. Between Company and Retailers : There is an indirect communication takes place between company and the Retailers. 2. So any types of problems if arise from the Retailers point of view it can be solved through the communication between the executive and Retailers. etc. fax. salesman & company and sometimes even between company and customers. salesman & Retailers.Communication SYSTEM “Integrated Marketing Communication is the way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of receiver. So many times the executives of the company visit once a month to the Retailers place. Here the communication takes place regarding selling and purchasing of sim cards. television. 4. As there are lots of salesman appointed by the company. 1. Whenever the Retailers are in requirements of sim cards they contact the salesman. 3. Whenever any new schemes have been launched by VODAFONE Cellular Limited. Between Company and Customers : - 1 . so they can get from salesmen. Between Salesman and Retailers : There is a direct communication takes place between salesmen and Retailers. internet. Salesmen purchase the sim card on large amount.” . Many times executives may not be able to contact Retailers so company sends SMS to each Retailers and customers regarding new schemes. then executives will make direct contact with Retailers and explain the concept of new schemes. Such tool of marketing is important for each and every type of company. With the help of direct communication with customers any types of company comes to know what are the requirements of the customers and also feedback of the existing product in the market. cellular phone. Generally communication takes place between company & Retailers. 5. Between Salesmen and Company : Generally salesmen purchase the sim cards from either distributor or from the company.

1 .e. sometimes sim cards is locked in mobile.There is a direct communication takes place between company and customers. delay in recharge. 2. etc. Postpaid users customers comes in direct contact with the company only for paying the monthly bill or if any kind of problem. Prepaid users and 2. Prepaid users customers comes in direct contact with the company only if there is any types of serious problems arises i. There are two types of customer for VODAFONE Cellular Limited: 1. Postpaid users 1.

1 . On the job training : On the job training method emphasis on learning while an individual is actually engaged in work 2. There are two types of training methods: 1. which will be given on the job. Off the job training : In off the job training a trainee has to leave his place of work and devote his entire time for training purpose. As the job of Retailers is only to sell the products of the company.Training According to Flippo “Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job” The purpose of training is to achieve a change in the behavior of those trained and to enable them to do their job better. In VODAFONE Cellular Limited.  It also helps to increase morale of employees. On the job training : 2. training is required in Network Department. Training is important in every type of company as:  It increases efficiency of employees.  Training helps to increase the quality of human relations. Training makes newly appointed workers fully productive in the minimum of time. So we can say that training is not important for the Retailers point of view. whereas the salesmen may or may not required training Only new salesmen appointed will require training. Off the job training : 1. In VODAFONE Cellular Limited. Retailers does not require training at all.

 Executives of the company make regular visits i.e. there is always increase in number of Retailers per month i.  Comparative performance evaluation is another motivational tool used by company for its Retailers.  During festival various benefits are not only given to Retailers but also to customers. Thus due to these motivational tools new Retailers and customers are attracted towards the company.e. from time to time. Here the company compares the performance of different Retailers working in a particular region. in Rajkot. The one who is selling the highest during a particular time period is rewarded with the prizes like washing machine. VODAFONE Cellular Limited is able to attract more then 20 new Retailers per month.Motivational Tools VODAFONE Cellular Limited has always motivated its Retailers. Retailers are motivated to sell more as they are given many additional benefits which are as follows:  If new Retailers are able to sell more then the target given by company then they are rewarded with various gifts. once a week to its new Retailers and they are communicated personally so that relation between them develops and any types of quarries are cleared at that point of time. 1 . refrigerator etc.  As Retailers are motivated regularly.  Retailers are also motivated when percentage of income is raised during the time of festivals. television.

But many time conflicts have been taken place between Retailers and customers. But with the help of conflict management as and when conflict arises from customer point of view it has been given and properly managed and solved by the company. group and/or organizations. Customers have always complaints of delay in recharge of voucher so due to this reason conflict takes place. between two Retailers. Control or Performance Appraisal 1 . etc. Retailers and customers. But now many steps have been taken to improve these problems. Dispute may be between company and direct customers. Conflict has been defined as all kinds of opposition of antagonistic interactions in or among individuals. A conflict is a dispute. Conflict means a dispute which takes place between two people. In VODAFONE Cellular Limited hardly any conflict arises.Conflict Management Conflict occurs when two parties comes into direct disagreement as of ideas of interests. As the Retailers are motivated and given lots of benefits so there has been no conflicts arise till now. Retailers and company. Conflict management means settlement of disputes. The Retailers are the competitors with one another. In short. But they come in contact with one another so no chance of conflict between them. difference or struggle between two parties that is indicated by open expression of hostility and/or international interference in the goal achievement of the opposing party.

With the help of survey company comes to know regarding performance i. It has been considered as a most significant and indispensable tool for a company. The main purpose of performance appraisal is:  Evaluation of performance of work. 1 . This survey is done regularly by the appointed students. With the help of this method company comes to know performance of Retailers and accordingly reward is given to the Retailers.A performance appraisal is a process of evaluating a Retailers performance of a job in terms of its requirements. selling of the sim cards by the Retailers.e. In VODAFONE Cellular Limited performance of the Retailers is evaluated regularly.  Make Retailers aware of their key performance area. Market survey is done regarding Retailers. If the Retailer’s performance is improper then accordingly steps are taken.  To establish comparable and reliable records.

Today there are more then 3 crores cellular phone users and the people who use the land line are around 7 crores.Future Plan Future Plans VODAFONE Cellular Limited has only one future plan and that is to excel in its field and conquer the market. There is a huge gap to be bridged and the only and future term plan of VODAFONE Cellular Limited is to exceed the land line users. 1 .

Thus VODAFONE Cellular Limited has no plans in particular except to lead the market in the crucial times of Cellular wars. The policy of quality coverage. 1 .Secondly their long term plan is to be consistent in the policy adopted by them for the purpose of outright excellence in their field. and out rightly exceed the usage of land lines by wireless cellular telephones and maintain their standard of quality coverage. subsistent rates and a genuine customer convenience and care are high in standards presently and VODAFONE Family feels that if these are the factors that are maintained at a consistent level then the company will be able to meet all its future plans and goals.

SWOT Analysis 1 .

Having people with such zeal and enthusiasm.A. This is strength indeed. TELECOM FOOTPRINTS: VODAFONE Cellular though establish recently has set its foot in major cellular markets. 6. which process as strength to organization.e. has the two big heads joined hands for a merger with the telecom giant VODAFONE corp. DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: VODAFONE Cellular has a wide spread network and to completely cover such network.. professionalism comes as strength. it has a predetermined channel which covers every nook and corner of the city so that all masses are covered.S. The important states of India all have VODAFONE Cellular footprints with them. be its markets of masses or geographical markets. 2. Fabulous customer commonsense centers are established to take care of any issue that may come as a problem to the mass proactive customer care is one of the assets of the company while telecustomer care comes as an icing to the cake. PARENT VODAFONE i. 5. With distribution network and an equal capacity to canalize makes VODAFONE Cellular strong in its own. VODAFONE is among the top ten brand of the globe. qualification and perfection. U. 4. This is strength itself. PROMOTERS – SYNERGY BETWEEN CORPORATES: - First time in the corporate history ever.SWOT ANALYSIS  STRENGTHS : 1. 1 . talent. PROACTIVE CUSTOMER CARE: Not only VODAFONE Cellular Limited is strong from within but when its comes to external forces it proves its worth. 3. LIVE WIRE PROFESSIONALS: For every job specification in VODAFONE Cellular Limited there is employed a live wire professional who is best suited to his position and responsibility when it comes to skill.

actions and understanding are channelized through a long route. Birla. FUNDAMENTAL CASHES: - As said earlier. WEAKNESSES: 1. DELAY IN DECISION MAKING: - As the three partners are huge corporate. 3. This may cause delay in any decision to be taken and which might not be good for the company. corporate giants across the globe Tata. 2. have their own perceptions. these perception ideas and means are found to clash when they meet. Thus this may be proved as a hindrance to the company and comes out as a weakness. TELECOM FOOTPRINTS: - VODAFONE Cellular is only present in 7 states out of highly numbered 26 states which show that geographically VODAFONE Cellular is not able to cover entire state. They all being supreme in their field. the flow of decisions. This leaves behind weak telecom footprints of the company. AT&T have joined hands to form VODAFONE Cellular Limited. 1 .

Lowest call charges in the world as well as in India. Growth possible through Acquisition. Lowest telecom Density in the world. through the usage of Mobile telephony. 3. OPPORTUNITIES: 1. Opportunity to outsmart the landlines connections. 5. 4. 2. It has still got a scope to establish itself in the remaining state and hold it foot. VODAFONE Cellular is established only in 16 states. 1 .

is going high as WLL have been setting its foot with predatory pricing policies to unchannelize Cellular operators. VOLATILE REGULATORY MARKET: - Day in day out there is various rules and regulations that are coming in the market and which on highly volatile in nature. and this all expansion requires huge cost pull expenditure and this increase costs in leaps and bounds. 2. 3. and in such a situation to hold an upright place is difficult in its even words and thus proves a threat to excrescence of companies. VODAFONE Cellular has to update its technologies. EXPANSION INVESTMENT THRET: - In order to survive in the market. Price fluctuation. 1 . PREDATORY PRICING FROM WILL OPERATORS: - With ongoing Cellular wars and advent of WLL. The same has been observed by VODAFONE Cellular. The threat of pricing policies. THREATS: 1. Cellular operators are now into an artificial cover of threat. threat of customers care etc. are one of them competitors come in and go out in a jiffy.

Suggestion 1 .

The management of VODAFONE Cellular Limited is very perfect and nice. 1 . company spends lots of amount on advertisement.SUGGESTION The highly professionalized management and totally modern marketing approach are the basic key factors behind the success of VODAFONE Cellular Limited. As per company’s perfect management there is no need to give any suggestion to the company but I observed that each and every person in this company is hard working which one of the positive points of this company is. According to my observation.

Contribution 1 .

1 . During the time of earthquake in Gujarat VODAFONE Cellular Limited has constructed up many mobile PCO’s.CONTRIBUTION “VODAFONE Cellular Limited” at each and every step of its development has tried to fulfill its social responsibility along with its objectives of profit. It has been following the policy and principle which ensure economic development.

My Observation 1 .

My Observations VODAFONE Cellular Limited made me observe many things while on my survey of 100 Retailers in different areas. As it progressed with my survey they were highly co-operative and anxious to help me out with my findings. RV. 1 . etc. when they make a single call to salesmen then order will be made available by salesmen with in an hour. I visited were friendly and helpful. Whenever the retailers are in need of SP. Few are some of them:  AMBIENCE & ATMOSPHERE: Retailers.  PRICING STRUCTURE: Retailers insisted on a consistent stable and substantiate pricing policy as they were really frustrated with the constantly changing price in the mobile world.  SALESMEN SERVICE: Retailers are quite satisfied with the salesmen service. There were various reactions and gestures which. which are going to enter market.  PERSONAL APPROACH: Retailers always want the executives coming to their places and making them understand about the new scheme and plans. I observed through people.

Conclusion 1 .

VODAFONE Cellular Limited is a company who has grown by leaps and bounds in these two years and has emerged itself into a new beginning. which has me approach the real world in quite an extent. 1 . Under the report. I have conducted my project on Retailer’s Network Management of VODAFONE Cellular Limited. As student trainees. though as a part of my training. I wont be exaggerating. They have been guiding me whenever I viewed an obstacle. It has been indeed a pleasure working for VODAFONE Cellular Limited. VODAFONE Cellular has got a very bright future as the demand for cellular services are increasing day in and day out. I would also like to say that this project has made me known the realities that exit in the market today. if I say that this project has helped me develop me as a person because while conducting my survey I have met 100 people whose nature was different from one another and each meeting in itself have been a memorable experience. I have learnt immensely. friendly as well as professional and practical in their approach. This project I have learnt a lot about Survey etc. Also this project has helped me have a more deepened knowledge about the cellular phone market. on going cellular wars etc. I have researched about Retailers of VODAFONE Cellular Limited the findings of my survey say that VODAFONE today is the leader in the market and is still growing. VODAFONE family is very co-operative.CONCLUSION VODAFONE Cellular Limited is one of the leading service providers present today in the state of Gujarat. They have been of great help when it came to providing information to me about themselves and their organization. Thus I conclude my report wishing company all the very best for their future and I would like to thank all people concerned who helped me make this project come true. I have also known the technicalities involves while finding the right sample for my survey.

Bibliography 1 .

vodafone.BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Web site www.www.vodafone.in .com By Philip Kotler 1 . Marketing Management 2.

Questionnair • • Fill the appropriate information in the blank Fill In The Relevant Detail Clearly.S.L 250-500 500-750 750-1000 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 1 .N.L [ ] (7) Currently how much stock of Starter pack do you have? 0-250 VODAFONE Idea [ ] Aritel [ ] B.3000 ___ 3000 .N.S.5000 5000 – 10000 10000 + ___ ___ ___ (4) Address :- (5) Income :- (6) Which telecom product do you sell? VODAFONE Realiance [ ] Tata [ ] [ ] Idea [ ] Aritel [ ] B. (1) Name (2) Age (3) Gender :- Topic Name :_______________________ :_______ :- M ___ F ___ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ 1000 .

S.N.L [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (10) What are your average monthly sales of Recharge voucher? 0-1500 1500-3000 3000-4500 4500-6000 VODAFONE [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Idea [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Aritel [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] B.S.(8) Currently how much stock of Recharge voucher do you 0-250 250-500 500-750 750-1000 1000+ VODAFONE [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Idea [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Aritel [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] B.N.L [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (9) What are your average monthly sales of Starter pack? 0-250 250-750 750-1000 1000-1500 VODAFONE [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Idea [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Aritel [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] B.L _____ _____ _____ have? 1 .L _____ _____ _____ _____ (12) Frequency change of Banners.N.L [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (11) Who sticks the banners. POP etc Salesman DMR Merchandiser Self VODAFONE _____ _____ _____ _____ Idea _____ _____ _____ _____ Aritel _____ _____ _____ _____ B.S.N.N.S.S. Once A Month Twice A Month Rarely VODAFONE _____ _____ _____ Idea _____ _____ _____ Aritel _____ _____ _____ B.

VODAFONE No Rank _____ _____ _____ 1st Rank _____ _____ _____ 2nd Rank _____ _____ _____ 3rd Rank _____ _____ _____ 4th Rank _____ _____ _____ Idea Airtel _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ BSNL 1 .L _____ _____ _____ __ _____ (15) Executive level visit.N. VODAFONE Never _____ _____ _____ Rarely _____ _____ _____ 1 Month _____ _____ _____ 2 Month _____ _____ _____ 3 Month _____ _____ _____ 4 Month _____ _____ _____ 5 Month _____ _____ _____ Idea Aiartel _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ BSNL _____ (16) Co-operativeness of Salesman.S.(13) Do they replace or tear competitor’s banners? Yes No [ [ ] ] (14) How do you come to know about the latest schemes of the company? Salesman Distributors Executive SMS Others VODAFONE _____ _____ _____ __ _____ Idea _____ _____ __ _____ Aritel _____ _____ _____ __ _____ B.

(19) How many GSB (Glow Shine Board) do you have? VODAFONE Idea Airtel BSNL 3x2 _____ _____ _____ _____ 6x3 _____ _____ _____ _____ 8x4 _____ _____ _____ _____ 10x4 _____ _____ _____ _____ Others _____ _____ _____ _____ 1 .solving efficiency VODAFONE No Rank _____ _____ _____ 1st Rank _____ _____ _____ 2nd Rank _____ _____ _____ 3rd Rank _____ _____ _____ 4th Rank _____ _____ _____ Idea Airtel _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Airtel _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ BSNL (18) Information materials. POP.(17) Problem . etc. VODAFONE No Rank _____ _____ _____ 1st Rank _____ _____ _____ 2nd Rank _____ _____ _____ 3rd Rank _____ _____ _____ 4th Rank _____ _____ _____ Idea BSNL .

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