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HDFC Bank Limited (BSE: 500180, NSE: HDFCBANK, NYSE: HDB) is an Indian financial services company that was incorporated in August 1994. HDFC Bank is the fourth largest bank in India by assets and the second largest bank by market capitalization as of February 24, 2012. The bank was promoted by the Housing Development Finance Corporation, a premier housing finance company (set up in 1977) of India. HDFC Bank has 1,986 branches and over 5,471 ATMs, in 996 cities in India, and all branches of the bank are linked on an online real-time basis. As of 30 September 2008 the bank had total assets of Rs.1006.82 billion.[3] For the fiscal year 2010-11, the bank has reported net profit of 3,926.30 crore (US$863.79 million), up 33.1% from the previous fiscal. Total annual earnings of the bank increased by 20.37% reaching at 24,263.4 crore (US$5.34 billion) in 2010-11.[4] HDFC Bank is one of the Big Four banks of India, along with: State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and Punjab National Bank. History HDFC Bank was incorporated in 1994 by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC), India's largest housing finance company. It was among the first companies to receive an 'in principle' approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector. The Bank started operations as a scheduled commercial bank in January 1995 under the RBI's liberalisation policies. Times Bank Limited (owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co. / Times Group) was merged with HDFC Bank Ltd., in 2000. This was the first merger of two private banks in India. Shareholders of Times Bank received 1 share of HDFC Bank for every 5.75 shares of Times Bank. In 2008 HDFC Bank acquired Centurion Bank of

Punjab taking its total branches to more than 1,000. The amalgamated bank emerged with a base of about Rs. 1,22,000 crore and net advances of about Rs.89,000 crore. The balance sheet size of the combined entity is more than Rs. 1,63,000 crore. ===Business focus=== HDFC Bank deals with three key business segments. Wholesale Banking Services, Retail Banking Services, Treasury. It has entered the banking consortia of over 50 corporates for providing working capital finance, trade services, corporate finance, and merchant banking. It is also providing sophisticated product structures in areas of foreign exchange and derivatives, money markets and debt trading and equity research Wholesale banking services Blue-chip manufacturing companies in the Indian corp to small & mid-sized corporates and agri-based businesses. For these customers, the Bank provides a wide range of commercial and transactional banking services, including working capital finance, trade services, transactional services, cash management, etc. The bank is also a leading provider of for its corporate customers, mutual funds, stock exchange members and banks. Retail banking services HDFC Bank was the first bank in India to launch an International Debit Card in association with VISA (VISA Electron) and issues the Mastercard Maestro debit card as well. The Bank launched its credit card business in late 2001. By March 2009, the bank had a total card base (debit and credit cards) of over 13 million. The Bank is also one of the leading players in the “merchant acquiring” business with over 70,000 Point-of-sale (POS) terminals for debit / credit cards acceptance at merchant establishments. The Bank is positioned in various net based B2C opportunities including a wide range of internet banking services for Fixed Deposits, Loans, Bill Payments, etc. With Finest of Technology and Best of Man

If the website is not available they are asked to visit their home branch. HDFC Bank website including hdfcbank. If you are an HDFC Bank Account Holder and have already registered for NetBanking Step 1: Choose "NetBanking" button on the HDFC Bank home page and click on LOGIN. A. To comply with statutory reserve requirements. These services are provided through the bank's Treasury team. Step 2: Click on "Continue" . The Treasury business is responsible for managing the returns and market risk on this investment portfolio. Customers of the HDFC Bank are requested to check the website availability 24 X 7 and if available can do the transaction. Treasury Within this business. the bank is required to hold 25% of its deposits in government securities.power in Banking Industry HDFC BANK's retail services have become by and large the best in India and since the contribution to CASAi. the bank has three main product areas .com and are not available 24X7.e total number of current and savings account of more than 50% .1 Private Sector Bank. Credit Cards Online FAQs Who can use the Credit Cards NetBanking service? All customers who have a valid HDFC Bank Credit Card and are registered for NetBanking can use the Credit Cards NetBanking service. This has become a habit of HDFCBank. Your card account should be live and in regular status for using this service.Foreign Exchange and Derivatives. Local Currency Money Market & Debt Securities. How can I register for this service? The process for registering your Credit Card for NetBanking is easy.HDFC BANK has full potential to become Indias No. and Equities.

you will be able to view only your Credit Card account details online. The application form for the same is available at all HDFC Bank branches and also on our website. After you receive the IPIN (NetBanking password). Will I be able to view my HDFC Bank account details also? No. If you are an HDFC Bank Account Holder and have not registered for NetBanking You have to first register for NetBanking service. you can use the following Credit Cards NetBanking features. What can I do using Credit Cards NetBanking? Currently. C. B. Step 5: Enter your Credit Card number. Your Credit Card account is separate from your current/savings account. click on "Credit Cards" Tab Step 4: Click on "Register New Card" link on the left side margin. If you hold a valid HDFC Bank Credit Card but are not an HDFC Bank Account Holder I have a HDFC Bank Credit Card and a current/savings account with HDFC Bank. If you have registered only for Credit Cards NetBanking. After this one-time registration you will be able to access your Credit Card account through your existing HDFC Bank account customer ID and IPIN. I have registered only for Credit Cards NetBanking.Step 3: Once inside NetBanking. . expiry date and the ATM PIN number and click on "Submit". please follow the steps mentioned above.

Enquiry View Account Information View Unbilled Transactions View Statement Requests Autopay Register (Only for HDFC Bank account holders) Autopay Deregister (Only for HDFC Bank account holders) Statement on E-Mail Register New Card Deregister Card Credit Card Payment (Only for HDFC Bank account holders) Request for Duplicate statement Pin request for Add on Cards Loan Details Why is my NetBanking password not functioning? There could be various reasons for the password not functioning:  The password is case-sensitive and may not have been entered in the same lower or upper case  You have not used the NetBanking facility for more than 180 days (or 120 days if you have registered only for Cards)  You have entered the wrong password five (5) times How do I change my password? After you have logged in. you can change your password using the "Change password" option on the top part of the screen. You have to type the current password & the new password in the respective entry boxes. .

please go to the "Forgot password" option and choose a new password. Minimum Payment has to be credited to your Card within this date to avoid Late Payment Charges ) . If you are not able to login even after 24 hours. What am I supposed to do? This is possibly because: 1) You have not keyed in the new password correctly OR 2) After Five unsuccessful attempts. access to NetBanking has been disabled for security reasons.I have changed my password but am unable to use my old or new password.Billed and Unbilled)  Available Cash limit (This is the cash limit available to you as of today)  Total billed amount (This is the total amount billed on your last statement)  Payment due date (This is the payment due date for your last statement. Your password will be enabled after 24 hours. What information can I view under account information? The following details are displayed on the screen  Total Credit limit (This the total credit limit assigned to you at the time of card setup)  Available Credit limit (This is the credit limit available to you as of today and is exclusive of total outstanding amount .

and Balance Transfer amount which is outstanding on your card account.)  Reward Points balance . Cash withdrawal. Step 2: Select your card number and the period for which you want the statement.  Total unbilled amount (This is the sum of all retail transactions .The balance outstanding after paying the Minimum Amount due will be charged interest).)  Total outstanding authorizations amount (This is sum of all the retail transactions done by you but not appearing under Total unbilled amount and the non-retail transactions after the last statement date which are authorised by you and are yet to be billed to your account. Minimum Amount due (This is the minimum amount due as per your last statement. Step 3: Click on "View" How can I see the details of transactions done on my card after my last statement date? .both debit and credit.Last Statement (This shows the total rewards points you had accrued till the last statement date)  Rewards Points balance .Current (This shows the total reward points you currently have in your card account) How can I view my monthly card statement? The following details are displayed on the screen Step 1: Click on the "View Statement" link that appears on the left side margin of the screen. done by you after the last statement date. EMI amount. It includes the Cash-on-Call principal amount.

which takes care of the payment of your Credit Card bills. What is Autopay facility? Autopay is a facility available to HDFC Bank account holders. Can I make an interim payment for a month based on the online Account Information even before the statement generation date for that period? Yes. The payment will be credited in your Credit Card account on the next day. are called unbilled transactions. your Credit Card statement outstanding amount will be debited from your HDFC Bank account automatically on the payment due date every month. you can make interim payments based on the Account Information. Step 3: Click on "View". What is meant by unbilled transactions? The transactions done on your card after the last statement date which will be included in your forthcoming billing statement.The following details are displayed on the screen Step 1: Click on "View Unbilled Transactions" link on the left side margin. Step 2: Select the card number which you want to register for Autopay facility and your HDFC Bank account number from which the payments will be done. If you register for Autopay facility. How can I register for Autopay? Step 1: click on "Autopay register" on the left side margin. Step 3: If you want the full statement bill amount to be paid from your Bank account select "Total amount due" and if you want only the minimum amount due (5% of your total statement amount) to be paid every month from your Bank . Step 2: Select the Card Number and the type of transactions (Debit/Credit) you want to view.

Please Note that it takes 7 days to activate the Autopay facility for your credit card account. Step 2: Select your card number from the drop down box and click on "Continue". Can I deregister for Autopay for only 1 month and then re-register for it? Yes. Whenever you want to avail the facility again. Step 4: Click on "Continue" and then on "Confirm". A message will be displayed on the screen confirming the successful registration of your Credit Card for Autopay. .account select "Minimum amount due". Step 2: Select the card number which you want to deregister and click on "Continue" and "Confirm" respectively. you can follow the steps for Autopay registration mentioned above. How can I change my Credit Card ATM PIN? Step 1: Click on "ATM PIN change" link provided on the left side margin. Step 1: Click on "Deregister Autopay" link on the left side margin. A message will appear on the screen confirming the successful submission of your ATM PIN change request. kindly pay your monthly bill this time by the usual mode as Autopay will be effective from the next billing cycle only. A message confirming the successful Autopay deregistration for your card will be displayed on the screen. you can deregister for the Autopay facility for 1 month and then you can register for it again. If your payment due date is 7 days away from the date of registration for Autopay.

How can I register for statement on E-mail? Step 1: Click on "Statement on E-mail" on the left side margin. What is statement on E-mail? How useful is this? This is a service wherein your monthly Credit Card statement will be sent to your office/residence Email ID in PDF format once you register for this service. How safe will my ATM PIN be? Your ATM PIN is totally safe as no one (not even the bank staff) will have access to it except you Can I get my newly generated PIN online? No. Please note down the reference number which appears above the confirmation message as it will be useful for any further communication with us. You need not wait for the physical statement and you can make your Credit Card bill payments basis this E-statement. You will continue getting the physical statement also. Step 3: Accordingly your office/residence Email ID will be displayed in the next input box. This is very convenient and time saving for you. A message will appear confirming your request for statement on E-mail. we send your ATM PIN only by post. Step 2: Select "Office" or "Residence" (wherever you want the E-statement to be sent). for security reasons. . Click on "Continue" and "Confirm".When will I receive my changed ATM PIN? You will receive your new ATM PIN by post within 10 days from the request submission.

7.How can I de-register for the Credit Cards NetBanking service? Step 1: Click on "Deregister card". your password is not accessible to anyone. Before you gain access to your account.1 GB Hard Disk Space with 500MB free space. you will be asked to enter your unique Customer/Login ID and IPIN/password to verify your identity. 2. Step 2: Select the card number and click on "Confirm" for discontinuing NetBanking facility for your Credit Card.5 or Netscape Navigator Version 4. Software: You need to have a browser: Internet Explorer Version 5. not even to bank employees. please remember to completely log out of NetBanking after you have completed your transactions. To maximise the security and confidentiality of your requests. . We have built several checks to safeguard your NetBanking requests. your last date and time of log-in will be displayed so that you can make sure that nobody has accessed your account after that time. How safe are my requests on NetBanking? You can be assured of complete privacy when you use HDFC Bank's NetBanking facility. Are there any special benefits to me for using NetBanking? NetBanking saves your time and provides you the convenience of transacting from your home/office. What kind of hardware and software are recommended for using NetBanking more efficiently? Hardware: You need to have a Pentium PC with 32 MB RAM. In order to ensure complete security. When you log-in to NetBanking.

Use the Log Out button to Log out so that the session closes and don't shut the window to Log off.g. .  You should consider running a Personal Firewall. This will thus prevent the viewing of previous pages of your online session through your PC.  Put in a power-on password in your computer so that nobody else can switch it on without your authorization. choose a 6 to 8 digit password (alphanumeric) and change it regularly.What are the measures I can take to ensure greater security?   You should log out completely from the NetBanking when leaving your PC.  If you think someone knows your password go online and change it immediately. a Cyber Cafe) do not leave the PC unattended.  Logoff from NetBanking upon completion of your session. and ensure that no-one is watching what you type.  If you are using the Internet in a public place (e. Step 2: Choose a card and choose the month for which you want the Duplicate statement.  Have a screensaver password so that when you are away from your workstation nobody else can access it. which will prevent unauthorised persons from accessing your computer and guard against the introduction of malicious programs onto your PC. How do I request for Duplicate statement? Step 1: Click on "Request Duplicate statement" link provided on the left hand side.  You should not write the password down on any paper which may be easily accessible to anyone. avoid obvious passwords (names of family members. pets. favourite musician etc). and don't reveal your passwords to anyone. Change your password continuously.

anywhere . NetBanking NetBanking is HDFC Bank's Internet Banking service. Is there any charge for this service? There is no charge for this service.For what period can I request for a Duplicate Statement? You can request for a Duplicate statement for any of the previous 8 months + current month. Step 3: Choose the Add-On Card number for which you want the PIN and click "Continue" How will the PIN be delivered to me? PIN would be dispatched to your mailing address as registered in our records. Step 2: Choose a card from the list and click on the "PIN Request for Add-On Cards" link provided below. NetBanking lets you manage your account from the comfort of your mouse . Please ensure that your latest address is updated with us. How do I request a PIN for my Add-On card ? Step 1: Click on "Credit Card ATM PIN" link provided on the left hand side. if email id is updated) will be delivered to your registered address in 7-10 working days. Can I request for ATM PIN for an Add-On card? Customers can request for ATM PIN for their Add on cards also. Providing up-to-the-second account information. The duplicate statement (physical copy & email statement.anytime.

Click here to register now. Introducing a simpler way to register for NetBanking without any paperwork. You can now register for NetBanking online and instantly. The statement can be downloaded in the formats listed below:      PDF Format Excel Format MS Money Format Text Format Delimited Format To view records prior to 2 years. Download historical statement: This allows you to download statement for Previous Financial year and the past 12 months. Download upto 6 months statement: This allows you to download statement for current month and previous 5 months. The Range is a maximum of 300 transactions. What can I do using NetBanking? Our industry leading service provides a host of features at your finger-tips: .Your Account Statement is just a click away ! You can download your Account Statement upto 2 years from NetBanking. please use the "Request Account Statement" option or contact PhoneBanking or your Branch.

giving you complete control over your finances There are no queues to stand in. or turns to wait for. .View Account Balances & Statements Download upto 6 Account statement (for the past 5 months & current month) Download Historical Account statement (for Previous Financial year & past 12 months) Transfer Funds between accounts Create Fixed Deposits/ Recurring Deposits Online Request a Demand Draft Pay Bills Order a Cheque Book Request Stop Payment on a Cheque View Loan Details View Tax Credit Statement And lots more View our NetBanking Demo to find out more about what you can do online. NetBanking is Real Time. With NetBanking you are in control. Why should I use NetBanking? Internet Banking is the most convenient and powerful way to manage your account. It can be accessed anytime. giving you up-to-the-second details on your account. from anywhere.

HDFC Bank's NetBanking service is secure. our backend .Secure Access As your security is our top priority.who are looking to find a way to access your account. Currently following transactions are covered under Secure Access Transfer from one HDFC Bank account to other HDFC Bank account holders (under distinct customer ID) Transfer from HDFC Bank account to any other Bank's account (also known as RTGS & NEFT) Visa CardPay Third Party Demand Draft through NetBanking DirectPay / Online Shopping Let us take you through the steps involved in Secure Access and how it serves to protect your account HDFC Bank’s NetBanking login is now a two step process   Screen 1 is where you key-in your customer id Screen 2 is for your password This is done as a security measure. we have initiated the Secure Access solution to protect you from fraudsters and hackers . our service gives you peace of mind. HDFC Bank NetBanking Secure Access HDFC Bank has implemented a new security solution for its customers . Using industry-standard technologies and infrastructures. On putting in your customer id.

If. What is TPT? With Third-Party Transfer (TPT) you can transfer funds online from your HDFC Bank account to another HDFC Bank/Other Bank account (beneficiary). Secure Access is an additional layer of security that is essentially a solution protecting your account from hackers and fraudsters. anywhere in India. Secure Access requires a onetime registration effort from your side. Why use Secure Access? Please click here to know more To register for Secure Access you will need to:    Personalise an image Personalise text Answer 5 questions Third Party Transfer Online Third Party Transfer Third-Party Transfer is a NetBanking feature for which you will need your unique Customer ID and IPIN (password). the next screen will have a box to key-in your password. however. Login to NetBanking to confirm that your ID is active in our records. If you are not Third Party Transfer registered.will verify if you are registered for Third Party Transfers. you are registered for Third Party Transfers you will shown an image and text that have been personalised by you during registration for Secure Access. .

Funds transfer request made on non.m.m. Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) .working days will also be presented to RBI on the next working day. The Beneficiary Bank will then transfer the funds to the beneficiary's card . Funds will be credited to the beneficiary account instantly. Third Party Transfer can be initiated:  From your Account to other Bank Accounts using National electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) .The Funds transfer request can be made only from 9 a. On Saturdays.  Visa CardPay . funds transfer request made by 12 pm.There will be no RTGS transactions possible on Bank holidays and Sundays.Your account will be debited online. will be presented to RBI on the next working day. on Saturdays.From your HDFC Bank account to other HDFC Bank accounts (different cust ids).m.The Funds transfer request made by 6 p.30 p. will be presented to RBI on the same day and funds transfer request made after 12 pm will be presented to RBI on the next working day. Once the transactions are presented to RBI.From your account to any Visa Credit Card within India.This is a real-time transaction and the debit and credit will reflect in the respective accounts immediately.m.30 p. Once the transactions are presented to RBI. they typically get credited into the Beneficiary Account on the same day. to 12.from Monday to Friday and from 9 a. click here to know more  Within HDFC Bank . The Funds transfer request made after 6 p. and the funds will be sent to the beneficiary Bank within 2 working days using the Visa system. they typically get credited into the Beneficiary Account on the same day.The money will reach the Beneficiary's Bank within the time stipulated by RBI. will be presented to RBI on the same day.m.m to 3.

. Please follow the steps below to check your registered contact details:   Log into NetBanking with your Customer Id and Password (IPIN) Click on 'Contact Details' on the top right hand side to check if the contact details are correctly updated In case you wish to register for Third Party Transfer (TPT) by submitting a request form. 10.per cust id per day using this facility. This amount can be transferred in parts or on a single basis. click here to know more  Third Party Demand Draft .  DirectPay / Online Shopping. I want to register for Third Party Transfer facility Please follow the below steps to register for Third Party Transfer (TPT) facility online    Login to NetBanking with your Customer Id and IPIN Click on the 'Third Party Transfer' tab and follow the instructions You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your Mobile No Please note: 1.account. please follow the instructions below Step 1) Fill up the TPT application form (duly signed by the account holder/s).For issuance of Third Party Demand Drafts from your account. click here to know more You can transfer upto a maximum of Rs. DDs will be couriered to the mailing address / beneficiary address provided within 4 working days. This service is for all customers who have their mobile number registered with the Bank. 2.00. Current account customers need to be registered for financial rights in order to conduct TPT transactions.000/.

Select Beneficiary Type – Transfer within the Bank / Transfer to other bank (using NEFT) / Transfer to other bank ( using RTGS)  Fill in the beneficiary details and confirm To Transfer Funds choose the account you want to transfer funds from and also choose the beneficiary. days from the date of receipt of your request. your request was submitted. or faxed copy will not be processed. Steps to add a beneficiary:  Log on to www. you need to add a beneficiary first. Step 3) All TPT requests submitted at the branch need to be accompanied with the original Photo ID proof and a self attested copy of the same. Note / Important: -mail. HDFC Bank Branch /mode where your request was and enter your Customer ID and Password ( IPIN)   Go to Third Party Transfer and click on "Add a beneficiary". Enter the details of your transaction. scanned. fill in the transaction .Step 2) Submit / send it to the nearest HDFC Bank For any other queries regarding the above or to know the status of an existing application. How Can I Use TPT? Inorder to use the Third Party Transfer service. please call up phone banking or write to us with below details. NRI Customers unable to visit the branch. can submit the TPT registration form along with self attested Photo ID Proof.

All branches are OLRT connected 5.   The beneficiary details will be activated post 12 hours. HDFC BANK  Housing Development FinanceCorporation  HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994  Among the first in new generation commercialbanks  Registered office in Mumbai. NewYork. and submit the information. BSE.amount. Representative offices in HongKong. 3382 ATM’s in the country 3.  A Joint Account Holder will not be allowed to transfer money unless he has Financial Transaction Rights. 550 cities in India 4. NYSE(ADR) BRANCH NETWORK 1. India  Promoted by HDFC.  There are special regulations governing the Financial Transaction Rights of Partnerships. 1416 branches 2. the parent company  Listed in NSE. Adding a beneficiary is a one time process. London & Singapore BUSINESS PROFILE o Major business key areas are:- . Note :  The validity of the beneficiary's account will be the sole responsibility of the user of Third Party Transfer.

 To know problems faced by customers. SAVING ACCOUNT  Ragular saving account  Sweep-in account  Senior citizen account CURRENT ACCOUNTS  Ragular current account  Premium current account  HDFC bank trade  HDFC bank plus FIXED DEPOSITS Simple FD Super saver account 5 year tax saving FD .o Wholesale banking services o Retail banking services o Treasury operations OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY  To know concept of Banking sector & explorevarious services provided by HDFC Bank  To know which is the most popular scheme of the bank & promotional efforts adopted byHDFC bank.  To provide suggestions for improvement.  To find out awareness level & cause of dissatisfaction towards direct banking channels.

As we have seen the features & benefits of these products & services.  Saving account is the most important product. But the bank is facing competition from both private & public sector banks. So bank should adopt promotional efforts & should improve its products and services so that it can exist in this competitive environment. CONCLUSION HDFC bank is providing a number of products & services to its customers.  Super saving account is most important scheme in FD.  HDFC Bank is preferred the most because of facilities & better plans. .  ATM facility is mostly used among all banking channels.OTHER SERVICES ARE: Loans  Demat account  Free 24 hours atm  Phone banking  Intercity/ interbranch banking  Net banking  Bill pay  Debit cards FINDINGS  People get attracted towards special offers while opening an account. next come FD then currently and lastly demat account.

com .google.Bibliography http://www.wikipedia.

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