19/5/9/70. BAHADURPURA . Hyderabad. +918978116677. NIZAMSMART0089@GMAIL.COM
Dear Sir / Madam, With this letter and résumé, I would like to offer myself for a position with your company in electrical engineering or project management that fully utilizes my professional and personal abilities. I am searching for an opportunity offering growth and advancement based upon individual merit and capability. My background reflects extensive successful experience within the Electrical Engineering field as Electrical Design and MEP Coordinator and I would like to utilize that experience in a position that will also allow me to use my communication, negotiation and technical skills to secure new business and maintain existing customers.

I have the ability to establish and maintain effective communication and rapport with peers, clients, and management. I have considerable experience working with people of diverse backgrounds. I have proven business knowledge, as well as exceptional engineering skills and expediting abilities. In addition, I am efficient, organized, and detail oriented, and I believe in thorough follow-up.

I am interested in securing a position within your company where my abilities and qualifications can be fully applied for our mutual benefit. I welcome an opportunity to meet with you and elaborate on how I can make a substantial contribution to your company's profitability. I will call you in a few days to further discuss my qualifications in detail. Thank you. Sincerely,


India. C++. Skills:      Ability to provide technical assistance and resolution. Hyderabad. Power point C. from ST MARKS BOYS TOWN HIGH SCHOOL affiliated to Board Of Secondary. Excellent communication and organization skills. Able to modify electrical parts. Academic Projects Undergone: “SPEED CONTROL OF INDUCTION MOTOR USING CYCLO CONVERTER ” . India. Hyderabad. Intermediate with 71%. Able to work together with other engineers and individuals to solve and define the developmental problems. from Ms Junior College affiliate to Board Of Intermediate Education. E (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) with 59% from Deccan College Of Engineering & Technology affiliated to Osmania University. India. prototypes.Java. Hyderabad. Able to install and maintain solid state equipments and electrical control systems. Windows 98 Internet Educational Qualifications: Mobile:+8978116677 Objective: Seeking for a position of electrical engineer and want to work with a progressive and forward thinking company where I can use my skills. Matlab Simulation.MOHAMMAD NIZAMUDDIN 19-5-9/70 BAHADURPURA KISHAN BAGH Hyderabad-500064 E-mail:md. SSC with 80%. systems and meetings.nizamsmart0089@gmail. Microsoft Excel. Computer knowledge: Proficient with    Microsoft Word. .

Cable Gladding & Termination. Standby Diesel Generator. Switchgear. MCC panel. Small power.Overview : The purpose of the project is to implement a simple and cost effective process to control the speed of AC induction motors using the most popular technique of voltage to frequency ratio (V/F) method. Smoke Management System. AND using cyclo converter Professional Experience: Working as an MEP COORDINATE with ELECTRICAL SITE ENGINEER position in Building Construction and Management Services in construction company named babukhan CONSTRUCTIONS in India since 3 march 2011 to till dated. Hindi and Telugu : J3436909 : Music.  Oversee LV system: installation & termination of Main Distribution HV.   Designed and installed voltage manages apparatus in minimum cost. ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). & LV Panel (MDB). Central Battery System. Building Management System for monitoring and automatic control of electrical equipment and HVAC system. Coordinate electrical work in line with Interior Design. Bus Bar System.  Planned and estimated price on working projects. Lighting System. : Single : Indian : English. SF6 circuit breaker. CCTV. GOVT. OF INDIA. UPS.OF INDIA. Building Earthing & Lightning system. Telephone & Data system.4 KV Transformer.  Certified training on fire fighting from tayyaba institute Personal Information: Fathers Name Date of Birth Martial Status Nationality Languages Passport No Hobbies : MOHD RAFIUDDIN : 27/08/1989. GOVT. selection of Panels. SMATV. Cable Management System (Tray & Trunking System). Transformer.  Certified training on Control Maintenance and Safey of AC and DC systems for industrial purpose from ADVANCE TRAINING INSTITUTE. Sub Main DB (SMDB). Security system Access Control.  Quantity Check and Quantity Surveyor of the Material in Electrical dept. DB scheduling etc. Playing Cricket . underground cabling.  Handled job time table and budgets. 11/0. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  Prepared electrical drawings and specifications.  Oversee LC system: installation and operation for low current system such as Fire Alarm System. Capacitor Bank. Lighting Control System. Trainings History:  Certified training on AC and Dc Motor and control system for an industrial purpose from ADVANCE TRAINING INSTITUTE .  Certified traning on electrical design and construction from tayyaba institute.

Place: Hyderabad (MOHAMMAD NIZAMUDDIN) .I do hereby affirm that above mentioned details are true and real and if found any guilty can be regretted.

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