The Eyes

Hidden behind her aviator sunglasses and her large coat Charlotte scurried through the crowded footpath as discretely as she could but still the eyes followed her. She could feel them, burning holes in the back of head, piercing into the depths of her soul, watching her judging her. Charlotte felt as if she were a caged animal, encapsulated by her insecurities while strangers watching watched her from outside. For years the eyes had followed her, judging her, and no matter how many celebrity diets, beauty products and surgeries, the eyes still followed her. Sometimes Charlotte wondered what it would be like to be a magazine model, beautiful, rich and smiling, that’s the life Charlotte dreamed of, but instead she was trapped by her insecurities and stalked by the judgmental eyes of strangers. Sometimes she wished she could jump out of her skin and into the skin of one of those models, than she wouldn’t ever have anything to worry about in her life. As Charlotte continued down the busy footpath she tried as hard as she could to ignore the eyes, but soon it became too much for her, she couldn’t ignore them any longer. Glancing up careful not to make eye contact with anyone Charlotte noticed a small house with an open door which she quietly slid through. Immediately a sense of relief overcame Charlotte, no longer were the beady judgmental eyes of strangers boring holes into her. As she looked around she realised she’d entered an artist’s studio, luckily nobody was around, she’d just quickly compose herself again and then leave before anyone found her she decided. For a few minuted Charlotte stood complete silence, until it was broken by what sounded like the rhythmic tap of footsteps. Charlotte quickly spun around to see a man approaching her, eyes fixated on her analysing every bit of her appearance. “You must be the life model” he said gruffly “you’re late, never mind come with me and get ready”. Filled with confidence at being called a model Charlotte blindly followed Damian up a flight of stairs to a small doorway where they stopped “this is your dressing room” he said, gesturing at the door “so just go on in there, take your clothes and make up off and put on that robe, I’ll wait outside for you.” As Charlotte stepped into her dressing room she expected to see lots of mirrors lights and makeup artists but instead she entered a small room with a small en-suite and dresser that had a white robe draped over it. Better that way she thought, at least this way there wouldn’t be lots of people in the room while she got changed trying to find her flaws and imperfections. As Charlotte entered the bathroom and washed cold water over her face, removing the thick layers of makeup she applied earlier and then dried her face, assuming a makeup artist would reapply it later. Then, after checking the room for anyone trying to watch her, Charlotte removed her designer dress and coat and slipped into the white robe and walked outside to meet Damian. As soon as she stepped outside of the dressing room Charlotte regretted it, immediately she could feel Damien’s eyes fixate upon her, and she had no makeup or nice clothes on only a cheap robe. “Quick, let’s go, you’re studios just around here” said Damian gesturing towards the end of the hall,

threw away all the insecurities and her fear of the eyes. she loved herself. As Charlotte stood before the artists no longer did she feel their eyes judging and deconstructing her. she figured Damien must have been referring to her makeup studio. Overcome by the confidence of such an unprecedented compliment Charlotte threw off the robe and with that. “My God Damien!” exclaimed one of the women in the room “she’s the most beautiful model I’ve ever seen! Where did you find her?” “Ad on the internet” he replied nonchalantly “anyway let’s start”. the artists are in there ready to paint you”. never had anyone referred to Charlotte in such an admiring manner. For the first time ever Charlotte truly appreciated herself and knew that love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.initially Charlotte hesitated but then relaxed. When they reached the studio Damien pointed to small platform and said “right so just jump up there and take the robe off. Charlotte was shocked. some had actually called her a “beautiful model”. but rather she felt them loving and lavishing her. . whose eyes immediately locked on her. “You mean they’re going to paint me naked?” asked Charlotte nervously “Well that’s what life modelling is isn’t it?” said Damian roughly “as he walked away. Shocked Charlotte nervously crept onto the platform. judging her. where she stood in a room with five other artists. because in her mind.

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