Are all Green Buildings really sustainable?

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So what does sustainability means? .  Geoclimatic. shielding. and window area and its disposition. Rain water harvesting.  Analysis of emergency power. natural ventilation. safety aspects. The objective of addressing to the important issues like  Environmental protection.  Environmental and social impact analysis. geological and topographical features. such as. transportation and utilization. cultural issues. environment friendliness and maintainability. Green architecture is synonymous to sustainable architecture.Literal meaning: causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time or over a period of time.  Instrumentation of buildings and monitoring and use of information so generated to effect improvements in planning and design of future building projects. etc.  Adoption of innovative technologies giving due consideration to constructability and quality aspects. with consideration of active and passive aspects in building design  Including thermal performance of building envelope.  Integrated waste management use of security and surveillance system in important and sensitive buildings.  Conservation of heritage structures and areas. creating barrier free built environment. etc for promoting sustainable development. recyclability. access control for the people as well as for vehicle.  Requisite mandatory provisions for handicapped persons. standby power requirement and captive power systems. specially  Buildings of importance.  Optimum utilization of renewable energy sources duly integrated in the overall energy  system design.  Emphasis on daylight utilization.  Effective land use to cater to the needs of the  Society in a most convenient manner. energy conservation. day lighting to be supplemented with an integrated design of Artificial lighting. and use of appropriate building materials considering aspects like:  Energy consumption in production.  Modular planning and standardization to take care of future planning giving due consideration to the specified planning controls.  Design of services with emphasis on aspects of energy efficiency.  Varied sociological pattern of living in the country. all of these leading towards sustainable development.  Acoustical controls for buildings and the surroundings.  Cost optimization through techniques like value engineering.  Promotion of artwork in buildings.

and can inspire instead of constrain. Basically the idea is to save our environment.It may seem a daunting undertaking for an industry with so many fundamental economic.can restore instead of consume .Sustainability means  Use of Bare Minimum Materials  Saving of Non-renewable Resources  Recycling of Used Resources It is guided by a simple . . yet revolutionary idea that is the buildings in which we live our lives can nurture instead of harm . The challenges ahead are daunting: KYOTO PROTOCOLCOMPLIENCE by 2012. regulatory and safety challenges. Main objective behind green architecture are Creating Healthier and Resource-efficient Models of Construction  Renovation  Operation  Maintenance  Demolition The main concern is to serve the buildings with a humanitarian aspect such that one who lives may live with the nature in a healthier way. PBT ELLIMINATION AND ZERO WASTE BY 2030 . It’s an initiation of new aspect of architecture which will serve the humanity on this earth with efficient work of architects. CARBON NEUTRALITY. occupational.

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