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Questions What do you understand by the term integrated marketing communications?

? (9marks) Explain what the advantages are to the client?(8marks) Are there any disadvantages? (8marks) M2003Q8 1. What do you understand by the term integrated marketing communications? (9marks) In recent times, customer needs have led to a shift from mass marketing to targeted marketing. Vast improvements in information technology and communication technologies is another The need for Integrated Marketing communications (IMC) emanated from the need for organizations to communicate effectively with their customers. IMC involves identifying the target audience and then creating a complete marketing campaign that would have a larger and more lasting impact on customers, than using one element of the entire marketing communication s mix. IMC practice helps companies develop a focused marketing program for specific market segments and individuals to get a desired customer response, and manage the customer relationship with a company and its products. It combines the promotion mix-advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, sales promotions and public relations to pursue and achieve a companys marketing objectives. The entire marketing mix- promotion and product price and place must also be coordinated to achieve the greatest communication impact. 2. Explain what the advantages are to the client?(8marks) In IMC practice, companies integrate and coordinate all their marketing communication channels to deliver a clear and consistent message about the company and its products. This helps the company build a strong brand identity in the marketplace. IMC helps companies allocates their marketing budget efficiently and effectively, because the IMC process allows marketers to identify the different stages of the buying process and determine the budget division among the major promotional tools.

Marketers use the IMC process to determine the best message to communicate to customers and how best to communicate it. IMC also allows the communicator measure the effect of the message and the resulting behavior of customers from the message. Feedback from an IMC program suggests in the promotion program or in the product itself. 3. Are there any disadvantages? (8marks) IMC practice tends to cost a lot of dollars which some smaller organizations may not be able to afford. IMC practice is fairly new, many organizations and marketers have not perfected its use and could lead to an organization sending mixed signals to customers if not properly handled. The process of generating feedback in an IMC campaign is not conclusive as only a relatively small sample of customers may be researched.