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eBooks: Digital Immigrants vs Digital Natives and the Impermanence Debate
How much have you shifted online? Do you pay your bills online? Has it got to do anything with eBooks? Probably yes and probably no. >> Read Full Article

How I began writing
by Yudith C 58p/ Paperback ISBN: 9789381542163 "...a beautiful book of poetry" Get this book

In April 2011, CinnamonTeal published Shruti Swaminathan, who was then and still is the youngest author we have published. Impressed by her command over the English language at such a young age, we asked her to tell us what inspires her to write. Here is her story. >> Read Full Article

More eBook Hype
This article is an attempt to clear the air on several myths about the "inevitability" of ebook development and creation. It outlines the questions a publisher or author must ask themselves before proceeding to develop ebooks >> Read Full Article

Boarding School Buddies - Bizzare Escapades

The Margao Book Club
In March we finally realized our dream of launching a book club in our town. The initial response was more than encouraging. Here is a report of that first meeting. >> Read Full Article

Free Publishing Guide
by Wyn La Bouchardiére 54p/ Paperback ISBN: 9789381542293 "...a delightful reminiscence of days gone by" Get this book

We have developed a publishing guide that you could use if you are planning to publish anytime soon. The guide is available for free and can be downloaded from here

Publishing Next 2012
While we busy ourselves preparing for the next issue of Publishing Next, we hope you will visit our pages to read about what happened during the first edition last September. Visit here and here for details

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Medical Imaging in Diabetes

Understand how pricing works in print-on-demand set ups

by Fahimudin Shaikh & Dr. M. N. Giri Prasad 118p/ Paperback ISBN: 9789381542323 "...result of the authors' deep interest in the research of application of image processing in medicine" Get this book
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