FAIR & LOVELY The Brand from HUL FAIR & LOVELY Born: 1978 History: The fairness cream brand

was developed by Hindustan Lever Ltd (now Hindustan Unilever Ltd) in 1975.The product was then marketed nationally in 1978 Status: According to industry estimates, Fair and Lovely holds 80% market share in the at least Rs1,000 crore by sales Indian fairness cream market Brand story: Made to cater to the Indian market, where beauty is equated with fair skin, the launch of Fair and Lovely was met with much enthusiasm. In 1988, the brand went international, and is now available in 40 countries. The brand has had its share of negative publicity, with women’s groups calling the ad regressive. The ads, which focused on the mass aspiration of “marrying well”, soon moved to more progressive ones in the 1980s. The early 1990s saw the brand take on the role of enabler of t dreams. In the late 1990s, the brand message was that a woman could make her own destiny— a thought that was carried forward in all its campaigns. In 2007, the brand tweaked its approach to the Power of Beauty platform. With the fairness cream business accounting for the lion’s share of the skincare products industry here, several companies have launched fairness creams in the hope of securing a piece of the growing pie. While none were able to challenge HUL in terms of numbers, they did start eating into the company’s market share with unique offerings. Fair and Lovely was quick to take on competition—with variants. So, whether it was unique offerings such as ayurvedic formulations with saffron (to combat Fairever by CavinKare Pvt. Ltd) or those that claimed to erase marks (to fight No Marks by Ozone Ayurvedics), Fair and Lovelymanaged to launch variants that matched, and in some cases even topped, the promise touted by the competitor. To tap the premium segment of the market, Fair and Lovely also launched Perfect Radiance. The popularity of the brand and category can be gauged from the fact that today, it even has a variant for men.

the company also launched Tuborg Strong. pegged to be around Rs 25 crore. Palone (premium strong beer) and Tuborg (premium mild). such as mineral water) or virtual (the brand gets associated with events andactivations). In such a situation. The creative duties of the brand were hitherto looked after jointly by an agency called Bounds and Carlsberg's in-house team. will be handled out of the Delhi branch of the agency. since Carlsberg is getting increasingly active in India. . Advertising in the category is a challenging task in India. France and Norway. where it competes against other international brands such as Corona and Hoegaarden. Recently. Carlsberg's brand portfolio includes Carlsberg (super premium mild beer).Advertising ADVERTISING Percept H wins the creative mandate for Carlsberg The agency won the business following a multi-agency pitch. In 2009. ATL is not a priority and brands rely heavily on consumer engagement opportunities. Carlsberg entered India in 2006 by forming a company named South Asia Breweries. Denmark-based global beer maker. via a joint venture between Carlsberg Group and associated companies. which have banned alcohol advertising on television and billboards. The account. a senior source has confirmed the development to afaqs!. Carlsberg has awarded its creative mandate to Percept H. either physical (the brand promotes other products. Kenya. About four agencies were eyeing the account. Carlsberg's media mandate lies with MPG. because the country is one among others such as Ukraine. While no official comment was forthcoming. However. the name was changed to Carlsberg India. the account size is pegged at around Rs 25 crore. it opted for a larger agency to strengthen the brand's positioning in the premium space. After a pitch that was called earlier this year. apart from using surrogate advertising. a strong beer targeted at tier II cities.

. which had set up four state of the art breweries in India.The company. recently announced the opening of its fifth brewery in Andhra Pradesh.

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