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What can you do to prevent a RECALL CAMPAIGN?

As the main proponent of this upcoming recall campaign I want you to know there is a simple way to avert a recall and that way is for you to OBEY THE LAW! CA Government Code 12172.5. The Secretary of State is the chief elections officer of the state, and shall administer the provisions of the Elections Code. The Secretary of State shall see that elections are efficiently conducted and that state election laws are enforced. The Secretary of State may require elections officers to make reports concerning elections in their jurisdictions. If, at any time, the Secretary of State concludes that state election laws are not being enforced, the Secretary of State shall call the violation to the attention of the district attorney of the county or to the Attorney General. In these instances, the Secretary of State may assist the county elections officer in discharging his or her duties. As you can plainly see, the Secretary of State (SoS) is required to insure that elections are efficiently conduct and that state election laws are enforced. The last paragraph above clearly mandates that COUNTY ELECTIONS OFFICERS (the chief elections officer of the County) are likewise to insure that state election laws are enforced. And if there are any reports of state elections laws being violated it is your MANDATED DUTY to report such violations to the District Attorney or Attorney General. Now you might have been asleep under a rock for the last 3 years and have not heard a peep about the frauds that the current illegal alien that currently resides in the White House has committed. If you have doubts that people are concerned then please let me refer you to my COURT DOCKET OF SHAME which represent hundreds of people, groups and political parties that have been denied a fair hearing (and discovery) in a court of law. (See my upload at: ) As far as I am concerned, the court system has failed us. It has become too corrupt. My only alternative is to FORCE you to comply with CA GC 12172.5 and insist you and the Secretary of State DO YOUR DUTY! And that duty is to report to the D. A. or the Attorney General of any crimes that are reported to you via ANY CALIFORNIA VOTER. If you refuse to comply, RECALL is the only alternative. Election Code 18500. Any person who commits fraud or attempts to commit fraud, and any person who aids or abets fraud or attempts to aid or abet fraud, in connection with any vote cast, to be cast, or attempted to be cast, is guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment for 16 months or two or three years. And if nothing else, you have a duty to uphold your oath to the Constitution and insure that ARTICLE II is upheld. If Mr. Soetoro, a/k/a Mr. Shabazz, a/k/a Mr. Obama was born in Kenya, or was a citizen of Indonesia and has never been repatriated as a U.S. Citizenthen you are conspiring to abet him in his felony. A fraud is a fraud! And if the District Attorney or Attorney General fails to comply and only makes a token investigation on this matter THEY WILL BE RECALLED AS WELL! Enough is Enough3 strikes youre out!