Project Management HW1 Case 1-1 1.

Marshall Field’s recovery effort is considered a project because it had a start an end and also required a budget to put the store back in order along with interdepartmental cooperation in order to be successful. a. Large scale responses require interdepartmental cooperation and a project manager capable of melding these groups together. Further, project management involves once again a budget and schedule of how resources are going to be utilized which involves all of these aspects. 2. The only major difference between crisis and project management is the lead time form the planning phase into implementation. With a crisis you may have hours if you’re lucky but with a project there may be weeks or months. 3. Dayton Hudson risk management group were the project managers. Their responsibility was to salvage as much equipment and merchandise while repairing the store and opening it safely to the customers and quickly as possible. a. The project team consisted of Dayton Hudson risk management, Army Corp of Engineers, OSHA, and the City of Chicago. Dayton Hudson of as previously mentioned were the project managers while the Army Corp of Engineers and the City of Chicago conducted repairs OSHA were used to certify the projects scope and completeness. 4. It is very appropriate to use project management in a disaster such as this because when project management isn’t used to organize things such as this Hurricane Katrina happens where resources are misused, misplace, or never allocated to those who need it. 5. This relates closely to commercial project management because it is still money driven and the end results affect the overall profits of the company. Case 2-1 1. The system is the Glade County Sanitary system. Its subsystems include the sewers and filtration plants. Key elements of the system are the people it affects, the local economy, and the wildlife. a. The boundaries are defined as the extent of which the decisions made can affect the potential outcome. Which leaves the boundaries at the Gulf which is the environment because it cannot be controlled by the inputs and has a certain degree of randomization 2. The decision makers are the tourists, and the system engineers working on the project. The tourist since they bring in the economic power and systems engineer since he is to assess the situation and provide the most cost effective and efficient solution. 3. The problem is that the sewer capacity is too small which causes a forced bypass which in turn leads to poor tourist and fishing condition. This problem then causes economic problems which are unacceptable. 4. The water waste management program has two overall objectives with many subobjectives. The overall objectives are to prevent hazardous material from hurting people and the environment. The other objective is to protect the economic stability of the county. The subobjectives include

5. . How much debris is on the beach after floods once the new filtration system is installed. The biggest determination of whether the criteria are the right choices would be the economic impacts and overall response from the general public. The unnoticed criteria or least paid attention to is whether or not the payoff will occur in time to be considered a worthwhile project due to its large cost.revamping the system to handle larger amounts of storm runoff. The criteria to measure the success would include the overall contaminants found in the water after major storms or water run off moments. Will it take 10 years 20 years or maybe more to pay for this project. Along with providing data on the rate of population growth which will determine the size of the new filtration facility due to the county’s continued growth.

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