how to bind a hardcover book


Make sure your spine is sticking out while drying.5” x 11”). Use the bone folder to crease the joints.5” (front cover) + 1/4” (joint) + 1” (spine) + 1/4” (joint) + 8. Then follows your third tape marks. they are held by the looped thread. along the spine. so my boards should be 11. You need to loop back and forth. Tip: Use binder clips to clamp the book block together. Let dry between two stacks of heavy book. Cut a third piece for your spine. With this template. used to mark where to punch the holes in each signature for sewing. • Now put glue on the top sheet of the endpaper. Your last mark will be 1/2” away from the other edge. but enough to cover your thread) onto the spine only. Repeat on your bottom signature. One signature is made up of 16-pages. Cover: • Cut your 2 pieces of cardboard for your front and back cover. 1/2” away from that mark will be two marks for your first tape.m at e r i a l s : i n t e r i o r pa p e r ( to make up the “book block) h e av y s t o c k pa p e r c a r d b oa r d thick aw l ( e n d pa p e r s ) ( c ov e r ) t h e c ov e r ) 3-4 strands) b o o k c l o t h o r h e av y s t o c k pa p e r ( f o r t h e b oa r d s o f thread (if using sewing or mull thread use “crash” ru l e r bone folder x . Going from one signature to the next. This mesh material helps hold your book block together. Place the cardboard pieces in place. Cut the tapes to the length of your crash. Cut the four edges of the book cloth at approx. Voila! . 45 degree angle. • Use a piece of scrap paper the height of your book. This will be your template. tie a new strand and begin again. • Cut your book cloth or heavy stock paper to wrap around the three cardboard pieces. Key: 4-folded sheets of paper together make one signature. This prevents the covers from warping. • Choose a heavier stock of paper then your interior sheets for your endpapers. The number of signatures you make is determined by how many pages you would like in your book. This should be the height of your paper plus 1/8” top and bottom (ex: My book is letter size. Make sure your second tape is positioned in the middle of your book block. thread your thread through the marked hole closest to the edge. • Make a mixture of glue and water. • Glue crash or mull (less then the height of your book. you will need 2 signatures) All your signatures stacked on top of each other is called a “book block”. on your bottom signature. Glue the endpaper to the front cover. • Fold one or two sheets of paper at a time to get a precise fold. Starting 1/2” away from the two edge. You may use a pattern or design (ex: marbled paper).) • Place glue along of the edge of your top to k n i f e blade refills directions: glue nail file needle n e w pa p e r / s c r a p pa p e r binder clips Interior: • Cut your paper to size. This is what makes up the interior of your book. this should be the same height as your two boards and the width is your book block plus the two cover boards. spine sticking out. Once you have the last signature sew in. your paper should be 11” x 17” (folded in half will give you 8. The water helps make the pieces removable if needed. Starting from the outside. If you run out of thread. Then glue the crash to the tapes only.5” (back cover) + 5/8”) The height is the height of the book plus 5/8” on top plus 5/8” on the bottom). You will need 3 strips of 1/2” width pieces of paper. Repeat on the back cover. The tapes should be moveable. The width is determined by measuring and adding up the following: two cover boards plus the spine plus two 1/4” for the joints (the space between the cover and the spine) plus two 5/8” on either side of the boards (ex: For a letter size book: 5/8” + 8. More glue than water.25”) The width should be 1/8” less then the width of your paper. If you want a letter size book. Use a nail file to sand down the edges of the cardboard. Leave the scrap papers inside the book while you dry your hardcover book. You do not want to crush your spine. but if the pattern is only on one side of the sheet. make your first mark. or called “tapes”. end with a knot. This is how the endpapers are attached to your book block. Using a bone folder will help with a crisp fold. Tie a couple of knots at the end. Have a piece of scrap paper in the inside fold of your endpapers to keep the glue from getting on the book (do this as well with the other endpaper). Put this piece under something heavy and allow to dry. holding the tapes in place. This will be used to paste the three cardboard pieces to the book cloth. make sure the pattern is folded inside. • Cut your thread for sewing. tie a knot to keep the signatures all together on either ends of the signatures. (ex: If you want a 32-page book. you will place them inside each of your signature to mark the spines with these 8 holes. making sure to rub the glue in. not just the corners. Wrap the book cloth over the cardboard.

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