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Rendell’s “Economic Development” Spending

October and November 2008

“Governor Rendell Announces $44 Million Investment in Recreation, Conservation Projects" (11-18-2008) which
• $45,200 to the Forest County Snowmobile Club for snow grooming equipment.
• $142,500 for “workshops and technical assistance related to planting trees and shrubs as buffers along
• $45,000 for the development of boat launches and access along the Beaver and Shenango rivers.

“Governor Rendell Announces $15.6 Million Investment in Tourism Promotion” (11-07-2008) which included:
• $100,000 to the Pennsylvania Golf Course Owners Association to promote golfing in Pennsylvania.
• $100,000 to the Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association for the development and promotion of
• $75,000 to the Pennsylvania Winery Association for the promotion of Pennsylvania’s wine trails.
• $50,000 for development of the Pennsylvania Culinary Society.

“Gov. Rendell Announces Small Businesses Grants” (10-15-2008) which included:

$553,000 through the Small Business Advantage Grant Program to 92 companies.
• $61,505 for “high-efficiency washing machines” for Laundromats, for example:
o Streams of Water Laundry: $7,500
• $91,001 for “upgraded lighting,” for example:
o West Branch Tennis Club: $7,500
• $137,284 for “high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment,” for example:
o Aurora Leigh Bed and Breakfast: $7,128
Other examples:
o Rialto Pizza: $2,306 for high-efficiency restaurant equipment.
o Bonnet Tavern: $7,495 for high-efficiency refrigeration equipment.
o Spadafora's Bar and Restaurant: $548 for architectural insulation.
o Walco Corp.: $7,400 for two recirculation fans.
o James Vanderlin Co.: $6,080 for thermal insulation spray foam.
o Matirko Hardware: $7,500 for a geothermal heating and cooling system.

“Governor Rendell Says New Cocoa Processing Facility Will Create More Than 200 Jobs in Hazleton” (10-15-2008)
which included:
Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) received $4.6 million which included a $925,000 grant, $2.5 million in
“infrastructure development program funding,” $1.05 million in tax credits and $100,000 in job training assistance.
"Governor Rendell says Agriculture, Tourism Businesses in 12 Counties Positioned for Growth with Latest State
Investments" (11-05-2008) which included:
• $58,000 loan to buy a tractor, sprayer and fertilizer spreader (to the Adams County Economic Development
Corp., on behalf of the David R. Gladfelter crop farm in Littlestown).
• $325,000 to buy dairy cattle and milking parlor equipment (to the J&J Dairy Farm in Myerstown).
• $62,680 loan to to purchase two alpacas and farm equipment (to Arlene Fusko, doing business as Destiny Acres
Alpacas in Sarver).
• $200,000 loan to purchase the real estate of the retail gift store in Chambersburg (to the Franklin County Area
Redevelopment Corp., on behalf of Route 5 Retail Stores and Timberwolf Properties, to be used by the new
owners, Willam and Kimberly Smith).
• $150,000 loan to purchase a 61-acre poultry farm in Richfield (to the SEDA Council of Governments, on behalf of
Shad and Kristi Ehrisman).
• $200,000 loan to purchase a 108-acre farm for a dairy and hog farm in Peach Bottom (to EDC Fina Corp., on
behalf of Brian D. Eckman).
• $200,000 loan to build a swine-finishing barn (to the SEDA Council of Governments, on behalf of Melvin E.
Swisher Jr. and Marylee H. Swisher dairy and crop farm in Unityville).

“Governor Rendell Targets Technology-Based Economic Development With $13 Million Investment" (10-23-2008)
which included:
• Novitas Capital LP, based in Wayne, received $4 million through the Venture Capital Investment Program to
support seed and early stage investments in Pennsylvania technology and life sciences companies.
• Laurel Capital Partners LP received $2 million through the Venture Capital Investment Program to provide
growth equity for investments in Pennsylvania manufacturing and business services firms.

“Gov. Rendell Says Equitable Resources Expanding in Pittsburgh; Creating Hundreds of Jobs” (10-01-2008) which
Equitable Resources Inc. received $2.8 million which included a $1.4 million grant, $350,000 in job training
assistance, and $1.06 million in tax credits.

Sources: Governor Rendell’s News Releases for October and November 2008; accessible at; compiled by the Commonwealth Foundation
for Public Policy Alternatives (

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